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30 noiembrie 2008

The secrets of manipulation – new weapons of slavery

in romaneste aici

The center of social exploitation was the surplus value for Marx. But there must be something else because the surplus value is the principle of economy. Nobody starts a business just for having mind occupied but for profit. The surplus value is not the problem of (wild)corporatism but the manipulation. The common people is brainwashed by school, mews media and all the tools needed in order to feel inferior and to want more. This inferiority feeling is a modern correspondent to classical death threaten that the slave was used to. The ancient slave was ‘someone that should be killed but for some reason was now alive’. When the master comes with its army to steal a part of peasant’s work as tribute then it is turned into slave ‘that should be killed’. It is obvious that either the peasant or the slave could lose its live next second if refuse pay this tribute or unproductive.
Fortunately today nobody comes any more with the gun to steal your products as tribute. The masters has evolved and humanized… Today the slaves give up their goods by their will if they want a job. Now the masters come first with the mercenary bureaucrats and with the papers and start questing you. Do you have papers for your land? Do you have papers for your property? For the common people the stony face of officer looks like the old master coming for tribute. The heart crossed by a dagger is the reward for refusal. A dagger might not be used by this officer but the discrete presence of an armed policeman (just for the case…) intensifies the living of such of a genealogic anxiety. In the real world that means the growing rich of corporations and the deeper mental disorders for worker and its offspring. The social system makes a sad conversion between mental health of slaves and the richness of their masters.

The death threatens oversize the Traumatic Complex and the mental disorder associated with it. The more stressed you are the higher your level of adrenaline, the more need for consume. You always want more and more, you leave your old family for stating new one and to start a new life over and over again. Your power of work and your productivity is bigger and bigger, you are more and more valuable for corporatism but your life becomes one of a never seen before hunted pray. This kind of anxiety is so bad that modern civilization and technology associated with it seems to some people a sin and a loose of the intimate nature of human kind. Instead of real weapon threat used in the past today the social system uses manipulation and propaganda. A huge propaganda system has been build around persuading the common people to get into the factories and be productive.
Modern propaganda and classical weapon threat still are not such different one from other. I am sure that if common people would suddenly refuse work any more nowadays corporatists would give up the story of human rights and democracy and hire an army instead. The manipulation mind mutilation of common people is different from that of classical weapon threat only at superficial level. Instead the oversize of Traumatic Complex today slavery deals with Dionysus and Sysif Complexes. So the modern people are not scared to death anymore but they are just maniac and depressive. That’s quite a change!
Well, if we consider the classical western societies experiences is not such a big deal to make such manipulation. The slaves has in her/his blood the dark and the Plato’s cave myth and s/he desperately looks for a master for taking its command and to anaesthesic abandon into its will. This kind of person is a social masochist. And there a lot of perverts that take advantage of slave’s genealogical mutilation instead of cure it human. Such heartless people think that they could do the same with the rest of the world and show surprised faces when realize that some nonwestern people fight back this economical and neocolonial aggression. The western culture got used with the native passivity about its slavery and that is why US politicians are puzzled when the Arab culture refuse the economical change between its natural goods and those patches of papers marked with the faces of such oligarchs on it.
Here goes the big hypocrisy; is not just the nowadays ‘open society’ does nothing for repairing such an abnormality but it gets bigger by manipulation and keeping the common people in a dark edge mentality. The collocation of ‘chance’s equality’ contains the engine of ciwild anachronical society. What actually ‘chance” means? The chance, the luck or the opportunity is crisis and border edge state. The chance reveals the war or competition state. Within a game A redoubtable opponent is not giving a chance during the competition so it is superior to its partner. So is the civilized western society today. ‘Chance’s equality’ is impossible to exist as long as some live and enjoy civilization and other is kept in a primitive world by genealogic education. The first ones does not need no chance because for them society is very gentle and very tolerant. The chance is an attribute of primitive one’s live. The more satiate is the lion the bigger chance for pray to survive. The chance comes out because the status of powerful ones so there is impossible for ‘chance’s equality’ to exist as long as it exist the chance itself. Here we have a very pervert mechanism of manipulation when a small percent of such a lucky person like a lottery winner that became a prince form a beggar or somebody (usually the only agent of such percent) that released itself and managed to break the system hermetism. But it is so far from being ‘chance’s equality’… It is just election campaign, it is a unrepresentative situation transformed by mass media into a representative one into public mind by excessive repeating. ‘Chance’s equality’ actually is such main procedures meant to justify that deep social system lie that some people deserve the ‘divine right’ of being masters.
Is that ‘Chance’s equality’? How is that? Only the common people use the chance when could be rejected out of its home on the common spaces if does not pay the taxes. If that doesn’t happen then that is chance. Only the slaves use that chance. The masters don’t need any such chance because such situations are not possible into their world. The system protects them even if committed crimes. The common people gets to jail if does not pays the taxes or if makes some mistakes with its propriety administration but for the masters the situation is radically different. The leaders of insolvent banks make parties or go to hunting contest for fun next moment the state corrects with thousands millions dollars their administrative errors to avoid a financial crisis. It is ‘chance’s equality’, isn’t that?
Fortunately the western countries technology allows the mechanization of the labor made by the slaves in the past so the live of modern slave should be much free and easier. The classical system elements survived in nowadays one, in those who isolated behind the political ivory tower and who weights to mental disorder the contemporary common people. Even the (wild) pray gets into psychic anesthesia and does not feel the death despair during the predator’s attack. Moreover, the most part of prey’s life is relaxed and unstressed one. The prey’s short memory forgets that several ours ago some of its kind might lost its life by a predator attack. On the contrary, the contemporary civilized human being is captive into corporatist mechanism of exploitation that keeps it into a permanent surviving race. For such a person the civilization and technology is a real nightmare. They did not only failed in bringing the promised happiness in exchange for giving up the traditional culture but they revealed a never seen before anxiety. Some are astonished and ask themselves how is possible when somebody gets into a building with a gun and fires everyone. Such a person becomes more and more familiar into contemporary society and it is the result of such a social mess. Such an imprecise chaotic revenge taken by despaired people has been noticed by sociologists since the beginning of XX-th century. Instead of improving things evolved worse since then.
What the social system should do right now is taking away from the back of common people the weight of prevention institutions. Instead of brute system could mage a real better life, the bureaucrats could be sent to the common people (not the opposite) or to the street to real help. In school children should be told that human life is more important than building pyramids or financial empires. The state should interfere between the weakness of the worker and its inability to express itself and the greed of the employer. The state should control this aberrant enrichment of a social minority that does not need these huge posses of goods that offers only the satisfaction of seeing the others misery. Nowadays technology affords to use the work made by pleasure and not that made under manipulation and despair of any kind of threatens over the contemporaneous common people. Such abused people today would bring the future depressive ones of tomorrow and our children will pay the price of our stupidity and greed. There are so many institutions occupied by small dictators with the only purpose of keeping alive social dualism instead of open society. The most institutions of western (so-called) civilized state just promote old structures in a democratic skin. But this is just a superficial change. It is time for a profound and a real change
They act unconscious an with a dark goals. This kind of unconscious behavior is different from the neurotic self-depreciation. The neurotic unconscious is the slave’s one that survive into bourgeois culture. But the master unconscious is a cynical one. Here one can find meanness, egoism, lack of empathy and especially by the lack of the smallest remorse feeling. The master unconscious is not good for psychotherapy. The master unconscious is in the position of making wastage, it does nonsense and expensive social actions just for making the people stupid and ensure that it stays this way. The master unconscious cannot conceive another kind of behavior than of the offence, irony and command one.
The difference of this kind of unconscious and the neurotic/psychopathic/psychotic one of the common people is the some with that between above and beyond, between sky and earth, between master and slave. It is hilarious to try to use psychoanalysis for the master unconscious as some psychoanalysts tried before. This kind of people does not know what sufferance means, they are not victims and they do not need (no more) help. They already exhausted the society for the help that do not even beg because get it for free with nonchalance. The only sufferance they have dues to the fact that cannot cover down the traces of their existence and some time to time world understand their parasite status. If one has human feelings just cannot be a good psychoanalyst with this kind of people; the abstinence rule and benevolent neutrality have no more base. The sense is asking for a communitarian action, for empathy for human kind. I suppose classical psychoanalysts themselves do not work with a sadistic person that kills women for pleasure. If an alcoholic person is not allowed to come drunk at the therapy so should be treated a sadistic one. Keeping such therapeutic principles in case of such a “patient” would be a consequent action.

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