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1 decembrie 2008

Zeitgeist Addendum or what should be done for contemporary society emancipation

In romaneste aici:

I have seen the Zeitgeist Addendum documentary and probably my last two entries showed that because they are connected with the issue. Actually I first intended to make one single entry but the text would look unusually long. I finally decided to split it into 3 parts because every one of them could be read without reading the others. But, of course, for a better understanding of each one of them would help reading the others.
I find Addendum much better then ‘the original’, Zeitgeist the movie’. I mirrored some of my intimate ideas into this last one. The most intimate one is that of criminality as a consequence not of the evilness of the person that commits crime but as a result of the pressure that social system has over it. So the justice is principally based on despotic actions (its imperial Roman origin sustain this) democratically painted of contemporary society political leaders. This is the reason for Ju$titia? stencil. ‘I want you’ (‘Armata e gunoi’ in Romanian) was also present at the end of this documentary.

Addendum starts much better then the first with a detailed analysis of financial system. ‘Zeitgeist the movie’ also made the money analysis but in a more lapidary manner. Anyway, this part is one of the best in both documentaries. The authors translate the bank abstract tricky language into natural one so everyone can understand that money is after one certain point just illusions. An old Romanian proverb says that ‘money is the Devil’s eye’. That is why the illusion of money increasingly looses the common people’s trust. I’m sure that nowadays international crisis is due to the American common people distrust in the system. Money is the new weapons for convincing the slave to be more profitable for the system. Today the productivity is not stimulated with weapons threaten but with the paradise promised to the worker with the money he got from its job. If you work all day at the job than are not reach at all even if have all the money in the world. Your live slips out to your fingers. The system is happy to keep you chained in factories with illusions. In the past the slave was kept this way with weapons and real chains but now the masters say that they give you paradise. Anyway, if you do not pay your taxes than Uncle Sam will cam to execute you, to take away from you your propriety. The difference between modern and ancient slave is just illusion of freedom.

There were a couple of things I did not like. The worst of all was the comparison between the heart’s disease and the terrorist attack dead numbers. I am sure that the authors’ intensions were good but when reduce the invaluable life of people to numbers, to quantity and do not take it as the supreme value one cannot be perceived very much different from the authorities and the government for whom the human being is just an object to use and abuse.

I also did not agree with the suggestion that western civilization would be responsible for the dead children from the third world. This is the reality of semi primitive African culture. But I do believe that western world would rich that technological point that would help the animal and the third world as well. I feel that the western human being has a prophetic destiny for saving the life all over the Earth from the geological and astronomical catastrophes that are going to come.

I also do not believe with those who consider that some new energy is hided from becoming wide used by the oil car companies who would conspire against this development because of being afraid of loosing the market. Addendum seems to get near to this kind of idea. I believe that there are some conservatory forces that would want to stop it. But I cannot accept that somebody has that ability to repress it for good like in dark edge. Such repression is not possible anymore in western society.

The most important thing from this documentary is a couple of measures proposed for making a better world. I have posted some of my own over one year ago on my blog. Nobody commented them until now even if that is actually politics and not the way people think politics. Unfortunately the politics one can hear in news media is a tired, old fashioned and useless. I am glad that somebody are still thinking to that and rezoned (even by coincidence only) to mine so we can debate.

One of the measures Zeitgeist Addendum proposes is the boycott of the army. But it sound a little bit naïve. As long as there will be poor people all over the world there will be soldiers. If no native soldiers then they would be foreign legions. I am afraid that the armies can be reduced only by the people street protests against wars and wasting money for weapons development.

There are some moments when the documentary slips into Science Fiction like the subject with the magnetic energy. It is not my domain. I am sure that in the future something like that would be a common thing but nowadays technological level needs time for such achievements. I am sure that this transition could speed up if politicians pressed but neither they nor financial system can be soon replaced. I prefer certain and small steps and no radical and brutal revolutions. Until the Addendum variant can be fact there is actual system that must be improved.

As the church the financial system was also corrupted by the politicians. Otherwise the money has been used as rare stones, gold or other natural objects since the primitive society. Zeitgeist sees an SF future where money will be no more used because the technology would permit wealth for everybody and payment will be no more needed. Aristotle dreamed about this over 2000 years ago. Some part of this dream realized once with the technological revolution. But for now the technology is far from completing it even if the politicians and prevention institutions are put away. There are a lot of things made with the work and unique skills of talented people that should be paid, lifted up and protected from the misery and poverty that would restrain them for other development. The financial system is the only one that can do that share and cannot be replaced with something else as long as there are not enough goods and products for everyone.

Unfortunately we do not have other option than putting all our hopes to technology to free human being from slave’s condition. For now technology did such miracles only in series products. The technology does not such a good job in cases of direct deal with the nature, in case of accidents. That is still the human job. Nowadays technology is not enough developed enough to be creative, innovative and able to negotiate with the nature accident. That is why the society will need on the butchers, agriculture workers and street cleaners. That is why the system will go on prepare this kind of unhappy people with the school from the smaller ages or will bring unready for western civilization people from third world to do these jobs. Their children would become uprooted and inadequate people of future. This technological insufficiency makes everyone of us accomplices for the mutilation of these people. We are all more or less guilty for using them as objects and not treat them with no double measure as human beings with inestimable life’s value.

Zeitgeist suggest that such situation is due to the politicians/corporations themselves that would need poverty for the other people for keeping their dominance. As stated about ‘Zeitgeist the movie’ I do not believe that politicians would be evil just by pleasure. They are evil because they want something, because they are greedy and not because they are devilish. We should not forget that their actual position in society is due just for their need to fulfill their greed so they would be the first to encourage such a technological development. That is why I believe that the commerce will stay under the sun for a while until everyone will be born with enough food and a civilized shelter.

But I totally agree with Addendum’s statement that the social system is very much slowed down by the surviving dark edge mentalities and institutions. The natural development of our society is very much infested with past forces that cannot imagine another way of living different from a parasite one. The preventive institutions inflation in society hangs on the common people’s life. The simple presence of people skepticism about these institutions confirms the social dualism, stratification and hermetism that survived from the dark edges. The open society is stories for making children sleep/mutilate.

I think that the first measures that should be taken for humanizing nowadays society should focus on politicians. Their right should be drastically reduced. Their relationships with the businessmen should be stopped in order to prevent corruption. All the secret (de)services should be taken away from the news media organisms. We cannot get away from politicians very soon but we can use them for our interests, for community interests. The control over politicians should be more severe and their infinite rights offered by the system must be limited. But the real independent press from the economic and politic influence is the most important measure and that should be taken immediately.

After a year since published on my opinium blog my ideas about the measures that we should take for contemporary society emancipation I did not change my ideas but just diversified them (as then I renew invitation for comment them) :

A. The reform of political frame

  1. Stopping any kind of economical activity for politicians
  2. Stopping or suspending friendship and meetings other than professional one between businessmen and politicians. The press should always assist this kind of meetings.
  3. The political news media should be financed by state only (considering the audience) no matter if it is pro power or opposition.
  4. The political news media should not be financed by advertising of any kind.
  5. The political news media should present the opposite ideas with the same time and space of exposure.
  6. The political information should not be present whatsoever in entertainment media.
  7. The relation employer-employee should be supervised more by the state (the supplementary time for work, the stress with deadlines and efficiency should be drastically forbidden)

B. The reform of education system
  1. The education system should give profound information about law (constitution and human rights subject matter), sociology and political theory.
  2. Diverse educational offer ( I was shocked to hear that in Germany a student were sent to prison because of school absence; it is inadmissible)
  3. Real positive discrimination (the marginal and disadvantaged people should receive more help from state)
  4. Education offer opened to all people no matter what age.

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