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22 decembrie 2019

4.2. The legal impossibility of equating a man's peaceful courtship initiative to a woman with rape or sexual harassment

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation

4.2. The legal impossibility of equating a man's peaceful courtship initiative to a woman with rape or sexual harassment

This article continues the previous one

1. The peaceful unknown woman approach in the public space for the purpose of courtship initiating is not rape, because the rape criteria are not met. This kind of approach of unknown women is inappropriate and frustrating for the woman, as I have described later here , But there is a distorted perception of the facts that this kind of peaceful approach could lead to rape. According to statistics, in the UK 90% of rapists are known to victims and only 10% are unknown. The common places for rapes are inside the buildings, especially at home or in a friend's house, at work, in public toilets or on the blocks stairs. The statistics are similar for the whole western society. The most rapists known by the victims initially start by proposing sexual adventures and get to rape after their offer is rejected. The 10% of unknown to victims’ rapists do not approach a woman in the populated public spaces to rape her. They know that cannot be done in public, on the street, in a populated urban space, for the simple reason that the others might announce the police. On the contrary, the unknown to victim rapists usually do it late at night and inside empty spaces, without previously proposing anything to the victims. They do not speak and try to hide their signals as much as possible in order not to be later recognized by the victim. Some of them rape because they are too low on the social scale and can not find a partner. Others rape because of a sadistic psychopathological conformation. In both cases the rapist does not ask for the victim's consent. In the first case, it is useless, because such a person is constantly treated with refusal and doesn’t bother to ask for it anymore. In the second case, the sadist does not need the victim's consent; on the contrary, he has greater satisfaction when the victim shows disagreement.

The second situation is an alarming social phenomenon in underdeveloped countries and consists in kidnapping women on the street for the purpose of trafficking as sex slaves. These kidnappers purpose of conversation initiating is not the initiation of a relationship, but their victims psychologically testing. These pimps want to find out from the conversation if the woman is willing to accept her status as a kidnapped prostitute or will eventually call the police and ask for help. The street conversation approach actually has the role of selection. If such a woman would ask the police for help, this could ruin their "career".

But the paradox is that in these underdeveloped countries, many women are willing to take this risk in exchange for some successful percentage in coupling an older man who could get them out of poverty. Others even prefer the sex slaves’ status. Unfortunately, this is the very purpose of keeping such countries in poverty. In these areas the feminist movement and the initiation courtship proposal revolution exist only in the restricted circles of educated women.

The second paradox of this proposal for the exclusively female courtship initiation is that it came from the developed western countries, especially the USA, where the women kidnapping and forcing into prostitution cases are much rarer. Indeed, in addition to violating the traditional rules of courtship, there is some risk that even in these countries such a "macho" will be a disguised rapist or a pimp. It is normal for the women not to be willing to risk the statistics, even if it is more favorable, and to prefer the negative response to such approaches. Also, pushing the intimacy opening by such an unknown conversation initiator causes frustration into the approached woman. But it is wrong to automatically equate it with kidnapping or rape initiation. Again, this applies only to the case of conversation with a woman initiated by an unknown man in a populated urban space. Such an error is made in the case of equating homosexuality and other libidinal disorders with pedophilia. Studying the statistics and these disorders leads to the correction of these prejudices. In the same way, the study of the sociology of rape convinces normal people that the street woman dating asker for the purpose of couple forming is not a kidnapper or rapist. Of course, this does not mean that she should invariably accept his advances.

2. Approaching a woman in the public space for the initiating courtship purpose can become street harassment in the legal sense of the term if the man continues after he has been refused. Chasing a woman in the public space in order to obtain her telephone number or other contact details is included in the legal criteria of the harassment. The feminist slogan "no = no" is perfectly justified. Also, the man who offends, or physically assaults the woman, after being rejected, is guilty according to the law. But the peaceful street courtship initiation of a woman without verbal or physical violence, and without chasing after she refused, is not sexual harassment. The international laws clearly defines "sexual harassment" by a series of actions such as honking, whistling, making obscene gestures, tracking, physical assault, as here , here , and here.

But, as I mentioned in the previous article, in this video, at minute 01. 45,

we notice that the "sexual harassment" notion is extended to verbal, complimentary or insistent comments, quoting and promoting the vision from the website. According to it, any man who would initiate an emotional approach to an unknown woman by insistent looking, greeting or complimenting could be criminalized as a harasser.

Indeed such a group approaching as happens in the second 34 is abusive. Regardless the preferences, we must admit that a community where the men wait at the street corners and propose loving relationships to passing women, such as the bears in rivers for salmon, is an embarrassing landscape. None of us would like this for the women in our lives, whom we love and respect. However, such a behavior cannot be legally incriminated because no offense has been committed. The argument that the woman feels offended has no legal base because the gesture of courtship initiation, as long as not repeated after the woman’s refusal, does not meet the offenses criteria as described in the law. As I will show in the subsequent articles, this mistake is done due to the female sexual appetite discordance with the partner or certain psychopathological symptoms that accentuate the misperception . Such behavior can only be classified as poor education and lack of elegant manners, but not punishable by law. However, this is ordinary in the metropolis suburbs, where the marginalized ones have settled since their beginnings. Blaming them for the lack of elegant manners is just as jejune as blaming women who agree to go out with a wealthy man and refuse the poor man.

We can agree that in certain conditions, periods and situations such approaches are inappropriate. For example, a man compliment or greeting towards an unknown a woman on an unpopulated, dark street and at a late hour is likely to be perceived as an aggression. Regardless of how well a man is positioned on the social scale, or how suitable he might be for her, such a friendship initiation should be avoided. In such places the rapes and murderous sadists kidnappings happen, as I showed in detail in this article . So the approached woman is blinded by such an experience trauma. Also, a compliment from a toxic boss, who presses down his subordinates, is not the most inspired method of getting close to them. The rapid oscillation between a diminution and raising status evaluation cannot expect that that person should do the same and respond politely to the compliment.

But a peaceful approach of an unknown woman and not following and pressing her in the case of refusal, cannot be criminalized as sexual harassment. In the same way, the "entertainers" or "dancers" jobs from some clubs or dubious spaces cannot be prohibited although are not profitable or not funded from other sources. One can foresee that behind these jobs there is actually the disguised prostitution practiced by some women. But it is almost impossible to distinguish between the abuse and normal behavior. Thus, the legislation will never be able to prohibit the compliment or greeting an unknown woman, without violating the principles of law in general and the human rights in particular. According to the principles of law, these people just cannot be punished for looking at a woman.

If the legislation will not make a clear differentiation between the two situations, then there is the risk of becoming a new Inquisition, punishing unconscious intentions or imagined guilds. Unfortunately, the legislation and the penitentiary system have much larger problems in order to make such a fine differentiation. These institutions do not have the tools of such a differentiation between the two intentions of abusive men and admirers. Putting into practice this extension of the "sexual harassment" notion in the field of legislation would create social tensions and abuses on the non-abusive admiring men.

If someone studies the rape statistics and the sexual harassment law then that person reviews its tendency to incriminate the courtship initiation towards an unknown woman. However, there are three categories of women who support this initiative even if they previously studied these. The first one is the normal, already married women, who want to apply it especially in their own marriage when it comes to initiating sex. Of course, in addition, they do not want to be disturbed in the public space by another man intention of courtship. The second category is that of women who have been emotionally or physically abused, left with the bad test out of these experiences, and that of neurotic-like psychopathological constitution women who suffer from androphobia without having undergone a traumatic experience with a man. Finally, the third one is that of sexual or moral eccentric behavior women, especially the histrionic like exhibitionists or disgused prostitutes that I have analyzed in detail this article and this one . They want to be protected in putting into act the specific abuses to their psychopathological conformity, or to be helped to find a partner who only practices a certain sexual behavior. In general, they are also the most vehement in incriminating the peaceful street courtship initiator as rapist or sexual harasser. Against this measure and for keeping the traditionalist rules, there are two categories of women: the first is the young women who are not part of a couple and ready to experiment until they meet the optimal partner; the other is that of conservative older women who do not accept the courtship initiation in the public space neither for men nor for women, but by no means they do not accept it exclusively by women. Next I will describe each one, starting with the cases of women who support the exclusively female initiative in courtship.

15 decembrie 2019

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation.

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation.

This article continues the previous one

In 2017, the social media networks were shocked by the stories regarding the sexual harassment. It all started from some important Hollywood actresses’ complaints about the film producer Harvey Weinstein behavior towards them. This snowball later turned into an avalanche, revealing a lot of allegations from other sexually harassed women, under the well-known #MeeToo. Some of these allegations are exaggerations. But there were others that proved to be true, as revealed the current social system inability to protect women from the artificial pressures of obtaining consent for intimate relationships. This lack of prevention raised the ball for the 1990s feminism, also called third wave feminism. It argues that the rules of gender relations need to be changed in order to stop the courting messages communication coming from men. More specifically, it argues that an unknown man must obtain consent from a woman for greeting and complimenting her. By extension, it sustain further on the exclusively female initiation of courtship.

In continuation of those published so far , I will publish further on new materials regarding this proposal analysis from the biological, legal, sociological and political point of view. Throughout it I will describe the diverse spectrum of the categories of people who support this revolution of the courtship initiation, the honest or perfidious interests from the people involved in this matter, the conflicts with the legislation and with other social categories, but also the solution that I see in stopping abuses that are often associated with the male initiation of street conversation for courtship. To begin with, I will describe the rules used by the traditional society to avoid such abuses as above, and how they have become obsolete in the contemporary world.

4.1. The traditional rules of courting women and their obsolescence after the contemporary lifestyle.

The human civilization was built by conquering armies that robbed fortresses and raped the women inside. The armed robbery and piracy were considered by Aristotle to be far more respectable than agriculture or trading. But eventually, the robberies and rapes practiced by the conquerors are perceived today as a dark side on the humanity. The male animals sometimes kill babies which are not their own in order to make the females enter the heat again. In people, such loss of children, friends or husband after a siege has led to post-traumatic stress behaviors. The pain produced among the losers led to the defense techniques evolution against such military attacks. They functioned as a result of the military techniques innovations, so that the siege success was guaranteed. After a while the victims were able to find remedies and the military siege worked neither practical nor, especially, emotionally. So progressively the armed robbery itself was seen as a reprehensible act.

But the mass rapes practiced after the cities siege and conquest paradoxically had a positive part at the species level, in the sense that they avoided the marriage between relatives. The more hermetic a community was, the greater the risk of mating between its members, followed by consanguinity problems. The primitive societies could not avoid this problem even with their complicated rules of totemic marriage. In the ancient and medieval times, the risks were even bigger, as a result of the communities’ isolation within the cities defense walls. The result of this hermeticism was that the communities became were populated by with strong blood relatives members. Even if they became distant relative and could marry according to social rules, they carried a great risk of consanguinity. If foreigners were not brought to genetically refresh those communities then they would have stagnated or risked malformations children, a phenomenon specific to repeated crossovers. The aristocracy was especially threatened by such a thing, being an even more hermetic minority to the community in which it developed. Instead of marrying lower members of the community and spread the wealth, the high-ranking families made marriages between cousins of rank 1 or even brother and sister. Because of this, the genetic malformations were more common among aristocrats.

The community's genetic refreshment has become very important, and the Western society has adopted and mitigated it, so not longer produce those emotional disorders specific to the armed conquest. So, the humanity has learned to (re)bring inside the community for mating certain individuals with different social or geographical experience, originating in the robbery culture. There military force policy was abandoned and there were instituted four courtship rules so that the women consent for love should be naturally given, without abuse.

The first of these rules is the man physical, mental and moral compatibility like his attractive qualities such as health, bodily integrity, lack of mental disabilities, generosity, humanism, etc. Initially, the marriages were arranged by the parents. Then the role of parents in arranging marriages diminished, and the choice was made by future spouses between people in the community and professional proximity. At the base of the social pyramid community the two future spouses or lovers first knew each other as citizens and only then as intimate. The second rule is the elegant manner of introducing or the letter of recommendation. It directly derives from the aforementioned flaming need for diversification of the community genetic background consolidated for several centuries. After several such relatives’ crossings between the members of the community and the emergence of the risk of consanguinity, there encouraged this outsider through the introducing policy or the letter of recommendation. That person was simply introduced into a restricted circle of acquaintances or into a small community by another person who guarantees for his moral qualities. Without presentation, the courtship of such a man was risky for a woman. Once introduced, such a person can flirt with an opposite sex person within the group for the purpose of initiating the courtship and creating a couple.

So the need for an outsider "fresh blood" was facilitated by this practice of introducing or the letter of recommendation. Then, the aristocrats became very mobile, paying visits or organizing numerous parties so that the most diverse and geographically distant individuals to know each other. The protocol of presentation to the aristocrats' residences has become very diverse. The marriages between the royal families’ members from the different countries have also reached reasons for alliance. Even in the rudimentary communities a certain outsider appearance arouses curiosity which implies by itself a more rudimentary protocol for introducing from those who know her/him. This rule has remained standing until today.

The third rule is the woman age. A woman could be courted in the past (and so is much of today) only in a certain age segment, namely the premarital one. The traditional societies have put pressure on women to get married, and the generally optimal age for marriage was 17-26 years. In the classical Western culture, those who resisted these pressures risked ending up on the map as witches. After this age and life experience, most women are already in stable relationships and no longer want to be approached by men, or do not want to risk their relationship security. At that time, the courtship was useless and annoying even in the traditional societies, although some women accepted it if were not already in a relationship.

Finally, the fourth rule is the restriction to approach higher social class women. A man can only court a woman if she belongs to the same or a lower social class as his. The exceptions happened in special situations. The marriages or stable relationships between a woman and a lower social status man were possible especially after wars, as the men number of decreased. But in these cases it was no longer a question of courting in the true sense of the word.

These are "pre-courtship" rules but not sure success steps for achieving it. They are just conditions of the courtship starting, and not predetermined behaviors of the couple members within it. The fact that one or several or all of these conditions are met by a man does not mean that he is already courting a woman. These rules make him a potential partner for that woman. These conditions meeting are an eliminatory test for a possible courtship start. If the woman refuses to marry, then these criteria do nothing to help building a couple. Therefore, these rules are only conditions of courtship, meaning that they are necessary but not sufficient for the man to begin courting a woman. In a later article I will show that, in addition to them, there is another set of eliminatory rules that refer to the pre-courting stages , and that only after they are accomplished can the courting can properly begin. The good manners book somehow offers clearer rules within the court, as can be seen on pages 8-9 of this one bellow:

The above last two rules were more clearly stated in the traditional culture. The civilization came to consolidate them with two related institutions. For the third rule, the institution of marriage and of the ring / wedding was created, as a distinguishing sign of the person who is already in a stable relationship. This distinctive sign was intended to avoid such unpleasant situations. For the fourth rule there was created the differentiated clothes. In the past centuries, belonging to such a social class was clearly marked by the clothes worn in everyday life. Coupling members of different classes was practically impossible because the courtship itself was avoided from the start as a result of these signs. In some western countries the purple color was used for exclusively royalty clothing. If a lower class person wore purple clothing, then he or she would be punished by imprisonment. For the fourth rule, the culture itself was consolidated, which focused on dance and music, which facilitated the rapprochement between strangers in peasant parties, banquets or proms for courtship encouragement and the marriage purpose.

The other two were more elusive, but very important. The fact that they were not stated clearly does not mean that they did not exist by default. The third rule facilitates bigger chances of success in courting. An unknown man has been and still is viewed with suspicion by a possible partner, precisely because these plundering societies habits I have mentioned above. An outsider recommended by a basic member of the community is more familiarly treated. The third rule is intended to maintain or lift up the woman social status and reflects the selection standards specific to her female sexuality. The poets or other lovers have been constantly rejected by higher social classes women, even if their feelings have been recorded in history.

Others surprisingly find the fourth rule and look as they have not understood much of human nature or society. There are a lot of videos on the internet that pretend to unveil a supposedly immoral female behavior of different response to the one and the same man courting initiative that first play the base and then the top of the social pyramid. These videos authors want us to believe that they reveal the certain women falsity by falling in love with the material situation. Indeed, when a woman abandons a stable relationship of engagement or marriage (certified by distinctive signs such as the ring) following such a courtship street initiator, she is close to the disguised prostitution I discussed here   . But there is nothing abnormal in these examples given when the woman is not in such a relationship. The refusal of the courtship initiated by the social system base worker and the accepting that initiated by a social system top man, follow these strongly rooted rules in the traditional culture. The problem lies with those who only now discover these rules from the position of inexperienced sociologists.

As we can see, the street courtship initiation is excluded by these traditional pre-courtship rules. But from some time these traditional institutions began to be no longer clear. The contemporary lifestyle brought unexpected changes since the society created them. The social classes are no longer as hermetic as in the past. The cycles of personal motivation can lead to ups and downs on the social ladder within a short period. Belonging to a higher social class does not need to be so clearly advertised, because the social classes are no longer so hermetic. Someone's social status may collapse or increase in short period of time. Under these nowadays conditions, the clothing is no longer a clear indication of belonging to a certain social class. An upper-class man can dress up in grey colors in order not to attract attention and enjoy community living. On the contrary, another one from a lower class can afford to buy a very expensive suit, even if it might be the only shopping for a long time because of the price. So, the clothing is no longer a sure criterion that a potential partner is part of a particular class.

Then, the freedom of movement allowed relocations of people to another places. The result was a huge influx of outsiders for whom no one can guarantee, as unknown. The social media allowed such virtual trips on the internet where the traditional introducing rules were broken under the curiosity of the novelty and the outlandish. The frequent relocations and lack of time specific to the contemporary lifestyle have made the introducing rule generally forgotten. Moreover, even in the case of belonging to a traditional community, this rule is sometimes skipped by unattractive women who are willing for a loving relationship. Under the desire to form a couple, they are willing to take the risk of being approached by a criminal.

Thirdly, the institution of marriage has vanished. The mistrust towards the state institutions causes many to not formalize their relationship, although their lifestyle is identical to that of married people. Moreover, the modern woman marries later, after consolidating her career. The lack of the ring on her fingers can communicate wrong information to the potential emotional closeness initiator, according to this standard. Then, the cosmetic industry and plastic surgery brought even more confusion to this rule. They made the woman age very difficult to determine by the way she looks, as she might look much younger, when this kind of approach is appropriate.

Finally, the very capitalist social system that praises itself for the granted freedom to citizens is a big hoax . In the past, the limits of citizens' liberties were very strict and those who violate them risked certain penalties. Today it is said on paper that the citizen is free to choose, but its choice is influenced by a huge and ruthless propaganda manipulation device. The promised freedom in capitalist societies does not differ much from the force policy of the dictatorial or authoritarian ones of the past. The main difference relies in the consent engineering techniques interposition between the force policy and the refusal, which was later called Public Relations (PR). Where the PR fails, the so-called free countries cheerfully get back to the force politics, using somewhat more sophisticated weapons. These usually do not kill, but cause just enough physical or mental damage, so that the liberties guaranteed by the constitutions of the states seem rather empty words than actual fact.

The application of the various manipulation techniques and consent forcing in the contemporary society is an authority typical abuse that has been applied in the same way regarding the women courtship consent. In the western countries were published many books with different hanging techniques (pick up art), which effectively trample the woman initial refusal to be approached to accept the courtship. Although there are also legal restrictions regarding the street harassment, according to these criminal practices of artificially obtaining consent at the high level of society, some practice them constantly, which has led to the emergence of the feminist slogan #nomeansno.

So these rules can be easily ignored. The traditional restrictions on initiating love relationships are kind of obsolete these days. The direct courting initiation in the public space, especially on the street, without the traditional psycho-moral testing and familiarization, saved time for the building loving relationships. But it also brought many other emotional problems that recently were spoken out. The weakening these rules became the more Casanova type abusers and disguised prostitutes appeared which I described in this article . I showed there that not only men abuse these pre-courting traditional rules. Women also abuse them. In the urban areas there are a lot of parties where the people go daily to spend the free time after the working hours. Some of these parties simulate the party traditional institution, especially for men. In these places are working certain women who intentionally give men the wrong impression that there would be a place for acquaintance of partners in order to create a couple. Their main role is to smile and artificially flirt with men looking for a relationship. Having a huge consumption mechanism behind it, such a woman receives bonuses if convinces such a naive suitor to be as generous and to consume as much as possible. Usually such clubs have high prices on entry or to their products, so we there is a genuine seduction profit gear. In this case, we are talking about a misleading sale of the starting a relationship hope, as the woman that attracts clients is not interested in love relationship with such men, and basically would reject them outside the club.

So the speeding up the time for couple consolidation and breaking the traditional courtship pre-rules has a dangerous side. Whether they come from women, or men, these abusive social phenomena are difficult to counter. There are no specialized institutions for this. It is impossible to distinguish between such a disguised entertainer and a normal client. In countries that do not violate human rights, the authorities partially counteract the Casanova type abusive men in order to prevent them from committing emotional abuse on women. For example, in the Netherlands, an expensive car macho is stopped by cops and asked about his income. But in this way can be identified and identified only those who are not rich and cannot prove where they have the money to purchase these cars. Besides them there are Casanova abusers that can justify their properties very well. They belong to a wealthy family or went through an accelerated social ascension after being very active in the well paid jobs and have earned very well for a certain period. And this type of "vulgar rich" man is exactly the profile of the Casanova abuser. That’s why this measure efficiency only partially works. Moreover, these small obstacles are efficient in countries where abuses of women are rare. But in those countries with frequent abuses like these such measures are not taken at all. This is because the authorities themselves, from the policeman at the base of the system to the politicians and the big social engineers, fully use these behaviors to increase their wealth and liberties.

The feminist movement has taken a stand against these abuses, describing them more or less realistic, and publicly condemning them. The problem has become really alarming and there is a real increasing need for a public debate on this subject. Many women have become emotionally frozen and radicalized after experiencing negative experiences in their past love relationships. They do not want to live such an experience and have come to hate the macho men. Some of them adopt radical positions such as extending the notion of "sexual harassment" or even "rape" to these Casanova-like behaviors, as I mentioned in the previous article , regarding this video, at minute 01.45,

Other feminists do not support the legislative incrimination of the man approaching an unknown in the public space for courtship initiation. They only want the manipulation of the traditional rules regarding the courtship by some additional granted to women liberties, as I have already mentioned in the series of articles started here   . Such a vision promotes the mentality of initiating the first step in loving relationships exclusively by women in all contexts and at any age.

The main problem of this revolution is that the traditional rules are already well consolidated in the collective mind. There cannot be made exceptions only for women regarding the courtship initiation. Anyone who has a traditional mindset will reject the idea of starting the courtship from the position of unknown person for both men and women. Then, there are no legal arguments for incrimination, as I will detail in the next article.

3 decembrie 2019

3.3. The abuses of histrionic-like seductive behavior

3. The natural consent abuses within the intimate relationships 

3.3. The abuses of histrionic-like seductive behavior  

The seductive behavior of the histrionic-like type is the next step of the abuses of the natural consent in the couple, downwards on the social scale. They were launched from the beginning of the classical society (based on the conquest war) by the top of the social pyramid on the sexual targets in the lower social layers. The difference between these abuses reflects the difference between the social classes to which they are connected to. As we saw in the previous article , the forced polygamy and disguised prostitution bring significant material gains. The person who practices disguised prostitution ceases the act of seduction and stays in the relationship until a greater opportunity arises. It becomes a decent monogamous person after she gets married, according to its social ascension desire. Only when the opportunity for bigger material benefit in another relationship arises does, then it responds to the wealthier partner sexual advances.

On the contrary, the seductive behavior of the steroid type is rather a self-suggestive-psychopathological play. Among the criteria presented by DSM V for the "Histrionic personality disorder" 301.50 (F60.4) the numbers 2, 5 and 8 are relevant, namely:

“(2) Seductive or provocative behavior
(4) Uses appearance to draw attention
(8) Considers relationships more intimate than they are”

DSM IV TR had more explicit criteria from the same numbers 2, 4 and 8, so I quote them too so people that are not used to histrionic simptomatology will understand it better

" (2) interaction with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior
(4) consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self
(8) considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are

The histrionic person is generally a seducer. Whether male or female, the histrionics seduce around and wait for the love flow to come from the "source", without engaging in building couple relationship with the "victim". Very important in the case law are some defining characteristics of hysteria, namely the theatrical behavior, the simulation or the bovarism, as can be seen starting from the page 292 of this book. 

People in this category are not primarily interested in material gains, though they would not refuse it. For this reason, if the histrionic like persons enter into a couple relationship, its partner is necessarily a member of a higher class. If the histrionic is also a physically attractive person, then it could temporary practice the disguised prostitution. But the difference with the disguised prostitute relies on the fact that it does not put the material gain on the foreground, but the very act of seduction, which manifests almost instinctively, unconsciously. These people constantly continue their seductive behavior towards entourage even after marriage and even if they do not have the prospect of entering into a more materially beneficial relationship. Unlike the disguised prostitute, the seductive histrionic does not have the intelligence or emotional readiness to stop seducing other members of the entourage, which eventually may affect their marriage.

Through the seduction behavior, the histrionic becomes drunk with the illusion of belonging to higher elite, which he understands as emotionally abusive towards others. It does not practice the above abuses because of lacking the experience of social life itself, and does not possess the specific tools to practice it. Its social origin relies on the medium or modest layer of the social pyramid scale. Its dominance over others is lived by on the symbolic, illusory level. This illusion is far more important to her/him than putting into practice these interests, on the opposite to the forced polygamous person from the top of the social pyramid or those who practice disguised prostitution. The histrionic sees the seduction as an act of power over the seduced one. The availability of satisfying the desires of the love partner is perceived as a specific weakness at a lower level of the social pyramid scale.

Although they theatrically mimic the affection for the own entourage or the "high circles" members, the histrionics do not fall in love precisely out of this visceral fear of social inferiority, by which the affection is equivalent to the weakness. If a member of the entourage is indifferent to its "charms," then the histrionic, whether male or female, might develop anger or hostility toward that person. (This is why the histrionic is often mistaken by common people with the explosive personality disorder.) The explanation of such behavior lies exactly in the refusal to accept the seductive submission from the indifferent person. The histrionic person seductive power confirms at the symbolic level the Bovarist belonging to a higher social class. It perceives the entourage refusal of seduction as the refusal to accept its high class status.

When any member of the entourage is caught in its charms nets, the histrionic person responds with superior, arrogant and contemptuous attitude. Its rejection is not indifference, but domination, according to its mentality of equating the seduction with the power. As I mentioned above, this behavior is meant to confer on the self-delusional level the social superiority status. These persons actually pursue a certain autoerotic social position reflected in the potential partner. If the "victim" enters into another relationship, after a certain period, then it is perceived by the histrionic person as a traitor and detractor, worthy of being severely punished. As in the case of the seduction immunity, the one who points to another partner after being rejected is treated with hostility after its interest has ceased. These people are perceived by histrionic as contestants of the illusory social status that nourishes their Bovarism.

Whether woman or man, the histrionic likes negativism. Both strangely live the satisfaction of "yes" through "no", and of "no" through "yes". The histrionic men leave the woman they simulate a love relationship with precisely because they have this bizarre satisfaction with the feeling of staying together through a new conquest. They are Casanova. The histrionic women have this satisfaction before they reach a couple relationships. Both the histrionic woman and man paradoxically suck up the satisfaction from the suffering of the departed or rejected partner.

Further on I will detail these general characteristics applied to the particularities of each genre.

The Casanova men (pick up artists) are those histrionics who are physically attractive, machos. Almost all of them practice body-building exercises, not so much for health as for keeping themselves "fit" for seduction. Like the histrionic woman, the Casanova man is also not interested in building a stable long-term couple relationship, but in seduction and subsequent abandonment. The sexual engagement with as many women as possible is a major goal of his life. The Casanova man sees the woman only as a trophy, and eventually will leave her for another woman just because this is another, after a period of simulated couple relationship. He just wants to have fun and change women like clothes. By such behavior, these men illusively reinforce their self-esteem, experiencing the feeling of being an alpha male with access to the related female group, as is the case with certain animals. Such behavior corrupts the idea of intimacy in favor of the illusion of a consumerist pop star or VIP, that can have every partner may wish, as I have shown in the previous article about the forced polygamy .

These two types of abuse psychic mechanisms are almost identical. The difference relies in the better socially position for the forced polygamy abuser who can afford gifts to obtain the victim's natural consent, while the Casanova one rarely makes gifts due to his inferior social position. The undeclared polygamous man wants to simulate a temporary family without an official one, and the Casanova man wants to seduce as much women as possible and have sex with them. The polygamous man does not want quantity, like Casanova, but quality. He only chooses a woman because she seems very special to him, and then he begins to draw her into a relationship.

Through his continued conquests, the Casanova man maintains the illusion of belonging to social elite, such as the rich polygamous man or the world’s richest men that can have any woman they wish. The more the conquered woman is more beautiful and better socially positioned, the more credible is the self-delusion that he would be a god on earth. Of course, this has a very negative emotional impact on the woman cheated or abandoned for a new catch.

If he is smart also and knows how to temper himself with seductive poses, the Casanova man can become an affective shark who practices disguised prostitution, a manager or a politician. If he is not smart, then he can become an artist with greater or lesser success in the public; the seductive behavior comes as a glove over this profession.

The histrionic women consume their eroticism in the flirtation area, without advancing to sexual relationship, as opposed to the erotic histrionic man (Casanova). They just want to seduce only and not reach the couple status or physical contact. They do not like to move forward in a relationship, and when they do, they are not happy in it. These women accept to become spouses especially for the high social status husband. Like the Casanova man, they can even get from time to time into disguised prostitution, when the material gains are very consistent. They don't like normal sex life but can accept it as a compromise in marriage or in temporary relationships. The seductive histrionic woman is an anti-Casnova probably because of the feminine resistance to male advances traditional culture. If educated, the histrionic women may adopt a feminist mentality, sometimes with extremist excesses. (The opposite is not valid - not every feminist is also a histrionic person) But, just like the Casanova man, who has the paradoxical satisfaction of remaining in a relationship after leaving, the histrionic woman paradoxically experiences the feeling of advancement in a couple's relationship by rejecting anyone’s advances. Due to the fact that they look like saints, sometimes many men fall in love with them and waste their wealth trying to get their attention. Their refusal is paradoxical and constantly doubled by their concern for showing the best and provoking the most intense passions and sufferings.

The histrionic exhibitionist abuses

A very special case of histrionic-like behavior is made by the exhibitionist libidinal conformation persons. It consists in the libidinal satisfaction of publicly exposing the primary or secondary sexual anatomical parts in front of unknown persons. Both men and women with such behavior have the bizarre libidinal satisfaction of the victim's shock. Neither men nor women exhibitionists are interested in sexual relations with their victims. If such an exhibitionistic behavior man attracts a woman, and she show signs of interest, then he simply gets away, avoiding the relationship *.

In the same way, the exhibitionist women will not have sex with the men they want to shock. They are provocative by definition. They do not want to enter into a relationship, but only to provocatively remain at this stage of seduction before the physical contact. Basically their "sexual" life is based on the psychic abuse. They are addicted to it like a drug addict person. The man who does not respond to the histrionic woman charms is the biggest enemy of her "sex life" lived purely on flirtation. From this feature her explosive reactions of anger were equated with common language with hysteria. The exhibitionist women do not behave like exhibitionist men especially because of the risk of being raped. Because of this, most of them are focused supporters of exclusively female initiation of intimate relationships, and even advocate for incriminating as sexual harassers the men who initiate first contact with an unknown woman by compliment or greet. In order to manifest themselves freely, they need a protective framework such as sexy clubs, theaters or other institutions. Sometimes they work in the adult film industry, but they have more erotic satisfaction from the film crew that look from outside than from what their partner does with them in the scene.

In civilized countries, the female exhibitionism has been paradoxically used to reinvigorate the worn out couple relationships for the upper classes members but also to provoke an emotional imbalance to those in the lower classes, according to the interest I have detailed here. The marriage is a specific compromise to the traditional society between the sexes social development tendencies. No matter how successful and how welded a couple might be, it will invariably go through certain worn out crises. They particularly come after the female libido turns in motherhood. Then, they also appear due to the instinctual-ancestral male sexuality intention to experience sexual relations with other partners, which creates insecurity for the wife. Some men do not feel well in the couple and get divorced in order to get involved in another relationship. Others practice disguised polygamy. But most of them use the flirtation as a symbolic, illusory marital escape, not actually putting it into practice, with the maintenance of official marriage.

That is why the flirtation and/or even the exhibitionist behavior were encouraged by the Western culture. The women felt so free to dress as provocatively and attractively, to the delight of the audience. Thus it was created, at the symbolic level, the satisfaction of a reunion, without the couple official relationship to be affected. The sight of a dressed up briefly woman or the flirtation with an officially married person had psycho-aphrodisiac role for these worn down couple, thus avoiding the problems of real divorce and remarriage. Such behavior of showing the female intimate body parts thus strengthens traditional monogamous couples in the modern Western culture through the illusory polygamous satisfaction. Thus the official couple members lived the satisfaction of reinventing themselves. So this behavior has a welding role for worn down marriages.

The legislation has become more and more permissive in meeting these couples need to refresh, after decreasing the members appetite for each other. After all, it was previously created and still is used and controlled by those who have gone through these couple experiences. It as meant to protect the exhibitionist woman as much as possible from the possible abuses, such as sexual harassment or rape, although at this point got things out of control, as I showed in the previous article .

Starting from this mentality, the feminine hysteria has also passed to another level, getting close to the nowadays sexual exhibitionism. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century the hysteria had a Victorian allure, "spiritually" seducing. On the contrary, with the legal protection of the late twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century, it became very physically seductive. For this reason, in the criteria of histrionic behavior, the sexual seduction has become increasingly visible in successive editions of the DSM. However, the hysterical behavior remained the same in some respects: for example the nowadays histrionic woman will also reject a man for building a couple, if he has the same social stage. And if the histrionic woman adheres to feminism, then she can also provoke scandal, accusing the man of sexual harassment, although he approached her peacefully. (Although approaching women through vulgar attitude or verbal and physical violence is a normal excuse for responding aggressive). As in the past, if the social status of the approaching man is not high enough, or if he does not come with a much more refined behavioral "label" than that of the class she belongs to, the histrionic woman does not consent to these insistences, but still behaves sexually and emotionally provocatively.

This exhibitionist mentality has been loudly asserted by the 1990s feminism. Basically, the feminism’s relation evolution with the sexuality repeats the evolution of hysteria itself. If the 1960s feminism was a neo-puritanism, as was the post-Victorian hysteria, on the contrary, in the 1990s there were voices within feminism that assumed very vocal and sometimes vulgar sexuality.

Such an attitude is called „“The Bitch Philosophy...”” manifested by Elizabeth Wurtzel:

“I intend to scream, shout, race the engine, call when I feel like it, throw tantrums in Bloomingdale's if I feel like it and confess intimate details about my life to complete strangers. I intend to do what I want to do and be whom I want to be and answer only to myself: that is, quite simply, the bitch philosophy...”

Although they assume their "whoredom" with nonchalance and their availability for paid sexual services, yet these women rarely practice prostitution. As I have shown above, a substantial offer is required from a claimant to accept selling their emotions and body. But they are not at all street prostitutes like those known. These women have higher education, graduated at prestigious universities. They can easily get decent jobs in society, and that is why they do not need to practice prostitution to survive. Sometimes they use these attitudes to defend the rights of prostitutes and are even militant for human rights and sexual minorities. However, many times this behavior is driven by the need for this protected by legislation exhibitionism under the reasons stated above. If the male exhibitionist gets away when a woman accepts his "advances", on the contrary, the female exhibitionist calls for legislation if any suitor tries to approach her. Hence their vehement activism to prosecute the man greeting and complimenting to an unknown woman as sexual harassment, which I will describe in details on in the next article in this series.

Of course, the legislation does not actually work in all social groups. Thus, the hysterical exhibitionism manifests only in the high layers of society, as in art. Artists such as Judy Chicago in the 1970s exhibited their bodies in enclosed, protected spaces performances. The photographs and filmed footages were lately exposed in public spaces. Sometimes a small audience was invited to the artistic action. In 2010 the exhibitionism went further, practiced in front of a wider but still highly educated audience. Artists like Ruth Vigueras Bravo, Deborah de Robertis, Milo Moiré and others after them, exhibited their genital organs and masturbated in public spaces performances.

Although an educated audience was passing through, belonging to a social level that usually does not practice rape, yet anyone could have access to such spaces. Fortunately, these events were attended by an educated audience only, so the abuse was eclipsed by the unprecedented situation. In the art world, the naked body, whether male or female, is not a scandal. The artists have worked with the nude since the ancient times. Most contemporary artists have classical studies, which made them very early acquainted with the naked human body. But if these artistic actions were implemented in a non-artistic, street environment, they would become abuses against the common man. For the average man, raised in a socially disadvantaged environment, with family communication problems, such erotic seduction followed by the categorical refusal to his approaching attempt is an abuse made by woman too. We will see later in this text that too explicit an approach of the man in the public space for a woman is an abuse , as the general feminism argues. But the too-explicit bodily exposure for uneducated men is also an abuse. The naked exposure of the female body has experimentally certified consequences in human male sexuality, as the specific olfactory signals of females have in animal male sexuality. Such exhibitionist behavior done by the above mentioned "philosophy" followers causes sexual arousal to men and subsequent frustration if it does not naturally discharge into specific sexual behavior. I have shown above that such over-excitement tides up the worn down couples. Those who belong in a couple relationship with another woman can positively neutralize this drive revival with her. But those who do not have such a relationship get frustrated.

The general sexual and emotional life of the social base members is very disturbed. These people are victims of society. Paradoxically, they have the strongest libido, as I described here. There is causal conditioning between the trauma and the libido intensity. In these articles I have referred several times to the experiments of the painful shocks applied to rats (Miller, Neal E.), and monkeys (Robert A. Hinde). After these shocks the subjects developed the consumption needs increasing, such as the food or the sexual needs. As a result of specific bigger or smaller pressures , at the base of the population at the base of the social pyramid, many men go through the same trauma as the animal subjects in the above experiments. The result is a directly proportional libido intensity increasing for men. On the contrary, this most often lead to libidinal flattening for women. Thus we have the anachronistic situations in couples, with the hypersexual man in relation to the partner. For this reason, at the social pyramid base, the big couple problems cases abound much more than the worn down ones from the middle or even its top. Many lower parts of society married couples live in glacial or even constant hostility atmosphere, with domestic violence and other horrors. So many women at the social pyramid bottom decide to live alone, without a partner.

Here, exhibiting the female shapes in front of these people is a challenge. For both the couple incompatibilities man but also for the one that lacks a partner, such female forms exposure causes frustration. The “My Body is Mine” ideology which can be the same with "is my body and I do what I want with it" has a perfect justification in the debate on abortion and the contraception use **.

In some countries such as Romania in the dictatorial period, this personal decision was abused by prohibiting the women access to medical services for pregnancy interruption or contraceptive means.

But they come with a potential abuse that, as we see, women can also do to men. The exclusively female initiation of the intimate relationship supported by the feminism could end the discomfort that certain very beautiful women feel after being constantly disturbed by the men approaches. But here, such a measure could increase the exhibitionists abuse towards these marginal groups. That will send the abuse to the other extreme. It will create an artificial psychodynamic inhibition by artificially provoking desires that do not reflect the environmental conditions. The histrionic exhibitionists felt that they could go even further with this seductive abuse of the marginal men, under the good intention disguise. The feminist discourse comes as a glove over these two particularities of histrionic personality. And indeed some socially disadvantaged men respond themselves abusively, through the behaviors I described in this article  . Of course, these abuses of response cannot be tolerated or excused. But, because the women initially seduced them, however, they themselves are originally abusive.

The female exhibitionism has a ventilation role of the worn down couples. But, as with exhibitionist artists, they must be somehow channeled to these couples, and isolated from disadvantaged or conservative communities. In the following video, at the 34 seconds, we see such a woman dressed in very tight pants walking through poor urban areas:

I support most of what is said in this video. The feminist theory that the society is made under the emotional abusers and rapists interests is fully right, as I said here  . The woman from this video is not an exhibitionist, at least not one like the ones described above. This experiment was done not for exhibitionistic reasons, but for purely sociological ones, to show the men status in these social environments, although it was not necessary. The delinquency in these areas is known. But what has happened since the second 34 is an abuse initiated by that woman this time. This can lead to dubious behavior from men. Everyone knows that the disadvantaged areas are dangerous. Whatever the reason, such a walk in tight pants, letting the rounded shapes visible, is a challenge for this kind of environment.

The feminist condemnation of the misogynistic rhetoric of blaming the victim for sexual harassment and rape is fully justified. But in these cases of exhibitionism, whether moderate or not, I think the blame must be shared. If you as a woman go into an underprivileged neighborhood dressed provocative to show the men out there are not good enough for you, then you have also caused the crime of falling victim. I repeat: I do not exclusively accuse the woman, as victim blamers do, but I also do not exclusively accuse the man, as some feminists do; if an abuse happens like those too explicit messages, then the both sides are to blame.

The exhibitionism encouragement has led to the revival of the upper classes worn down couples. But its extension to the lower classes is a disaster. Basically, it creates an abuse that is quite similar to the sexual harassment I analyzed in the article linked above. I have pointed out there that inter-institutional sexual harassment is a particular case of the powerful social system unnaturally obtaining consent for something the victim would not naturally consent to. The non-institutional sexual harasser obtains the consent for sexual relations by blackmail, as the state itself (social privileged ones) obtains consent for the numerous abuses it commits. But in this case we have to deal with the same kind of abuse only it is inversed. This does not mean that a man who harasses or rapes an exhibitionist woman is innocent. But he is not the only one guilty for such crimes. Therefore, just like the exhibitionist artist who acted at the museum educated space only, also the upper classes worn down couples exhibitionists must act in the upper classes areas.

I have seen contradictory attitudes from the sex-eccentric feminists who openly claim that they are floozy. However, they not apply this rule to protect oneself and others, typical histrionic. Although they claim to be "bitch", they want to punish / forbid the "perverse" man attitude that approach them on the street. Here we see a double standard of being brave out of their own perversity but condemning it on the others.

In addition to the worn down couples ventilation, the female exhibitionism is tolerated precisely for this abuse on the marginal groups. The half naked women in real life, movies or commercials are psychically pressuring them to step up their game, take a better paid job to buy an item to impress the disguised prostitute woman or the arrogant exhibitionist one who feels the satisfaction of an autistic orgasm in shocking the emotional weak ones. This is the society itself profile. For now, the society has no interest in recognizing this abuse, because that would mean recognizing these people abusive nature. Nothing is said about the ads misleading and manipulative messages. They are not recognized as abusive either. Basically the world economy works through this propaganda of artificially stimulated advertising consumption. Agreeing that the female exhibitionism towards the socially disadvantaged is an abuse would be equivalent to the recognition the advertising as an abuse and also that of the slavery modified in apparently free trade. That would reduce the corporations’ profit. Such exhibitionists’ liberty to extract libidinal satisfaction from the certain social outcasts "salivation" undermines their freedom. The advertising that lures them towards overconsumption does the same.

So, the exhibitionist women are a double-edged sword. Their vehemence makes us see beyond this thin layer of the abuses they claim. They direct our attention to these dubious underlings of our society that we believed to be honest. And, above all, it makes us think of ourselves, who directly or indirectly support it. The greater their efficiency in causing imbalances and "getting someone out of its comfort zone" those who have to be brought into the servants position, the more they themselves can see beyond this abuses iceberg top, namely the sexual and emotional abuses. I foresee that in the future the feminists in general will rally into the human rights activists, so that the system very creation will turn against itself.

The exclusively female initiation of intimate relationships was not imposed by the exhibitionists. They have come to identify with this moral revolution due to the tempestuousness in implementing this norm in the legislation. But the traditional society itself had certain rules for limiting the men liberties who initiate courtship to a woman. Unfortunately, these rules have faded away once with the contemporary lifestyle. So the solution of the exclusively feminine initiation of intimate relationships, proposed by the feminism, has come to cover this void. And here a serious public debate is needed, to replace those outdated rules with new ones before things degenerate. At the pressure from the exhibitionists, disguised prostitutes, lesbians and eccentric sexual behavior women, the moderate feminists tend to accept the legislative incrimination of this traditional man behavior of initiating closeness to a woman. In the above video at the 01.45 minute, we notice that such a feminist woman wants the verbal comment, compliment or insistent look to be considered as "sexual harassment". About the moral and legal justification of such an intention I will analyze in the next chapter

* There must be made the distinction between the proper exhibitionist and the rapist who initially tries to seduce by his “genital qualities”. So exposing the intimate parts in front of a woman is not a certainty that that man will run away if the woman pays attention. Usually the exhibitionist manifests in the area predominantly frequented by women, while the rapist prefers deserted areas to not get caught, but this criterion is not 100% sure.

** Many ideological pressures have been put on women to give birth to more children. The more children a family has, the more some of them will have to work hard for a home, which will make them more profitable for the new masters  . Beyond the not very possible moral ideals into the contemporary cynical world, it is normal to consider that the unborn fetus is part of the woman's body, and that she can do whatever she wants with it if she has the full mental capacity of that.

In unele tari precum Romania din perioada dictatoriala aceasta decizie personala a fost abuzata prin interzicerea accesului femeilor la servicii medicale de intrerupere de sarcina sau la mijloace contraceptionale.

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