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20 iulie 2019

1.3. The concrete solutions to prevent violence against women

1. The sadism inside civilization

1.3. The concrete solutions to prevent violence against women

There are specific cases of sexual major crimes that the social system can directly and effectively stop only by concrete measures. These cases are the sexual killings that happen between relatives or friends, namely, the domestic killings. As the statistics show, sexual offences done by a known to victim perpetrator reach 90%. That percent is the same concerning sexual killings. The social system can not do much in the short term to prevent it. But it still can do something. A psychotherapist along with a social worker could be involved in improving the couples’s relationship in which frequent fights have been reported. The probability that such couple tension will subsequently turn into a murder is very high. It is costly and the efficiency is not guaranteed, but if there is respect for human life, the social system must go for it.

Also, the social system does little or nothing to protect women from their former partners who take revenge in various ways, including murder. In the US or other Western countries there is the restriction order, so that the former aggressive partner is not allowed to approach a particular distance to the vulnerable woman. But such a restriction order is efficient basically against the rattler cursers than for a real revenge murder. It is effective for not killer former partners; the police come in a certain amount of time, and it removes the quarrelsome after the woman has called for help. But if a former partner blinded by jealousy has the true intention of killing his former lover, that person can not even call the police anymore, because he previously committed the murder.

There are psychological and sociological profiles of these jealous murderers. They practice or have been practicing inside the oppressive institutions such as police, army, justice or public services. From time to time some physicians commit such crimes, even though they practice the noblest job. These killings are rarer in the liberal professions case. There are more viable solutions than those for domestic killings to protect women from their former partners’ revenge. Women who broke up with men of such professions should benefit from social services to prevent these tragedies. The measures such as witness protection can also be adjusted in these cases at risk. The relocation, pseudonym usage or total name change for these women are solutions to protect them from their former jealous partners.

In the long term, the situation can be improved by creating a fair social environment. Such a social environment amortizes the criminal psychopathological trends in the society. Unfortunately, the social systems are more interested to maximum profit and the repressive forces strengthening than to the psychotherapeutic goals. That is why I think there is a need for a public debate in which the humanist voices have more involvement. Plus, the results come later, after 20-30 years of humanist education.

The social system can not do much to prevent the domestic killings in the short term. However, there are effective prevention measures in the case of sex killings done by unknown person to victims. The violence and killings by strangers can be truly and effectively prevented through positive discrimination of women. The social system could very easily reduce the number of killings and scabs if it would want to. It is easy to investigate crime against women with the today’s tools. If detailed published, the statistics can describe the sadists thinking and acting way and so to develop institutions and mechanisms to prevent their actions. The relevant institutes that study these behaviors can be public the full statistics not parts of them. These statistics exist and can help us understand how these passionate murderers plan their crimes. I had the example of the FBI in the US , Unfortunately, the relevant data are kept secret, or shared only for some who are not interested in sharing them publicly. This information can directly help us to find solutions so that the women receive benefits that effectively prevent these crimes.

We can achieve effective stopping this scourge effects even with rough tools that we have at our disposal. It is easy to infer that the sexual killings made by an unknown person to the victim happen because women are trapped into unpopulated spaces. These places are usually the elevators, the rural areas, or some unpopulated urban areas, usually in late night hours. The victims are either traced or randomly caught by unknown murderers. They commit murder, thinking that no one would help the victim, nor would observe it, and hold it accountable for their actions. The measures that can be taken to help the alone woman in these situations are not difficult to imagine: as children are transported to school by a public service paid by the town hall, the same can be done with vulnerable women. For example that could be a taxi company funded by the state budget to bring the woman to the door. Such a chauffeur/taxi driver can also fulfill the role of bodyguard, protecting her until entering the home.

There is no other way to eliminate these risks than to bring even greater discrimination against women by not accepting them to work in the late hours or any other profession if they live in rural areas, where they can be raped even in daylight on the poorly circulated roads.

With regard to the prostitutes’ killings, things could be solved by themselves if the prostitution would be legalized and sadistic customers could be monitored and traced. A country such as the United States, India, and many others, including Romania, invoke a false moral impudence issue. These countries actually refuse to legalize the prostitution and to observe and control the sadistic customers. In fact, under the mask of respectability, there is the main interest in protecting these murderers, as I will describe in detail in the next section. Such a guileful excess of false shyness is paid in the blood of thousands of prostitutes who fall victim to the sadists. Moreover, the media culture encourages the prostitute-hidden mentality developed in women by gender, movies and music videos.

Knowing that they are doing a “so called” illicit activity, these women do not report to the police the violence they were subjected to, so the statistics are distorted from the way the institution works. If they report it, they are often ignored and even tamed by authorities (especially by the police officers), as Chi Mgbako * with sentences like, "you deserve much worse", "he wanted to chase you away" or "he wanted to cure your soul". Kari Lerum ** has shown that the complaint against violent clients can bring prostitutes to jail because they practice an illegal job. A study made by a group of Indian researchers*** shows that 54% of physically aggressed prostitutes in India do not report to the authorities, and 36% of them do not talk to anyone about their experience.

*Mgbako, Chi (December 15, 2011). "Police Abuse of Sex Workers: A Global Reality, Widely Ignored";
**Lerum, Kari."Reducing Violence against Sex Workers: What are the policy options?";
***Mahapatra, Bidhubhusan; Battala, Madhusudana; Porwal, Akash; Saggurti, Niranjan (2014-05-20). "Non-Disclosure of Violence among Female Sex Workers: Evidence from a Large Scale Cross-Sectional Survey in India".

The authorities' guileful hypocrisy on the fight against sadism. The sexual sadism is protected by the social sadism

The sexual sadists, with their millions of victims, are still a minority. Besides them, there is a sadistic majority represented by the very top of the social pyramid. They are the social sadists. Their sadism is a kind of professional defect. Sadism in this case manifests itself less sexually, and more socially. Someone gets sadistic with joining this position in the society. Preserving this position and preserving the social class afferent to it depends solely on how its members exert their oppression on others. They have understood from generation to generation that the preservation of power is done through the misery in which others are clogged. The more misery brought in others the bigger their social power, as , I have argued in this article . There is nothing personal, it’s just business ... Jesus had some point when said that “it is easier for a camel to go through the the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into the kingdom of God."

Social sadists fall into depression if they do not see street homeless people or suffering around them. The pleasure of hunting, so booed by the ecological mentality, is the most innocent manifestation of this social sadism. Hunting is applied to animals and has various justifications, such as the animal population control or the food provided to the human population. But the social sadism is a hunt for humans.

If in charge of a dubious social system, the social sadism of some other people may expand exponentially. Their social disaster can be felt globally, affecting us all. Great dictators like Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and many others have launched policies that have killed hundreds of millions of people, are concluding examples for this. In addition to these notorious sadists, the austerity policies assumed by politicians can lead to long-term suicides or illnesses for some people precisely determined by these pressures.

The oppressed ones are willing to execute the oppressors’ orders in exchange for the oppression stopping or a subliminal promise for that. This is the classic slavery profile but also of the salary I have analyzed in this series of articles  .

The social system hides as much as possible these things and this is because, by revealing them, it would put itself into a bad light. The people would doubt on how such a sadist could do his job well or decide well on a political matter within the institution he is leading, or in whose direction is involved, if he himself is a criminal inside the intimate relationships. And that is why the human status of prostitutes is questioned by the authorities. So is their social status.

From the moral point of view, selling love as the prostitutes do is not a clean business. If the prostitution job is also masked, as I have described in this article  then an abuse is also committed. The feminists attempt (especially those practicing masked prostitution) to make it a positive image will inevitably fail. But these women are still people, and they must be treated as such. And people have rights. One of these rights is not to suffer from physical punishment, torture or total arbitrary loss of life to protect the pillars of a sick social system. Regardless the lies in which they hide, they must not become the toys of the protected sadists by a social system that is itself a criminal. Today almost everyone lies through the profession they practice and sells their consciousness and soul for various commodities. The consumerist culture stars sell their love to the public. Others sell their moral conscience to the system, supporting and doing immoral things. Therefore, anathematizing the prostitutes is a measure of justifying this sadism manifested at the cultural level that the top of the social system protects. The exaggerated defamation of prostitutes as under-people is an extreme quite similar to the other one, namely that of trying to clean up their image and exaggerate their respectability. The difference is that is inversely proportional made.

Such an exaggerated defamation resembles the Middle Ages witches accusations that were generally pointed to the unmarried hysterics women. The medieval social system thus accomplished in its characteristic style a purification of marginal individual, among which these hysterics. Their refusal to accept marriage was thus punished and exemplified by many other such possible rebel women. But the torture applied to them as well as to the criminals, as described by Michel Foucault *, sometimes hid the sadistic behaviors of some mighty priests or different powerful people. The witches "punishment" was just putting into act these sadistic symptoms.

The social system protects the sadists primarily because they have remarkable professional qualities. The promise of stepping up in the social hierarchy in which such excesses are tolerated is made in exchange for a maximum endeavor that denotes the new type of slavery . The profit out of the vices of these criminals is huge. Covering up their crimes is part of this promised reward. The unequivocal publication of these statistics implies the imminent deconspiration of these sexual murderers operating modes and a press campaign against them. That would also affect the general society’s image. It would show how unnatural is the mentality of the "American Dream" in our society, which ideologically governs new slavery. This was the case with the famous Romanian pedophile policeman in the elevator that his colleagues covered as much as possible, until the parents started their own investigations.

The secrecy of the authorities on the sadism is obvious. I have seen above the discretion found in the FBI reports  . From this superficial statistics data editing we infer another thing, at least as worrying and frustrating as the sadistic crimes. And this is the social system top tendency to cover these crimes. The social system protects these criminals because they are the system itself. It alarms against these murderers only when the crimes become too odious, more as a propaganda to the public opinion eyes, when the crimes get too visible. It's what happened to the famous doctor Harold Shipman.

Here we can see that these states refusal to legalize the prostitution has in the back exactly this interest to protect colleagues with sadistic vices, and not the so/called social respectability against the impudence. There is a kind of mutual pact between the sadists and the new slavery profiteers, which brings poverty and crime in society. The sexual sadist has orgasm as a result of victim maltreatment as the social sadism is profitable. The motto of this pact is this: "You let me have a sadistic orgasm, I let you make profit". Maintaining the oppression over the social pyramid basis is made using the sadists’ services too. . Making the criminality "useful" is typical for the modern society. As a reward for their services, the system allows sadists to practice a degree of violence against prostitutes. These women play this victim role without fully understanding it. Most of the sadists act violently on them without causing death. But from time to time some of them are allowed to kill, on special occasions, without attracting the attention of public opinion.

The investigations and the punishment for the sadistic people who behaved too visible for the public eye are just warnings for others not to exceed the measure. The system treats these categories of victims as if they would be not relevant or even not existing, which attests its protection intentions for these killers. The serial sadistic killing is not even included in Sadism Disorder or in “Antisocial Personality Disorder" from the famous DSM or ICD mental disorders classification. That precisely shows how complex these manipulation tentacles are, including amongst the professionals. Have they not ever heard of these news headlines for months and even years? Or are they trying to cover up this dramatic social reality under their profession data, fooling us?

The genuine democracies countries with respect for the citizens have taken important steps to protect women from the sadists. But even there the measures taken are not enough. The exception is the Northern European countries where social assistance is crucial. Unfortunately, a country like the United States is investing half its budget in the army, instead of investing it in such social assistants and psychotherapists. Many states overlap with such a description. By such warlike measures, the social system not only that does not provide solutions to solve this widely developed malady but also cultivates it. The measures globally taken are empty words specific to toy politicians.

Such a whopper is the „"Declaration of the Elimination of Violence Against Women"”  emisa in anul issued in 1993 by the United Nations. Such a "statement" is exactly what the title says, that is, an empty word by which those involved have more or less honestly dissociated from these sadistic acts against women. In fact, nothing has been done about it.

Another empty declaration is „"The Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence"” adopted in 2011 by the European Council. In Article 12, paragraph 4 we can read:

" Parties shall take the necessary measures to encourage all members of society, especially men and boys, to contribute actively to reventing all forms of violence covered by the scope of this Convention."

Such a text is a genuine political-populist statement, as if the ordinary citizen were at the institutions direction.

The United States is famous for their pragmatist mentality. Unfortunately, when it comes for eliminating these crimes, the traditional American pragmatism suddenly softens. The US drew up the „"Violence Against Women Act Of 1994"” . There is Chapter 3, "Safety for women in public transit and public parks" (pag. 21). Section 40131 provides some measures to prevent violence in parks such as better illumination, installation of surveillance cameras and emergency telephones. It's really something concrete. But it's still not enough. If these surveillance cameras would be placed in elevators and block stairs, or would perceive the infrared rays to be useful at night, in the spaces between the public transportation stations and home, they could really help in catching the killer. A real attempt to solve the problem would be to prevent him from committing these crimes rather than punishing him after committing them.

Recently, various normative projects have been introduced in the US, such as the refusal to have a firearm for convicted persons for stalking or harassment , or for those who have abused their partners. These legislative measures are a little better than nothing, but they are insignificant. A former partner could be killed by revengeful man with other weapons also.

So, as it is usually the case with conspiracy theories that are not imaginative enough to describe political criminality, also the most radical feminism has failed to conceive the conspiracy that contemporary new slavery wrapped in a democratic hull psychopathologically act against women .

Unfortunately, the radical feminists do not really talk about it. They consume their energy on the so called revolution of the exclusive feminine courting initiative. I have not seen in their rhetoric such requests to the authorities for statistics transparency regarding violence against women, especially for murders. Their street mass protests against the violence on women generally do not take place in front of the FBI headquarters or the police in general, but in inconclusive public places, reinforcing their sometimes hidden sometimes expressed out loud, prejudice, that "All men are rapists." I will return to this topic in the last chapter of this text . In the following article I will also analyze the emotional abuses that especially men but also the women do sometimes.

* Foucault, Michel - " Discipline and Punish"

1 iulie 2019

1.2. The sadists operation mode

1.The sadism inside civilization

1.2. The sadists operation mode

The most vulnerable women to sadistic attacks are the prostitutes, as has been seen in the most bloody sadistic cases in history. The feminist researcher Pilar Rodriguez Martinez *, has quoted a report that showed 204 per 100,000 prostitutes were killed in 2004 in the United States. The next category of women at risk of being killed is those who sell alcoholic drinks, where the ratio is only 4 per 100,000. According to the US Labor Bureau, the most dangerous jobs in 2016  were the loggers with 135.9 deaths per 100,000, fishmen, 86 deaths per 100,000, and aviation industry (pilots and engineers) with 55.5 deaths per 100,000. It may be that the statistics by Pilar Rodriguez Martinez to be exaggerated, considering that she is a feminist, according to the predisposition of feminists to magnified statistics. But even so, the exaggeration involved here can not be that big. First of all, if we look at the serial killers cases outlined in previous article, we notice that the statistics are quite close to the one described by her.

Providing detailed statistics could help us find out how the sadists are operating. Unfortunately, that's what the authorities do not want us to know, and that's how their discretion is kept. In the absence of the authorities’ transparency on this matter, however, we can use imagination and inductive judgment to describe how they operate, without the official data.

First of all, we must take into account that sadists are not impulsive people who lose their temper and kill at random. They are very organized and meticulous people. Many of them have the image of worthy, loving and compassionate people. For this reason no one suspects them for their sick vice. Their ability to hide their crimes is amazing. Only the forensics specialists eventually manage to catch them because they know their psychological profile very well. The doctor Harold Shipman could get away as clean scam if he knew when to stop. Perhaps he would not have been caught if he knew how to use the computer more efficiently.

The prostitutes killing or flagellation is the easiest way to practice sadism. Some of these women work individually and the sadists look like ordinary clients. Due to this profession specific discretion, they have a great deal of freedom to put their own murderous pulsions into practice. Of course, not all the violence acts against prostitutes are caused by the sadism. From these cases there is a certain percentage of violence against prostitutes caused by the price negotiation of the services offered or by the robbery. Some clients become violent because they do not want to pay for the girls' services. But, on the other hand, there are plenty of cases where not the money is the problem but the client's psychopathological constitution itself. We can imagine that such a girl would not struggle to death to keep the money negotiated with such a client who then treats for the money back, or the money she made for several hours after meeting with a robber. Such robberies that degenerate into killings usually happen to men who struggle with the aggressor. Of course there are also women who fight for their goods, but their percentage is naturally smaller. In fact, the prostitutes themselves talked about the violent clients without any reason. I have not found any report provided by the authorities about this issue.

Unfortunately, not only the prostitutes can fall victim to the sadists. Some feminists believe that such a sadist walks on a populated street in the daylight, and pick up women to kill. These feminists are being fooled by some masked prostitutes  who roughly project their own business strategies into the women killings cases. But, in fact, a sadistic does not risk leaving traces and being witnessed by someone. The persecution paranoiacs of or the paranoids I described here have the closest vision of a sadistic profile. But they, like all the feminists, are totally wrong when identifying it with the courtship initiator in the populated space. It is possible for a sadistic to simulate a street pick up guy and address the victim messages such as "Hi! What are you doing babe! ". But this happens only in unpopulated spaces. The sadistic do not risk losing his freedom because of a wrongly chosen victim. Unlike the courtship street initiator who chooses the most beautiful woman, the sadist chooses the least risky woman. It does not matter how she looks, just to be discreet.

The unpopulated places, such as public lifts or toilets, can be used by medical or related sadists to instantly immobilize their victims with inhaling anesthetics. From here they can carry them in different containers to their cars and then transport them to secret places in order to lose track. The distance from the public transport center to home, in late hours or the unpopulated roads is the most risky place for a woman to be raped, beaten, kidnapped, and killed. As true hunters, the sadists walk in the evening, or in the night, in disguise cars, looking for victims with a weak social profile that do not attract attention when they disappear. Like the exhibitionists, they are waiting near the institutions frequented by women. But, unlike them, they are the opposite in discretion. They follow for weeks and even months those women who use the public transport at late hours. Then they follow the bus/tramway/subway until the woman descends.

In other cases, they wait with hours for several days or weeks at a particular station, which is favorable to their sadistic plans, either by kidnapping or by direct killing. They don’t directly jump on it, but first investigate whether someone is waiting for that woman, or if the family members would look for her if missing. From this point of view, the sadistic is at the pole opposite from the courtship street initiator, who chooses the most beautiful. A very beautiful, desirable and sociable woman is the worst victim for the sadistic. The relatives or her boyfriend can start serious investigations and he risks being caught. On the contrary, the perfect victim is the depressed woman, alone or not respected in the community or family. Her missing for a few weeks will go unnoticed, during which the sadist can break down the body and erase all the traces through what he might be caught.

 Dr. Harold-Shipman

The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) reported a total of 260,977 under 21 years women missing in 2017  , and 232,179 males. Also, people with at least 21 years of age missing in the same year are 61,888 women and 96,091 males. The total number of disappearances is 651,226, according to this report. Since 1990, 22,207,217 people have disappeared in the United States by 2017. We can deduce from this that a significant percentage of these missing cases are the work of the sadists. They have kidnapped these people, then killed them and then hid the bodies. Here is how the sadists cause a real carnage annually in the contemporary society.

The FBI's annual crime report also does not provide prostitution profession statistics, as Pilar Rodriguez Martinez declares it to be almost double compared to that of the recognized professions. The objectivity of this feminist researched is to be questioned, but however, since the FBI report does not provide any explanations in this respect leaves serious signs that she is not far from the truth.

Being a specialist in protecting those with eccentric sexual preoccupations, the Romanian Ministry of the Internal Affairs, through the Romanian Police, is extremely discreet in providing relevant statistical data on the missing people. Fortunately (sic!) there are 20 photos of missing children on the Police's website, which give us the idea that this would be their actual number.

In the next article I will try to give examples of simple possibilities to stop sexual sadistic crimes from putting into practice their criminal psychopathological tendencies on women.

* Rodríguez Martínez, Pilar. "An Intersectional Analysis of Intimate Partner Violence and Workplace Violence among Women Working in Prostitution."Revista Española De Investigaciones Sociologicas no. 151 (July 2015): 123-138

18 iunie 2019

1. The sadism inside civilization

Unsade The World

1. The sadism inside civilization

This article continues the previous one

The biggest problem that women at the social pyramid bottom have with some men is not at all the decision of who will initiate the courtship. And it is also not the sexual harassment that some gangsters use in the marginal public space. The biggest problem that women have in the contemporary society is not even the general rape, the one that scares them when are alone in the unknown places. All these abuses leave traces in the heart of a woman. But the biggest problem that women have in contemporary society leaves traces not only in their mental states, but in all the humanity. This problem is the general sadism. The main satisfaction of sadistic persons is to see their victim suffering. The sadism can be associated with the rape, but it can also exist independently by it.

In this article, I propose describing the sadism, making an estimate of the victims’ number that it produces, and identify solutions to stop the sadistic crimes by firm social projects.

a) 1.1. The sadism types

There is a sexual sadism, and s social sadism. In the first case the sadism manifests in relation to a potential partner in which the genital organs are directly or indirectly used. In the other case it is manifested by the satisfaction of the suffering of the peers. In the first case the victims are predominantly women, but in the other case men and women are equally distributed. At the top of the social pyramid there are sexual-sadistic behaviors that appear silently and murderously on women for thousands of years, despite the traditional courtesy that gives women protection and primacy. The sadism is exactly the antipode of this politesse. The agony of the victim causes socially or sexually ecstasy to the sadistic person. The social sadism is generally practiced by a minority, but very strong social elite, against the disadvantaged victims, unable to defend itself against power. The sadistic person justifies its crimes with the famous sentence "It's nothing personal, it's just business". In the case of sexual sadism, the business is replaced by passion, and the sentence changes to "It's nothing personal, it's just passion".

The doctor Harold Shipman (1946-2004) is recognized as the bloodiest serial killer in history. It turned out to have killed 218 people, both women and men, but it is believed that the number of killings would exceed 250.

Between 1975 and 1980, the Englishman Peter Sutcliffe, known as the “Yorkshire Ripper”, killed 13 women. This film was made about his life:

The most dangerous murderer of women in the history of the United States was Gary Ridgway, also known as the “Green River Killer” who killed 48 women between 1982 and 1998. He was hired in the American Army and then practiced religious proselytism , preaching the door-to-door Bible.

In Romania are known the cases of the famous sadists Florea Ramaru, the father who killed 4 women after 1944 (5, according to other sources), and his son Ion Ramaru, who killed 4 women between 1970 and 1971, when he was a student Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest.

These are just a few, because their number is big enough to lose a year studying their styles of killing and personal passions. Who's curious about this issue can check their list here .

At first glance, a total of 400 serial killers for over 7 billion people in global population is not a big deal. The statistics show that it is very unlikely that we will die killed by serial killers. Out of those murderesses, there were many robbers who killed in poor countries, as the murder was the best way to hide their robbery. From this point of view, the fear of sadistic people is as unjustified as the fear of androphobic women being raped in public space in a decent community.

But the sadism does not end at the captured serial killers only. The serial killers are just the iceberg top inside the general sadism. Unfortunately, the sadistic cases are much more numerous than those recorded in the media. Those caught are part of the middle class. Beyond them there are discreet sadistic persons, placed at the top of the social pyramid, that none ever catches them.

One of them is also the most famous sadistic person in history, the well-known Jack The Ripper.

Jack The Ripper is suspected to have been a member of the royal family. The few witnesses to the murders he has committed have declared that they have last seen the victims stepping into a carriage, a noble class item. He also seems to have a grapes fetish as enjoying the sadistic orgiastic experience. Grains or traces of grapes were found at the scene of the murders and on the victims’ bodies. At that time the grapes were once again specific delicacies for the high social classes. Also, the surgical precision of the cuts in his victims’ bodies shows that he used a very accurate instrument in killing them. Then, cutting and extracting the organs from the victim's body showed some medical dexterity, which may indicate the medical studies that this famous sadist had. It is possible that he also have had access to police information through men he controlled, which made some testimonies and even witnesses disappear. This is how, as in the vast majority of murderous sadists, even today it is not known who actually was Jack the Ripper.

The noble murderers are rarely caught. They take drastic precautions because they come from within the judiciary-penitentiary system, or have friends in this social field from which they have learned directly or indirectly not to leave traces behind. Their profiles fit the respectable community members. Some are judges, others are airline pilots, large companies patrons, and apparently especially doctors, in spite of the fact that they practice the most noble profession in the world. They contribute decisively to the progress of society, so it is almost impossible to be replaced. Their reputation is undeniable.

Fortunately, not all sadists kill. There are enough sadists who do not get to killings because their own conscience makes them to self-denunciate, or sometimes commit suicide. This often happens too late, for those who have already committed the killings. But that help the others not commit such acts. The prison is a refuge that paradoxically prolongs their lives, preventing them from becoming serial killers and being caught. Besides the hard core sadism given by those who kill their victims and who are indeed minority, there are also "moderate" sadists who do not practice deadly sadism. They abstain themselves from putting into practice the murderous psychopathological tendencies, or are not yet in that psychopathological level. They are content only to cause ... superficial injuries, and to ... mistreat their victims.

DSM 5 * quotes a statistical study done in Australia showing that 2.2% of men and 1.3% of women said they were involved in sado-maso (especially bondage) or submissive-dominative sex games. I know it looks cynical, but the scars left by moderate sadists on the victim's body seem to me preferable to the killing that the extreme sadists do. Such scars left on the prostitutes faces and bodies are testimonies of their ailing preferences. Some of the disfigured girls receive massive compensation from them.

The most objective statistical and diagnostic tool for mental disorders classification, namely the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), published following a collective study of professionals from the American Psychiatric Association, does not make such a simple differentiation between the flagellation and murderous sadists. However, this treaty is about to make such a difference. It says that the prevalence of sadism in general population is between 2 and 30%, and the presence of sadism in those who have committed sexually motivated killings varies between 35 and 75% *. Such a statistical variation raises questions about the intention or accidents arising from these sexual games, which can lead to involuntary killing.

Consequently, if the DSM does not distinguish between murderous sadism and flagellation sadism, this treaty does not even have enough criteria for them. The sadism is the only libido disorder that does not have such diagnostic criteria in the DSM, knowing that this treaty was the first comprehensive psychopathology treaty to introduce the criteria for a rapid diagnosis. The fifth edition (2013) of this treaty has for sadism, at code 302.84 (F65.52) (page 695), the following pseudo criterion:

"A. Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent and intense sexual arousal from the physical or psychological suffering of another person, as manifested by fantasies, urges, or behaviors.
B. The individual has acted on these sexual urges with a nonconsenting person, or the sexual urges or fantasies cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning."

In the same way, the sadism is described in the 1994 edition (DSM 4), 1980 (DSM 3). In the first (DSM 1, 1952) and the second edition (DSM 2, 1968) sadism is not even described.

The Cambridge website dictionary defines the sadism as :

"SADÍSM s. noun = the activity of getting pleasure, sometimes sexual, from being cruel to or hurting another person."

Also, the Oxford website dictionary says:

"SADÍSM s. noun = The tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.”

So we see that there is not much difference between the definition of beginners and the "professional" description. The authorities’ secrecy regarding the sadism can also be seen in the criminologist reports provided by the institutions for preventing and combating it. The FBI's annual report on criminality in the United States is arguably the most complete, most transparent and easiest to access the world's report on this issue. It contains the detailed statistical data on murders committed on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex and age. But, however, FBI does not publicly show other data, which would be critical for understanding the statistics on murders or non-fatal violence, whose authors are the sadists. We should distinguish from those reports which killings are caused by accidents, which are caused by prolonged physical conflicts and which ones are caused by sadism, that is, other causes than these two.

As can be seen in the Table 16 of this report , the intentional and the unintentional killings are placed in the same column. We can’t figure it up from these statistics which murders are associated with rape and there is no statistic of homicide divided by gender. Also, in this report should be included the urban or rural environment categories (small and scattered communities, with unpopulated spaces) or small versus big cities, where these crimes occur. These data exist, and the FBI even provides a general statistic on the killings in which the victims are men and women. However, percentages by sex are not publicly shown.

But there are some data we can deduce from these statistics. The 2015 FBI Annual Report on women killed in the United States shows that a 93% of the cases the killer was a person known to the victim. We see here a similarity between the statistics of rape and murder. The percentage of unknown criminals is in both cases somewhere around 10% of the general cases.

Out of the 7% murder cases with no previous ties to the victim, some are robberies, and others are sadist murders. There is also sadism in the case of murders that the victims know. The same 2015 FBI Annual report shows that only 16% of the killings are caused by the robbery (committed by an unknown killer to the victim) or the material interests resulting from the murder (committed by a killer known by the victim). Out of the 84% of killings without specific interests, only 64% is due to fights that have degenerated into murder. There are 36% out of those cases that the FBI says nothing about. Some of them are accidents, and others are extreme sadistic murders that have led the victim to the death.

In the Supplementary homicide report released by FBI in 2016, besides these categories, there is also included the intimate relationship between the killer and the victim, meaning wife / lover / former. So we can deduce from these statistics that there can be no accidental killings between ex-husbands or ex-lovers, if they don’t live together anymore. The victim and the killer do not usually live in the same space where the accident occurs. The killer invades the victim's area with the express intention of committing the murder. The interest for the murder is a simple one: the revenge for being dumped, or fights about divorce sharing.

In the next article, I will try to put together these statistics in order to describe how sexual sadists act and how they can be stopped from putting into practice the murderous tendencies on women.

* DSM 5, Editura Medicala Calisto, pag 697.

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16 iunie 2019

Unsade the world! A Study on the Emotional Abuse and the Sexual Crimes and the Reactions towards them

Unsade the world!!

A Study on the Emotional Abuse and the Sexual Crimes and the Reactions towards them


This text was learning in progress and evolution mainly for me, an opening to social situations that we do not usually meet in everyday life. I wrote this text based on a simple online dispute with some buddies, based on the theme of the idea of exclusive female initiating courting. The dispute quickly hit up and even led to irritation and hominem slippage despite my opponents’ level of intelligence and culture far above the media. So this debate with close people, or for whom I of respect, has turned into antipathy and even a fight. I have written this text, however, out of this respect for them. We have a lot more common ideas than divergent. I marched come of them together on the street protests against the police state and the camouflaged dictatorship in which we live, for freedom and dignity. But here is this debate on feminism has taken me away from them. After some time I felt that my arguments were not strong enough and I tried to look for new evidence for what I said, with the help of friends who were born or live in the Wester countries, where the feminism already has an important tradition.

Initial am dorit o sistematizare a acestor idei si o detaliere a lor altfel decat in cadrul restrans al unei dezbateri. Eram convins ca in cateva articole voi termina acest proiect. Pe masura ce cautam dovezi si surse acest studiu s-a diversificat ajungand la un numar de peste 150 de pagini. Probabil ca unele date mi-au scapat ala ca voi modifica acest text pe masura ce voi afla altele noi. Asa ca ii rog pe cei ce dispun sa-mi trimita noi date, idei, materiale de orice fel care imi poate imbogati orizontul legat de tema feminismului. Trebuie sa recunosc ca acest studiu nu cred ca e terminat nici acum. Sunt convins ca voi reveni la el peste ani si ani. E un proces in continua schimbare. Schimbarile decurg din modul in care compromisurile facute de societatea actuala se modifica.

Initially, I wanted a systematization of these ideas and getting into more detailed level, other than in the narrower context of a debate. I was convinced that this project will take only some articles. As I looked for new evidences and sources, this study has diversified to more than 150 pages. Probably there are plenty of data that I have not reached yet, so that I will modify this text as I get in contact with new information. So I kindly ask those who have this opportunity to send me new data, ideas, materials of any kind that can enrich my horizons related to the theme of feminism. So, from the very beginning I have to admit that this study still does not seem to be done yet. I'm sure I will return to it over in the future. It is a constantly working in process. Its changes directly arise from the way in which the compromises made by the current society are changing.

So the chapters numbering of the English translated text does not coincide with that of the original text written in Romanian. Probably the non-Romanian readers were already bored with the "English version soon" with which I began this series of articles, a promise that I didn’t m meet for over a year. But the advantage of translating a post-scriptum text is that it can finally get all these things together and organize it more efficiently.

The feminism as humanism

Until I wrote this study, I had indirectly known the feminism, through several mentions written by various theoreticians. It is not enough to understand the extent of such a vast and popular ideology. Just as the poetry that loses its accuracy through translation, or just like the copy that loses the original details, in the same way the theories known through intermediaries also lose their authenticity. Especially with the feminism, as there are many interests of its defamation. So I have intensely documented for more than a year with facts and opinions on the subject. And here I am finally able to say that I can make a documented and reasoned opinion on feminism directly from studying it.

I wrote this study first for myself. The feminism is needed in order to decrease the sexual crimes and emotional abuses against women. Men are less likely to face this, so it is not a big problem for them. So I wanted to see through this study what is the limit between what is socially justified and what is unjustified in the feminists’ demands. The victims do not always choose the best political solutions to solve their problems. Therefore, over time, within the feminism, there emerged an extremist, psychopathological faction. Some feminists’ political demands hide psychopathological elements that require rather psychotherapy than political solutions. That is why I felt the need to put a spot on all the feminism in general in order to establish a boundary with safe, scientific criteria between what is politically and sociologically justifiable, and what is rather psychopathological in its demands. The first case is the subject of the, as I called moderate feminism , and the second case is the subject of the radical, extremist feminism.

Initially, I was a virulent opponent of this radical feminism, especially where I found aggression in language and behavior towards people who had done nothing bad, but which they considered aggressors. I have often responded ironically to ad hominem arguments from those who adopt radical positions. But, writing this study, and observing the sadistic conspiracy against women, I tempered this position. Through this study I’ve got closer to my opponents’ position. So I have come to create unbeatable arguments myself for the theoretical position of my opponents that I had previously fought against. And that's how I got closer to them than I was before.

Everyone who has concrete information and has the freedom and dignity as moral values reaches this point. The moment I tried to bring evidence about feminist exaggerations on the statistics of women rapes and murders, I found a dubious secrecy from the authorities. So I have deduced from here and from other social realities that there is indeed a conspiracy against weak women made by the social system, as detailed in this article . As I kept informing I saw that many of the fears that these women showed are actually well-founded. So I later came to appreciate as objectively justified some fears that I previously considered as neurotic phobias.

The feminism as a reaction towards the crimes against women

The sadistic criminality is mainly hidden from public eye. The authorities’ refusal to make public the statistics for killing without a clear reason, such as robbery or inter-marital conflicts, demonstrates this. From time to time, the press yells on the discovery of a mutilated woman body. The author of the crime is usually unknown, even after the victim is identified. In most of these cases nobody had any typical interest in killing those women. So there is a serious suspicion that the luxury sadists are discreetly protected by their world governing partners, namely the social sadists. The refusal to place the serial killers in the most objective instrument of statistical and diagnosis of mental disorders, the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), published by the American Psychiatric Association, reinforces this suspicion. Virtually the authorities want to truly blind us and convince us that the serial major crimes on women are rare phenomenon, that nobody should bother on to study.

From my experience with how the behind curtain governors create social engineers , I can say that the lack of clear efforts and concrete results for the prevention of domestic criminality has exactly the same role to camouflage the murderous sadism towards which the maximum profit society is headed for. The serial killers cause public outrage and keep the news headlines for months; but this collective memory is transformed into banality and camouflaged by the numerous domestic crimes, whose mob is the marital conflict. The more such domestic crimes, the more so is straightened the social illusion that the murder sadism actually would not exist or would only exceptionally happen.

The feminism (whether moderate or extremist) asks for more clear actions from the society. The equality of rights between men and women, as demanded more than a century ago (the first wave feminism), and which the anti-feminists often refer to, is no longer enough. It is ineffective as the women face unjustified dangers to their sexual role. The crimes against women will be found in the future in the psychopathological background of our children and grandchildren. The women and the men are not separate entities. Each of us are different variants of the same species: the human species. Tolerating these crimes is equivalent to tolerating the crimes against ourselves. So it is a task for all of us to try to heal the future society. Even those that have such morbid sexual tendencies must disagreeably mobilize against their malicious passions and try together to cleanse the human species from the sadism. We all have to be feminists! To counteract these disadvantages, women need positive discrimination and that is more social protection according to their specific needs and dangers that are facing.

The dictatorial risk of radical feminism

The general feminism is not limited to fears but it also involves the political measures to eliminate these fears. And here come the troubles. These social solutions will never be enough for those who have lived or inherited such traumas. If the dangers against women would suddenly disappear, and society would be fair, these women would still not feel safe. The crimes against them for centuries have left traces that can not be erased by any general social measures, but by an individual revolution.

So I did not go that far as to totally agree with my debate opponents from whom I started this study. The radical feminism has some neurotic, paranoid or sadistic manifestations itself so that they have to be resolved differently than changing the rest of society according to these psychopathological symptoms. Therefore, as far as the political justification of certain measures proposed by radical feminism , is concerned, I still remain its opponent. I do not do this for a radical antagonism with those who adopt such position, but for strengthening the general feminism itself. In fact, the whole general feminism sometimes is seduced by some radical attitudes and ideas, although, as I will point out in the text, between the moderate and the radical sides, there conflicts often arise.

I have come to the conclusion that being a bitter adversary even against the radical feminism means having some general anti-feminist tendency. I subscribe to moderate feminism (as I have described it below) since I can remember, without yet knowing that it exists, as a global movement. I support the political over-advantaging women (positive discrimination) to counteract the disadvantages that usually lead them to become victims. And, as long as I will be fighting for a better world, I will remain a feminist. That’s why I will try to adopt a slightly more neutral attitude towards its radical variant. But I can’t ignore the fact that the reality is that the excesses of radical feminism negatively affect the moderate one image, despite the fact that it draws better the attention towards the awareness of the problems women face. But these manifestations can only be sustained only on a provisional basis.

There is a disguised trap that the women's safety luxury criminals lure the radical feminism militancy into. As looking to hide the real horrible crimes produced by the sadists they protect, they are willing to accept the exaggerated demands of radical feminists. Because many of these demands actually do not affect much their moderate or murderous sadistic plans. Instead of dealing with finding those who govern and orchestrate the society from the shadow, those extremist feminists waste their time in unnecessary wars with ordinary conservatives, against more or less harmless men whom they see as sexual harassers and rapists.

By accepting such radical demands, the real criminals who rule the world give them the impression that they would support them in women's achieving more protection rights. But if, hypothetically, the rule of the exclusively female initiation of courtship proposal would be admitted as a law, still that would not prevent at all the biggest enemies of women, namely the sadistic ones, to satisfy their vices further on. This norm was originally proposed by radical feminism, and then accepted by the moderate and by a large part of the society precisely for the reason mentioned above.

From the theory of exclusively female courting initiation, there have been a few extreme things unjustifiably hidden under the veil of "political correctness." The practice of "political correctness" is justified for certain categories of socio-cultural disadvantaged people. It is a form of elegance towards these people to improve their state of marginalization or social suffering due to persecution by a privileged group. It can become a mandatory rule there where the pain caused by the historical reality to a minority is very big. For example, a provoking action on the members of the Jewish community with ostentatious use of a spray, or on the black community to justify the slavery to which their parents have been subjected, is offensive. The laws of the different countries punish the offense. But there is nothing offensive about being a woman and that statistically speaking most of the women have a disability in assimilating the traditional masculine specializations like the technology or the physical exercise. The fact that the women catch cold more easily than men, or that they do worse in driving cars or sports performances does not and should not be subject to "political correctness". No woman died or suffered from the fact that the men went hunting and used these tools more. On the contrary, women could specialize on less risky activities during the history. This is a socio-cultural specialization of gender. If the women specialize in shopping, decorating, and emotional relationships, that does not mean there is any disability.

Of course, some women can break the statistics. Those who try to limit their access to resources to assimilate specific male domains must be held accountable. But if you do not manage to compete with men in these specific male specializations, it's not because of the social oppression by which the man would generally exploit the woman and would not recognize her merits. It is not your husband’s fault that you as a woman scratch the car trying to park it where he can without scratching it and you don’t. There is no masculine conspiracy here, but just a paranoid symptom without any evidence. The "political correctness" should not support psychopathological symptoms of imagined victimizations, but only real victims. If it would become a mandatory rule in order to cover up some psychopathological symptoms, we are already in the realm of dubious exaggerations.

I was reading at some point, I do not remember where, how a man was sued by a radical feminist (in a Western country, perhaps the US) for giving her the seat on a public transportation. She interpreted even the "political correctness" gesture as an offensive, namely that women would be perceived as a disabled person. Who has experience with obsessional psychopathology can recognize this gesture in the strange actions with which the obsessional persons torture their relatives. That's what radical feminists want to do with society. The family can accept this endless game of its member's obsessions mobility. But not the society. However, eventually, the family gets enough of so many rituals and rules imposed by its obsessional member and sends it to the psychotherapy.

The society does not have to wait until that point. It should draw the radical feminism attention to the fact that the rules they want to impose are not at all "political correctness." Their requirements are far too political. There are some women who do not feel like women, and that offends them before they offended by someone who offers them its seat. The problem is their own self-perception. There are women who manage to defeat many men in specific male jobs, such as lifting up the heavy weights or screwdriving. But that does not necessarily mean that all women must be like this. The claim that a woman can compete with men in the traditional-male activities must first be individually demonstrated and not given as a gift.

In this case, the "political correctness" risks becoming a dictatorial attitude of evidence denial. These exaggerations are not yet a danger. The radical feminists have no power to impose a dictatorship. But they can remain entangled in such dictatorial militancy. And the signs are more and more visible. If you work in a state-funded or in many private companies institution in the US, and say that women perform worse than men in certain domains, you risk losing your job. Women's safety does not increase if we accept ideas that the woman would be as effective as men or even more effective in specific male jobs. Most women do not want to confront or compete with men in such fields. If there are some women who want to prove the opposite, it does not mean that all women feel represented by them. So their demands are based on the playing skills equality are not important for the main issue.

Unfortunately, for fear of repercussions, the most visible views in the public space against these ideas are those of comedians, misogynists and dissidents who choose an alternative life than the official one. The comedians can not be taken seriously because they change their rhetoric depending on the comical force of arguments. The misogynists are anti-feminists in general, rejecting all the feminist militancy. It is worth mentioning here Karen Straughan, perhaps the most vertical critique of feminism, paradoxically as she is a woman. But she also exaggerates when sometimes sees the feminism in somewhat gloomy colors, and fails to point out some real weaknesses of radical feminism.

The autoanalysis

The psychopathological descriptions I have made throughout this study of radical feminism must not be taken as a war declaration, even if we are often in divergent positions. As a psychopathology passionate, I’ve got long time ago over the common mentality that for thousands of years uses the ad hominem argument "you are crazy!" for the debate opponents. For me, the "madness" is not automatically equivalent to ideological error. The fact that a person has a mental disorder does not mean that its judgment is false. On the contrary, the most prolific ideas appear on a certain psychopathological background. I wanted in this text to attract especially the hysteroids to self-analysis. Solving their own conflicts and anxieties should not be outward, political, but inner, psychotherapeutic, self-analytical.

Women who feel close to radical feminism are particularly in need for psychotherapy. We all need a psychoanalyst or a supervisor to give us a different perspective on our own minds than it can offer itself. But some need this more than others, as their main purpose of life risks to become wrong way militancy. And, I have shown throughout the text why some of their demands are impossible to put into practice. Without a balanced judgment, with psychopathological issues involved in, the political demands may be inappropriate. Their social activism for a better world can only bring them the satisfaction of being taken accountable and leaving a better social inheritance to the future generations of women. But after the euphoria of applying some more effective political measures to protect women, the marginalization state will be back into their souls. That's why I believe it needs first of all psychotherapy and only then the viable political solutions.

That is why, with this text, I proposed a general and discreet psychoanalytic incursion into their own minds to excite their appetite for self-analysis (and eventual attraction of them to the second noble profession in the world, the psychotherapy) rather than a marginal militancy, to which the whole feminist movement itself does not adhere. I tried to be the initiator of their own individual self-analysis that each of us must do, namely a partner of spiritual evolution. For both the feminists and antifeminists, I have psychologically broken a millenary classical society psychical resistance that has been structured and crystallized in the modern mentality. Their availability for interpretation is exceptional. They only need popperian self-censorship of interpretations (the theory of resistance truth to the falsifying test), as well as a better familiarization with the dynamics of the psychic.

Well, this is the introduction. Now let’s get into details about the major sexual crimes in this article!

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19 mai 2019

Sa desadizam lumea! Studiu asupra abuzurilor emotionale si crimelor sexuale si a reactiilor fata de ele

Sa desadizam lumea!

Studiu asupra abuzurilor emotionale si crimelor sexuale si a reactiilor fata de ele


Cand citim un text ceva mai lung, primul lucru de care dam e prefata. Dar introducerea sau prefata unui text se face dupa ce s-a terminat textul. Ea trebuie sa fie o rezumare a textului sau a modului sau in care s-a consolidat pe parcursul avansarii in studiu. Desi intr-un document oficial ea trebuie sa fie prezentata prima, redactarea se face abia la sfarsitul studiului. Abia atunci autorul poate face un rezumat al sau. De aceea o public ultima pe aceasta platforma teoretica in ordine cronologica, pentru ca insusi textul a fost unul ce a evoluat neasteptat, prin pasi marunti. (Totusi aceasta introducere va fi publicata prima in varianta tiparita sau tradusa a acestui text. ) Nu as fi putut-o scrie la inceput.

Acest text a fost o invatare si o evolutie pentru mine insumi, o deschidere la situatii sociale care nu se intalnesc in viata de zi cu zi. Am scris acest text pornind de la o simpla disputa in mediul online cu cativa amici, pe baza tematicii propunerii de initiere exclusiv feminina a curtarii. Disputa s-a aprins repede si a condus chiar la alunecare spre iritare si derapaje add hominem, in ciuda oponentilor mei care aveau un nivel de inteligenta si cultura cu mult peste media. Si iata cum o dezbatere cu oameni apropiati, sau fata de care am respect, s-a transformat in antipatie si chiar un iz de cearta. Am scris acest text totusi si din acest motiv al respectului pentru ei. Am mult mai multe idei comune cu ei decat cele divergente. Cu unii am marsaluit impreuna pe la proteste impotriva statului politienesc si dictaturii camuflate in care traim, pentru libertate si demnitate. Dar iata ca aceasta dezbatere pe tema feminismului m-a dus departe de ei. Dupa un timp am simtit eu insumi ca argumentele mele nu-s suficient de solide si am incercat sa caut noi dovezi pentru cele spuse, cu ajutorul unor prieteni care s-au format sau traiesc in occident, acolo unde feminismul are deja o traditie importanta.

Initial am dorit o sistematizare a acestor idei si o detaliere a lor, altfel decat in cadrul restrans al unei dezbateri. Eram convins ca in cateva articole voi termina acest proiect. Dar, pe masura ce cautam dovezi si surse acest studiu s-a diversificat ajungand la un numar de peste 150 de pagini. Probabil ca unele date mi-au scapat ala ca voi modifica acest text pe masura ce voi afla altele noi. Asa ca ii rog pe cei ce dispun sa-mi trimita noi date, idei, materiale de orice fel care imi poate imbogati orizontul legat de tema feminismului. Asa ca trebuie sa recunosc ca acest studiu nu cred ca e terminat nici acum. Sunt convins ca voi reveni la el peste ani si ani. E un proces in continua schimbare. Schimbarile sale decurg direct din modul in care compromisurile facute de societatea actuala se modifica.

A trebuit sa schimb inclusiv numerotatia, in sensul ca primele articole se doreau a fi de sine statatoare. Pe masura ce textul s-a largit, ele au devenit niste capitole, cu sectiuni de argumente in privinta a ceea ce era initial un paragraf de afirmatii nesustinute de dovezi stiintifice. Un astfel de exemplu este dat de articolul al doilea si al treilea, numerotat cu 2. si 3 initial, dupa cum se vede din insusi linkul automat generat de codurile site-ului in care le-am publicat. Desigur, si articolul 1, si articolul 2 si 3, la care se adauga sectiunea 4.5. din capitolul 4, trebuiau puse in acelasi capitol, cel al crimelor si abuzurilor majoritar comise de barbati impotriva femeilor, si minoritar comise de femei impotriva barbatilor. Acest lucru va fi facut intr-o eventuala editie tiparita a acestui text, si sigur in traducerea sa in limba engleza de care deja am inceput sa ma ocup. De aceea, numerotarea capitolelor textului tradus nu va coincide cu cea a textului original scris in romana. Probabil ca cititorii nevorbitori de romana s-au plictisit de „English version soon” cu care imi incepeam aceasta serie de articole, promisiune care a ramas neonorata mai bine de un an. Insa avantajul traducerii postcriptum a unui text este acela ca se pot finalmente cizela toate aceste lucruri si organiza eficient.

Feminismul ca umanism

Pana sa scriu acest studiu am cunoscut feminismul indirect, din cateva relatari scrise de diferiti autori. Nu e de ajuns pentru a intelege amploarea unui curent ideologic atat de vast si de popular. La fel ca si poezia care isi pierde acuratetea la tradus, sau la fel ca si copia care pierde din detaliile originalului, in acelasi fel teoriile cunoscute prin intermediari isi pierd si ele din autenticitate. Cu atat mai mult se intampla cu feminismul, in conditiile in care exista multe interese de defaimare a sa. asa ca m-am documentat intens mai bine de un an cu fapte si opinii pe aceasta tema. Si iata-ma acum la final pot spune ca pot sa imi sustin o opinie documentata si argumentata despre feminism din studiul lui direct.

Am scris acest studiu in primul rand pentru mine insumi. E nevoie de feminism pentru incetarea crimelor sexuale si abuzurile emotionale impotriva femeilor. Barbatii se confrunta mai rar cu asa ceva, asa ca pentru ei nu e o problema. Asa ca am vrut sa vad prin acest studiu care este limita intre ceea ce feministele cer in mod socialmente justificat si ce este nejustificat. Pentru ca victimele nu aleg tot timpul cea mai buna solutie politica pentru rezolvarea propriilor probleme. De aceea, de-a lungul timpului in interiorul feminismului a aparut o factiune extremista, psihopatologica. Cerintele politice ale unora dintre feminste au in ele elemente psihopatologice ce au nevoie de psihoterapie si nu rezolvari politice. De aceea am simtit nevoia sa pun sub lupa intreg feminismul in general pentru a stabili o granita cu criterii sigure, stiintifice intre ceea ce este justificabil din punct de vedere politic si sociologic, si ceea ce este mai curand psihopatologic in cerintele sale. Primul caz face obiectul feminismului moderat , iar cel de-al doilea caz face obiectul feminismului radicalextremist.

Initial am fost un adversar virulent al feminismului radical, in special acolo unde am gasit agresivitate in limbaj si comportament fata de oameni care nu le facusera nimic dar pe care ele ii considerau agresori. Am raspuns deseori ironic la argumente de tip ad hominem venite din partea celor care adoptau pozitii radicale. Dar, scriind acest studiu, si observand conspiratia sadicilor impotriva femeilor, mi-am nuantat eu insumi pozitia asta. Prin acest studiu m-am apropiat de pozitia adversarilor mei. Asa ca am ajuns sa creez eu insumi argumente imbatabile pentru pozitia teoretica a oponentilor mei pe care anterior o combatusem. Si in felul asta m-am apropiat mai mult de ei decat eram inainte.

Oricine se informeaza concret si are libertatea si demnitatea ca reper moral ajunge la asa ceva. In momentul in care am incercat sa aduc dovezi despre exagerarile feminismului privind statistica violurilor si uciderilor cu victime femei, am gasit o secretomanie dubioasa la autoritati. Am dedus de aici si din alte realitati sociale faptul ca exista intr-adevar o conspiratie impotriva femeilor slabe facuta de sistemul social, dupa cum am detaliat in articolul acesta . Pe masura ce ma informam, am descoperit ca cele mai multe dintre temerile pe care aceste femei le afisau sunt de fapt intemeiate. Asa ca ulterior am ajuns sa apreciez ca temeri justificate obiectiv o buna parte din ceea ce ceea ce inainte de acest studiu consideram a fi fobii nevrotice.

Feminismul ca reactie la criminalitatea impotriva femeilor

Criminalitatea sadica e ascunsa opiniei publice. Refuzul autoritatilor de a prezenta statisticile cu ucideri fara motiv clar precum talharia sau conflictele interconjugale, arata acest lucru. Din cand in cand presa vuieste in urma descoperirii vreunui cadavru mutilat. Autorul crimei e de obicei necunoscut, chiar si dupa ce este identificata victima. In cele mai multe din aceste cazuri nimeni nu avea vreun interes tipic sa ucida acele femei. Asa ca planeaza serios suspiciunea ca sadicii de lux sunt discret protejati de catre partenerii lor de guvernare a lumii, si ei niste sadici sociali. Refuzul de incadrare a criminalilor in serie in cel mai obiectiv instrument de statistica si diagnoza a tulburarilor mintale, DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), editat de Asociatia Psihiatrilor Americani, intareste aceasta suspiciune. Practic autoritatile vor sa ne prosteasca in fata si sa ne convinga ca criminalitatea in serie cu victime femei este un fenomen rar, neglijabil ce nu trebuie studiat.

Din experienta mea cu modul in care guvernantii din umbra creeaza inginerii sociale , pot spune ca lipsa de eforturi clare si rezultate concrete pentru impiedicarea criminalitatii domestice are exact acelasi rol spre a camufla sadismul ucigas catre care se indreapta societatea concentrata spre profit maxim. Ucigasii in serie provoaca indignare publica si tin capul de afis al stirilor pentru cateva luni; insa amintirea aceasta colectiva este transformata in desuet si camuflata prin multitudinea crimelor domestice, al caror mobil este conflictul conjugal. Cu cat mai multe astfel de crime, cu atat se creeaza astfel iluzia sociala cum ca sadismul ucigas nu exista de fapt, sau exista in mod exceptional.

Feminismul (fie moderat fie extremist) are nevoie de militantism mai vizibil din partea societatii. Egalitatea in drepturi intre barbati si femei, asa cum era ceruta in urma cu peste un secol (primul val de feminism), si pe care o invoca si astazi antifeministii, nu mai e suficienta. Ea este ineficienta in conditiile in care asupra femeilor pandesc pericole nejustificate cu rolul lor sexual. Crimele impotriva femeilor se vor regasi in viitor in fondul psihopatologic al copiilor si nepotilor nostri. Femeile si barbatii nu sunt entitati separate. Fiecare suntem variante diferite ale aceleiasi specii: specia umana. A tolera aceste crime este echivalent cu a tolera crimele impotriva noastra insine. Asa ca e sarcina noastra a tuturor sa incercam sa vindecam societatea viitorului. Inclusiv cei cu astfel de tendinte trebuie sa se mobilizeze discordant fata de pasiunile lor maladive si sa incercam impreuna sa curatam specia umana de sadism. Toti trebuie sa fim feministi! Pentru a contracara aceste dezavantaje, femeile au nevoie de discriminare pozitiva, adica de o protectie sociala superioara conform cu nevoile si pericolele specifice lor.

Riscul dictatorial al feminismului radical

Feminismul in general nu se limiteaza doar la temeri ci si la masuri politice pentru a elimina aceste temeri. Si aici apar problemele. Aceste solutii nu vor fi niciodata suficiente pentru cele care au trait sau mostenit astfel de traume. Daca dintr-o data pericolele asupra femeilor ar disparea, si societatea ar fi una echitabila, aceste femei tot nu s-ar simti in siguranta. Crimele impotriva lor facute de secole au lasat urme ce nu pot fi sterse de catre masuri sociale generale, ci de o revolutie individuala.

Asa ca nu am mers pana acolo incat sa le dau intru-totul dreptate oponentilor mei de dezbatere de la care am pornit acest studiu. Feminismul radical are in el unele manifestari nevrotice, paranoide sau sadice care trebuie sa aiba o altfel de rezolvare decat schimbarea restului societatii conform acestor simptome psihopatologice. De aceea, in ceea ce priveste justificarea politica a anumitelor masuri propuse de feminismul radical, am ramas in continuare un adversar al sau. Nu fac lucru asta pentru o dusmanie radicala cu cele ce adopta aceasta pozitie, ci pentru intarirea feminismului in general. Pentru ca intreg feminismul in general cocheteaza uneori cu unele atitudini si idei radicale, desi, dupa cum se va vedea in text intre moderate si radicale apar deseori conflicte.

Am ajuns la concluzia ca a fi un adversar inversunat chiar si a feminismului radical inseamna a avea o oarecare ranchiuna antifeminista in general. Subscriu la feminismul moderat (asa cum il descriu mai jos) de cand ma stiu, fara inca sa stiu ca exista, ca miscare globala. Sustin supraavantajarea femeilor (discriminarea pozitiva) pentru a contracara dezavantajele care le duc in postura de a fi victime. Si, atata timp cat voi milita pentru o lume mai buna, voi ramane un feminist. Din aceasta cauza, voi incerca sa iau o atitudine ceva mai neutra inclusiv fata de varianta sa radicala. Insa nu am cum sa nu observ ca realitatea este ca excesele feminismului radical ii afecteaza si celui moderat in mod negativ imaginea, in ciuda faptului ca atrage atentia mai bine decat el spre constientizarea problemelor cu care se confrunta femeile. Dar, aceste manifestari pot fi intemeiate doar provizoriu.

Exista o capcana intinsa discret tocmai de calaii de lux ai sigurantei femeilor in care militantismul feminismului radical poate cadea. In incercarea de ascundere a adevaratelor crime oribile produse de sadicii pe care ii protejeaza, acestia sunt dispusi sa accepte cerintele exagerate ale feministelor radicale. Pentru ca multe din aceste cerinte nu le afecteaza planurile lor sadice moderate sau ucigase. In loc sa se ocupe cu gasirea celor ce guverneaza si orchestreaza societatea din umbra, ele isi pierd timpul in razboaie inutile cu conservatorii de rand, cu barbati mai mult sau mai putin inofensivi pe care ele ii vad ca hartuitori sexuali si violatori.

Acceptand astfel de cerinte radicale adevaratii criminali ce guverneaza lumea le dau inselator impresia ca le-ar sprijini in demersurile de protectie superioara pentru femei. Dar daca, sa zicem, regula initierii exclusiv feminine a curtarii ar fi declarata lege, asta nu i-ar impiedica deloc pe cei mai mari dusmani ai femeilor, respectiv sadicii, sa-si manifeste in liniste si de aici incolo viciul. Aceasta norma a fost propusa initial de feminismul radical apoi acceptata si de cel moderat si de o buna parte din societate exact din motivul invocat mai sus.

De la teoria initierii exclusiv feminine a curtarii s-a ajuns la cateva lucruri extreme ascunse nejustificat sub mantia „corectitudinii politice”. Practica „corectitudinii politice” este justificata fata de anumite categorii de oameni defavorizati socio-cultural. Ea este o forma de eleganta fata de acesti oameni pentru a le ameliora starea de marginalizare sau suferinta sociala datorata persecutiilor exercitate de un grup privilegiat. Ea poate deveni o norma obligatorie acolo unde durerea pricinuita de realitatea istorica acestei minoritati este foarte mare. De exemplu o actiune de provocare asupra membrilor comunitatii evreiesti cu ostentativa folosire a unui spray, sau a comunitatii negrilor prin actiuni de justificare a sclaviei la care au fost supusi parintii lor, este ofensator. Legislatia diferitelor tari pedepseste ofensa. Dar nu e nimic ofensator in faptul ca esti femeie si ca, statistic vorbind, ai un handicap in asimilarea unor domenii traditional masculine precum tehnologia sau exercitiile fizice. Faptul ca femeile racesc mai usor decat barbatii, sau ca se descurca mai greu cu condusul masinilor sau cu performantele sportive nu face si nu trebuie sa faca obiectul „corectitudinii politice”. Nicio femeie n-a murit sau n-a avut de suferit de pe urma faptului ca barbatii au iesit la vanatoare si au folosit mai mult aceste instrumente. Dimpotriva, ea s-a putut specializa pe activitati ceva mai putin riscante. Asta e o specializare socio-culturala de gen. Daca femeia e specializata pe cumparaturi, decoratiuni si relatii afective asta nu inseamna ca ar fi vreun handicap.

Desigur, anumite femei pot sparge statistica. Cei care incerca sa le limiteze accesul la resursele asimilarii unor domenii specific masculine trebuie trasi la raspundere. Dar daca tu nu reusesti sa concurezi cu barbatii in aceste domenii specific masculine, asta nu e din cauza oprimarii sociale prin care barbatul in general ar exploata femeia si nu i-ar recunoaste meritele. Nu e de vina sotul ca tu ca femeie incerci sa intri cu masina pe acolo unde el poate fara sa o zgarie iar tu o zgarii. Nu e nicio conspiratie masculina aici ci doar un simptom paranoid fara acoperire de fapte. „Corectitudinea politica” nu trebuie sa sustina simptome psihopatologice ale unor victimizari inchipuite ci doar victime reale. Daca ea tinde sa devina norma obligatorie pentru a acoperi niste simptome psihopatologice, deja ne aflam pe taramul exagerarilor dubioase.

Citeam la un moment dat, nu mai stiu pe unde, despre cum un cetatean a ajuns sa fie dat in judecata de catre o feminista radicala (intr-o tara occidentala, probabil SUA) pentru ca i-a oferit locul intr-un mijloc de transport in comun. Ea a interpretat inclusiv gestul de „corectitudine politica” drept unul ofensator, respectiv ca femeile ar fi handicapate. Cine are experienta cu psihopatologia obsesionala poate recunoaste acest gest in masurile ciudate cu care obsesionalii isi chinuiesc apropiatii. Cam acelasi lucru vor sa faca feministele radicale cu societatea. Familia poate sa intre in acest joc nesfarsit al mobilitatii obsesiilor membrului sau. Dar nu si societatea. Oricum, pana la urma si familia se satura de atatea ritualuri si reguli impuse de membrul sau obsesional si il trimite pe cel in cauza la psihoterapie.

Societatea nu trebuie sa astepte pana acolo. Ea trebuie sa-i atraga atentia feminismului radical ca regulile pe care vor sa le impuna nu sunt deloc „corectitudine politica”. Cerintele lor sunt mult prea mari din punct de vedere politic. Exista unele femei care nu se simt tocmai femei si asta le jigneste pe ele insele inainte sa le jigneasca cel ce le ofera locul pe scaun. Problema este a propriei lor perceptii de sine. Exista femei care reusesc sa invinga pe multi barbati in domenii specific masculine, precum ridicatul de greutati sau surubaritul masinilor. Dar asta nu inseamna ca toate femeile trebuie sa fie astfel. Pretentia asta ca femeia poate concura cu barbatii in activitati traditional-masculine trebuie mai intai demonstrata individual si nu oferita ca premisa.

In acest caz „corectitudine politica” risca sa devina o atitudine dictatoriala de negare a evidentei. Aceste exagerari nu sunt inca un pericol. Feministele radicale n-au asemenea putere incat sa poata impune o dictatura. Insa pot ramane incurcate intr-un astfel de militantism cu iz dictatorial. Si semnele incep sa se vada. Daca activezi profesional intr-o institutie finantata de la bugetul de stat in SUA sau in multe companii private, si afirmi ca femeile au performante mai slabe decat barbatii in anumite domenii, risti sa-ti pierzi locul de munca. Siguranta femeilor nu creste daca acceptam idei cum ca femeia ar fi la fel de eficienta precum barbatii sau chiar mai eficienta in domenii specific masculine. Cele mai multe femei nu tin sa se afirme sau sa concureze cu barbatii in astfel de domenii. Daca sunt unele care vor sa dovedeasca contrariul, asta nu inseamna ca toate femeile se simt reprezentate de acestea. Asa ca cerintele lor de-a joaca de-a egalitatea in abilitati sunt neimportante pentru fondul problemei.

Din pacate, de teama repercursiunilor, opiniile cele mai vizibile in spatiul public impotriva acestor idei sunt cele ale comediantilor, misoginilor si a unor disidenti care aleg o viata alternativa decat cea oficiala. Comediantii nu pot fi luati chiar in serios, deoarece ei isi schimba retorica in functie de forta comica a argumentelor. Misoginii sunt antifeministi in general, respingand militantismul feminist in bloc. Merita aici mentionata Karen Straughan, probabil cea mai verticala critica a feminismului, paradoxal cu faptul ca e femeie. Dar si ea exagereaza pentru faptul ca vede feminismul in culori prea sumbre uneori, si ii scapa spre a sublinia anumite puncte slabe ale feminismului radical.


Descrierile psihopatologice pe care le-am facut de-a lungul acestui studiu asupra feminismului radical nu trebuie sa fie luate un razboi al meu cu el, chiar daca ne aflam deseori in pozitii divergente. Ca un pasionat de psihopatologie am trecut de mult de mentalitatea comuna care de mii de ani aduce argumentul ad hominem „esti nebun!” oponentilor in dezbatere. Pentru mine „nebunia” nu e echivalenta automat cu eroarea ideologica. Faptul ca o persoana are o tulburare psihica sau alta nu inseamna ca judecata sa ar fi falsa. Dimpotriva, cele mai fecunde idei apar pe un fond psihopatologic ceva mai proeminent. Mi-am dorit prin acest text sa le atrag in special pe isteroide catre autoanaliza. Rezolvarea propriilor conflicte si angoase nu trebuie sa fie una exterioara, politica ci interioara, psihoterapeutica, autoanalitica.

Femeile care se simt aproape de feminismul radical au nevoie de psihoterapie in special. Toti avem nevoie de un psihanalist sau un supervizor care sa ne ofere o perspectiva diferita asupra propriei minti decat poate oferi ea insasi. Insa unii au mai multa nevoie de asa ceva in conditiile in care principalul scop al vietii risca sa fie un militantism gresit. Si, am aratat pe parcursul textului de ce unele cerinte de-ale lor sunt imposibil de pus in practica. Fara o judecata echilibrata, prin impregnarea factorului psihopatologic, cerintele politice pot fi inoportune. Activismul lor social pentru o lume mai buna nu le poate aduce decat satisfactia de a fi luate in considerare si de a lasa o mostenire sociala mai buna femeilor viitorului. Dar, dupa euforia aplicarii unor masuri politice mai eficiente de protectie asupra femeilor, starea de marginalizare se va reinstala. De aceea cred in continuare ca acesta are nevoie in primul rand de psihoterapie si apoi de solutii politice viabile.

De aceea, odata cu acest text mi-am propus o incursiune psihanalitica generala si discreta in propria lor minte spre a le starni apetitul pentru autoanaliza (si o eventuala atragere a lor inspre a doua nobila meserie din lume, psihoterapia) mai curand decat un militantism marginal, la care nu adera intreaga miscare feminista insasi. Imi propun sa fiu un initiator al propriilor autoanalize individuale pe care fiecare trebuie sa si le faca, adica un partener de evolutie spirituala. Si pentru feministi si pentru antifeministi am spart in mod psihoterapeutic o rezistenta psihica milenara de societate clasica ce s-a structurat si cristalizat in mentalitatea moderna. Disponibilitatea lor spre interpretare este exceptionala. Le mai trebuie doar autocenzura popperiana a interpretarilor (teoria rezistentei adevarului la testul falsificarii), precum si o mai buna familiarizare cu dinamica functionarii psihicului.

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