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26 noiembrie 2008

The origin of production and prevention institutions

in romaneste aici

„Homo homini lupus”- the human being is a wolf to its kind is the best descrition of human society. The difference between animal and human was made by the power of weapons. Humanity experienced a paradise hunting animals but soon discovered that pray became rare and started hunting itself. Nowadays are primiteves societies that are able to divinize 'civilized weapons' and if they see a modern man around the first thing that ask is for help to destroy the rival communities. This stage is the second level of human history evolution. After hunting and exterminated its own kind also the primitive human being realized that has no more food and decide to become moral, not to kill other ones and steal their goods anymore but just convince them for giving up their food. That is the scenario for rising up the slavery, classical culture and tyranny...

Every single part of classical culture is meant to convince its slaves that if someone comes with the weapon and take its goods by threatening that is a normal thing even if the opposite fact of slave stealing from wealthy ones is very hard punished. This social reality is as absurd and unaccepted by the classical justice itself as are the cultural classical constructs and the classic mentality in general. The ambivalence discovered by psychoanalysis in the human mind and best cynical expressed in a cultural ontology field as Hegel's philosophy are the result of such infamy of slavery. Hegel's philosophy understood by God only is typical for classical culture; the more esoteric and obscure a cultural construct is the better for social mutilation of turning people into slave and the more efficiency for classical system.

The alchemy with its discriminatory secrets is also typical for classical culture. The mind mutilation, the enblindingness and the dehumanization are the result of such culture. The main interest developed close to perfection is developing the profit from the slave's labor. The creativity of classical human being became prodigiously when it was to organize and to parasite the rest of humanity kept in primitive level of development.

The justice institution was build up by the most efficient ancient slave's exploiters: the Romans. Classical art is meant to worship the master’s plenty way of life and demonize and banter that of slave's. It is enough to look poor, to be dirty, hungry, ill and unable to express yourself so you will became the devil’s face, justified for being punished for this badness by a sword with a ‘saint’ on the other side. But who might be such a saint? Is it by chance the master? Is it the master that not only uses force and stealing for taking away the slave’s work, but now remorse? It could be it. But don’t worry for the safety of master’s mind; classical culture will take care of this. Its culture will transform you into an animal by all means and after this will say with innocence: ‘that’s life – the strong one always eaten the waken one. Very efficient such culture. It comes right on time and makes a perfect job. The system welfare is due a lot to culture…

Everything worked perfectly until the French Revolution when the despot was lynched and lost his head by the revolted slaves. The history knew another such revolts but this time the slaves took head off of everyone they got. After this moment emerged a new era in the history of humanity: democratically painted despotism. The slave is no more brutish with religion but with illusions, lies and manipulation. In other words the religion stepped down on the earth.

Why bother teach a lesson to the rebels, why making sins by killing their leaders in horrible death Your will lose your reputation. It is better to develop a system for to find such people and make them work for you. It is easier to identify such people and promote them in the system then killing them because of rising the mases. On the other hand this person has personal skills to organize people that can be used for your benefits! You can make some selections with the education system in such a manner that potential outlaws could be shaped into the light of corporatism ...

There is no doubt for me that nowadays social system is an old prefrench revolution despotism painted with democracy by those who were thinking how to find a system that avoid the guillotine. But it is natural; the despotism is impossible to become a humanist one over the night in a couple of hundred of years only. The education and the culture that systematically got into our mind makes us astonish when realize such banality. (Remember the Plato’s myth of cave…) Since then the system made institutions meant to cover up such deep despotism of today social and political system and to convert the potential revolutionaries to master mentality. For they are created such some very interesting institutions

We can synthesize two main institutions in the state: the productions institutions made by slaves and the system that use their stolen labor and the forebode institutions meant to stop their rising against the system. The first ones are the slaves/workers institutions and the second ones are the culture and bureaucracy institutions. The first ones shows a hard, pushy and stressing work that finalize in goods productions that everybody need and the second ones is a work without real results for community but give the impression that it comes from above, from the heaven. This is a inutile bureaucratization but its goal is that of keeping somebody busy instead of making revolutions.

Today civilized social systems perfected these two institutions. The first are the companies, the firms and whatever creates goods. The slaves are not threatened by weapons any more but with something else. The weapons are nor replaced with the education system, the mass-media, the justice, the police, the entertainment and all other ‘jobs’ that don’t produce material goods. Nowadays the slaves are not called slaves anymore and neither workers like they used to be called because after Marx’s use of this word that name won’t look good on selfesteem and the production might slow down due to this luck of motivation.

The nowadays slaves are lately called


Unfortunately for parasites and fortunately for contemporary slaves they don’t believe anymore neither in the democratic skin of today despotism any more. The trust of citizens in social institutions reached very law level everywhere in civilized world. Such institutions are desperately looking for solutions in order to regain their credibility One doesn’t need to be very clever to see that the old cultural lies meant to help the power of master were just replaced with another lies, the bourgeois industrial ones. The old aristocracy were replaced by the bourgeoisie and the PR and advertising are used for this new power. It looks like the new corporatism is finer and more humanist than the old bourgeoisie. But the world has evolved. The needs evolved. The despotism lives its last days. ‘Zeitgeist the movie’ popularize some private theories carefully kept away from the public mind until now. But the old slaves evolved also and now is asking for dignity. Solutions for improvements in social system are wanted immediately because such documentary, especially in the recent Addendum part might turn into a Pandora’s box phenomena and to start up a postmodern French revolution.

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