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16 aprilie 2009

The real collective unconscious. Reply to Jungian theoretical bluff


In romaneste aici:

This entry is linked to some still to come. Its main purpose is to explain two issues are specific to these days Romanian public life. The first one refers to the Becali getting to jail and the other one is some press favorable articles about Atanasie Stanculescu (the convicted general for the military crimes against people in 1989 events). Analyzing these cases will help understand some features about contemporary global state. They seem totally different but, at the closer look, we will see that are very close related one another. I will take a conclusion concerning them in a future entry. For now I will make a deeper and more general social system analysis.

In a metasocial approach, the state works just like Unconscious that Freud described. Beyond the mincing and „spiritual” statements, the state hides some very practical, material and concrete intentions, just like Unconscious does. The individual classical neurotic Unconscious that Freud described and the collective social state Unconscious could not be separated because they both relate to the same system – the human being.

The first human psychic system structural theory that Freud proposed (the so-called „first topography”) has many dynamic-explanatory and definition lacunas. Freud was aware of some of them and that is why he finally launched „the second topography”. But this „First Topography” is still very useful for introduction and description. Everybody understands some things about the psychical system basics even if „the first topography” is still a metaphor. I am not going to get into details here – that is not the purposes of this text – but if somebody wants to find out about it than can check ”The dynamics of abyssal psychology” I wrote. That better communication characteristic makes me use Freud’s „First Topography” in this text for a general description of some social system features. I am sure that that couple of concepts form „First Topography” would not be enough for a detailed analysis of social system but it is good enough for the text here.

The psychical system from „First Topography” is defined as an ensemble of conscious and unconscious forces that struggle for influence of behavior, thinking and feelings. The slave’s Unconscious that became bourgeois, who developed neurosis as Freud described, is only the psychopathological part of that human kind of collective Unconscious. The slave’s and the master’s unconscious have the same principle but works differently, and have different results.

The Psychopathological Unconscious development and evolution that Freud described is closely related with the slave-master hermetical society and the robbery crude reality that happens between these two big social actors. The inequity of such ugly situation relays not only in the robbery itself, which flagrantly contradicts the fundamental basis of human ethical spirit. But it also has the ambition of cleaning it up by culture, so that this robbery should also be forgotten by omission or by metaphisicsing it into heavens. This is the classical culture primary goal. In the traditional countryside societies usually the parents educate their children their by beating and threatening them with more punishment after if crying. That is the exact way that the classical culture deals with their slaves: after stealing their products with no shame and regrets, the classical state use the last threaten word that that kind of wild parents use to their punished child: „quite!”

The classical culture fully represents this cynical short-sightedness required by authorities. Despites that, it is oversaturated by angels, elegant manners, white immaculate gloves or The God (master) that defeat The Evil (the slave). The classical culture works just like a mafia guy that smoothly takes away the dirt on his coat after a crime. All these affectations are meant to cynically hide this as big as Pacific Ocean truth, that paradoxically few sees it any more, after being educated by the classical culture.

Such reality acceptance and assuming as a social class is similar to of neurosis symptom’s abreaction inside the individual. The social system Resistance is stronger than its victim – the marginal exploited person. When the aristocratoid mentalities positioned against the psychoanalytical theories it was mainly because of two reasons:

  1. The aristocratoid mentality has none of those elements found inside the neurotical Unconscious described by Freud, because that mentality has no slave’s transgenerational social frustrations. On the contrary, it is the aristocratoid mentality that builds its wealth and its cynical world detachment upon the slave mentality. That aristocratoid mentality involves such neurosis pain and the most mental disordered people.
  2. The existence of an Unconscious that acts different and contradictory than actually says might raise questions about the way that the society actually works, beyond nice statements.

For now, it is as clear as the daylight that the Unconscious scandal is larger than so-called “Ego defense mechanisms” described by Freud. The Unconscious scandal was and still is today a matter of political battle because the democratically painted aristocrats desperately fight for the historical social favors that might slip away if the contemporary slaves wake up against the social order. The psychoanalysis stroke the foundation of classical culture. But, for a couple of terms that he invented in psychology, and for applying to it some old theories – maybe nicer and more precisely told by their authors –, C. G. Jung gained the “prophet” degree. The social system invested with culture in such a figure in order to take Freud’s Unconscious down.*

When someone actually sees that the mind comes from deeper than childhood mental layers, as Jung saw, when someone sees its cultural specificity and heredity, but still remain blind to the psychical genealogy explanation as social historic tensions, then that attitude is not humanism but hypocrisy. What Jung did is very similar to what the majority of humanists did: a hermetic humanism. That is a false humanism. There cannot be a cynical humanism but a superficial and false one.

It is clear that not even Freud dug enough here. That is because mainly Freud was a physician and tended to see only medical part of the story. He lost the holistic view and was happy under a kind of structuralist cartesianism instead of placing the individual deep into society where s/he belongs. He was unable to see the mental disorder genesis outside of family. He was unable to extrapolate the familial microsociety into metasocial level. That is why he understood the psychopathology under this cabinet analysis limited field. By doing so, Freud only mended in a medical terms some traditional theories and thus he stated the infantile origin of mental disorder.

The two sided Collective Unconscious represents the mutilation that the double side measurements civilization – as the classical and contemporary civilizations are – caused to humanity: the slaves and the masters. There is no other such splitting creature on Earth as civilized human being. If nature wants by its very base to combine such separated parts of worlds, on the contrary the civilization systematically keeps separating them. There is no such a thing as isolated system even in the mechanical inorganic nature. Even the sexes that nature created different from one another keep attracting and continuously communicate each other for sharing the information, requirements and tasks. On the contrary, the classical and contemporary state hates this natural reality and struggle as a cancerous disease to keep up this unnatural separation between slaves and masters.

In the next entry I will describe the cultural mercenaries that make this entire nightmare possible; those that are paid by real masters to supervise the slaves, to convince them to serve, to clean up the foot-marks and, with PR strategies, to create a angel image for the powerful thieves.

* The paroxysm of such hypocrisy was the fact that the high class society world culture invested a lot in the opposite to psychoanalysis theories. But, in the same time, Edward Barnays was working the contemporary mind control and collective manipulation monstrous machinery using such theories first stated by psychoanalysis, as I pointed here: .

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