Baldovin Concept censured on Facebook

(ro- for English scroll down) Baldovin Concept a fost pentru o perioada in imposibilitate de a fi publicat pe Facebook. Probabil ca unii dusmani ai sigurantei femeilor au fost deranjati de articolele scrse aici in ultimul an, si l-au raportat masiv ca spam, desi continutul sau nu contine reclame si nu vinde nimic. La rugamintile mele, dvs. cititorii ati contraraportat ca spatiu sigur care nu incalca standarderele comunitatii, pentru care va multumesc.

Eng- Baldovin Concept was for some time banned to be published on Facebook. Probably some women's security enemies were disturbed by the last year's articles I wrote here and received multiple negative spam reports to Facebook, although its content doesn’t contain advertising or any kind of commerce. But due to my asking for help, you the readers counter-reported this space as safe, not going against the Facebook Community Standards, so I thank you for that.

24 februarie 2013

The Marketing of Madness analyzed by the marketing’s madness

For winning control over the mental disorders person there is a big battle and ruthless competition. Whoever manages to get this person as a client, simply gets a slave. The profit is huge, as it ever was. I am convinced that the severe mental disorder is the result of past slavery mentality inherited from past generations and passed through contemporaries. The slavery was the institution that brought the psychopathological state into the mental disordered present individual (through transgenerational inheritance) and the slavery will dominate this person's mind in the future. Slave mentality survives generations, although it somewhat diminishes. The slave is weak; it is a threatened, frustrated and fragile person that fearfully executes master’s orders. Whether it is threatened with weapons – as in the classical edges – or it is lured with the need of overconsumption, the slave resignedly accepts its situation and serves its masters. The slave brings profit and that is why the mental disorders, as descendant from the slavery state of mind, are very profitable for the occult forces of the social system. The battle for winning this contemporary slave, as trade partner for services or products, is fierce because here is room for unequal exchanges that bring profit.

I saw the documentary “The Marketing of Madness”. Lasting about 3 hours and technically unimpeachable made, this film remakes the 1970’s antipsychiatric criticism current except for some slight differences. If back then the antipsychiatrists wanted dismantling psychiatric hospitals, on the contrary, this documentary deplores the drugs usage. But there seems to me that this criticism is not just a remake of the 1970’s antipsychiatry message. I think that, beyond this already outdated topic, there are invisible but very clear objectives. In the beginning, the film message seems to be justified: it is an abuse of drugs both in psychiatry and in the rest of medicine. Unfortunately, when this general idea is particularized, when the examples are brought up and when arguments are shown, then the discourse starts creaking. At the end of this documentary the audience remains with the idea that the drugs themselves would create the mental disorder, which is a pretty big exaggeration. The viewer that is unfamiliar with the field of psychiatry is discretely being induced this idea in order to create an evil inquisitors image for psychiatrists in the eyes of the public. They are presented as lurking innocent people on the streets in order to be turned into sick people. Using such a popular conspiracy theory among ordinary people, unfamiliar about psychiatry, has yet a very perverse sense. I think that, behind this documentary, relies much more and I will show it further on, in this article.

Due to the very complex topic but also to the documentary’s length, this article came out slightly longer than usual so I decided to split it into several sections. Moreover, out of the nearly 3 hours, on this documentary I will not comment that part where studies and statistics, made for some certain drugs, were questioned. The ability to distinguish the falsified data and relative adverse effects of these substances is not related to my field. I will comment instead the numerous errors related to psychiatric analysis phenomenon as a whole. For the beginning I will start with the good parts of this documentary and after that I will continue with its errors.

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