31 martie 2011

Looking back … Moving forward…

"Moving forward" seemed to be a sort of trilogy ending. After my doubts about the first Zeitgheist ("The Movie") and after my joy about the "Addendum" I expected a great deal from this 3rd part especially because it has over 150 minutes footage. Unfortunately I have not found the vitality of the "Addendum" anymore although monetary system analysis goes further in some respects. Maybe it was me that was already familiar with all the documentary themes, maybe I was accustomed to a community that accepts its specific ideas and maybe that is why I was not so excited to find fellow ideology elsewhere. Anyway, I agree with more than 90% of ideas presented in the film but I found a small number of new things that I am particularly interested. I will elaborate these affirmations in the following sections and I will begin with positive things of the documentary.

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