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31 ianuarie 2011

Manipulation and obedience examples made by advertising and marketing

 The automatist society manifesto  Manipulation and obedience examples made by advertising and marketing

Varianta in limba romana :

The issue of this entry was started in the previous one

All the benefits of modern civilization are due to technology. Technology has brought really good things to humanity. The Neuroses almost disappeared out of classical western world mainly due to condoms and medicine development, which allowed all sorts of sexual experiences and satisfactions with no fear for an unwanted child burden and no fear for sexually transmitted diseases. As I will closely show in one of the next entries, the morality, the rule of law, the equality of chances and the kindness are due to those machines that replaced old slavery. But the technology did not entirely replace the old slave. It had to change into becoming a leader and supervisor of machines. But the principles of slavery continued until today’s highest civilization in other shapes and other structures. One of them is the psychopathological consumption, the excess consumption as discussed in detail in the previous entry.

Unfortunately, the technology (and the science) can also be used contrary to its evolution. The artistic design means involving lies in the object technological reality. When someone sees a sports car aggressive design, which looks like a bullet, or like a science fiction spacecraft, then, these objects associated with, are overevaluated. Such design forms are used for telling false data to the people. The person that uses the design, for deceiving other people, is also deceived by the neoslavery social system through design by the illusionary satisfaction of standing out on the line. This need of getting out of the order is due to inherited behavior of going to war and constantly threatening other communities with guns retaliation in exchange for their products. Caught in this neoslavery nets, the ordinary contemporary individual often takes this cultural refuge in the warrior phantasm of the conqueror but unconsciously becomes the advertising and marketing "target". Although this person has the illusion of fulfillness and liberations, she/he actually sinks down even more into the neoslavery traps.

But the criteria for true technology are not false performances of shape design or useless performances, whatsoever. A car that looks more like a tank used not for seeing the wild nature, but basically, to "impress" other person in the urban traffic, is an example of such a false technology. Such a fireball is an absolutely inhuman contempt of common sense, as it takes the places for two cars in traffic, when the road congestion involves daily frustrations for so many. Nevertheless, a sports car, that takes the shape of a predator or of a bullet, can attract the minds of primitive warriors. High speed traffic is very unsuitable and brings death and physical mutilation after so many accidents that involves, rather than a genuine sharing of technology to everyone or a technological revolution.

As shown in the previous entry, the advertising implies an overvaluation of the object offered for sale, in order to show a little more human face to classical slavery, by making it "voluntarily" accepted slavery by contemporary halfslave, once with the acceptance of the consumption and the price of the trade object. Such overstatement is done either by image transfer or by dissociation from a frustrating situation. The image transfer involves a combination of two essential elements of advertising: the first one is the valuable item, which is an exceptional, or a general elite cultural production, that the community has a particular respect for; the second one is the dubious item, which has a bad image, but who can raise up just by associating with a valuable item. Such a combination of these two elements tend to balance each other value - dubious item takes value from the valuable item and the valuable item loses value for the dubious item. By simply placing the logo or name of an institution or corporation near to this community respect, there simply happens an image transfer from the valuable item to dubious item in such a way that the image perceived by the public is improved for the last one.

Dissociation from frustrating situation, solving all existential problems and personal fulfillment, that the product acquisition promises, is another side of the advertising. Sometimes the two sides can go parallel. Othertimes, the technical and visual proximal association frame is made by negative situations like disasters, epidemics and other threats. In this case, the advertising goes in parallel with the bad news about impending disasters that keep teasing the dependent media slave subliminal mind. By directly associating with the Traumatic Complex, the advertising is more likely to penetrate and settle in the “target” mind. I analyzed in detail the relationship between trauma and its Edenal reverse and, in one of the following entries, I will examine in detail the mass-media too. Such relationship is due by the fact that human being needs greater pleasures and greater satisfactions if was previously faced with frustrations, nuisances, or pains, even on imaginary level only. The biggest pleasures, in general, are either followed or preceded by the biggest pains or dissatisfactions. The relationship between pleasure and pain is a retroactive one. By using a loophole to escape from bad news or from stressful or frustrating video content (which is the promising land made by false advertising), using such a false Heaven salvation, which appear like a solution for solving the consumer’s heavy problems, is the key for the advertising operation.

The advertising and the marketing are part of a final culture development. As the classical culture was designed to associate and transfer its divinity and its value to the power of the lord, in the same way the advertising associates a new technology or sports or a spiritual image with the new lords: the corporations. The sponsorship and the culture patronage are simply such developed, extended advertising strategy on a bigger period of time. There are ads that use a simply cultural production in order to be associated with which although between the two products may be no logical or programmatic connections, just like this one bellow:

The traditional classical society culture of the lord, protected by the classic army, has the same goal like today's contemporary society of manipulation, advertising and political-corporate scam. Therefore we can say without any fear of making mistakes that contemporary advertising is extending of the traditional culture.

The ad below is the prototype of advertising in general. Well done, with humor, with examples of the relationship between man and woman, it has all the strengths to catch the target's attention :

The following advertisement is typical for the advertising, marketing and PR. Such an ad is meant to show black as white and that is the meaning of both today marketing and politics:

Although a brand of cigarette is advertised, here is how the ad’s message covers up and lies about the reality of smoking, which is the lung cancer. This ad is intended to counter warnings of smoking risks, focusing on the phenomenon of bad luck. Although the wall player takes all precautions to avoid being hit, still the ad presents him as the victim, despite those precautions measures. A subliminal impression induced by this ad is this: "the precautions you take are in vain, living healthy won't help - if you're destined to die then you will still die no matter what." Such an attitude makes the smoker to continue to consume tobacco enriching cigarettes companies.

That is the way the image is washed up today. You lied, you stole, you made promises without coverage and you started a war based on hidden commercial interests? It's okay! You can wash your image using the manipulation professionals with a good PR strategy. With a good ad, Hitler himself could be transformed in Jesus Christ.

As I said in the previous article, inducing idea of unlimited consumption, the acquisition of objects without any sense, but with very very painful costs to the consumer, which has to work some more to cover the costs for such reckless consumption, is specific to contemporary society.

The irony for old things and the eternal search for new (which implies additional costs and, therefore, further work) can be seen in this ad:

The crude irony to the humble condition of the potential customer is one of the most important factors of marketing. Showing how oldfashioned and how insignificant the potential consumer is, and how suddenly he/she can become important, respected and socially fulfilled person, is the key for transforming a weak person into anesthesiated manipulated consumer. From now on, it is the educational system’s task to create further material for their success. An insecure, unstable adult mentally, shaped and humiliated by the school, is the perfect target for the manipulation advertising war.

From here, it may be foreseen the crucial role of wild education generating the "genetic material" for the new slavery marketing. Despite the "empowerment" of official education in civilized states, and despite its application in most cases, however, there is an invisible and an almost impossible to detect degree of despotism inside the behavior of teachers that perpetuate caste mentality of humiliation law class statute of those destined to become disadvantaged supporters for the wide economy. Convincing the slave to sit in "its place" and making it to do what they want since early childhood years, as does the modern school - here is the real contemporary newslavery battle! If we add an aggressive, cynical and authoritarian teacher face, then the wild education has fulfilled its purpose. That minimal and almost imperceptible "margin of error" is enough to shape up contemporary halfslave hunger for affirmation and for getting out from its natural normal anonymous social state, but perceived by the individual as a curse, due to culture. If, to these ingredients, we add some more street crime [protected in "reasonable limits" (sic) by the authorities, which means keeping it obvious enough as to replace old armies abuses which threatened classic slave], and if we add some more that kind of discreet harassment made by public officials, and if we add some more negative news about the wars that politicians keep inventing in different corners of the world, among with the happy-end culture illusions, then we finally have the contemporary halslave general picture of “voluntarily and unhindered” doing what their lords want them to do.

The sexuality is the strongest instinct in terms of instinctual pulsional expansion in psychical space. The association with the sexuality or the success in dealing with the opposite sex is an important factor in building false image of products. Forcing cultural association between sexuality and smoking counteracts the common idea that smoking causes health problems with sexual promotion and fulfillment of life. Such advertising is designed to create the false impression that the smoking is actually the promoter of life instead of life destructor.

Inside the ad below someone may see the combat of nerd image and the not so spiritual mind of IT people. The IT job stress has caused quitting for many specialists and, with such an ad, the system thought of a method to attract others, in order to replace the first ones, without having to increase the salaries.

Below we see a superstar image associated with the image of a product. The false idea induction that consumption the product involves consuming star is the key for understanding this ad.

The Lamborghini car below is presented as a fighter plane from the army and its aggression is ostentatious and cynical displayed including the text shape.

The average man can very easily become the victim of false technology due to advertising campaigns that decoy her/him. Humiliated and pressed by the stressful task at work, these people channel down the frustration into social regression to a primitive mentality of aggression and violence, without realizing they get trapped into a terrible vicious circle. The huge money that these people pay for fake technology objects acquisition is charged with more stressful jobs that cover those costs.

The "target" for the next ad is supposed to get trapped into the false impression that buying that car would transform its life into a kind of high-class member one, with success to the opposite sex and with servants, which actually park that car. In reality the purchase of such car will be indebted most of buyers to the bank that eventually would imply taking another job to cover the costs. Instead of an aristocratic life and getting out of lower class social state, that the naive people dream of, the reality of acquisition false technology leads to enslaving even more.

The following ad is a perfume commercial. Target: aggressive men, unable to socialize with women. The ad presents them as fatal men. The subject buys the product due to the desire to be perceived as fatal man.

Same subject, same target, same lies, only the presentation is changed:

Obvious, the examples can go on and on. There is no ad without this deceiving pattern because all of them use that dubious exchange that I previously talked about. If there would be a single one ad only or one single product that shock down your attention and your mental relaxation that would not mean much. But when your attention is constantly harassed, minute after minute, our after our, day after day, month after month and year and year by such deceiving messages, then there is no wonder that modern civilized man is cautious, irritable, suspicious, cynic and ironic. After years and years of such Chinese drop supraexcitations treatment, the psychodynamic system simply gets disturbed. The modern western human being no longer knows how to relax and enjoy the simple things of life that its ancestors used to enjoy. He or she is constantly unhappy by family, home, colleagues, friends and everything. In an eternal warnings and suspicious about everything, manipulated by advertising, contemporary human being gradually loses its heart into becoming a robot that runs commands and forgot to live anymore. Obesity due to excessive food consumption is one of these consequences. Combined with the food frustrations and shortages from its predecessors, on genealogical line, this disease is conditioned by these obsessive advertising messages that a person cannot escape not even in the highest mountains. Related with past anxieties of transgenerational legacy, these frustrations ultimately create the incredible range of psychiatric disorders that have exploded in recent centuries.

In a truly civilized and humanist state that treats its citizens with real respect, as colleagues and not as objects or as slaves who are hypocritical called "gentlemen", the commercial lies and manipulation should not be permitted. Within such a State there should be institutions to drastically control the truth and realities of a product meant for sale and not allow deceiving the buyer but to honestly tell what this product can and what it can’t do and what are the benefits or risks for using it. The aggressive deceiving advertising should simply be prohibited.

But this is the current reality of the today social system itself. Deceiving and manipulating by advertising is an episode of complete serial of lies of today "civilized" social system. Similarly, the politician is lying, the policeman is lying, the officer is lying and even the academic scientist is discretely intended to contradict or to counteract the ideas that show the perversity and falseness of modern state.

The system chose profit instead of humanism. Instead of creating psychotherapists for curing children’s fears and good teachers for a good education, the system invested in video games wars and violence (generally the war culture) in order to make future adults to join the army later. Beyond the defense against invented threats, these are actually meant to threaten the slave’s unconscious tendency for rebellion so that the halfslavery system to prosper. System studded the whole world with commercials and retrograde ideas that capture slave’s attention in order to hypnotize and systematic steal her/his work.

We live in a world where people deceive, mutilate and dehumanize each other covered by the state institutions. The humanity no longer behaves like a uniform species but like some kind of two species of hunter and hunted. This looks less like a civilization but more like a civilized painted wilderness.

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