Baldovin Concept censured on Facebook

(ro- for English scroll down) Baldovin Concept a fost pentru o perioada in imposibilitate de a fi publicat pe Facebook. Probabil ca unii dusmani ai sigurantei femeilor au fost deranjati de articolele scrse aici in ultimul an, si l-au raportat masiv ca spam, desi continutul sau nu contine reclame si nu vinde nimic. La rugamintile mele, dvs. cititorii ati contraraportat ca spatiu sigur care nu incalca standarderele comunitatii, pentru care va multumesc.

Eng- Baldovin Concept was for some time banned to be published on Facebook. Probably some women's security enemies were disturbed by the last year's articles I wrote here and received multiple negative spam reports to Facebook, although its content doesn’t contain advertising or any kind of commerce. But due to my asking for help, you the readers counter-reported this space as safe, not going against the Facebook Community Standards, so I thank you for that.

25 februarie 2010 The terrorism as pillar of state

The automatist society manifesto The terrorism as pillar of state


The ordinary contemporary people had become conscious about their own power and ability to react to systematic traditional threats form authorities. Marginalized communities have also learned to use weapons and to respond to abuses, thanks to simple emancipation that has widely spread into contemporary civilized mentality. Feeling discriminated and wronged, ordinary people suddenly took their fate in their hands and become unmanageable. In 20th century took places many attacks made by ordinary people against officials and privileged ones. That was one issue among others that led more freedom and more respect. Authorities began to fear more and more by the ordinary people’s capacity to respond with violence to everyday life frustrations. For this reason, they have developed those deceiving theories about Pacific war, about the so-called good official violence and about the bad violence of those who do not systematically use it.

The bad image of terrorism is spread all over the all media channels. I am not trying to say that terrorists are actually "good guys", as they claim, but I simply cannot believe that the authorities themselves are the "axis of good", like they want to be perceived, in a kind of traditional battle between evil with good. A formula like "axis of evil" used by G. Bush is designed to operate in these parameters as long as receptors have a classical dualistic mentality or even primitive one. If there is demonstrated that enemy is bad then such a mentality will perceive the enemy’s opponent as good. Each of these two sides justifies their own angelic face showing the devilish face of the other one. Terorismul ca pilon al functionarii statului

Manifestul societăţii automatiste Terorismul ca pilon al functionarii statului 

Acest articol se continua de aici
English version here

(Acest articol a fost scris in 2010, dar apoi a fost absorbit intr-un text mai amplu)


In era contemporana omul de rand a cam devenit constient de propria forta si capacitate de a riposta la amenintarile traditionale sistematice ale autoritatilor. Faptul ca comunitatile marginalizate au invatat si ele sa foloseasca armele si sa reactioneze la abuzuri se datoreaza emanciparii care s-a raspandit in mentalitatea omului simplu odata cu tehnologizarea. Simtindu-se discriminat si nedreptatit omul de rand si-a luat soarta in maini si a devenit de nestapanit. Secolul 20 a abundat de atentate facute de omul simplu la adresa oficialilor sau privilegiatilor sociali. Asta a fost o cauza, printre altele, ceea ce a determinat ca omul contemporan sa primeasca mai multe libertati si mai mult respect. Autoritatile au inceput sa se teama din ce in ce mai mult de capacitatea sa de a raspunde prin violenta frustrarilor de zi ci zi. Din acest motiv, din ele s-au dezvoltat inselatoarele teorii despre razboiul pacificant, despre violenta oficiala pretins buna si despre violenta rea a celor care nu o fac sistematic.

Dubios este modul in care se face imaginea care se face terorismului pe toate canalele mass-media. Nu vreau să spun ca teroristii ar fi de fapt „baietii buni”, asa cum sustin ei însisi, dar în nici un caz nu cred ca autoritatile insele ar fi „axa binelui” asa cum vor sa para in aceasta traditionala lupta a "raului" cu "binele". O sintagma de genul „axa raului” folosita de G. Bush este menita sa functioneze in acesti parametri atata timp cat receptorii au o mentalitate dualist clasica si chiar primitiva despre lume. Daca se demonstreaza ca inamicul e rau atunci o astfel de mentalitate percepe oponentul inamicului ca bun. Fiecare dintre tabere isi justifica propria calitate angelica incercand sa o diabolizeze pe cealalta.

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