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6 februarie 2020

4.4. b) The abusive or sexual eccentric emotional behavior women interest for the legal incrimination of the peaceful male courtship initiation in order to extend their political power

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation

4.4. The misleading perception of conversation initiation as rape or sexual harassment due to psychopathological distortion

b) The abusive or sexual eccentric emotional behavior women interest for the legal incrimination of the peaceful male courtship initiation in order to extend their political power

If in the first item category were included those women with a defensive psychopathological predisposition, in this case enter those with an offensive predisposition to the psychopathological deformed liberties extension. The first category contains the phobic women who anxiously and defensively consume their phobia. On the contrary, those in this category switch to counterattack, extending their anguish to the outside. Some of them become vehement activists for changing legislation or social norms, as is this proposal to exclusive female courtship.

Catherine Deneuve described feminism as neo-Victorian, identifying it to the histrionic like disorders. But she was wrong when she reduced the whole feminist movement to histrionism, as she herself later admitted. Eventually she accepted another category of feminists, namely traumatized phobics, which I described in the previous article. But even this correction is insufficient to describe the whole feminism movement. In fact, as we have seen so far and we shall see later, in the feminist movement there are included various psychopathological types and interests. The proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation, which is the subject of this series of articles, benefits a very broad spectrum of social groups and psychopathological configurations, and even the common women. Only the conservative women do not benefit from it, and I will show in a later article why such a proposal shortens their rights. And for this reason the feminism has strong opponents even among women, like these ones. But for those with an emancipated mentality, the implementation of this revolution brings additional freedom. They adopt it for totally justified reasons of building the most possible favorable and stable couple in the long term.

I pointed in this article the case of married women that have lower sexual appetite than their husbands. They support the exclusive female courtship initiation revolution because they want a more favorable negotiation with the partner on reducing the sexual intercourse frequency. Then, the risk of encountering a Casanova abuser or a hidden identity sadist as a courtship initiator makes the rejection a true caution decision. In addition to these normal couple consolidation interests, there are also those of the abnormal, psychopathological couples’s consolidation or improvement. And, from this point of view, the exclusive female courtship initiation theory does not solve these problems because it does not exclude the contact with the Casnova abuser or the sadistic killer. I will return to this topic in the following articles. On the contrary, such a revolution comes rather from the psychopathological background, as a symptom. Next I will describe what these special psychopathological interests are.

This is firstly the case of the eccentric heterosexual behavior women. They only want certain things from the intimate relations with a man, vehemently rejecting those considered normal by tradition. This rejection is not a simple option for these women, but their only sexual satisfaction. If the common heterosexual women generally dislike the eccentric sexual behavior, on the contrary, these women feel repulsion towards the normal sexual behavior. Most of them had unfortunate erotic experiences with normal men just because they wanted and practiced normal sexual relations. For this reason they want a docile man, somewhat with no initiative, to behave like a demanded sexual toy. So they also support the exclusive female courtship initiation. But they choose this option not so much for initiating the courtship as much as establishing rules for sexual intercourse, in much the same way as the women from the sexual appetite mismatch relationships.

Their main problem is finding a man willing to do in bed only the things they want, except this situation normal behavior. Some of them vehemently involve in the courtship initiation revolution activism for this particular need to have control over the sexual behavior in the couple, according to their libidinal structure. As women from the sexual appetite mismatch marriages want a more favorable negotiation, these also do not want to be forced to accept the normal sexual behavior from a man. By their activism they want to indirectly persuade him to have a specific behavior according to their fantasies. Of course, as usually happens in such situations, if he could be insightful enough so to guess their preferences, without having to name them and face the guilt feelings, then it would be wonderful ... It is worth pointing out here the case of the masochistic sexual behavior women, who paradoxically are extremely attracted to the specific physical abusers, but at the same time they are irreparably afraid of them and support the exclusive female courtship initiation theory. In some ways, their need to choose partners who are clever and skilful enough not to accidentally kill them after their torment request is justified. But, on the other hand, to complain about the male aggression during the day, and to warmly wish it at night, is rather strange...

The exclusive female courtship initiation theory is an excellent step to this goal. A man, who appears from nowhere on the street to initiate the courtship is probably the worst partner for these women erotic interests, under these conditions. If he initiates everything from the beginning, he seems unlikely that would be willing to play this role in bed that satisfies them, all the more so as some of them refuse the intercourse as most of us knows. For this reason, as in the case of the women with the sexual appetite discrepancy with their partner, the exclusive female courtship initiation proposal is favorable to these ones too. It can be a good start for a future proposal to allow women the right to dictate the behavior in the intimate relationships and to find a specific partner for their libidinal particularities.

I personally believe that such a right for women should be more clearly affirmed and popularized. Unfortunately they are the first ones who do not discuss directly with the partner, especially in the case of the sexual appetite discrepancy marriage, and prefer to make a much too pragmatic choice. The fear of public outrage after exposing his sexual preferences to entourage makes many lack the courage to have such a preliminary discussion. But it does not require the support of the legislation or the courtship rules for such thing, but just honesty with the partner and counteracting the eccentric sexual preferences community incrimination mentality, if it does not involve the crimes committing.

Another kind of story is in the case of the histrionic women that I have described in this article . Besides the disguised prostitutes, they are the most vehement activists of the revolution of the exclusive female courtship initiation, coming to consider the compliment and greeting from an unknown man as sexual harassment or attempted rape.

The classic histrionic or exhibitionist women have this vehemence not simply because of the mind cognitive-moral side, but because of their psychopathological predisposition. They need the social implementation of this exclusive female courtship initiation rule precisely to facilitate their interest in social ascension through the partner. They want to fish a rich man. The exclusive female courtship initiation theory comes to them as a glove in this interest. They refuse an approaching man on the street not because of the common women specific reasons, related to violating the courtship traditional prior rules. However, they do not care much about traditions. The main reason is precisely that that man is part of the street. The histrionic woman starts courting a man on the street if he appears to belong from an upper street social layer, a higher class member. And this rule does not refer to the street zone only but to any kind of social environment in which the two people can meet. In order for the histrionic woman to pay attention to her, the approaching man must necessarily be "classy", far superior to her social status.

A traditional mentality woman also refuses a social wealthy man approaching, or looks for security signs if she accepts the courtship. On the contrary, the histrionic one takes the risk of courtship accepting even from a potential rapist or a Casanova in favor of sticking to the chance of social ascension according to his status. If the unknown man initiating street courtship shows true passion, love at first sight, or approaching originality style, the common woman can pay attention to him, even if he does not belong to a higher social layer (within the limits of the traditional courtship pre-rule according to the class equivalence of which I have detailed here ). On the contrary, the histrionics automatically rejects him if doesn’t look like belonging to a social elite. His method is not good enough for her. The poetry is too "obsolete" and the common gesture is too "streety."

On the other hand, the new histrionics became exhibitionists. They behave like superpowerful and super-hot women, giving the impression that there is no good enough man to satisfy them sexually. But, in fact, they are actually frigid women. Deceitful by appearance, they intrigue and stimulate many to demonstrate their virility. After initially flirting and seducing, the exhibitionists change rapidly the path to victimization of a fictitious emotional aggression or rape, as soon as the seduced man responds to "their charms" by an attempt to initiate a love couple relationship.

Unlike the modern exhibitionists, the classical histrionic women play more as the intangible saints. In fact the two forms follow one after another in the evolution of human psychopathology according to the western mentality; the exhibitionism is the contemporary form of hysteria as we know it from the descriptions of classical psychopathologists. The classical hysteria sees the love relationships exclusively through the power frame. They accept marriages exclusively for the sake of social ascension, without genuine sexual life with the husband and without genuine maternal behavior, once the children have appeared. It is ironic that later they just describe trough their own projected abusive psychic content with an amazing fidelity the men's sexual abuses on women as a power exercise. The emotionally abusive men have a certain dose of histrionism in their psychopathological structure; so the description they make is based on their own psychic content projected into them. For this reason it is not at all wrong.

Last but not least, a courtship initiator who gives up as soon as the histrionic woman rejects him provokes her abandonment feeling that I’ve talked about in the article linked above. Thus, such an initiator is perceived by a histrionic woman as an abuser both if he stops the admiration and courting and also if continues. In the last case he even becomes a street harasser if keeps insisting on her constant refusal, according to different countries legislation. As is well known, this is the socializing with a histrionic person in general.

Whether exhibitionists or Victorians, the histrionic women bend their interests to the feminist rhetoric of protecting women from sexual and emotional abuse. Under the pretext of defending women's rights, they want to arrogate the institutions protection for these libidinal interests of seduction. Starting from the traditional misogynistic rhetoric of blaming the victims of sexual crimes, they have created their own feminist- histrionic rhetoric in which they present themselves as victims of sexual harassment for this kind of simple approach by a man through the compliment or greeting.

During this time in the United States there is a scandal for Morgan Freeman's remarks about certain women who interviewed him.

Of course, such comments to a woman dressed in decent, or not flirting back, would be inappropriate. But in this video we see provocative women exposing their parts close to the intimate ones, arranging their hair, crossing their legs or flirting with the actor. Well, although these flirtations are not actual exhibitionism, they are still provocative, even for an octogenarian. The reactions of the women concerned are quite conclusive, after he makes those remarks. To say that this is sexual harassment or inappropriate comments, as some feminists are now trying, even on behalf of those involved in them, and even without their permission (Tyra Martin), is at least an exaggeration. It is worth mentioning here the double standard by which the exhibitionist liberty is judged, as assumed by the "bitch philosophy" described by Elizabeth Wurtzel, against man's freedom to respond to such a challenge. In the first case, the woman exhibitionist liberty is presumed to be given axiomatically, while the men response liberty requires consent.

Another case of vehement activism is given by some disguised prostitutes who have seen bigger chances of winning more money if the feminist rhetoric would be applied. I also previously described them, in this article . Many of these women have histrionic or exhibitionistic tendencies, especially because they are not attached to their partner and have no satisfaction in sexual relations. In particular, they seek maximum gains from the simulation of the couple relationship. For this reason, if they reach a stable couple relationship, they change the main partner on criteria of material benefits, but they simulate a loving relationship with him, which is also an abuse by a direct or omission lie. They do not tell to the clients that they are not looking for a stable loving relationship with them, or that they simulate the falling in love or the orgasm during sexual intercourse. If these men would previously know that they are in the position of clients, then they would give up the intention of courting.

The weak men emotionally invest in that relationship these women throw away as soon as a more favorable opportunity arises. They try to fish rich and single men through shops, clubs, hotel lobbies, conference rooms, various events, etc. Their pick ups are blown by the middle-class men trying to court them. This prevents them from implementing their "business plans". Such a courtship revolution would open the horizon to the fishing liberties for such clients that would bring them bigger profits. Although they present themselves as victims, in fact they must be stopped in the committed abuses by the naive men through direct or omission lies, as in the case of the exhibitionists. This is favorable even to themselves, as they usually become the sadists victims who take advantage of their discretion and kill them without leaving a trace.

Another case of sexual minority support for the female courtship initiation revolution is made by some lesbians. They too, may use or alter in the psychopathological interest the feminist rhetoric. They do not want to seduce or gain material goods out of this, as in previous cases. Most militants want to take revenge on traditionalist heterosexuals, as they were persecuted in the past. The homosexuals are still more or less discriminated against and persecuted throughout the whole world today. Because of this, some lesbians prefer to hide their sexual orientation. The militancy in favor of this revolution of exclusive female courtship initiation is mainly caused by the need to get rid of these discriminations and persecutions that they risk.

On the basis of normal egalitarian feminism, which has been asserted since the beginning of the 20th century, this sexist feminism emerged in the 1990s, which came to proclaim the moral or any other nature superiority of the woman over the man only because she is a woman. This can be called radical feminist activism in a different sense than the one with which some moderate feminists self-label themselves (I’ll come back to this issue latter here ). From my point of view the radical feminism is an inverted sexism. We see reverse sexism here. If the patriarchal mentality diminishes the woman just because she is a woman, so does the sexist feminism diminishing the man just because he is a man. According to this inverted feminism, the women would be kind of holy, just because they are women, in the same way in which the traditional patriarchal mentality excludes the woman from the altar of the church according to the prejudice that she would be impure, just because she is a woman *. Probably the most vehement case is that of lesbian feminist Julie Bindel, who in such a moment of inverted sexism, said she would put all men in a concentration camp / politics-and-media / uk-radical-lesbian-feminist-wants-all-men-in-concentration-camps. Here's how, out of being discriminated, some women can become discriminatory.

Some other women do not need any activism because they have enough power in society, so they can counteract the discriminations. But there are others who more discreetly support the exclusive female courtship initiation revolution because they would be useful to them as well. They are not simply interested in sex with men. And if the exclusive female courtship initiation would be implemented in the whole of society, then they would not work to find all kinds of solutions to reject the advances coming from them, especially from the professional area. So they also embraced this theory as did the common women with discordant sexual appetite in the couple or those with eccentric sexual behavior, described above.

Another case of supporting the exclusive female courtship initiation revolution is that of the metatropic type relationship couples. These couples are made up of a manly woman and a feminized man, living according to this female courtship initiation revolution. Both of these types of man and woman couple are on the verge of homosexuality or bisexuality. These people have a structural predisposition toward the opposite sex behavior, but it is not strong enough in the psychic vector to cause homosexual or bisexual orientation. However, their relationship itself resembles that, although it is a heterosexual one. They are usually not involved in the feminist movement or any other kind of activism for its implementation. One can easily guess that in such a relationship it was not the man who initiated it, but the woman. Being a masculine woman herself, she does not attract men and rarely is approached by men. However, due to the physical and mental constitution it does not need the protection of institutions to reject such advances.

Finally, the last psychopathological type in which the psychic factor plays a determining role in the supporting the exclusive female courtship initiation theory is that of the paranoiac or paranoid (personality disorder) psychopathological constitution women. But this ideology is rather tangential for them. The women in this category do not see in the courtship peaceful initiator as sexual harasser or rapist, like the other two categories. For the persecution paranoid woman, this person is the president of the country (or the king in the monarchies), a very famous star or, the head of a major institution like the CIA, or the megacompanies. For the paranoid person this man is a serial killer, a government agent, spy or any member of a secret organization that wants to hurt her. In this type of ideation we see a typical sexual interest absence. All the paranoids are very sexually inactive, inversely proportional to their militant efforts for personal rights. Some paranoid men have a low sexual appetite but others of them have a high one. Most paranoid women have low sexual appetite.

But, the most important thing in the paranoiac and paranoid symptomatology is not so much the existence of the two disorders, but the fact that their estimation errors are sprinkled with incredible intuitions that reveal hidden truths about the human society. Much of these people's ideas come from their own aggressive, persecuting psychic content projection in the outside world. But, just as in the case of histrionics, who manage to faithfully identify the sexual abuse as an exercise of power only by their own projection, in the same way the paranoids manage to find these truths. The great paradox of these mental disorders is that the psychopathological factor precisely makes them see things that the social pyramid top class systematically hides. We are talking here about a kind of phenomenology psychopathologically applied.

These two disorders are able to correctly identify the profile of the greatest danger that a unknown person can be to the women. Not even the ordinary paranoid persons are completely wrong with his extravagant idea. In contemporary society there are serial killers, just like the ones the most of the times the paranoid people misidentify in some suspects. Some of the suspected ones happen to really be criminals. They walk freely among us and, from time to time, a paranoid person names them as such. But unfortunately no one believes it. So finally the paranoid "madness" seems to make sense, eventually.

And yet, both the paranoiac and the paranoid are closer to the truth than the other cases mentioned above. The seductive histrionics, the sexist lesbians or the disguised prostitutes from the previous group are governed by their own libidinal or financial interests. Unlike them, the paranoids, both women and men, are able to see from the basic personal projection the true danger for women and for men too situated at the social pyramid base. The president is (at least at the declarative level) the head of state. And, as long as the state is still oppressive towards citizens, the paranoiac is generally not mistaken at all. (What the paranoiac does not know is that the state elected or appointed president usually assumes the responsibility for policies thought out elsewhere, not by him.) In the same way, on the violated human rights areas streets there are secret agents whose basic interest is not so much the citizen protection, as declared, but its most effective serfdom.

The only judgment issue of the persecution form paranoiacs is the fact that they see sadists where do not exist not and don’t see those who really are sadists. Both the persecution paranoiacs and the paranoids are often misled in their interpretations that are stalked by various agents, such as the traumatic phobics or the histrionics that see a peaceful street courtship initiator as a sexual harasser, offender or rapist. The president or other well-known public figures, whom the persecution paranoiac accuses of harassment, do not even know or met her/him before. In the same way, neither the paranoiac 's entourage, or his neighbors, or the people on the street he accidentally ran into, are not spies or paid by the government killers. Certain openness to epistemology and logics turns the paranoid psychopathological structure into truth searching, as this very expression platform on which you read this text. Informing and shaping the arguments after the evidence makes many paranoid good investigation journalists.

Many moderate or radical feminists have paranoid tendencies. I have demonstrated with the structuralist method that inside the paranoid psychopathology there are histrionic contents. Unfortunately, histrionic women are too blinded by their libidinal bubble to see the danger that feminist paranoids see correctly, although not very clearly. They are very close to describing by psychopathological projection the women most serious problems in the society. Unfortunately, without strong arguments for their attitudes and ideas, many find no support in the feminist movement and are isolated or cease joining it. Their ideas and women problems solving proposals are sometimes at least bizarre. This is what happened to Jenny McDermott, who in the following video unequivocally said that the mothers should kill their young baby boys so that they would not segregate women in the future, and that any man should be killed.

Of course, the feminist movement has largely ruled out such an ultra-radical position. This is generally the case with paranoids ideas, especially because they cannot socialize, suspecting everyone of conspiracies against them. However, some of the paranoid women support feminist ideas and participate in marches to defend the women rights as "independent", after the breakup from the feminist movement.

* Yes, when blindly fall in love, we men initiate such inverted sexism ourselves. But this cannot be imposed by ideological command, as it comes at a certain point in life. A lucid analysis refutes this, and the statistics show that most fallen in love men will surely find out about this at some point.

c) The psychopathological background in the exclusive female courtship initiation theory argumentation dynamics

In this last part of this subsection I intend to show the psychopathological dynamics of feminist reasons in advocating for the exclusive female courtship initiation theory. As I mentioned at the beginning, I do not intend to insinuate the certain reasons invalidity just because they directly come from the psychopathological background. These reasons exist and have validity independently from the psychopathological background that folds on them. I will discuss about their scientific side in the following articles on this topic. For now, I just want to show how the psychopathological background of these vehement feminists can influence this dynamic of argumentation.

All these described above 7 psychopathological profiles support the exclusive female courtship initiation theory not only because of the sociological or political reasons, but also because of the personal psychopathological distortions. The most visible among them are the disguised prostitutes and the Victorian or exhibitionist histrionics. They are also the most vehement in supporting this revolution of the courtship initiation. As seen in the previous article, the explanation for their vehemence lies in abusive personal interests of extending their emotional, libidinal or financial nature personal liberties, and even getting institutions protection for this. The greater predisposition these women have towards the emotional abuse, the more vehement they are in activism for the implementation of this revolution.

These people should not be confused with the activists for the marginal people and the socially disadvantaged rights, who can also support the exclusive female courtship initiation theory, but for a different reason than the psychopathological (for the histrionics) or the pragmatic interest (for the disguised prostitutes). They advocate this revolution for the simple reason that women must be over-advantaged in order to be even after gender discrimination they were and still are subjected to. Paradoxically, the sexist histrionics and the lesbian activists even tend to reject such an argument, although they formally accept it due to the same cause belonging. But their main argument is that of the female gender superiority over male and the universal victimization that manifests itself through the tendency to massively accuse all men of attempting rapists.

Faced with the counterarguments or the contrary evidence to their theories, the vehement feminists remain in position, refusing even minor adjustment of their activism to their theory contrary data. Unlike the phobias from the group a), which theoretically accept the statistical data, here is a strategy that acts through the refusal stubbornness. Such a strategy is caused by the specific psychopathological predisposition. It is not structured on the Traumatic Complex running form, as in the first category, but on the counter-attack. In the first category, the primary benefit of the mental disorder is more involved, as the secondary benefit in the latter. The phobic women described in the category a) can theoretically accept the ideas regarding the statistical data on the minor danger coming from a courtship peaceful street initiator of in the populated public space. But they cannot correlate these data with the phobic deep psychic predisposition.

On the contrary, those women from this category are immune to scientific data, not accepting it at the theoretical level also. Their theoretical opacity towards counterarguments is a Bovaristic theoretical manifestation specific to the histrionic psychopathology. During the debates with the ideological opponents the vehement feminists use ad hominem type sophisms, or invoke the lack of honesty from the research institutes or institutions that have released statistics or data contrary to their theories. We will see in the next article that these institutions that publish statistics do indeed do some omissions, encouraging the majority of citizens to adopt false ideas about the criminality. But the data provided is not false, just incomplete. A society like the American one has many flaws, but in no case is it a classic dictatorship in which data is falsified.

Other times, the radical feminists completely ignore these statistical data as if they didn't exist. This doesn’t happen in other situations that support their ideology. For example, these people constantly call for statistics when homosexuals are unfairly associated with child rapists; they show great confidence in the statistical data that shows the appreciation error of those who make this confusion. But they become totally opaque about statistics about the wrong association of the street or the online conversation initiators with rapists and sexual harassers. Their main argument in this debate is that of the rare courtship street initiator that becomes aggressive after the woman refuses to accept the courtship. They use these rare cases in such a way that in the argumentation dynamics they are given a sort of universal statistic. Also, the causal relationship between the initiation of the court and the aggression that follows in this low percentage case is erroneously constructed. We observe here a double standard in the use of statistical materials, which is a secondary benefit of obtaining higher liberties in exhibiting their sexual options without being disturbed, as described in this article .

Their remarkable psychopathological constitution makes them special and that is found in their vehement activism. Although they are a minority in relation to the other feminist movement members, however, some of them become highly respected within the community and impose a majority view. The movement colleagues and even the male followers perceive their activism as a selfless and empathetic dedication to the sexual abuses victims. In this political endeavor, they can train real sexual abuse victims and their close entourages into the movement. All of them want the legislation to be more oppressive towards rapists and abusers in general. I have previously shown that the unhappy wives over the sexual appetite discrepancy with their husbands in the marital relationship also feel discomfort in such situations. So they could be influenced by their proposal. But beyond this superficial justification, they have much more complex psychopathological interests than the basic empathy for the sexual abuse victims on behalf of whom they speak. Their ability to fold their symptoms on the general feminism justified interests or partially on the traditional mindset is amazing. But, after detailed analysis, they prove to be at contraire towards them.

Then the normal women are also tempted to adhere to the sexist feminism initiated by the histrionic and lesbian psychopathological conformation women, although they do not have the same psychodynamic motivation. That is why they are more flexible under the theoretical reasoning. But this kind of feminism also bring benefits to them in different social relationships towards men, in the sense that they think they are receiving more positive discrimination. And indeed, as I will show in the following articles, women need overprotection from society regarding the violence they are subjected to. Only, as I will also show later on, these radical ideas, such as the exclusive female courtship initiation or the men mass prosecution as rapists, do not protect them. On the contrary, these ideas can turn into isolating them, which is what happens with the radical feminism. The common women can adopt radical ideas under the influence of other community members. But, unlike these, they generally respond to arguments. After legislation reasoning debates, they give up the idea of incriminating the street courtship initiator, and reposition themselves in the dynamics of argumentation. Some of them only require a change of perspective regarding the good manners, but not legal incrimination. The answering to the reasoning and the willingness to adjust one's own theories to it is an important criterion for the moderate side of feminism differentiation from the radical side.

The feminists who support the exclusive female courtship initiation theory, whether are vehement or moderate, clearly differentiate from the conservative-minded women, who do not accept an unknown courtship initiator because this violates the first two prior traditional courtship rules that I have detailed here . Such a conservative woman does not support the exclusive female courtship initiation proposal either, because it violates them too. In fact, the women lifestyle in this category is far from a traditionalist one. They assume the traditional rules violation, including those prior to courtship. Because of this the feminism has come into conflict with the traditional feminine mentality, and has brought factions within the feminism itself.

The existence of psychopathological contents in the genesis of a reason does not weaken its validity. Normally the psychopathological background strengthens the power of an argument. But the bovaristic histrionism can sometimes create theoretical isolationism. And for this reason I wrote these two articles. The histrionic influence nullifies this fertility generated by the psychopathological background. In this case it creates theoretical opacity for these radical activists. Beyond their predisposition for abuse, the debate on the exclusive female courtship initiation has solid sociological and political arguments on both sides. In the following articles I will put them face to face and try to draw a conclusion to this very complicated problem of contemporary judgment.

In the next article I will also analyze their proposal of exclusive female courtship initiation in relation to the biological nature and the traditional mentality.

17 ianuarie 2020

4.4. The misleading perception of conversation initiation as rape or sexual harassment due to psychopathological distortion

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation

4.4. The misleading perception of conversation initiation as rape or sexual harassment due to psychopathological distortion

There is a justifiable egalitarian feminism, which upholds equality in rights between women and men, after women were denied the right to vote, to associate, to get equal pay for the same work as men, etc. It also supports the positive discrimination that women deserve in certain contexts, due to gender disadvantage, taking into account the traditional culture negative discrimination. It also supports clearer measures that the society should take regarding stopping the sexual abuse towards women. But behind this natural political activism, in accordance with the individual emancipation specific to the 20th and 21st centuries, there has been insinuated a psychopathological discourse, especially from a histrionic-like form. As I will show in the following articles, this type of feminism tends to be less interested in concrete solutions to stop or reduce violence and abuse of women. Such kind of feminism is more interested in opening new horizons to protect their own psychopathological symptoms putting into action. It highly distortions the statistics interpretation, supports certain radical ideas, has vehement behavior and theoretical inflexibility to counter-arguments. Due to the lack of debate, there are certain justifiable feminism supporters who have adopted these radical ideas, as they looked effective. These people do not have the psychopathological background for such radical ideas, but they usually support them for the community culture reasons, from empathy with the most vehement voices.

Even if they come from a disordered psychopathological background, yet some of these radical ideas have a certain coherence and justification. With these three articles I do not intend to support their inner reasoning invalidity just because it conditioned by the psychopathological vector. One of the biggest errors we can make in the argumentative approach is to believe that the psychopathological predisposition behind of an idea reduces its validity. In fact, the psychology of science attests that an idea is more brilliant as it is more psychopathological. The psychopathological influence has brought remarkable revolutions in the history of science. The greatest scientific discoveries came from negative-hysterical predispositions, as was the case of Galileo Galilei’s "Eppur si muove" or Copernicus, who supported ideas that contradicted everyone’s experience that the Earth revolves around the sun. Half a millennium later from that moment, we still say that the sun sets and rises, though it stands still towards the other solar system planets that are gravitating around it, like our planet. The signs for the Copernican revolution were very clear long before Copernicus, with the observed data analysis on the planets movements over time. But it took the histrionic negativistic predisposition of his personality to say what was very simply deduced from these data.

Similarly, the theory of courtship exclusively female initiation is not false only because it is supported by a psychopathological minority within the feminist movement. There are strong statistical and political arguments for this theory to be judged beyond the mental disorders that I will describe below.

Of course, most of the histrionic like negativism cases from science history or everyday life involve rough judgment errors. In these cases, I think that the reason psychopathological side must be shown, in relation to its scientific side. By its origin analysis I am only interested in showing that a certain idea, or the opponent opacity to a certain counter-argument, can be a psychopathological manifestation of the mind rather than a logical-cognitive one.

I have shown in the first article from this chapter that the courtship initiation in the public space as an unknown man has the least chances of success, due to the traditional rules strongly embedded in the collective mind. But, on the other hand, I showed in the penultimate article that the unknown man greeting or compliment to a woman cannot be classified as rape or sexual harassment. In the last article I have showed that the peaceful courtship initiators percentage in a populated public space that turn into harassers or violators after rejected is close to 0. Neither the harassers nor the rapists choose their victims in the populated public space from a decent social environment for the simple reason that the other citizens or the law enforcement agencies will react to stop the crime. The true street sexual harassment, however, frequently occurs in urban poorly-populated areas, where the crime is still an everyday problem. But in this case, these areas a conversation starter is not at all peaceful. He begins the approach directly by physical assault and not by peaceful initiation of courtship.

The feminist stories about such courtship peaceful initiators who become physical abusers after the woman's rejection are unrelated to statistics. In the video below, which I have reffered to before in this series, it is suggested at the minute 03:31 that a peaceful approach like "Hey, you're beautiful!" would lead to "you’re a bitch!" in two seconds.

But, if we go back to the second 30, we do not see any ugly words said by those who initiated the court towards that woman. If we look at the original film, we see nothing else, although it is said at one point that the woman was accompanied on the sidewalk for 4 minutes by such a suitor.

And yet, despite the clearly visible fact that there is no physical or verbal violence following the woman’s refusal the suitors invitation, the theoretical blindness makes some feminists to show it as prove of violence.

After Cambridge dictionary the violence is:este:

“Extremely forceful actions that are intended to hurt people or are likely to cause damage”

That 4 minute follower could be charged as stalker according to US Criminal Law :

"The crime of stalking can be simply described as the unwanted pursuit of another person. Examples of this type of behavior includes following a person, appearing at a person's home or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving written messages or objects, or vandalizing a person's property. "

And yet this was not this pursuer interest with that action, but probably a sign of interest from that woman. His behavior produces a certain discomfort to the followed woman due to the violation of the second and potentially the 4th pre-rules of courtship with the courtship pre-stages regarding the feminine response that I will detail in a later article. But this is not violence according to this word meaning in the dictionary. The psychopathological vector makes a mild to moderate abuse that produces psychological discomfort to be perceived as violence, which basically means physical suffering. Well, there are some feminists who demand that these behaviors be effectively criminalized as sexual harassment.

In the American law the sexual harassment is described as

“Unwanted and unsolicited physical advances and conduct of a sexual nature, such as touching, rubbing and groping, and sexual, demeaning, degrading and/or offensive comments and activity that may or may not carry the implication that the individual being subjected to these advances may suffer job-related or school-related retribution if she/he rejects them.”

We note that the stalking criminalized by US Criminal Law refers to a behavior that involves bullying but not related to sexual favors. Then, the 4 minutes following are insufficient to frame this behavior as general harassment, because the pursuit needs to be repeated.

The above video men behavior is dubious, unnatural and abnormal. However, it cannot be criminalized either as general or sexual harassment or in physical or verbal assault on that woman, as stated. Faced for the first time with these exaggerations, an impartial person can eventually sustain such an absurd accusation. However, after the information on rape statistics or legal criteria for defining sexual harassment, a normal person no longer supports the incrimination. But I pointed out in the last article that there are normal women who are nevertheless willing to support the exclusively woman courtship initiation and the criminalization of the man’s. They are the married women who experience sexual appetite discrepancy with their husband, and feel raped. Such a rule would help them in a future negotiation with the partner, regarding the decrease of the sex frequency, according to their own sexual appetite. Although there is such an interest, yet they don’t press charges against an unknown man who complimented or greeted her, after hearing the specialized arguments.

Further on I will describe 7 cases of women who do not respond to legal and statistical reasons regarding rape or sexual harassment due to the specific psychopathological structure of their mind. In these cases, the peaceful and unique courtship initiation (not repeated in case of refusal) mistaking as the sexual harassment or attempted of rape, even after the knowing the scientific data, is due to a theoretical blindness implied by the psychopathological background.

1. The first category is that of the psychopathological interests of defending the sexual abuse victims, who subsequently develop an excessive fear of rape, but justified in relation to the traumatic experience they had. This includes both victims of sexual abuse and their close friends, who naturally want more restrictive rules for closer sex and harsher punishments for sex offenders.

2. The second category is that of some women psychopathological interests of attacking due to their abusive behavior predisposition. Mainly they are the disguised prostitutes, the classic seductive histrionics and the exhibitionists, which I have generally described here and here   . In addition to these types, there can be included some eccentric sexual behavior women, some lesbians, and, more by inertia, the very masculine women. They do not want to extend abusive liberties on men by incriminating peaceful courtship initiators, such as those in the second category, as have no traumatic or neurotic phobias.

3. Finally, the third category is the paranoiac and paranoid persecution type women who can be placed between the previous two. They simply feel insecure in a truly threatening world, and support the peaceful courtship initiator incrimination because thus the risk of encountering a criminal is lower. Next I will detail their psychopathological and differential description, especially regarding activism of the male courtship initiation legal incrimination. And I'll start with the first category.

a) The interest for the legal incrimination of the peaceful male courtship initiation the in order to reduce the phobic anguish

The physical abuse victims usually develop an overall oversized fear of men (traumatic phobia). This kind of fear object, namely the man, is potentially dangerous, ie it has the possibility of producing a visible physical trauma to women, being generally stronger. This fear is justified in a high criminality social environment, but it is exaggerated in a fair social one. Unlike the traumatic phobias, which arise from a traumatic experience with the phobic object, the neurotic phobias are those fears of objects, animals, people, situations and events that have very little traumatic potential or even not at all. Most neurotic phobic people understand that their fear lies in their own person and not in the phobic object. They understand that this fear they feel towards an object, person, animal or situation is far too disproportionate to the risk of it having a traumatic action. However, their fear remains very active, being immune to theoretical data. This fear should not be confused with the instinctive woman fear to an unpopulated public space man. Such a fear is due to the vigilance. But the traumatic or neurotic men phobia is also felt by such women in the populated spaces, towards any unknown man. As I will show in point c), this is justified in criminal communities. But this is precisely what conditions or even creates mental disorders for these women. And, as we have seen in this series of articles, they can support the criminalization of the peaceful approach in the populated public space as sexual harassment or attempted rape.

The trickiest issue for the men fears that some women have is that the phobic object, respectively the man, can be both the object of a traumatic phobia but also of a neurotic phobia. Fitting in one or the other group depends exclusively on the traumatic experience of the woman with a certain man. If the woman has experienced a sexual abuse, then her phobia is traumatic. Such excessive fear of rape is justified under the pragmatic frame, even if it closes many horizons of her social development. A woman who is raped or physically abused will feel fear towards any man, no matter how peaceful he might be. She will automatically interpret as an attempt to rape or sexual harassment any unknown man peaceful attempt to approach in the populated public space, even if not repeated if refused.

The phobic object tends to become mind-epidemic, which is that it tends to extend to the objects of mind association representations. "Look before you leap!” says the old saying. The epidemiology of the psychopathological symptom of mind association causes the phobic object to overflow to proximal or similar objects. For example, the fear of spiders can turn into the fear of insects, or of creatures similar to spiders in terms of movement or structure of the legs, such as lobsters and crabs. In the same way, the victim of an unknown rapist will interpret any unknown man who would interact with her for one or another reason as a potential rapist, precisely because he looks the one who caused her trauma. The excessive fear of rape can block a woman from developing certain social relationships, but at the same time, it ensures her safety. Such fear makes her statistically lesser probable victim to another abuse. If the woman continues to live in the same potentially abusive environment, then her fear is one of the factors that can help her not to go through the same traumatic experience again. If, however, she changes the social environment and reaches a more open one, without crime, then her fear is no longer justified in relation to the social environment. In this case, the psychotherapy would be indicated for the psychopathological adjustment to the new environment. But, as we saw in the article on sadism, there is some risk of meeting a sadistic man in any environment, no matter how fair. So, beyond psychotherapy, which is welcome in any context, a fear of physical abuse or even murder by such a mental disorder is helpful.

If the woman went not through a traumatic experience with a man and doesn’t live in a potentially sexual abusive social environment for women, but is still afraid of men, then she suffers from a neurotic phobia (androphobia). The person with this mental disorder may come to consciously consider after studying statistics that an unknown man is not a rapist, but their fear persists. In contrast to the sexual abused ones, many of the androphobic women understand that their fear comes from themselves only and not from the men who come in contact with them. And both are theoretically open to understand the statistical data and accept them as such. However, at a deep level of mind their fear is stronger than the cognitive level. These people cannot take into account the statistics or any kind of factual reality in their fears, so they will always see a rapist in an unknown man. The androphobics must also be distinguished from the paranoiac and paranoid women in the following subsection who have explicit persecution idea, interpreting the world as hostile and dangerous. The paranoid elements from the neurotic symptoms are unconscious, unexplained, that the person does not actively believe in. The paranoid and the persecution type paranoiac fears towards the aggressor are doubled by an attacking aggressive behavior, through legal actions or other ways.

The existence of traumatic or neurotic symptoms (androphobia) causes the exposed statistical data to have no effect on the differentiation between the psychological profile of the courtship initiator and that of the sex offenders. The scientific data on the phobic object harmlessness has no effect on the symptom. These people cannot accept the emotional ingestion of scientific data due to the psychopathological reasons. For this reason, they only talk about their phobia with the psychotherapist or with their immediate entourage. They prefer to isolate themselves or get out of town only in the company of other women. Although they rarely become activists, however, the unknown man approach legal prohibition would be a relief for them. For this reason, some of them are involved in soft feminist activism for the legislative regulations implementation that will keep men away. Confronted with the prospect of massively blocking of the social development horizons due to the anxiety towards men, the psychotherapy is also the best suited to improve this condition.

In the following article I will describe another mental disorder category, respectively one that offensively report to men. Unlike those who are trapped in phobic anxiety, some women that belong to this category become vehement feminist activists.

8 ianuarie 2020

4.3. The misleading perception of conversation initiation as rape or sexual harassment due to sexual appetite mismatch the partners's

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation

4.3. The misleading perception of conversation initiation as rape or sexual harassment due to sexual appetite mismatch

I have shown here that approaching an unknown woman in the public space by a man is inappropriate for the courtship initiation. Such a strategy works in the case of uninhibited persons, generally free from misconceptions. But for those with a conservative mentality, this violates the first two precourtship traditional rules , namely the temperamental-characteristic accommodation and the acquaintance through a third person. If the approached woman in this way is also married then the third rule is violated, and the man threatens her marital relationship. Some women who go beyond the first two traditional rules, as men themselves do. But the third is better consolidated and the distinguishing sign of marriage, the engagement or the wedding ring, is enough to prevent the approach.

But, I pointed out in the previous article that such a peaceful approach by an unknown man to a woman in a populated urban space is mistakenly equated with rape or sexual harassment. Such an error in appreciation is made for two reasons: 1) insufficient knowledge of rape statistics; 2) the psychopathological distortional perception, despite having correct statistical data. In the first case the study corrects this prejudice by itself. For the second case, the detailed knowledge of the rape, with statistics and case studies is insufficient. this category specific people will behave according to what in psychopathology is called "tubular attention", that is, a focus on certain cases that does not the statistics. On the other hand, the fear of strangers in unpopulated spaces is beneficial for women, to prevent the rapes and even the murderous sadists’ kidnappings. But the excessive rape fear in safe spaces also needs psychotherapy, although it does not work every time.

However, there are a significant number of women that fall between the two categories. They understand that a peaceful conversation (courtship) initiator in the public space is not a rapist or sexual harasser, but they support his incrimination because they want more rights in the marriage relationship. Most women make painful compromises when it comes to marriage. Both contemporary and traditional societies conceal a worrying reality in couples: the sexual appetite difference between spouses. Statistically speaking, the sexual appetite of the man is higher than that of the woman, and this has 3 causes. The first is the biological-sociological status of the male. In mammals to which human species belongs, there has been strengthened the so hated harem relationship, with the dominant males having to fertilize more females. The prehistoric harem theory has become outdated, as it is served to women by unfaithful spouses who justify their infidelity. Many women tend to reject it, regretfully remembering it with this context. But it is still a biological fact. The human male inherited these characteristics of the wildlife that is found directly in these facts.

The second cause for this sexual appetite mismatch is the gender-differentiated distribution of human society violence over the past 50,000 years, especially over the past 5,000 years. I also mentioned in this space about the experiments performed by experimental psychologist Neal Elgar Miller on rats, and by Robert A. Hinde on monkeys here . They observed that the painful physical shocks such as electrical or mechanical shocks on these animals increased their consumption needs such as the one for food or sex. In the same conditions, this is also the case in humans. The women were basically bypassed by wars and their traumas were lower. We can infer that the conversion of violence into sexual appetite has accentuated the gender discrepancy of sexual appetite. Thus, after the entire history wars, some came to conquer cities with goods and women. This is why they borrowed happiness from the future, because they sent there their frustrations of their descendents.

Finally, the third factor relies in the choices that women made for the future spouses based on too material criteria than those of psycho-moral compatibility, according to the first rule preceding the courtship described in the article in the article linked above . The fourth rule showed that it is normal for a woman to choose a wealthier man, in spite of a less wealthy one. But some women ignore the first rule that concerns the other qualities or bad habits and care too much for the fourth one, according to the wealth criteria specific to this rule. In this long-term case, this predisposition to sexual appetite mismatch between the couple members will increase. If the woman chooses with the mind and not with the heart, then she will eventually be followed by the regret of disguised prostitution and will increasingly feel unfulfilled in the marriage.

But even where there was initially some concordance and mutual attraction between the members of the couple, the risk of psychological, political, cultural or professional divergent evolutions may bring its members into impasse at one point. Due to these combined factors, the sexual appetite discrepancy between the couple members has reached the maximum level both in the traditional society, but especially in the modern one. The man and woman psychical constitution difference made them look like different species, as has been said. joking more seriously. At the same stressors a man can respond by sexual appetite increasing as a woman by libidinal flattening. The lack of mutual desire between the partners led to the lack of communication in the conjugal life, and the many married couples sexuality was reduced to a simple physiological need for the man and a pain for the woman. The too frequent or too common prelude sex life is a problem for many women. Well, such a mismatch makes women feel constantly raped inside their marriage.

Unfortunately, under the conditions of today's society there is no both sides content solution for this problem. The classic era of robbery produced an emotional disaster in this most intimate and precious human being place, which is the family. Here how, we the contemporaries pay for the compromises of the classic society of robbery with the discordance of sexual appetite in the intimate life! Looking back in the history, if we are honest, there is no much reason of pride. The contemporary family is breaking apart more and more, and this is not due to any homosexual epidemic spread by those who prefer the same sex, as I have argued here . The homosexuals themselves are effects of these factors of strong distortion of the human mind that the civilization produces. Many marriages end in divorce even if the former partners keep their sexual orientation. The family harmony destroying is an important factor for the emotional imbalance for all its members, including those most exposed to emotional disturbances, namely the children. The divorce rates in Western countries and Russia vary between 30 and 60% (Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and Hungary). In the United States the divorce rate is 41% este de 41 %. The risk of a second divorce is 60% and the third one reaches 73%.

Those who do not divorce are not necessarily satisfied with their marriage. The conservatives do not usually divorce, although their marriage can be ruined. The reasons for staying in the marriage are various, such as children, fear of loneliness, revenge of the departed partner, etc. From here came out the macabre jokes with non-communicative and even hostile spouses, but linked to each other like a punishment. Often, the spouses give up the very important marriage ring rule, I mentioned above, thus spreading incorrect information about their marital status.

This is almost no exit situation. The husbands become sexually dissatisfied and find mistresses. Although by such wild harem restoration there is reached a compromise for all its members, however, such a thing involves a sociological nature external problem. Although in general the number of women is higher than that of men, however, the men with more female partners bring problems for other men. They either will not find an attractive enough partner for couple compatibility, or they will have no partner at all and will suffer from sexual inhibition. This is a source of social imbalance; the increased liberties of some abuse the normal ones for the others. On the other hand, the monogamous couple faithfulness compromise, as consolidated in the traditional family, is a false solution. Forcing a woman's consent to have sex without her desire, even if she is an official couple partner, is still an abuse.

Well, if such a woman who already feels used in marriage happens to be approached by an unknown man on the street, then this can upset her, no matter how peaceful that man would be. Whether she has gone through a few failed marriages, or there is a struggle inside her between the tendency to divorce and keep the marriage, the approached woman is trapped in this great mental dilemma. At that moment, in her mind is created a combination of both the acceptance of the unknown initiator proposition and the refusal, with remaining in the marriage, and preserving the material benefits related to it. But such a variants combination implies the prospect of an even more frequent sex life, as her sexual appetite is already lower than the husband's. This is what accentuates this feeling of rape. This is why the reaction of such a woman can sometimes be aggressive towards an unknown street conversation initiator.

For this reason, the exclusive female initiative for sexual intercourse within the marriage would help these women. As unable to impose their point of view in front of their husband who has economic control of the family, they support both the theory of exclusive female initiation of courtship as well as that of the consent for greeting or compliment in the hope that they indirectly will manage to influence it in this way. So there are emotional reasons why the perception of the street conversation initiator is distorted. The compromise that this kind of woman does to keep their hyper-libidinal husband satisfied directly affects the perception of this courtship peaceful initiator. The two types of men need to be clearly differentiated. If the first case it reflects an emotional abuse but the other does not automatically end in a love affair. The courtship refusal is a woman's personal choice that should not be justified to anyone. But the aggressive reaction of the normal woman to such a peaceful proposal is exaggerated and is caused bz this feeling of rape she experiences inside the marriage. It can be deduced from here that the greater this feeling, the more aggressive and vehement the woman’s reaction. In the next article I will describe the cases of women whose perceptual horizon is deformed by the psychopathological distortions filter.

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4.2. The legal impossibility of equating a man's peaceful courtship initiative to a woman with rape or sexual harassment

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation

4.2. The legal impossibility of equating a man's peaceful courtship initiative to a woman with rape or sexual harassment

This article continues the previous one

1. The peaceful unknown woman approach in the public space for the purpose of courtship initiating is not rape, because the rape criteria are not met. This kind of approach of unknown women is inappropriate and frustrating for the woman, as I have described later here , But there is a distorted perception of the facts that this kind of peaceful approach could lead to rape. According to statistics, in the UK 90% of rapists are known to victims and only 10% are unknown. The common places for rapes are inside the buildings, especially at home or in a friend's house, at work, in public toilets or on the blocks stairs. The statistics are similar for the whole western society. The most rapists known by the victims initially start by proposing sexual adventures and get to rape after their offer is rejected. The 10% of unknown to victims’ rapists do not approach a woman in the populated public spaces to rape her. They know that cannot be done in public, on the street, in a populated urban space, for the simple reason that the others might announce the police. On the contrary, the unknown to victim rapists usually do it late at night and inside empty spaces, without previously proposing anything to the victims. They do not speak and try to hide their signals as much as possible in order not to be later recognized by the victim. Some of them rape because they are too low on the social scale and can not find a partner. Others rape because of a sadistic psychopathological conformation. In both cases the rapist does not ask for the victim's consent. In the first case, it is useless, because such a person is constantly treated with refusal and doesn’t bother to ask for it anymore. In the second case, the sadist does not need the victim's consent; on the contrary, he has greater satisfaction when the victim shows disagreement.

The second situation is an alarming social phenomenon in underdeveloped countries and consists in kidnapping women on the street for the purpose of trafficking as sex slaves. These kidnappers purpose of conversation initiating is not the initiation of a relationship, but their victims psychologically testing. These pimps want to find out from the conversation if the woman is willing to accept her status as a kidnapped prostitute or will eventually call the police and ask for help. The street conversation approach actually has the role of selection. If such a woman would ask the police for help, this could ruin their "career".

But the paradox is that in these underdeveloped countries, many women are willing to take this risk in exchange for some successful percentage in coupling an older man who could get them out of poverty. Others even prefer the sex slaves’ status. Unfortunately, this is the very purpose of keeping such countries in poverty. In these areas the feminist movement and the initiation courtship proposal revolution exist only in the restricted circles of educated women.

The second paradox of this proposal for the exclusively female courtship initiation is that it came from the developed western countries, especially the USA, where the women kidnapping and forcing into prostitution cases are much rarer. Indeed, in addition to violating the traditional rules of courtship, there is some risk that even in these countries such a "macho" will be a disguised rapist or a pimp. It is normal for the women not to be willing to risk the statistics, even if it is more favorable, and to prefer the negative response to such approaches. Also, pushing the intimacy opening by such an unknown conversation initiator causes frustration into the approached woman. But it is wrong to automatically equate it with kidnapping or rape initiation. Again, this applies only to the case of conversation with a woman initiated by an unknown man in a populated urban space. Such an error is made in the case of equating homosexuality and other libidinal disorders with pedophilia. Studying the statistics and these disorders leads to the correction of these prejudices. In the same way, the study of the sociology of rape convinces normal people that the street woman dating asker for the purpose of couple forming is not a kidnapper or rapist. Of course, this does not mean that she should invariably accept his advances.

2. Approaching a woman in the public space for the initiating courtship purpose can become street harassment in the legal sense of the term if the man continues after he has been refused. Chasing a woman in the public space in order to obtain her telephone number or other contact details is included in the legal criteria of the harassment. The feminist slogan "no = no" is perfectly justified. Also, the man who offends, or physically assaults the woman, after being rejected, is guilty according to the law. But the peaceful street courtship initiation of a woman without verbal or physical violence, and without chasing after she refused, is not sexual harassment. The international laws clearly defines "sexual harassment" by a series of actions such as honking, whistling, making obscene gestures, tracking, physical assault, as here , here , and here.

But, as I mentioned in the previous article, in this video, at minute 01. 45,

we notice that the "sexual harassment" notion is extended to verbal, complimentary or insistent comments, quoting and promoting the vision from the website. According to it, any man who would initiate an emotional approach to an unknown woman by insistent looking, greeting or complimenting could be criminalized as a harasser.

Indeed such a group approaching as happens in the second 34 is abusive. Regardless the preferences, we must admit that a community where the men wait at the street corners and propose loving relationships to passing women, such as the bears in rivers for salmon, is an embarrassing landscape. None of us would like this for the women in our lives, whom we love and respect. However, such a behavior cannot be legally incriminated because no offense has been committed. The argument that the woman feels offended has no legal base because the gesture of courtship initiation, as long as not repeated after the woman’s refusal, does not meet the offenses criteria as described in the law. As I will show in the subsequent articles, this mistake is done due to the female sexual appetite discordance with the partner or certain psychopathological symptoms that accentuate the misperception . Such behavior can only be classified as poor education and lack of elegant manners, but not punishable by law. However, this is ordinary in the metropolis suburbs, where the marginalized ones have settled since their beginnings. Blaming them for the lack of elegant manners is just as jejune as blaming women who agree to go out with a wealthy man and refuse the poor man.

We can agree that in certain conditions, periods and situations such approaches are inappropriate. For example, a man compliment or greeting towards an unknown a woman on an unpopulated, dark street and at a late hour is likely to be perceived as an aggression. Regardless of how well a man is positioned on the social scale, or how suitable he might be for her, such a friendship initiation should be avoided. In such places the rapes and murderous sadists kidnappings happen, as I showed in detail in this article . So the approached woman is blinded by such an experience trauma. Also, a compliment from a toxic boss, who presses down his subordinates, is not the most inspired method of getting close to them. The rapid oscillation between a diminution and raising status evaluation cannot expect that that person should do the same and respond politely to the compliment.

But a peaceful approach of an unknown woman and not following and pressing her in the case of refusal, cannot be criminalized as sexual harassment. In the same way, the "entertainers" or "dancers" jobs from some clubs or dubious spaces cannot be prohibited although are not profitable or not funded from other sources. One can foresee that behind these jobs there is actually the disguised prostitution practiced by some women. But it is almost impossible to distinguish between the abuse and normal behavior. Thus, the legislation will never be able to prohibit the compliment or greeting an unknown woman, without violating the principles of law in general and the human rights in particular. According to the principles of law, these people just cannot be punished for looking at a woman.

If the legislation will not make a clear differentiation between the two situations, then there is the risk of becoming a new Inquisition, punishing unconscious intentions or imagined guilds. Unfortunately, the legislation and the penitentiary system have much larger problems in order to make such a fine differentiation. These institutions do not have the tools of such a differentiation between the two intentions of abusive men and admirers. Putting into practice this extension of the "sexual harassment" notion in the field of legislation would create social tensions and abuses on the non-abusive admiring men.

If someone studies the rape statistics and the sexual harassment law then that person reviews its tendency to incriminate the courtship initiation towards an unknown woman. However, there are three categories of women who support this initiative even if they previously studied these. The first one is the normal, already married women, who want to apply it especially in their own marriage when it comes to initiating sex. Of course, in addition, they do not want to be disturbed in the public space by another man intention of courtship. The second category is that of women who have been emotionally or physically abused, left with the bad test out of these experiences, and that of neurotic-like psychopathological constitution women who suffer from androphobia without having undergone a traumatic experience with a man. Finally, the third one is that of sexual or moral eccentric behavior women, especially the histrionic like exhibitionists or disgused prostitutes that I have analyzed in detail this article and this one . They want to be protected in putting into act the specific abuses to their psychopathological conformity, or to be helped to find a partner who only practices a certain sexual behavior. In general, they are also the most vehement in incriminating the peaceful street courtship initiator as rapist or sexual harasser. Against this measure and for keeping the traditionalist rules, there are two categories of women: the first is the young women who are not part of a couple and ready to experiment until they meet the optimal partner; the other is that of conservative older women who do not accept the courtship initiation in the public space neither for men nor for women, but by no means they do not accept it exclusively by women. Next I will describe each one, starting with the cases of women who support the exclusively female initiative in courtship.

15 decembrie 2019

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation.

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation.

This article continues the previous one

In 2017, the social media networks were shocked by the stories regarding the sexual harassment. It all started from some important Hollywood actresses’ complaints about the film producer Harvey Weinstein behavior towards them. This snowball later turned into an avalanche, revealing a lot of allegations from other sexually harassed women, under the well-known #MeeToo. Some of these allegations are exaggerations. But there were others that proved to be true, as revealed the current social system inability to protect women from the artificial pressures of obtaining consent for intimate relationships. This lack of prevention raised the ball for the 1990s feminism, also called third wave feminism. It argues that the rules of gender relations need to be changed in order to stop the courting messages communication coming from men. More specifically, it argues that an unknown man must obtain consent from a woman for greeting and complimenting her. By extension, it sustain further on the exclusively female initiation of courtship.

In continuation of those published so far , I will publish further on new materials regarding this proposal analysis from the biological, legal, sociological and political point of view. Throughout it I will describe the diverse spectrum of the categories of people who support this revolution of the courtship initiation, the honest or perfidious interests from the people involved in this matter, the conflicts with the legislation and with other social categories, but also the solution that I see in stopping abuses that are often associated with the male initiation of street conversation for courtship. To begin with, I will describe the rules used by the traditional society to avoid such abuses as above, and how they have become obsolete in the contemporary world.

4.1. The traditional rules of courting women and their obsolescence after the contemporary lifestyle.

The human civilization was built by conquering armies that robbed fortresses and raped the women inside. The armed robbery and piracy were considered by Aristotle to be far more respectable than agriculture or trading. But eventually, the robberies and rapes practiced by the conquerors are perceived today as a dark side on the humanity. The male animals sometimes kill babies which are not their own in order to make the females enter the heat again. In people, such loss of children, friends or husband after a siege has led to post-traumatic stress behaviors. The pain produced among the losers led to the defense techniques evolution against such military attacks. They functioned as a result of the military techniques innovations, so that the siege success was guaranteed. After a while the victims were able to find remedies and the military siege worked neither practical nor, especially, emotionally. So progressively the armed robbery itself was seen as a reprehensible act.

But the mass rapes practiced after the cities siege and conquest paradoxically had a positive part at the species level, in the sense that they avoided the marriage between relatives. The more hermetic a community was, the greater the risk of mating between its members, followed by consanguinity problems. The primitive societies could not avoid this problem even with their complicated rules of totemic marriage. In the ancient and medieval times, the risks were even bigger, as a result of the communities’ isolation within the cities defense walls. The result of this hermeticism was that the communities became were populated by with strong blood relatives members. Even if they became distant relative and could marry according to social rules, they carried a great risk of consanguinity. If foreigners were not brought to genetically refresh those communities then they would have stagnated or risked malformations children, a phenomenon specific to repeated crossovers. The aristocracy was especially threatened by such a thing, being an even more hermetic minority to the community in which it developed. Instead of marrying lower members of the community and spread the wealth, the high-ranking families made marriages between cousins of rank 1 or even brother and sister. Because of this, the genetic malformations were more common among aristocrats.

The community's genetic refreshment has become very important, and the Western society has adopted and mitigated it, so not longer produce those emotional disorders specific to the armed conquest. So, the humanity has learned to (re)bring inside the community for mating certain individuals with different social or geographical experience, originating in the robbery culture. There military force policy was abandoned and there were instituted four courtship rules so that the women consent for love should be naturally given, without abuse.

The first of these rules is the man physical, mental and moral compatibility like his attractive qualities such as health, bodily integrity, lack of mental disabilities, generosity, humanism, etc. Initially, the marriages were arranged by the parents. Then the role of parents in arranging marriages diminished, and the choice was made by future spouses between people in the community and professional proximity. At the base of the social pyramid community the two future spouses or lovers first knew each other as citizens and only then as intimate. The second rule is the elegant manner of introducing or the letter of recommendation. It directly derives from the aforementioned flaming need for diversification of the community genetic background consolidated for several centuries. After several such relatives’ crossings between the members of the community and the emergence of the risk of consanguinity, there encouraged this outsider through the introducing policy or the letter of recommendation. That person was simply introduced into a restricted circle of acquaintances or into a small community by another person who guarantees for his moral qualities. Without presentation, the courtship of such a man was risky for a woman. Once introduced, such a person can flirt with an opposite sex person within the group for the purpose of initiating the courtship and creating a couple.

So the need for an outsider "fresh blood" was facilitated by this practice of introducing or the letter of recommendation. Then, the aristocrats became very mobile, paying visits or organizing numerous parties so that the most diverse and geographically distant individuals to know each other. The protocol of presentation to the aristocrats' residences has become very diverse. The marriages between the royal families’ members from the different countries have also reached reasons for alliance. Even in the rudimentary communities a certain outsider appearance arouses curiosity which implies by itself a more rudimentary protocol for introducing from those who know her/him. This rule has remained standing until today.

The third rule is the woman age. A woman could be courted in the past (and so is much of today) only in a certain age segment, namely the premarital one. The traditional societies have put pressure on women to get married, and the generally optimal age for marriage was 17-26 years. In the classical Western culture, those who resisted these pressures risked ending up on the map as witches. After this age and life experience, most women are already in stable relationships and no longer want to be approached by men, or do not want to risk their relationship security. At that time, the courtship was useless and annoying even in the traditional societies, although some women accepted it if were not already in a relationship.

Finally, the fourth rule is the restriction to approach higher social class women. A man can only court a woman if she belongs to the same or a lower social class as his. The exceptions happened in special situations. The marriages or stable relationships between a woman and a lower social status man were possible especially after wars, as the men number of decreased. But in these cases it was no longer a question of courting in the true sense of the word.

These are "pre-courtship" rules but not sure success steps for achieving it. They are just conditions of the courtship starting, and not predetermined behaviors of the couple members within it. The fact that one or several or all of these conditions are met by a man does not mean that he is already courting a woman. These rules make him a potential partner for that woman. These conditions meeting are an eliminatory test for a possible courtship start. If the woman refuses to marry, then these criteria do nothing to help building a couple. Therefore, these rules are only conditions of courtship, meaning that they are necessary but not sufficient for the man to begin courting a woman. In a later article I will show that, in addition to them, there is another set of eliminatory rules that refer to the pre-courting stages , and that only after they are accomplished can the courting can properly begin. The good manners book somehow offers clearer rules within the court, as can be seen on pages 8-9 of this one bellow:

The above last two rules were more clearly stated in the traditional culture. The civilization came to consolidate them with two related institutions. For the third rule, the institution of marriage and of the ring / wedding was created, as a distinguishing sign of the person who is already in a stable relationship. This distinctive sign was intended to avoid such unpleasant situations. For the fourth rule there was created the differentiated clothes. In the past centuries, belonging to such a social class was clearly marked by the clothes worn in everyday life. Coupling members of different classes was practically impossible because the courtship itself was avoided from the start as a result of these signs. In some western countries the purple color was used for exclusively royalty clothing. If a lower class person wore purple clothing, then he or she would be punished by imprisonment. For the fourth rule, the culture itself was consolidated, which focused on dance and music, which facilitated the rapprochement between strangers in peasant parties, banquets or proms for courtship encouragement and the marriage purpose.

The other two were more elusive, but very important. The fact that they were not stated clearly does not mean that they did not exist by default. The third rule facilitates bigger chances of success in courting. An unknown man has been and still is viewed with suspicion by a possible partner, precisely because these plundering societies habits I have mentioned above. An outsider recommended by a basic member of the community is more familiarly treated. The third rule is intended to maintain or lift up the woman social status and reflects the selection standards specific to her female sexuality. The poets or other lovers have been constantly rejected by higher social classes women, even if their feelings have been recorded in history.

Others surprisingly find the fourth rule and look as they have not understood much of human nature or society. There are a lot of videos on the internet that pretend to unveil a supposedly immoral female behavior of different response to the one and the same man courting initiative that first play the base and then the top of the social pyramid. These videos authors want us to believe that they reveal the certain women falsity by falling in love with the material situation. Indeed, when a woman abandons a stable relationship of engagement or marriage (certified by distinctive signs such as the ring) following such a courtship street initiator, she is close to the disguised prostitution I discussed here   . But there is nothing abnormal in these examples given when the woman is not in such a relationship. The refusal of the courtship initiated by the social system base worker and the accepting that initiated by a social system top man, follow these strongly rooted rules in the traditional culture. The problem lies with those who only now discover these rules from the position of inexperienced sociologists.

As we can see, the street courtship initiation is excluded by these traditional pre-courtship rules. But from some time these traditional institutions began to be no longer clear. The contemporary lifestyle brought unexpected changes since the society created them. The social classes are no longer as hermetic as in the past. The cycles of personal motivation can lead to ups and downs on the social ladder within a short period. Belonging to a higher social class does not need to be so clearly advertised, because the social classes are no longer so hermetic. Someone's social status may collapse or increase in short period of time. Under these nowadays conditions, the clothing is no longer a clear indication of belonging to a certain social class. An upper-class man can dress up in grey colors in order not to attract attention and enjoy community living. On the contrary, another one from a lower class can afford to buy a very expensive suit, even if it might be the only shopping for a long time because of the price. So, the clothing is no longer a sure criterion that a potential partner is part of a particular class.

Then, the freedom of movement allowed relocations of people to another places. The result was a huge influx of outsiders for whom no one can guarantee, as unknown. The social media allowed such virtual trips on the internet where the traditional introducing rules were broken under the curiosity of the novelty and the outlandish. The frequent relocations and lack of time specific to the contemporary lifestyle have made the introducing rule generally forgotten. Moreover, even in the case of belonging to a traditional community, this rule is sometimes skipped by unattractive women who are willing for a loving relationship. Under the desire to form a couple, they are willing to take the risk of being approached by a criminal.

Thirdly, the institution of marriage has vanished. The mistrust towards the state institutions causes many to not formalize their relationship, although their lifestyle is identical to that of married people. Moreover, the modern woman marries later, after consolidating her career. The lack of the ring on her fingers can communicate wrong information to the potential emotional closeness initiator, according to this standard. Then, the cosmetic industry and plastic surgery brought even more confusion to this rule. They made the woman age very difficult to determine by the way she looks, as she might look much younger, when this kind of approach is appropriate.

Finally, the very capitalist social system that praises itself for the granted freedom to citizens is a big hoax . In the past, the limits of citizens' liberties were very strict and those who violate them risked certain penalties. Today it is said on paper that the citizen is free to choose, but its choice is influenced by a huge and ruthless propaganda manipulation device. The promised freedom in capitalist societies does not differ much from the force policy of the dictatorial or authoritarian ones of the past. The main difference relies in the consent engineering techniques interposition between the force policy and the refusal, which was later called Public Relations (PR). Where the PR fails, the so-called free countries cheerfully get back to the force politics, using somewhat more sophisticated weapons. These usually do not kill, but cause just enough physical or mental damage, so that the liberties guaranteed by the constitutions of the states seem rather empty words than actual fact.

The application of the various manipulation techniques and consent forcing in the contemporary society is an authority typical abuse that has been applied in the same way regarding the women courtship consent. In the western countries were published many books with different hanging techniques (pick up art), which effectively trample the woman initial refusal to be approached to accept the courtship. Although there are also legal restrictions regarding the street harassment, according to these criminal practices of artificially obtaining consent at the high level of society, some practice them constantly, which has led to the emergence of the feminist slogan #nomeansno.

So these rules can be easily ignored. The traditional restrictions on initiating love relationships are kind of obsolete these days. The direct courting initiation in the public space, especially on the street, without the traditional psycho-moral testing and familiarization, saved time for the building loving relationships. But it also brought many other emotional problems that recently were spoken out. The weakening these rules became the more Casanova type abusers and disguised prostitutes appeared which I described in this article . I showed there that not only men abuse these pre-courting traditional rules. Women also abuse them. In the urban areas there are a lot of parties where the people go daily to spend the free time after the working hours. Some of these parties simulate the party traditional institution, especially for men. In these places are working certain women who intentionally give men the wrong impression that there would be a place for acquaintance of partners in order to create a couple. Their main role is to smile and artificially flirt with men looking for a relationship. Having a huge consumption mechanism behind it, such a woman receives bonuses if convinces such a naive suitor to be as generous and to consume as much as possible. Usually such clubs have high prices on entry or to their products, so we there is a genuine seduction profit gear. In this case, we are talking about a misleading sale of the starting a relationship hope, as the woman that attracts clients is not interested in love relationship with such men, and basically would reject them outside the club.

So the speeding up the time for couple consolidation and breaking the traditional courtship pre-rules has a dangerous side. Whether they come from women, or men, these abusive social phenomena are difficult to counter. There are no specialized institutions for this. It is impossible to distinguish between such a disguised entertainer and a normal client. In countries that do not violate human rights, the authorities partially counteract the Casanova type abusive men in order to prevent them from committing emotional abuse on women. For example, in the Netherlands, an expensive car macho is stopped by cops and asked about his income. But in this way can be identified and identified only those who are not rich and cannot prove where they have the money to purchase these cars. Besides them there are Casanova abusers that can justify their properties very well. They belong to a wealthy family or went through an accelerated social ascension after being very active in the well paid jobs and have earned very well for a certain period. And this type of "vulgar rich" man is exactly the profile of the Casanova abuser. That’s why this measure efficiency only partially works. Moreover, these small obstacles are efficient in countries where abuses of women are rare. But in those countries with frequent abuses like these such measures are not taken at all. This is because the authorities themselves, from the policeman at the base of the system to the politicians and the big social engineers, fully use these behaviors to increase their wealth and liberties.

The feminist movement has taken a stand against these abuses, describing them more or less realistic, and publicly condemning them. The problem has become really alarming and there is a real increasing need for a public debate on this subject. Many women have become emotionally frozen and radicalized after experiencing negative experiences in their past love relationships. They do not want to live such an experience and have come to hate the macho men. Some of them adopt radical positions such as extending the notion of "sexual harassment" or even "rape" to these Casanova-like behaviors, as I mentioned in the previous article , regarding this video, at minute 01.45,

Other feminists do not support the legislative incrimination of the man approaching an unknown in the public space for courtship initiation. They only want the manipulation of the traditional rules regarding the courtship by some additional granted to women liberties, as I have already mentioned in the series of articles started here   . Such a vision promotes the mentality of initiating the first step in loving relationships exclusively by women in all contexts and at any age.

The main problem of this revolution is that the traditional rules are already well consolidated in the collective mind. There cannot be made exceptions only for women regarding the courtship initiation. Anyone who has a traditional mindset will reject the idea of starting the courtship from the position of unknown person for both men and women. Then, there are no legal arguments for incrimination, as I will detail in the next article.

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