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25 februarie 2010 The terrorism as pillar of state

The automatist society manifesto The terrorism as pillar of state


The ordinary contemporary people had become conscious about their own power and ability to react to systematic traditional threats form authorities. Marginalized communities have also learned to use weapons and to respond to abuses, thanks to simple emancipation that has widely spread into contemporary civilized mentality. Feeling discriminated and wronged, ordinary people suddenly took their fate in their hands and become unmanageable. In 20th century took places many attacks made by ordinary people against officials and privileged ones. That was one issue among others that led more freedom and more respect. Authorities began to fear more and more by the ordinary people’s capacity to respond with violence to everyday life frustrations. For this reason, they have developed those deceiving theories about Pacific war, about the so-called good official violence and about the bad violence of those who do not systematically use it.

The bad image of terrorism is spread all over the all media channels. I am not trying to say that terrorists are actually "good guys", as they claim, but I simply cannot believe that the authorities themselves are the "axis of good", like they want to be perceived, in a kind of traditional battle between evil with good. A formula like "axis of evil" used by G. Bush is designed to operate in these parameters as long as receptors have a classical dualistic mentality or even primitive one. If there is demonstrated that enemy is bad then such a mentality will perceive the enemy’s opponent as good. Each of these two sides justifies their own angelic face showing the devilish face of the other one.

Fighting against terrorism is a strategy designed to create in citizens’ mind such an angelic image of authorities, looking like a kind of diaphanous virgins sent to earth by God to fight against evil forces. But a causal and exhaustive analysis reveals that this is one of the biggest deceptions that any officials ever released to manipulate and distort reality.

The official version, that presents the terrorists as devils and authorities as angels, used to be implemented in various layers of society like the old methods of Inquisition. In America there has been reached an absolutely incredible situation where the unconditional non-acceptance of this official variant could be simply classified as terrorism support or even as terrorism acts itself. This is very similar to Inquisition. The main difference is the imposed sentence; during the Inquisition the sentence was the prison while, today, somebody gets fired from job.

But the war practiced in the past and present by states authorities is simply a generalized terrorism, a terrorism accepted by all state resorts. Equally, the terrorism is a limited war, one that involves only part of the community members. That is why the terrorism is far from being a 20th century specific phenomenon. It was practiced by authorities in the past and still it is practiced with nonchalance today, in the whole society. The main difference between these kinds of terrorism is that a huge propaganda machine convinces us (or not) that the practice of the authorities organized and diffuse terrorism is good, and the one practiced by more rudimentary means by amateurs is bad.

The United States Police is having a real social status basis cleansing over the citizens. 350 people are officially killed on average each year as shown here:,_2014. But in fact, iIf we count the homeless, no papers and virtually unrecorded, the number reaches up to 1000. For the smallest mistakes the US police simply kill by firing. Footage like this happens daily:

The police arrogant and challenging behavior is meant to detect the potential revolutionary and eliminate before even stats. They winding predilection those who do not "worship" by defying authority. The homeless, the ex corporations’ employee, the losers, the physically or mentally retarded and all those with and mental disorders is listed on the US police cleansing. Besides this "natural selection" the US police violence addresses the corporations’ active slave. Their message is this: “if you're not good enough, then you're fired and then you risk ending up homeless and liquidated also”. According to , the number of Europeans in 2010 was about 740 million. According to , the Americans number is 321 million. That is less than half of the Europeans. It is this slavery typical attitude that makes the American economy to outperform the European one.

The terrorism as it exists today is simply a small version of human bellicose society. The only difference between terrorism and war is that the first is done by amateurs while the wars are made by professionals with tradition. Promoting limited concept of "terrorism" only to non-professional level, for those who decide to take gun in hand and react against the big and professional terrorism practiced by state, is part of the older strategy of focusing the hate of citizen out of the authorities, and redirecting it to a sort of undefined so-called devilish forms. The term “terrorist” rings a very profitable bell for the authorities in the ears of the slaves, scared of psychological war, as they endured for thousands of years until today. False ideas about the "axis of evil" strengthen the police state and shackle the common people more under the pressure of their own professional terrorists, hided under the heroic image of the army, than of the pressure of the amateur terrorists elsewhere.

These artificial distinctions between war and terrorism are simply propaganda for reinforcing the fruitful police state, automatically derived from "war against terrorism". The differentiation made by corporatist and politicians propaganda between state official professional war and terrorism, practiced by "hostile groups", can be logically easily rejected. Such lawyer pleadings sustain that the difference between them is that the war would avoid civilians, while (small) terrorism would take the civilians as first target. In reality, the fact that more civilians are dying in amateur terrorists’ attacks happens because the authorities have created a huge system of protection so the small terrorists can not actually reach them. If they would have to choose, they would certainly choose officials instead of civilians as targets. On the other hand, the official war itself used civilians as bargaining table, until yesterday. In the recent Middle East wars, the army slaughtered mass civilians and that shows that war killing habits can not change in a half a century after they were used for hundreds of thousands of years. Dropping the atomic bombs on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is, perhaps, the most conclusive example in this case. For these atrocities were sentenced some poor soldiers who simply obeyed to superiors orders, but it is easy to see that they were simply some unlucky scapegoats.

The bedtime stories about the protection of civilians in wartime are actually authorities’ empty words. Wars are primarily made for civilians. They are made to take over, to govern, to motivate work production and to pick up those that have rebel tendencies and move them with their toys in an authorities’ favorable area, rather than confront them in a potential masses revolt. Beauty, discretion and convenience of civilization are based on these underground channels where the human decadence has reached an unprecedented level in the history of life.

To see how false is the distinction between war (as a fight only between professional armed) and terrorism (as a fight between the professionals armed and civilians), I think it is time to think of the largest terrorist act in history. Responsible for this was neither Al-Qaeda, nor ETA, nor IRA but, as already stated before, the U.S. authorities at the end of the Second World War, when they cut off of earth the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. At that time 200,000 civilians women and children were killed by their nuclear bombs and hundreds of thousands were wounded or traumatized. How can U.S. authorities talk about the “axis of evil” and the war against terrorism when they have done most heinous terrorist act of all times? How can they have such insensitiveness? How can somebody be so infamous to declare oneself willing spread democracy in third world countries, pretending to be some kind of God on the Sistine Chapel?

I know the false and inhuman reasons of authorities relative to this event. War ended soon ... Free elections ... Democracy ... Well, these are all empty words! These values are identical to those of nongovernmental terrorists like ETA or IRA. As these organizations fight to have a territory from which to extract taxes, in the same way, the official terrorists of U.S. want to expand their empire and to collect taxes from other territories. Actually the story about the implementation of democracy in the Middle East has the main intention to take the Arabs out from mosques and to put them in the casinos and corporations. The reasons of justifying the largest terrorist act in history (Nagasaki and Hiroshima) is reduced to one sentence: the will of the authorities is sacred while of the simple people will is not important ... The 200 000 innocent of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were anonymous while those 3000 were financial and corporate were elite (sic!)...

It is not right to compare the number of dead, as authorities do, with their cynical reflection of seeing ordinary human being as an object or cattle, which can be counted and labeled. But, even after their inhuman criteria, the number of Nagasaki and Hiroshima victims is about 20-th time bigger than all the registered victims of nongovernmental terrorism throughout history. How many died at the WTC 9/11? 3000?

War on terror actually proves to be a tautology, first because the (small) terrorism is spiral fueled by the war itself and vice versa. Then, this so-called war is a contradiction in terms, since the war and terrorism is one and the same thing that reinforces and supports each other and does not, in any case, cancel each other.

Basically, radical terrorism (appointed by the authorities) practiced by (small) terrorists causes the same kind of frustration to ordinary people that the (big) war, promoted by the authorities. The simple terrorists are amateurs and that can be seen in all their actions. They are not clever enough to create events like Pearl Harbor or 9 / 11 or to control the media as the organizers of official (big) wars do. Terrorists skip this part and go straight to the facts. Only with years of experience they begin slowly to blackwhite it, with learning strategies of manipulation public opinion and other things. For example, ETA has come to be represented in the Spanish parliament and so the IRA in the Irish parliament. This is a minimum education that terror professionals give to the amateurs. Gradually, the so-called war against terrorism becomes a wonderful win-win terrorism partnership and the job is pretty well done under the statement “we don’t negotiate with terrorists”.

The authorities need terrorists in the same way as the armies need other “enemy armed forces” to demonstrate their artificial usefulness and counter the image of their primary mission: the key role of negotiating the relationship between masters and slaves. Without external threats, the police and propaganda state could not justify itself in the eyes of common people, and it could be abolished. If this would happen, then the “freewilling” slaves to support system hardly would be found because none would be able to force them to become slaves.

The main mission of the armies, the terrorism and the mafia is not to protect us from enemies, aliens or other threats that are deceivingly presented as willing to colonize us. This is just a specific strategy to protect and raise the fee from the weaken ones and to justify one of the most horrible crime that human kind can make. The main mission of armies is to threaten and even bathe in the blood the slave revolt even if such a situation happens once in a century in civilized countries and several times in the others. For example, in Romania this has happened at the 1907 peasant uprising against land owners they worked for and at the 1989 revolution against the communist dictatorship. In the first case the army succeeded suppressing peasant revolt and only tried in the second case, killing only a several hundred protesters among several thousands. In this case, the Romanian army astutely changed the strategy as soon as the international public opinion has hinted that supports the Romanian Revolution. Smelling that, the Romanian army quickly became people’s army.

The best known case of army terrorism against its own citizens in the civilized world is the 1930-1940 Germany, where workers strikes had led to access the power of a war party, the National-Socialism. But, because the system could not conceive a civilized society plan of drowning workers in blood (the right to make strike was guaranteed also at that time), then an ingenious psychical sublimation had happened and workers were replaced by Jews.

Obviously, the system is trying hard to cover such events as well as the conscious does with the unconscious, and I will examine that in detail in the following entry. Sublimation and reactional formation are psychoanalytic concepts that precisely apply to this case. Politicians get nervous from time to time to create situations of conflict or inventing wars against other states or other communities and to artificially create the image of an army as military protection institution for citizens. Everyone thinks about the huge costs of maintaining armies with the classical and primitive specific mentality of those who join them, so the reducing of such costs might come in one’s mind. But the prospect of war with a neighboring state just tempers any tendency to restructure the state. Unfortunately this is the authorities’ interest so the citizens swallow such manipulations with no reflection. Very few ask some more how it would be with no armies at all, all over the world.

Any other discussions are pointless: the social system still needs slaves so long as Aristotle's ancient dream of replacing slave free with machines is only partial achieved. And a slave can not be persuaded to execute master orders if there is no terror. The terror is either directly or indirectly implemented. First is the case of classical slavery as the second is the case of contemporary slavery. Today slavery manipulation is basically supported also by terror and I will write about this differentiation in my futures entries.

The contemporary civilized society can not exist without war yet, just like the classic one from which is trying to separate. War scares the worker and makes it very productive to gather supplies for poverty times just like an ant does thinking about winter. The working field and the master’s smile look like heaven for scared slave threatened with death on the streets or on TV. Obviously, such a framework is perfect for the rich world that gets richer and stronger thanks to the anxiety caused by the prospect of war.

If these would be taken out of the picture, if there won’t be any military threat, the contemporary slave would be a lazy and passive primitive creature leading an easy life. That is very unproductive and very uncreative. Along with education and justice system, the war institution join in this deep and systematic mass manipulation of transformation the primitive believes into contemporary slavery. If the army was used in the past for robbery and classical slavery today the institutions of war is more used for keeping contemporary slaves under control and counteract their possible revolt. The war on terrorism is actually a fight for domination. But the stakes are the same: some territories to be conquered and some slaves to master. IRA and ETA wanted own country to master as old colonial country want another spaces to master, as they always wanted.

We live in a still warlike society, although several people have come to loathe and detest the military’s clothes and mentality. We are indoctrinated with militarism. We are threatened directly or indirectly by rough unprofessional terrorists and veiled by the army’s state professional terror. The cities are suffocated with statues representing large armies’ leaders, traditional heads of state terrorism. The interest center in the classical art composition actually sublimates the commander of armies into a point. The traditional religions divinity and their prophetic figures are also kinds of interest centers that overevaluate the powerful against the weak and defenseless. Discrimination and abuse will not be eradicated as long as the classical culture and the military will exist. Warrior mentality of destruction or enslaving other community is part of civilization spirit and no personal or collective success can be conceived at this time of culture without such consequences.

In each state there is a ministry of the army, pompously and embellished called The Ministry of National Defense. But if honesty would be an attribute for modern state functioning, then this ministry would not be named like that but simply The Ministry National Terrorism. I think, the armies are the main tool of states for dividing the world into golfers and hospital patients. I think we must look no more for the origin of mental disorders described in treaties of hundreds of thousands of pages. From this moment it is hypocritical to accept the “infant stages of libidinal evolution” theory proposed by Freud, and further developed by other psychoanalysts, with no interests in social illness that grinds our minds since early childhood. In the next entry I will make a more detailed analysis of psychopathological consequences arising from such a state of facts.

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