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30 decembrie 2021

2. 5. 2. The morality as a reaction to the slave riot

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2.5. The evolution of methods of persuading servants to execute orders

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2. 5. 2. The morality as a reaction to the slave riot

(I return to the series of articles dedicated to the modern modification of slavery, after the series dedicated to feminism)

The second cause for the classical slavery abolition was derived from the slaves’ reaction on their masters, namely the morality. The basis of morality has been differently located by different theorists, but it can be reduced to a behavior guided by the principle "do as you would be done by!". The slave riots endangered their masters’ lives, even though they later organized and defeated them. But defending the slaves’ revolts does not mean solving the problem. Dead slaves can no longer be exploited, and the survivors no longer want to serve. The Roman Empire victories over the slave rots led to its final collapse, as attacked both from the outside, by the conquered people’s revenge, but also from the inside, by the slaves’ riot. The superior liberties granting to the classical slaves, by the feudalism and then by the capitalism, led to the slaves’ revolt tempering and to the master himself bigger security of his own life.

There is a morality root learned by everyone in the family: if a family member uses unequally the family resources, in its favor and against the others, he will receive their disapproval; when a child does not share with its brother/sister what he has, he will suffer the parents’ disapproval or punishment. At the social level, the same thing happens, but the disapproval/punishment does not come from the parents, but from the other society members, frustrated by the rich ones too big privileges. Kant's "categorical imperative" is, in fact, a diversification and superior development of this early experience. He formulated it in two ways. The first one was: " Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end!" The second one was: "Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law!"

Of course, as we already know, the slavery is deeply contradicts these principles. In the ancient times the classical slave was a person "who deserved to be killed, but for various reasons was allowed to live." Reducing the human status to an intermediate stage between man and animal, rather to the latter, has been a solution to reconciling profitable socio-economic practices with this immutable ethical principle.

Similarly, the modern wage slave can be thrown into not-being as an useless tool, after not being profitable enough. Obtaining access to medical services after losing a job, through the bureaucracy of losing health insurance, is a capitalism practice that identically reflects the way in which the classical slavery evaluated the slave. (On this basis, the furious free vaccination campaign against SARS-VOC2 seems more like a trap or a political advertising campaign than a medical honest practice). So, the status of the slave is no longer shown "as an end ", as Kant states.

The other categorical imperative formulation does not support slavery either. As most moralists have already stated, the slavery cannot be in harmony with morality, because the master cannot place all of humanity in the person of the slave or does not agree to be treated like his slave. To kill a human being, or to reduce his creative potential, can never become a universal law, because that would mean the extinction of the human species. In fact, the morality itself as a discipline was created by prominent figures in philosophy and religion precisely to counteract this scourge of civilization. Among the first morality manifestations in the civilization history there is the restriction "Do not kill!". This moral low is one of a group of ten "commandments" from the Old Book known as the "Old Testament." It is the basis for both Christianity and Judaism or Islam. If we look at the classical slavery ideological engine, expressed by the equivalence stated above, then we see that the slavery cannot exist without death. The beating, with which the slaves were sometimes frightened to work more efficient, is a slower death. Another such "commandment", in this group of 10, is "Do not steal!" It prevents the robbery specific to classical society, which is the main source of slavery.

Therefore, we can say not only that the slavery is immoral, but that the morality itself is dedicated to countering the slavery. I will return to this topic in one of the next articles. This moral perception is felt by everyone more or less clearly in his inner moral court. Any man educated in a civilized culture, and without interest in the comfort given by the slavery, will disavow it. And that is why it was disguised in today's waged form. Because, unfortunately, the slavery is the main engine of any pre-automatic economy, as it is still in our society.

So, morally, the slavery is not sustainable by the increasing personal freedom argument, as long as it is materialized by the mental / spiritual mutilation of others. The slavery thus turns out to be rather a set of abusive liberties, which the master takes from his slaves, violating their essential freedoms. That is why the Aristotle's famous argument for justifying slavery, by increasing and maintaining the master superior freedoms, is demolished precisely by this reality of attacking other people's freedoms.

This creates in the human mind a strange ambivalence between the moral law and the slave exploitation convenience preservation. An example is Aristotle himself, who freed his slaves at the end of his life, instead of giving them to a loved one. From this decision we can see that he himself only partially believed in that argument, that is, under the profit that results from this practice. But in fact, his moral side rejected him. If he had not rejected him, then the Stagirite would have left those slaves to someone, in order to do a "good". Kant said that this conflict between the convenience of profit due to self-interest and the moral law must not exist. But, of course, such an attitude is part of his rigid spirit that repressed the passion and promoted the reason. However, Freud found it camouflaged among the many mental conflicts, specific to various disorders, even though he did not recognize it literally, and preferred to recognize it in the conflict between sexuality and social norms.

However, even though the slavery was felt as immoral by civilization, its usefulness prevailed. Despite the Christianity moral pressures, as the figures of history show, the classical slavery has continued until recently. Indeed, it was largely replaced by the feudal system, which, as I mentioned, was an easier form of slavery, with the slave being given the freedom to leave or remain on the feudal estate. However, we know very well that the classical slavery was adopted by the very Christianity in America until the American Civil War. Not only Catholicism and (especially) Protestantism have practiced it. The Orthodox Church has also practiced it, even if not very often, over the centuries.

The conflict between the slavery usefulness and its prohibition given by the morality was balanced by the growing flexibility of the social system. In ancient times, the classical slavery system was much more rigid; the refusal to serve was punished by death. Later, in feudalism, its refusal only led to cutting off access to natural resources, an austere life. The capitalism came up with another invention, namely blaming any kind of traditional lifestyle and then artificially creating false needs, promoted by the advertising techniques that the system subliminally plants in the potential subject mentality. Satisfying these needs in exchange for the taking orders gives the slavery an appearance of free trade, as I showed in the previous chapter .

In this case, we notice that inside this wages versus work free exchange appearance, the slavery has infiltrated as an abuse of fundamental human freedoms, especially that of the free choice or rest and socializing with family and friends. Instead of taking its self-esteem out of this close social environment, it is manipulated to take it from non-specific areas. The modern order taker accepts to sale its freedom by the very execution of these orders in exchange for less important liberties, such as a false illusion of respect or social ascension from unknown persons or distant acquaintances.

Under a complex system of polling public opinion, the contemporary capitalism manages to determine the order taker degree of social unrest temper it with optimistic messages, entertainment or even offering wage increases. These measures are meant to lower down the slavery pressures and offer the order taker longer moments of rest. The holidays or the weekend days off are other measures meant to relax the modern order taker and to reduce its typical revolt. Its life experience and wisdom that comes with age make her/him prefer less well paid but more relaxing jobs, than better paid, but more stressful ones.

The capitalist system comes with such jobs to meet this personal evolution. Here, unlike the classical slavery crime, where the master was willing to go to war periodically to conquer new slaves, or to stop a slave riot, the capitalism masked slavery has certain accelerator and brake pedals. The capitalism is horrified by public riots and has developed a whole mechanism of absorbing and converting popular anger. This can be converted into the fantasy war of games , into entertainment and the use of psychoactive substances, or even to the artificial creation of wars , in which those with a high riot potential are attracted and discreetly eliminated. These measures of global manipulation actually turn the medieval morality into profit. The capitalism masked slavery is a negotiable slavery.

30 noiembrie 2021

2. 5. 2. Moralitatea ca reacţie de întâmpinare a revoltei sclavilor

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2.5. Evolutia metodelor de convingere a supusilor sa execute ordinele

Acest articol este continuarea celui precedent
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2. 5. 2. Moralitatea ca reacţie de întâmpinare a revoltei sclavilor

(revin la seria de articole dedicate modificării moderne a sclaviei, după seria dedicată feminismului)

Cea de-a doua cauză pentru abolirea sclaviei clasice a fost derivată din reacţia sclavilor în cea stăpânilor, respectiv morala. Baza moralei a fost diferit localizată de diferiţi teoreticieni, însă ea se poate reduce la un comportament ghidat de principiul „ce ţie nu-ţi place altuia nu-i face!”. Revoltele sclavilor au pus în pericol însele vieţile stăpânilor, chiar dacă ei apoi s-au organizat şi le-au înfrânt. Dar după înecarea în sânge a răscoalelor sclavilor nu înseamnă deloc că s-a rezolvat problema. Sclavii morţi nu mai pot fi exploataţi, iar cei rămaşi în viaţă nu mai vor să servească. Victoriile romanilor asupra răscoalelor sclavilor au dus la prăbuşirea în final a Imperiului, atacat atât din exterior de răzbunarea popoarelor cucerite, dar şi din interior, de revolta sclavilor. Acordarea de libertăţi superioare faţă de sclavia clasică, de către feudalism şi apoi de către capitalism, a dus la temperarea revoltei sclavului şi la o siguranţă mai mare a propriei vieţi pentru stăpânul însuşi.

Există o constantă a moralei ce este învăţată de fiecare în familie: dacă un membru al familiei foloseşte inegal resursele familiei, în favoarea lui spre defavoare celorlalţi, va primi dezaprobarea lor; când un copil nu împarte cu fratele său ce are, va suporta pedeapsa părinţilor. La nivel social se întâmplă acelaşi lucru, însă pedeapsa nu vine de la părinţi, ci de la ceilalţi membri ai societăţii, frustraţi de privilegiile prea mari a elitelor. „Imperativul categoric” al lui Kant, este de fapt o diversificare şi dezvoltare superioară a acestei experienţe timpurii. El l-a formulat în două feluri. O primă formulare a sa a fost: „acţionează astfel încât să întrebuinţezi omenirea atât în persoana ta, cât şi în persoana oricui altuia totdeauna în acelaşi timp ca scop, niciodată însă numai ca mijloc!”. Cea de-a doua a fost: "acţionează în aşa fel încât maxima acţiunilor tale să poată fi impusă ca lege universală!".

Desigur, după cum deja ştiam, sclavia este în profund dezacord cu aceste principii. În antichitate sclavul clasic era o persoană „ce merita să fie ucis, dar din diferite motive a fost lăsat să trăiască”. Reducerea statutului de om către un stadiu intermediar între om şi animal, mai mult către ultimul, a fost o soluţie de împăcare a practicilor socio-economice profitabile cu acest principiu etic imuabil.

Similar, sclavul salarial modern poate fi aruncat în nefiinţă precum o unealtă nefolositoare, după ce nu mai dă suficient randament. Obturarea accesului la serviciile medicale după pierderea locului de muncă, prin birocraţia pierderii asigurării de sănătate, este o practică a capitalismului ce reflectă identic modul în care sclavia clasică evalua sclavul. (Pe acest fond, furibunda campanie de vaccinare gratuită împotriva SARS-COV2, pare mai curând o capcană sau o campanie de publicitate politică, decât o practică medicală onestă) Astfel că statutul sclavului nu îl mai arată drept „scop”, aşa cum precizează Kant.

Nici cealaltă formulare a imperativului categoric nu susţine sclavia. După cum deja s-a afirmat de către majoritatea moraliştilor, sclavia nu poate fi în acord cu morala, pentru că stăpânul nu poate pune întreaga umanitate în persoana sclavului sau nu acceptă să fie tratat precum sclavul său. A ucide un om, sau a-i reduce potenţialul creator, nu poate niciodată deveni maximă universală, pentru că asta ar însemna dispariţia speciei umane. De fapt, însăşi morala ca disciplină a fost creată de figurile proeminente din filosofie şi religie tocmai pentru a contracara acest flagel al civilizaţiei. Între primele manifestări ale moralei în istoria civilizaţiei se află restricţia morală „Să nu ucizi!”. Această lege morală este una dintr-un grup de zece „porunci” din vechea carte cunoscută sub numele de „Vechiul Testament”. Ea este bază atât pentru Creştinism cât şi pentru Iudaism sau Islamism. Dacă ne uităm la motorul ideologic al sclaviei clasice, exprimat de echivalenţa enunţată mai sus, atunci vedem că sclavia nu poate exista fără moarte. Bătaia, cu care erau uneori speriaţi sclavii să fie mai eficienţi, este o moarte mai lentă. O altă astfel de „poruncă” din acest grup de 10 este „Să nu furi!”. Ea împiedică jaful specific societăţii clasice, care este principala origine a obţinerii sclavilor.

Aşadar, putem spune nu doar că sclavia este imorală, ci că însăşi morala este dedicată contracarării sclaviei. O să revin la acest subiect într-unul din articolele ulterioare. Acest percept moral este simţit de fiecare mai mult sau mai puţin clar în tribunalul său moral interior. Orice om educat într-o cultură civilizată, şi fără interese în comoditatea oferită de sclavie, o va dezavua. Şi acesta este motivul pentru care ea a şi fost mascată în forma salarială de astăzi. Pentru că, din păcate, sclavia este motorul principal al oricărei economii preautomatice, aşa cum este ea încă în societatea noastră.

Iată că moralmente sclavia nu se susţine de către argumentul sporirii libertăţii personale atâta timp cât se concretizează prin mutilarea psihică/spirituală a altora. Sclavia se dovedeşte astfel a fi mai curând un set de libertăţi abuzive, pe care stăpânul şi le ia de la sclavii săi, încălcându-le lor libertăţile esenţiale. De aceea celebrul argument al lui Aristotel de justificare a sclaviei, prin sporirea şi menţinerea libertăţilor superioare ale stăpânului, este demolat tocmai de această realitate a atentării la libertăţile altor oameni.

Se creează astfel în psihicul omului o ambivalenţă ciudată între legea morală şi păstrarea comodităţii exploatării sclavagiste. Ca exemplu îl dăm pe însuşi Aristotel, care şi-a eliberat sclavii la sfârşitul vieţii, în loc să-i dea moştenire cuiva drag. Din această decizie ne putem da seama că el însuşi nu a crezut decât parţial în acel argument, respectiv din profitul pe care l-a avut din urma acestei practici. Însă, de fapt, latura sa morală l-a respins. Dacă nu l-ar fi respins, atunci stagiritul ar fi lăsat moştenire cuiva acei sclavi, pentru a face cuiva un „bine”. Kant spunea că acest conflict între comoditatea profitului datorat interesului personal şi legea morală nu trebuie să existe. Dar, desigur, o astfel de atitudine face parte din spiritul său rigid de reprimare a pasiunii şi promovare a raţiunii. Freud însă l-a găsit camuflat între multele conflicte psihice specifice diferitelor tulburări, chiar dacă nu l-a recunoscut ca atare, preferând să îl recunoască în conflictul dintre sexualitate şi normele sociale.

Oricum, chiar dacă sclavia a fost resimţită ca imorală în civilizaţie, totuşi utilitatea ei a prevalat. În ciuda presiunilor morale ale Creştinismului, după cum şi arată cifrele istoriei, sclavia clasică a continuat până recent. Într-adevăr, ea a fost înlocuită în mare parte de sistemul feudal, care, după cum am menţionat, a fost o formă mai uşoară de sclavie, sclavului acordându-i-se libertatea de a pleca sau rămâne pe moşia feudalului. Dar, cu toate astea, ştim foarte bine că sclavia clasică a fost adoptată de creştinism în America până la Războiul Civil american. Nu doar catolicismul şi (mai ales) protestantismul au practicat-o. Biserica Ortodoxă a practicat-o şi ea, chiar dacă mai sporadic, secolele trecute.

Conflictul între utilitatea sclaviei şi morala interzicerii ei a fost balansat de flexibilitatea din ce în ce mai mare a sistemului social. În antichitate, sistemul sclavagist clasic era mult mai rigid; refuzul sclaviei atrăgea moartea. Ulterior, în feudalism, refuzul ei atrăgea doar interzicerea accesului la resursele naturale, o viaţă austeră. Capitalismul a venit cu o altă găselniţă, respectiv a blamat orice fel de stil de viaţă tradiţional şi apoi a creat artificial false nevoi, promovate de tehnica publicităţii (advertising) pe care sistemul o sădeşte subliminal în mentalitatea potenţialului supus. Satisfacerea acestor nevoi în schimbul executării ordinelor dă o aparenţă de liber schimb sclaviei, supă cum am arătat în capitolul anterior .

În acest caz observăm că în această aparenţă de liber schimb salariu contra muncă, s-a infiltrat sclavia ca abuz asupra libertăţilor umane fundamentale, în special cea a liberei alegeri sau a odihnei şi socializării cu familia şi prietenii. În loc ca stima de sine să fie luată din acest mediu social proxim, el este manipulat să şi-o ia din zone nespecifice. Executantul modern de ordine acceptă vinderea libertăţii sale prin însăşi executarea acestor ordine în schimbul unor libertăţi mai puţin importante precum o falsă iluzie de respect sau ascensiunea socială de la străini sau cunoştinţe îndepărtate.

Printr-un complex sistem de sondare a opiniei publice, capitalismul contemporan reuşeşte să determine gradul de revoltă a executanţilor de ordine şi să le tempereze prin mesaje optimiste, divertisment sau chiar oferirea unor creşteri salariale. Aceste măsuri se traduc faptic prin scăderea presiunilor sclavagiste şi oferirii executantului de ordine momente mai mari de răgaz. Concediul de odihnă sau zilele libere de week-end, sunt alte măsuri menite să relaxeze executantul modern de ordine şi să-i reducă revolta tipică. Experienţa şi înţelepciunea venită odată cu vârsta fac ca acesta să prefere locuri de muncă mai puţin bine plătite dar mai relaxante, decât altele mai bine plătite, dar mai stresante.

Sistemul capitalist vine cu astfel de locuri de muncă în întâmpinarea acestei evoluţii personale. Iată că, spre deosebire de golăneala sclavagismului clasic, unde stăpânul era dispus să meargă periodic la război spre a cuceri noi sclavi, sau spre a înăbuşi o revoltă a celor deja avuţi, sclavia mascată a capitalismului are numeroase pedale de acceleraţie şi frână. Capitalismul are oroare de revolte publice şi a dezvoltat un întreg mecanism de absorbţie şi conversiune a furiei populare. Aceasta poate fi convertită în războiul fantasmatic al jocurilor , în divertisment şi uzul substanţe psihoactive, sau chiar la crearea artificială de războaie , în care sunt atraşi şi eliminaţi discret cei cu un grad mare de revoltă . Aceste măsuri de manipulare globală practic refac într-un mod profitabil morala medievală. Sclavagismul mascat al capitalismului este un sclavagism negociabil.

29 octombrie 2021

6.5. Ideological and practical solutions to calm down the conflicts between conservative people and LDTB minority

6. Long-term solutions to stop sexual crimes and emotional abuses

6.5. Ideological and practical solutions to calm down the conflicts between conservative people and LDTB minority

This article continues the previous one
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There is an old conflict between the conservative mentality and the eccentric sexual orientations ones or the asexuals. Many human lives have been sacrificed by burning at the stake, or for "fornication" reasons, or for sex with cosmic goats, as asexual women, who refused to marry, were believed to have. Today there still are some with appetite for witch hunts, and it is everyone's duty to remind them that they live in another century. Also, the eccentric sexual behaviors ones are at risk to develop paranoid predispositions towards the entire heterosexual majority, under the "identification with the aggressor" psychic mechanism. And we have also to remind them as well that they can see oppressors and persecutors everywhere, where do not exist, out of this repressive medieval cultural heritage that exists even in their own mentality. This article will provide ideological solutions to diminish this conflict.

Primitive and medieval prejudices in the persecution of the eccentric sexual orientations people

There are 5 traditional prejudices about homosexuality, namely that it is contagious, caused/conditioned by a specific opposite sex childhood education, that it is caused by a hyper libidinal need for sex or that these people stalk to rape children or adults. I analyzed and fought these theories in detail here . I will not repeat this topic from the beginning, so those who want to find out about it can go and read it directly in the page linked above. Moreover, there are a lot of more detailed studies than I did like this one sau acesta . Those who judge with the intellect eyes and not with the primitive mental layers ones can be informed directly from there.

Basically, the eccentric libidinal orientations are negatively perceived by those who project their own uneducated fears into them. Of course, the exception is the pedophile disorder and sadism, which directly harm the partner. As do not know how to differentiate these two from the others, the common people believe that all eccentric libidinal orientations would cause such harm to others, which is not true. Such ideas are quite similar to the group-induced delirium practiced in the Middle Ages, and long after that, on women who refused to marry. And they were accused of witchcraft out of that. Today we have fun based on the ideas that a woman could travel on a broom until close to the moon in order to mate there with cosmic goats. But in those days thousands of women were burned at the stake on the basis of such delusional accusations. Such unfounded accusations were and still are made against the homosexuals and the sexual minority community (except for pedophile disorder and sadism) by some who have remained at the same level. If these ideas remain simple opinions, it would not be a problem. Unfortunately, they become real persecutions that the socially undeveloped ones bring against these people. They do not come out of a social exploitation and profit interest, but out of an uneducated fear, based on a primitive and classical society specific mentality.

The damage against the harmless eccentric libidinal orientations people

These fears are closer to religious beliefs than to scientific data. In addition to its core of "pure reason ideas", as described by the philosopher I. Kant, the religion was a traditional model of ethics, politics, law, and science, which vehemently opposed these practices. In the Old Testament there is said that God himself took cruel revenge on the famous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for their sexual excesses. But these primitive norms are no longer viable in contemporary society. The sexuality and morality are two totally different things; there is no connection between them unless the sexual impulses violate the social norms. Those who literally violate them are only pedophile disorder and the sadism, and not the other sexual orientations on which these conservative persecutions are directed.

Both in the democratic tradition and no democratic countries there are hostile reactions to these people. Those uninformed or hostile to diversity are unjustifiably afraid of those with eccentric sexual orientations that they would infest them, or influence them in some way to become as they are. And because of this, these sexual minorities’ members have a real problem in finding partners or in expanding their selection area into not enough safe spaces to find the right partner there. Such a thing is an attack on the human right to communicate sexual orientation to potential partners, which is an attack on the human right to socialize and associate.

The eccentric sexual orientations people right to communicate their orientation in the global society, in the sense of finding potential partners

The gallant behavior regularizations are meant to favor finding the most suitable partner from the society wider side possible. If we look at the pre-courtship rules , we notice that, during its history, the society has created a good part of the culture precisely for these successful matings realization. In the same way, the sexual minorities such as homosexuals, prostitutes or histrionics have the right to find suitable partners in society, according to their own interests. Communicating the sexual preferences of a particular geographic or online space to the entire society should not be seen as an insult or an attempt to convert heterosexuals to these orientations. The blasphemous gay parades do not want to spread an LGBT "virus" that contaminates "healthy people" with an appetite for eccentric sexual behavior. They simply want to get up from the persecution fear state or the self-blaming those who do not have the courage to accept their sexual orientation, in order to broaden their coupling horizon. The search for a partner of the same orientation does not affect in any way the heterosexual ones, and in that first article linked above footnote I set out arguments in this regard.

The heterosexuals must not impose their own lifestyle on eccentrics and categorize their sexual orientation as moral or superior. The most equitable societies in the world today do not practice a democracy taken ad litteram, meaning a minority should obey to the majority in absolutely any matter. Such a thing is rather a dictatorship of the majority. A fair society is one that offers to any kind of minorities a development framework.

Solutions to stop the persecution towards the LGBT minority

The main solution lays in education, in information that everyone must take from credible resources until the official education will be able to do it systematically in the primary cycles. Unfortunately, this is not wanted in underdeveloped countries like Romania. Our current social system does not want certain people to get out of these prejudices. And this is how the social conflict arises. As the social system is a late medievalism, it does not care to educate the citizens, but to keep them with such prejudices. Of course, functioning as an enlightened slavery , the contemporary society takes advantage out of the citizens’ mental underdevelopment, being able to manipulate them for profit. The Romania 2019 referendum tried to politically exploit this issue. So, instead of a conducive education to this problem, it preferred to find a repressive pseudo-solution for it. Such medieval remnants in the contemporaries’ mentality against whom the school failed cannot be repressively eradicated.

This solution is the best, but it cannot be put into practice now. The underdeveloped persecutors education is a long-term solution. So it remains in our care, to us who possess truthful information on this subject, to spread it to those who do not have access to it. We also have the task of campaigning for this new type of modern slavery abolition and emancipating these people up from the ideological fog in which they are left.

The LGBT community members and related groups attempting to artificially expand the sexual selection area through the radical feminism rhetoric

As I said in this study , among this persecutory background against the marginalized, there came up the excesses coming from the people who belong to these sexual minorities, which I (and others) called "radical feminism", an extreme manifestation of the moderate, justifiable feminism. As in the open conflict with the majority, the radical feminists use the general feminism to gain as many rights as possible from here. The exclusive female courtship initiation theory, that I analyzed in the chapter 4 of this study , is such a feminist-radical counter-manifestation to the persecutory, traditionalist mentality. Basically, the LGBT community, and other groups close to it, has found this opportunity to express and broaden the choosing a partner horizon.

I have shown in this chapter that the oversized female frustration towards an unknown man who initiates courtship is caused by different interests. These are:

1. prostitutes more efficient strategy of financial gain;
2. a typical histrionic need for without stepping up to the couple relationship ;
3. the sadism, that some women also might have   ;
4. the envy on the heterosexual couple pattern   , as a of revenge on the heterosexuals easy way to find a partner .

Such an ideology has seduced the moderate feminists as well, because at first glance it promises superior rights. A good example is given by the married women whose libidinal appetite mismatches their husbands, as I have analyzed in detail here . They accept the exclusive female courtship initiation theory primarily because it favors them in the perspective of a new couple relationship with someone else that they can choose. Then, they accept it also because it favors them for a future justified negotiation about the number of sexual acts frequency or for the sexual behavior diversification, with the husband.

So the interests for its support are multiple, because the social groups that support it are diverse. Some single heterosexual women can temporarily support this proposal for a better negotiation in a future relationship. But most heterosexual women refuse it, as I have shown here . The segment age specific to the couples initiation, respectively the 17-27 years old, constantly uses the any kind of approach between unknown persons, be it initiated by men or women. This revolutionizing initiation activism forced application to this age segment is abusive even if it comes from the justifiable area of the emotional abuses and sexual crimes real victims. So, even according to the minority that obeys the majority political principle, the exclusive female courtship initiation (in order to form a couple) supporters will lose this war. And the danger of associating radical feminism with the dictatorial attitudes imposed by a minority can affect the image of feminism in general, that is, the moderate, justifiable one.

As I previously said, the exclusive female courtship initiation proposal secretly wants a partner's selection widening area for these sexual minorities and a facilitation of their meeting, protected from the persecutors reactions. The problem is that this rule does not precisely target the right partners for this type of women. The libidinal behavior of histrionic exhibitionists, for example, deceptively gives the normal men impression that they are in the 5th stage of courtship . Such intentionally wrong signaling to cause confusion makes sense only in their courtship interests, but not for the heterosexual women majority’s.

This rule extension to the age segment suited for this type of approach is for many of them a sign of the resentment with which they remained after the failure in this type of relationships. And, as I pointed out in this article and this one , the reasons for such a thing are very clear. From my point of view, they must demand their rights separately, without involving the majority of women, who are still part of the majority of society. That is why there have arisen strong conflicts within the feminism, as I have described here .

My view is that such a masked strategy by the uneducated heterosexual majority threats is inappropriate. Just as the heterosexuals should not impose their own lifestyle on the eccentrics and categorize their sexual orientation as moral or superior, in the same way the eccentrics should not do it for the heterosexuals. An individual education of these uneducated persecutors is much more efficient, as the authorities lack in action. Unfortunately, the each of us passivity towards this topic can have a setback in these feminist-radical manifestations, that can attack ourselves, from the our own barricade area.

Short-term practical solutions for the LGBT community and related groups to find partners and avoid persecution by the conservatives

There are short-term solutions to a more successful love life for eccentric groups, despite persecution from religious and conservative extremists. And the first one is the very giving up of the conflict with the society’s majority concerning the controversy of exclusive female courtship initiation theory. Forgetting about this false morals revolution improves its perception from the society. And, forgetting it, it gives up this feminism appetite for scandal against anything and everyone. The women and LGBT community have been and still are male abuses victims; but the revenge on every man or on everyone who accepts a common lifestyle does not solve anything. When an unknown man too explicitly initiates courtship, he violates much older social norms   than this proposal. So there is no need to issue other rules in this regard. But this violation is not so serious as to lead to scandals, as to radical feminists escalade to. It is enough to ignore such an unknown man who initiates too explicitly the courtship, but not offending him, which is a disproportionate response. I described in the linked above article several solutions to avoid these situations, if indeed those who complain about such a thing really want to avoid them.

In addition to reticence regarding this alleged general social norm, which is not commonly accepted and has not been generally discussed in society, there are personal or group ideological solutions to decrease these social conflicts. In the previous sections I have exposed such solutions to the particular interests of certain related social groups, such as those of the prostitutes , the histrionics or the normal heterosexual women in choosing a partner.

As can be seen, some of these solutions involve the persecutors education, which is a long-term solution, as mentioned above. I will continue with the practical solutions presentation, so that the sexual minorities can find their partner more easily, without risking negative reactions from socially underdeveloped people who cannot be educated so quickly. And, last but not least, for their inherent problems must not be accused the others, the neutral ones, as persecutors. These solutions are already being put into practice by those who really want to do so, and not to accuse heterosexuals of certain crimes.

Indeed, the social system – that is, most of us – must create a sexual space for these people, a street or even a locality where they can expose their forms, without being harassed by those who feel threatened by this behavior. I am convinced that many members of these communities would relocate to these places, and cease having contact with conservatives. Such a solution already exists for other this kind of social categories. For example, there are places specially designed for nudists, including exhibitionists. The famous Red District in Amsterdam is an example in which the female exhibitionism is practiced in specially designed places for those who are willing to accept such a challenge, and not later complain of sensory harassment. There are frequent messages in this space against taking their pictures by the visitors, in addition to the window protection. I pointed out in this article that such behavior is beneficial for both exhibitionists and tired couples. In trains there are wagons where the noise is forbidden and others where is accepted. In the same way, there must be clear spaces or distinctive signs for women who do not want to be approached by unknown men and others who communicate the availability for such contacts. Unfortunately, as the trains in Romania do not have such a thing yet, the society in general does not have such sexual minorities’ spaces either.

But still these sexual minorities’ communities can be created online, even without state intervention. There is such a thing in Romania and other states where this problem is ignored. Viable solutions can be found in which the women need for exhibitionism or histrionic seduction to manifest itself in special spaces, other than those populated by socially disadvantaged men. There are enough voyeurs who are not even interested in advancing in a couple's relationship with those they spy on. Also, the moderate sadist women can manifest their sexual orientation in a real space or online with men who have masochistic heterosexual tendencies. And so it can be done with all minorities. The condition is that this solution to be really wanted by those involved in and not the animosities provocation towards those neutral towards this problem. Blaming the neutrals for the conservative extremists’ persecution is inopportune. The neutral ones cannot be held responsible for the other ones errors. No one can be held responsible for not wanting to take part in this ideological war, as radical feminism suggests, although it would be good for the majority to get involved.

The civic repositioning of radical militancy

These are the peaceful solutions to avoid the sexual crimes and abuses, as well as the persecution by extremists. The repressive solution is not viable. The real solution to stop these abuses is not their formal, legal inhibition as effects. This means their superficial inhibition, through punishments applied after the deeds consumption. The police-justice mentality perpetuates the culture of fear, specific to the wild life. Civilization must solve them by acting on their causes. And the main cause of the middle and lower classes predisposition to abuse over the socially disadvantaged are the abuses that come hierarchically, from those who control the society’s levers.

Their militancy actually leads to the police state strengthening, and hence to the increase of the threats volume launched in the society. The result is an artificial amplification of the consumption needs, according to the converting trauma to psychodynamic arousal phenomenon. This has been observed by experimental psychologists Neal Elgar Miller and Robert A. Hinde. They showed that the painful physical shocks administration (such as electric or mechanical shocks) to rats and monkeys led to increased needs. Thus, the repressive threats strengthening against the potential sexual abusers leads to these predispositions to abuses increasing, rather than to their stopping. And this is the general paradoxical pattern of increasing crime rather than reducing it through repressive police solutions.

If we think about the marginalized ones persecutions, we find some justification for the radical feminism excesses, as reaction to their sufferance. However, such a solution of the criminal common rights restricting, or intensifying the threats against that person, in order not to commit certain acts, is specific to the repressive mentalities. The radical feminism fails to break out of the traditional society abuses vicious circle, as it inherits and to which it relates just as abusively. In this case, they show reverse sexism, as I shown in more details in this article .

This impossible combination between antipatriarchy and justice-repressive mentality, that some feminists support, is very strange. The repressive justice was created precisely by the "patriarchal" mentality and its main purpose is to preserve its values. Supporting the repressive mentality and eliminating "patriarchy" is equivalent to practicing prostitution for abstinence.

It is commendable that feminists condemn the fact that women are reduced to the value of objects of consumption. It is unfortunate, however, that they are very active in terms of sexual consumption of women and quite passive in terms of human consumption in general in contemporary civilized society, ie men.

Very few radical feminists are militant for granting rights to the citizens. These rights lead to bigger mental stability and a lower predisposition to abuse their own kinds and, implicitly, the women. Too few of them go to anti-war or pro-conservation environment mass meetings. The old idiom "to fiddle while Rome burns" perfectly suits them in terms of vehemence for the exclusive female courtship initiation implementation. Most of them have little interest or are not interested at all in the artificially initiated and consistently maintained wars around the world, or in pollution or in poverty in the developed countries. Fortunately, there are enough moderate feminists who respond to these issues as well. I met them at the Romanian protests. And they are the true heart of feminism and humanism alike. They are proof that the feminism has a strong, consistent basis in it. But it must take a closer look to the intentions and dubious vehemence of those who want to draw this movement into an obscure area.

The fact that radical feminists have a histrionic predisposition is not an impediment to doing remarkable things for society. Many artists were like that, so it was not a barrier for them to do great things. So, although I criticized the radical feminism in this study, I am still confident that in the future we will be on the same side of the "barricade".

29 septembrie 2021

6.4. Ideological and practical solutions to avoid the disguised prostitution risks

6. Long-term solutions to stop sexual crimes and emotional abuses

6.4. Ideological and practical solutions to avoid the disguised prostitution risks

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The disguise prostitute's life strategy mistakes

The LGBT community's contempt for tradition is somehow understood out of the disgrace that traditional society held on the eccentric sexual preferences ones. The feminism has backed up this community, as some of the most vehement activists are lesbians . It can be seen from a mile away that the exclusively female courtship initiation proposal violates and even excludes the preceding courtship traditional stages in favor of a single new rule. But the block rejection of the traditional pre-court rules by the new ones that favor their own lifestyle is not something accepted by all social categories.

Besides the lesbians, the disguise prostitutes also stand out. They are professionals in the sexual services commerce. They are very active on this matter because have a special interest in this new rule, in the sense that they look for wealthy men and try to seduce them in order to get as much money as possible out of it. Some do it constantly, others do it only occasionally. The passive women who occasionally practice disguised prostitution, depends on "luck". The paradox is that the most desired women are either lesbians or seductive histrionics. Well, they specifically sometimes practice the luxury prostitution.

The situations in which a woman sells her body for a large sum of money or a certain advantage are very common in the contemporary society, and at one point reached everyone's ears. These things have happened in the past, but they have been less well known. The film "Indecent Proposal" shocked 20 years ago by putting the married couple to the test. Today such a thing is practiced with no curtain, without much worry, as we can see in the social experiment below:


The internet is full of such married or relationship women who sell for a night out with an unknown man. The big confusion is that these women do not recognize their profession, and this even with the very social system “help”, which does not recognize it in the first place. In fact, they themselves practice it very rarely, respectively when the prospect of a big bucks hit appears on the horizon. So they would be difficult to monitor. But in general, the constant practice of luxury prostitution violates in particular the consumption code of the most countries laws, much more serious one than that on the prostitution illegality in general. The article 4 of the Directive 1998/6/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 February 1998 on consumer protection in the indication of prices of products offered to consumers says:

“The selling price must be unambiguous, easily identifiable and clearly legible”

The “U.S. Retail Pricing Laws and Regulations 2009” has mandatory clear prices directives for every state. For example Florida legislation has at Chapter 501, CONSUMER PROTECTION

“(6) DISPLAY AND ADVERTISING OF CONSUMER COMMODITY UNIT PRICES.--A seller shall conspicuously and clearly display the price per package or unit and the unit price in close proximity to the display of the commodity in such manner as may be established by rules of the department.”

Or Hawaii:

“§486-116 Misrepresentation of price. The price of consumer commodities, when offered for sale at retail, shall be clearly displayed and shall reflect the retail price at which the public may, without special credentials or other requirements, purchase the commodities.”

Being interested in getting as much as possible profit from their services, these women hide their jobs and, of course, do not display these prices. Also, the refusal to provide these services to those with low financial potential, out of the desire to get a better offer, violates the anti-discriminatory laws allover the world. There is a right to refuse service for different reasons, but not for being poor.

The (12) article of the Council Directive 2000/78/EC of 27 November 2000 , says:

“…any direct or indirect discrimination based on religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation as regards the areas covered by this Directive should be prohibited throughout the Community.”

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000e and following) prohibits employers from discriminating against applicants and employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, and national origin (including membership in a Native American tribe).

Those who practice luxury prostitution through hotel lobbies, various banquets, auction rooms and business meetings are already known to organizers and chase. So, they use the entrances or these places preceding spaces, to which less wealthy men have access, and here the problems come up. These women refusal to sell their services to less wealthy men clearly violates these laws. A club may deny access to a person inside, if it conflicts with customers or has poor hygiene. These are good reasons for refusing to provide a service. But the luxury prostitutes’ refusal to provide services to less wealthy clients is illegal for this reason.

Unfortunately, all this turns against them. I wrote in detail here about the enormous risks that the disguised prostitutes expose to. The famous Jack the Ripper killed prostitutes under the diabolical attempt to satisfy his disordered sadistic libido. Many of the missing women are in fact such sadists’ victims, lured by big sums of money. Besides these dubious financial interests, they are unable to explain some customers’ violence. And not having psychopathology studies, they attribute this violence to the patriarchal-oppressive mentality towards women, especially projected from their own paranoid psychopathological background. This is a metaphorical description of the sadism inside the civilization, but it is not yet a complete description. That's why the disguised prostitutes are probably the most vehement feminist-radical activists.

The fact that they complain about this scourge, and that the system protects their executioners, is fully justified. I also mentioned in this text how the authorities perversely leave open two loopholes in support of these sadistic murderers, without taking concrete measures to prevent them. The refusal to legalize and monitor women the women who decide to practice such a profession is such a support. Another measure is their demonization in order to lately justify these sadistic actions, as an act of justice. I showed in that article that such a mentality is directly formed by socially well-positioned sadists who kill prostitutes under justification of doing the society cleansing. These strategies for justifying one's own crimes or imperialist interests have been used consistently throughout history .

It is not normal for prostitutes to be so demonized, according to traditional custom. I repeat: it is the sadists and their colleagues who protect them main fault. But, it seems to me an opposite pole exaggeration that these disguised prostitution practices should be declared honest occupations. And even less honest is to review the whole courtship mentality in the contemporary society, according to the disguised prostitutes’ illegal interests. I support the sex work legalization and monitoring so that the pricing policy is transparent. In this case the society would become more psychotherapeutic than that of the warriors, as it is now; the sadists could no longer find so many loopholes in the practice of their morbid pleasures on the prostitutes’ behalf.

We are all prey to this prejudice of traditional too harsh prostitutes’ condemnation. However, it is also your job as a woman to protect yourself from overlapping this negative image, even if this image has been abusively constructed in the past. This is the common mentality, which cannot be changed overnight. If you, as a woman, choose to waste your body of and sell it as a package, contrary to your selective sexual instinct, do not be surprised that your inner psychic conflicts are accentuated, or that you are treated like a whore by the society! It takes certain stoicism from your counterpart as a woman in the face of this mechanism, evil indeed, in which you are attracted. The feminist attempt to transform the bitch perception into a respectable woman, in the public opinion’s eyes, will not succeed. Neither the feminist theories mother will turn the prostitutes into anything other than whores, since they themselves are reduced to consumption objects.

In their discourse, many feminists complain about the "women’s objectification" *, especially as it appears in pornographic materials. Apart from the fact that the used formula is inappropriate, even if it is understood by the majority, such a women dehumanization is accepted by the contemporary feminists themselves, by accepting the prostitution itself. The theory of "is my body, not the state’s" is totally justified until it reaches "and I can do anything with it". I believe that the woman has the right to decide if she wants to terminate the pregnancy. The state must have nothing to say in this decision, and there must be no institution to manipulate it to change her mind. Eventually, the state only has to assist her psychotherapeutically, if she decides to have an abortion, or financially if she decides to give birth. But walking naked among the frustrated men, like the limousine sly dogs, is not exactly a decent thing. The influence that the naked female body has on the disadvantaged backgrounds men is not related to any norm that could change their behavior.

The notion of "objectification" also takes some counter-reactive aspect in the radical feminism rhetoric . They complain about this "objectifying" dehumanization in the context in which the money proposed by a client is about an average wage. If the money turns into thousands and hundreds of thousands, then the same thing means "respect" for them. Although they speak of the “women objectification" in any possible (non-erotic) context, they themselves turn the ideal man into a no initiative object, so they can more easily choose from the mass of material and financial uninteresting men. They have the arrogant ambition to see the world at their feet, possibly to be turned into a religious worship object (out of the sexual "object"!), just because they are attractive.

I support a decent income for anyone who does a service to contemporary society. But when the greed is too big, things can go crazy. And if we evaluate the acting value of mimicking orgasm and "falling in love" with a libidinous grandpa, I think their income claim is a bit high. This greed of someone who earns more than returns to society, through its work, will be found somewhere, somehow in the other people misery of not receiving enough for what they offer. And, the paradox is that they can fall into such a trap themselves: although they think they fool the rich and perverted grandpa, at some point they can fall prey themselves to such a sadistic murderer, who make them disappear forever. And then did they get enough for their lives?

Mistakes in the life strategy of the interest married women

I have always shown in this text why the radical feminist slogan "all men are rapists" is in fact erroneous. But I've also shown here that it's much safer for women to behave accordingly. And for this reason many behave according to it, totally justified. But beyond that, the paradoxical, ambivalent success of radical feminism among heterosexual common women is also due to couple relationship issues. And these issues generally start from the lack of concordance between the male and female libido intensity that I mentioned in subsection 4.3.

The support for the sexual intercourse initiation exclusively by the woman in a marriage relationship is totally justified. There is a natural biological discrepancy and then a cultural one between the libidinal intensity related to the two sexes, so harmonizing to the woman's rhythm is a good solution. I think many marriages in the Western world would be saved that way, and most elderly couples have even gone through such an initiation revolution, which they have happily negotiated over time. Even if there is an official marital or couple relationship, the man commits an abuse if he initiates sexual intercourse without the woman's consent. The women in this situation feel trapped in those marriages as in prison. That is why they feel even more confused about meeting a street court initiator. Because, beyond the frustration made by the unknown man courtship initiating itself , these women experience also the inner conflict between accepting the initiator courtship, or remaining in the marriage. And these couple unresolved issues make the meeting a courtship initiator frustration even bigger, even if he is discreet.

The couple problems can be solved through open dialogue, but there are some that simply have no solution. This is when husbands have evolved differently in terms of increasing or decreasing sexual appetite. For the latter case, there are compromise solutions, but in the former case, there is little chance of saving the couple, in which both partners will be satisfied. A very active libido can be partially satisfied in the way the sadists satisfy their morbid tendencies with prostitutes. In the family and community they may seem like model husbands and citizens. But from time to time they go and disfigure prostitutes. Some kill them, as I have shown here . Most people, however, practice sexual behaviors with their partner that they do not consent to, as I have shown here and noticeable in the below video


Sexual appetite mismatch should be a failed marriage clue for all women from the beginning of the relationship. Many women believe that such a problem will be solved in time. But in fact it will even deepen. Others do not know about it because there was no probationary period between the future spouses. In the past, the sex life came after marriage. But such a period is still not safe for a long and healthy relationship, because the two partners can lie to each other. The man may not be honest enough with communicating his sexual needs. The woman can also make a first compromise with these eccentric predispositions from the beginning, believing that she will get used to them along the way. In both cases, the relationship continuation, be it marital, is quite close to disguised prostitution , with all the risks that such a thing involve, including low self-esteem.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few women who indulge in a kind of compromise in selling their bodies for material benefits. The overly pragmatic, non sentimental-minded mentality, which ends in marriage, is the one that accentuates this kind of frustration in the long run. A very active man on the labor market, who earns very well and brings certain prosperity in the family, usually comes with a bizarre reverse of the medal. He is very likely to have a dubious sex life. The undeclared polygamy , and the implicit suffering spread among the women in his life, is "the least evil." Others have an eccentric sexuality that makes sick their wives, that has chosen her husband more with the mind than with the heart.

I have also mentioned in previous articles that the shadow rulers of the society are the first to blame for first attracting young people to these repressive areas such as the army or the police. The society is the first that does not clearly communicate to a young person about the risks of psychopathological deformity that such institutions career brings. They develop over time at least a hyper-libidinal predisposition, in addition to the natural one, towards their partner. In the worst case, they will eventually develop such morbid predispositions to eccentric sexuality, to which the partner does not consent. The couple's relationship, already affected from the first place, ends up eroding in the long run. Our society sadistically practice - how else? - programming the long-term couples destruction by attracting the boys to these deadly areas. The humanity perverse social elite lure them with attractive wages with which they buy their wives. This is the second measure of sadists’ protection, in addition to the prostitution non-legalization, which I mentioned above. The much higher wages than the economy average, given to those who work in the repressive fields, is to convince their wives to stay with them, after they abuse them in every way. Their predisposition to contempt for all that femininity means is meant to later justify their crimes.

Unfortunately, the woman also contributes to such a situation through passivity and indecision. The society is also to blame for not telling her that she will never be able to reconcile with her partner's sexual quirks. But still, because she accepts them from the very beginning, and is willing to endure them, she also agrees to this situation. She cannot decide between the material comfort brought by such a man, and the suffering she endures in bed from him. She gets caught in this material goods trap. That is why many married women in this way came close to the border with disguised prostitution. After a while she finds out that is unhappy in that marriage. Some women inability to make a firm decision about their lives is then reflected in the couple's relationship. It takes a certain dose of stoicism, endurance in the face of this higher standard of living lure, but which also comes with such increasing over time frustrations.

Compromises that some women make in choosing husband and the radical feminism predisposition

When she then meets a peaceful conversation initiator on the street, such a woman sees in him exactly the abusive husband. She explodes to insult and humiliate him, after has inhibited her frustration with her husband for a shorter or longer period, as I have shown here . I do not necessarily consider here the reaction towards an initiator who violates the courtship preceding 4th rule , namely belonging to the same social class as the approached woman. Her reaction is disproportionate because the social rule he violated has been constantly ignored by the modern society. However, although this rule has lost its consistency in the modern era, still it has not completely disappeared. But its violation can no longer be blamed on anyone, as long as the society itself does not take it very seriously.

But this kind of reaction also occurs to the same social class courtship initiator as the woman approached, and the approach is discreet, such as greeting or daily gestures to attract attention. Of course, when the approach is too explicit, the initiator violates the traditional pre-courtship stages . In this case, he causes a certain frustration to the approached woman with his direct proposal to build a couple. But an ultra-aggressive response to this approach is disproportionate. The courtship stages, as I have described them in the above linked article, are particular rules of social caste, learned in the family, through education. They are not general rules of society like the ones I've wrote about here . Therefore, these stages violation cannot even be blamed on such a courtship initiator, as long as the society did not communicate them to him in school, through education.

Such an ultra-aggressive response may come from a radical feminist like the ones I described here . Being educated in an ambivalent regime of pampering and repression , this is how they understand to "educate" other members of society, which is, through aggression. Unfortunately, such an aggressive response can also come from a married woman to such an abusive husband in intimate relationships, to which she does not directly protest. Such a reaction shows the couple's personal problems rather than a normal reaction to that man slight violation of social norms committed. She doesn't want to face her husband because, if she did, then would risk divorce and the loss of the material comfort he brings. This type of women must show verticality in facing the issue of this compromise they make in their lives. They need to discuss this issue directly with their spouses and not with society. For now, there are no tools to solve this problem, except divorce. And the woman is the only one who has to make this decision.

The society must also react cleverly to these problems, kept away by the sadists who rule from the shadows. But we see how these hidden problems suddenly erupted. Beyond the exaggerations, there are serious emotional problems that the contemporary lifestyle brings. Maybe our whole concept of marriage needs to be overhauled. In addition to physical compatibility or ideas, the partners must pay attention to their sexual appetite compatibility, but also their sexual orientation. I repeat the argument mentioned above: it is not all right for women to be fooled by a superior lifestyle through a marriage that seems lucky at first, in exchange for accepting a sexual behavior to which they do not consent. Something like that threw the prostitutes image on them, with a decrease in self-esteem. And from here come, their sympathy, even if ambivalent, for the radical feminist ideas. But there is also a need for balance from the victims’ side. If you woman decide to marry a man who works in repressive institutions (army, police, justice, civil espionage) and has a higher wage than in other fields, then you take such risks. Women themselves must test their sex life before marriage, and decide what way of life they want in it in the future. They must also choose between the marital comforts offered by such a marital abuser with all the marriage’s abuses resulting from his libido disorder.

Given that neither the married women with inferior sexual appetite, nor the prostitutes, and nor the histrionic women have satisfaction in their sexual activities, and accept them out of interests of various material gains, it is even hypocritical to complain about the minor frustration produced by such of an unknown man greeting or complimenting you in the populated public space. Of course, if this experience repeats, as in the case of famous or very beautiful women, than it can bring bigger frustration. But these are exceptional cases. In the next article I will also describe the practical and ideological repositioning solutions of lesbian women regarding the radical feminist exaggerations militancy (not all lesbians are radical feminists)

** By the phrase "women objectification" the feminists complain about the men (or just some of them) lack of empathy in love affairs. The lament about the loss of the contemporary erotic spark is justified, but it is a relentless phenomenon. The capitalism reduces everything to money, including the women. But the term "objectification" is somehow used in a street, pejorative sense, inferior to the human being state. And this is not exactly fair, if we consider that the object is the second unit of the world, in philosophy, after the atom. In the idealistic philosophies, the objectification is the spirit transposition into the matter. For example, in Hegel’s, the state is the objectification of the common good. I believe that for higher precision, and in accordance with the much older than feminism theories, the term "objectification" should be replaced by "consumption". It is not the first time in history that a popular thinking has taken terms from specialized language, and given them different meanings, after misunderstood them. The street felt the need to reduce the unity of the world concept to the term "inanimate object" and "living being," although, ontologically, the "being" and the "object" are one and the same. Is not a good choice to give a different meaning to the term "object" than the one stated in the history of science and philosophy.

Then, it should be noted that such a deformation conflicts with the psychoanalytic terminology. The sexuality itself is naturally objectifying. The satisfaction with which nature has decorated it does not come from any special "subjective" quality of the person that has sexual activity with. The fact that it is rewarded by nature with orgasm shows the sexuality "objectifying" nature. Any pleasure, whether raw (instinctual) or evolved, develops in relation to a certain object of pleasure. The orgasm is not a culmination of the moral qualities that the partners plant in each other's bodies. The literature beautifully lie to us that this would happen, but the scientific reality shows that sexual mating takes place according to common mechanical rules. Choosing from a spectrum of suitors, femininity simply chooses the alpha male. Sometimes she can consciously, assumedly, sublimate this decision in favor of the male supposed moral qualities. But in reality it is an alpha male objectification.

31 august 2021

6.3. Practical solutions for preventing histrionic psychopathological conformation and the radical feminism ideology errors

6. Long-term solutions to stop sexual crimes and emotional abuses

6.3. Practical solutions for preventing histrionic psychopathological conformation and the radical feminism ideology errors

Early Education Spoiling: A Mistake That causes the Histrionic Psychopathological Structure

The modern society main educational problems are the reverse of the traditional one. As in the latter case the education was too rigid, on the contrary, the modern society has often fallen into the error of a far too permissive education for the middle social level mentality. The first style is traumatic and leads to paranoid disorders, like any moderate trauma. The other one is too free, and leads to histrionic-like disorders; the child raised in a too permissive environment for the one in which its family developed will constantly tend to regress to an infantile stage of evolution, when faced with real world problems. If among this natural psychic mechanism of regression is added an eccentric libidinal orientation psychopathological background, genetically inherited (from parents, grandparents, great-grandparents), then the result will be a histrionic psychopathological constitution. It might manifest either as a histrionic personality, or as hysterical neurosis, with specific somatic conversion disorders.

But even without this libidinal predisposition, a too permissive education leads to the development of certain ideas that are quite similar to histrionic ones. There are below the middle society level parents who overestimate their children, thus believing that they educate them in the spirit of social success. They are those "investors" in their own children, thus putting extra pressure on them to achieve what they could not achieve. These parents work harder or give up their own satisfactions, such as vacations or various necessary products, to buy their children the things they want. Such a model of education is like a lottery. Admittedly, if the child has enough intellectual capacity to overcome social barriers, and manages to reach a higher social level, such an education would be positive. Actually, the adult educated in this way would not change his childhood lifestyle. But, if it does not have these abilities and is not selected for a successful career, then the child educated in this way can no longer adapt to his social environment.

There is no fearless man in wars and psychotherapist at the same time

Such a high expectation from the social environment can also be reflected in the couple's relationship. Too much expectation from the love’s partner could ruin the couple. The natural need for attention from the partner can sometimes take the form of a need to be listened to and understood psychotherapeutically, under this too high expectation from the other. Many women adopt a feminist-radical mentality out of the psychotherapeutic need to express themselves. They blame masculinity for the simple need to complain about the social oppression. There is an obvious justification for such a thing. I have shown here how the authorities conceal and cover up crimes against women committed by the sexual perverts or those who are in certain relationships with them. Then the human being is generally justified in complaining about society or the entourage that reflects its shortcomings. And women are in the same situation.

A friend sent me an article with such a claim of women that men should be a kind of psychotherapists for them  . Some manage to be. But others do not have such talent. They cannot be asked to do so if we take into account the typical male technological specialization. It is not right for a certain man on the street to be held responsible for the crimes against women committed by the top psychopathocratic society. So, until society comes to meet these people with psychotherapists, they themselves should limit the audience of their therapeutic discourse to the entourage, and not make them public. This is a psychotherapy rule.

Somehow, the society itself should form a category of psychotherapists rather than invest in the military system that dehumanizes individuals. And here I invite the radical feminists to become militants for the psychotherapists training to take care of the marginalized souls, rather than the warriors training that eugenically eliminate them! Such psychotherapists are not trained overnight, but through thorough training. The rest of society, or even men in general, cannot bear such a psychotherapeutic burden. Not everybody can be psychotherapist. And, therefore these accusations are perceived ad litteram. The unfounded accusations are themselves an abuse, as I mentioned in the previous article and others in this series. And we are not all sex criminals or harassers, as radical feminism constantly tends to show. Here lies the great mistake that radical feminism tends to make, which the moderate feminists are sometimes seduced by.

The heroic-weeping ambivalence

I want to see involved in anti-war mobs those feminists who support a psychotherapeutic mentality! Some of them use to join these mass movements. But not all of them do. Moreover, some of them even adopts a warrior mentality, competing with the warriors "with their weapons" to demonstrate by all means the inverted sexism, namely that the woman would be better than the man on the grounds of sexual organ, in every aspect. We notice here that, in addition to the too high ideals to which they are ideologically trapped, another big error they commit is the world’s underestimation. So, right after entering this competitive area, on the other hand, they suddenly turn into very fragile to minimal frustration such as done by the courtship peaceful initiation. It's like going into a war with the winner's motivation, but screaming for mom at the first scratch.

Yes, the competitive world, that makes the economy go around, is a sadistic one. In the future it must be ameliorated, psychotherapeutic- like. But for the time being, such a therapy cannot be made at command and with immediate effects, just because the radical feminists want to be both masculine and non-abusive. It's like asking a predator not to eat you when it's hungry, just because you entered its space peacefully. It's best to stay away from its territory. I recommend for the radical feminists a less warrior attitude, even if their war is a toy-like one.

The militant feminists that criminalize the male courtship initiation are in exactly this position. They judge by double standard two similar realities. On the one hand, they are modern women, free of prejudices, ready to compete with men in any field. And, rightly, they demand egalitarianism in terms of responsibilities and rewards for access to decision-making positions. But, on one hand, when they meet a man who ignores their feminine-seductive qualities, they categorize him as misogynistic. And, on the other hand, when they meet another one who tends to appreciate these qualities, eventually initiating the courtship, they declare him as sexually harasser, and cause a scandal in the area. This is the case of a too aggressive response to the somewhat more explicit courtship initiation by a unknown man, as we saw in this case  , as in many others.

In this case I recommend even more politeness and less (warrior) aggressive attitude. Yes, anyone can have a bad day or go through a difficult time. But the community politeness rules apply to everyone. The greeting between known or unknown persons has a friendly function well embedded in the community mentality. It appeared to communicate the peaceful intentions and good mood for others, in the classical society relationships, when people could easier than today harm each other. Today, there is no need to communicate such peaceful intentions, because crime is repressed by the competent institutions. But the greeting remained as a form of incipient politeness among acquaintances. But if it occurs towards unknown persons, it does not mean that it becomes indecency. When a discreet courtship initiator greets a woman from the unknown to her position, he has not committed any crime. Eventually he can be ignored. But to shout out loud that he committed a crime, as that feminist in the link above did, is a dangerous degeneration of the feminist mentality.

Maybe you don't feel like saying "hi!" or "hello" when you have a bad day, but it's still nice to do so. In the same way, you can nicely refuse an unknown courtship street initiator. Only if he continues courting even after the refusal, then and only then he meet the harassment criteria and the police can be called for help. Every case of oversized perceptions of the initiating courtship frustration by unknown men can be countered by the preceding rules traditional institutions. If you are so highly sensitive as to react vehemently to a peaceful approach from a stranger, with no stalking or following after refusal, then you may not as "modern" as you think of you. You need to go back to traditional regulations like wedding rings, which are very protective, as I described here   .

There are many other solutions to prevent the courtship initiation. Displaying a clear message like "Don't stress me!" is one of them. The black ring, which has become a asexual movement symbol, might be a detail that keeps men away. Moreover, a badge with the message "radical feminist" is enough for a woman to be bypassed, both on the street and in institutions. In fact, this is currently happening. But, yes, the need for a sexual harassment scandal is sometimes bigger than communicating one's own radical ideas, pretending to be accepted by the majority. The wrong militancy that radical feminists advocate can deepen social marginalization through dubious development.

The minor frustrations of this kind cannot be completely eliminated from our lives. We cannot make rules for their total elimination. I wrote in the previous chapter about Kant's pigeon paradigm. Living in the community creates some frustration itself, among the numerous benefits. There are many things that bother us and maybe this is the meaning of history itself: to solve them in the future with better technological and mentality tools. The most beautiful and desired things come also with an unpleasant side. This dream of the total frustrations elimination is a sign of the childhood histrionic spoiling that is more or less active in each of us. The mother image, who solves all our problems when we were children at our simplest scream, bring us beautiful memories. And it would be ideal for society to do the same. But the society advantages means that another person who must serve us, which is not exactly fair, because that means slavery  . When we are helpless children, it is justifiable for parents to support us in the simplest things. But when we become adults, it is not natural to wait for someone's help for the slightest problem. Let us remember, however, that not even our mothers could resolve all our problems back then! So can not do the society.

The risks that the histrionics expose to

Both the Casanova man (the pick-up artist) and the histrionic or the disguised prostitute woman skip these rules and prior stages of courtship. They spread around them the emotional suffering that I described here   and here   . But, besides their regular victims, they can end up themselves screwed up out of this game of seduction and emotional confusion. The Casanova men may encounter a histrionic woman who out seduce them, as shown in this movie:

It's just a movie, but inspired from the reality. Every ying finds its yang one day and this is what happens to all abusers. Then, the Casanova men get into emotional troubles and moments of anguish. The histrionic women increasingly build themselves in narcissism. Although they are very careful about whom they expose themselves to, the seductive histrionic women can also become the target of the too radically refused man violence. In the next article I will also describe the risks that the women who practice disguised prostitution expose to.

29 iulie 2021

6.2. Individual and group ideological solutions to strengthen the normal heterosexual couple

6. Long-term solutions to stop sexual crimes and emotional abuses

6.2. Individual and group ideological solutions to strengthen the normal heterosexual couple

This article continues the previous one

In the previous article I described the general social solutions to stop or reduce crime in society. In the next articles I will propose the individual and group solutions for women to defend themselves against sexual crimes and emotional abuses as they exist in today's society. Those who put people in a position to compromise have a major responsibility because they force the free will and consent. They are practically violating people’s freedom, which contemporary democratic society advertises with. But it is also the duty of the blackmailed one to get out of the humiliation situation and organize his/her life in a healthy, ecological way. Giving up the "American Dream", maximum profit ideology, as very profitable for the rich and very harmful for the poor or the middle class, is the key to these solutions. In this first article I will describe the ideological errors that threaten the consolidation of the normal heterosexual couple, ie that couple who do not practice eccentric sexual behaviors at all, or rarely practice them. In the following articles I will also describe those sexual minorities’ members ideological problems who make them join the radical feminism (not all sexual minorities support radical feminism). I have a different view of what radical feminism is  than it is commonly accepted.

Too high ideals and the normal heterosexual love affairs erosion

There are psychopathological impulses for criminalizing the male initiation of courtship, as I have shown here  . I said in that article that some histrionic women, lesbians or hidden prostitutes, have an emotional, libidinal or financial interest (in the according order) towards it. But, I have shown here  why a peaceful street approach, compliment or greeting, which does not meet the legal sexual harassment criteria, cannot be criminalized as sexual harassment or rape. I have also shown earlier in this text that in this case there is a natural minor or moderate frustration if the discrete sign specific to the courtship 3rd stage is violated. But this frustration is oversized as the 4th rule violation  , which is much more serious. Hence there came up the aggressiveness from some women that subscribe to the radical feminism ideology, towards such even discreet signs courtship initiators made by unknown men.

Although are minority among the feminists, they represent the radical feminism core (not all women that fits in these categories support the radical feminism) and sometimes influence the moderate ones, without such a psychopathological conditioning towards it. At this point I will describe a different psychological pattern from those described above. It can occur in the normal heterosexual libido women, ie those who do not have a psychopathological predisposition like the one described there. But they too can be infested with the "American Dream" mentality, which takes a long daydreaming form for the ideal partner, as concerning the love relationships. For this reason, the vehement aggressive reactions toward an unknown courtship initiator, specific to radical feminism also appear in women without such a psychopathological constitution as the one described above. They may end up incriminating a man for initiating courtship as sexual harassment or rape. They might fall into the long dreaming trap to a knight on a white horse, who is both fearless and understanding, warrior in war but also gentle, beautiful but also wild, rich but also innocent, etc., etc. ...

When these “American Dream” propaganda indoctrinated women are approached either discreetly or more explicitly by an unknown man in public, they are offended in their marital ideal that they think they deserve, as a handcrafter is offended when its products are undervalued. It makes them think they are superior to the pretentious men with whom they will later negotiate a possible couple's partnership. Although they have no psychopathological predisposition to support the radical feminism, this ideology is still adopted by them. Their predisposition to seek a far above their social level partner makes them support the radical feminism. They adopt it precisely because, they believe, it sexistly fits them better in this higher social level partner ideal.

For the psychopathological predisposition radical feminists to histrionism, lesbianism or disguised prostitution, this comes natural. But for those who want a normal heterosexual love relationship, this is a handicap. They do not realize that this feminist-radical rhetoric is a too harsh negotiation, and men avoid them precisely for adhering to this radical idea. This overlaps the very masculine ideal also influenced by the "American Dream" mentality of having a higher than his social status partner. It’s not hard to deduce that the result is exactly the opposite of what was expected. Both the sex crimes and the Western loneliness problems lie in the too high expectations from the potential partner. They are a barrier for both sexes getting along. Karen Straughan has very well noticed these far too high expectations that the women have from their partner in the couple. That is a personal narcissism manifestation which exists in men as well.


A singer like Shania Twain can get some audience and popularity for the bellow song. But taken too seriously, it leads to big problems in strengthening the couple.


This arrogance can be healed with the joy of age-specific moments and family stages, through the biological and mental wisdom. Many feminist activists gradually give up militancy as their heterosexual couple relationship consolidates. From this we can deduce that in their militancy is sublimated the disappointment of not having a satisfying relationship with a man. Here is such a case of a former feminist who later criticized her former philosophy, as in many other cases:


Of course, the man is not immune to this ideological plague. Most men dream of the far beyond their potential women, and this makes them have temporary relationships, with no long-term perspective. And this explains the some of them predisposition to violate the courtship basic rules and commit sexual crimes, as I showed in the previous article. This mentality is profitable for the new masters, but it is disastrous for the common people, whether male or female. The couples stay together for a short time, not enough to strengthen a relationship. Hence comes up the single parent phenomenon. The birth rate is constantly decreasing in most western countries where this "freedom" of manipulation through diffuse threats and wars is practiced  . The deficit is covered by the behind the curtains organizing of conflicts and disasters in neighboring with higher birth rates states, so as to bring labor migration to them  .

The argument "Not all men are rapists and abusers" is valid

There are very spoiled little girls who then can no longer adapt as grown up women to the social level specific to the family they actually come from. They are dominated by this miracle that the society or the divinity should do for them like their mother did when they were children. So, after such an overly permissive or too spoiling early education, these grown up women with conservative lifestyles and normal heterosexual orientation might openly support the feminist-radical ideas.

I showed here  that it is safer for women to behave according to the feminist-radical ideology according to which “all men are abusers or criminals”. The argument for such a thing is the risk reducing of meeting such a man who can cause mental or physical suffering. Any woman risks falling prey to an emotional or sexual abuser in any social environment today. But I think such ideas should be smartly used so as not to offend the honest men. And yes, there is such a thing. I mentioned earlier in this text that there are men with very low libido  , such as the schizoids for example. In addition to them, there are others whose libido is less intense than their partner’s. Such a thing is an objective reality, not someone’s subjective perception. But when these ideas are directly addressed to a certain man, accusingly, without sufficient evidence, it risks to turn into a reverse abuse, from woman to man. It seems unbelievable to radical feminists, but I have described here  that they too can become abusive, and bear the patrilineal inherited "toxic masculinity"  , despite the very idealized self-perception that women are angels only and men are devils only.

We see in this bellow article a rhetoric supported by some comic books despre ironizarea acestui argument valabil cum ca nu toti barbatii sunt abuzatori sau criminali  . We see here that psychopathological foundation myopia in recognizing the force of the adverse argument, specific to radical feminism, that I wrote about in detail here . The refusal to accept the clearly visible reality is explainable in the one's own sadism manifestation and justification, as I showed in the article linked above.

We notice here a double standard in judging a situation: on the one hand, the radical feminists artificially amplify the frustration produced even by the most discreet courtship initiation sign  done by a man; but, on the other hand, they also tend not to admit any frustration at all done to the one who is unfoundedly accused of sexual abuse or murder, without any evidence, just on this feminist-radical prejudice basis that all men are rapists.

Let us reject together this perverse strategy of demonizing the victims who will later be abused / conquered, as it has been used by the history big empires! Well, how can you keep your credibility as a radical feminist for fighting against the abuses in general, as long as you come up with such an argument based on certain comics imagined by someone, and magically transformed into an objective situation?! I will come with more details about the ideological and practical solutions for tempering or counteracting the histrionic psychopathological conformation in the next article .

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