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(ro- for English scroll down) Baldovin Concept a fost pentru o perioada in imposibilitate de a fi publicat pe Facebook. Probabil ca unii dusmani ai sigurantei femeilor au fost deranjati de articolele scrse aici in ultimul an, si l-au raportat masiv ca spam, desi continutul sau nu contine reclame si nu vinde nimic. La rugamintile mele, dvs. cititorii ati contraraportat ca spatiu sigur care nu incalca standarderele comunitatii, pentru care va multumesc.

Eng- Baldovin Concept was for some time banned to be published on Facebook. Probably some women's security enemies were disturbed by the last year's articles I wrote here and received multiple negative spam reports to Facebook, although its content doesn’t contain advertising or any kind of commerce. But due to my asking for help, you the readers counter-reported this space as safe, not going against the Facebook Community Standards, so I thank you for that.

24 noiembrie 2019

3.2. The disguised prostitution

3. The natural consent abuses within the intimate relationships

3.2. The disguised prostitution

2. The next level of transmitting nonviolent couple abuse in the body of the social pyramid is not telling to the client that she/he is actually paying for prostitution. If the imposed polygamy is practiced by the top of the social pyramid, or by those with above the average wealth, disguised prostitution is practiced by its mid level. Sometimes it is even the response to the privileged ones social predisposition to buy women’s natural consent. Because of this, it is practiced by both sexes, as I said in the previous article, but mostly by women. The imposed polygamist is willing to pay a large sum of money to turn a decent woman into a prostitute. On the contrary, the person who practices disguised prostitution does not afford this. In fact, it is not willing to pay any money for having prostitution sex with the other person. On the contrary, she/he is the one who takes a lot of money from the victim, who does not suspect that is emotionally extorted as a client. Here is a first differentiation from the imposed polygamy: the abused person does not know in the case of disguised prostitution that she/he is a client. In the first case, she knows this, but she cannot resist the material goods temptation and artificially gives her consent to the abuser. Another differentiation is that in the imposed polygamy case, there might be a 3-rd person who is the most abused, having an official relationship with the abuser, as girlfriend or wife. On the contrary, in the disguised prostitution case, there is not a third person and the most abused is the client.

The woman who practices undeclared prostitution to the client can pursue such a polygamous man to exchange natural consent for the material goods she can take from him. But in many other cases, she is not looking for a polygamist, but an inexperienced man for seducing him to fall in love with her and then trick him for material goods. If the hidden prostitute woman can sometimes pursue a forced polygamy, on the contrary, the hidden prostitute man does not follow a polygamous woman. In general, the women do not pay for sexual services, but simply accept courtship from men who are interested in them. He follows a lonely woman, eager for a loving relationship. In both cases, the abuser offers sexual services that the victim overestimates as an emotional attachment. In other words, the abuser sells its fake emotional attachment to the victim that generally is above him on the social pyramid scale. So here is another differentiation from imposed polygamy, where the abuser is generally on a higher level in this hierarchy!

There is a difference between the normal couple's attachment to a wealthy partner and the disguised prostitution. The fact that a materially wealthy person can obtain more easily consent for the couple's relationship is natural. On the contrary, in the case of disguised prostitution, the main criterion for entering or leaving a couple relationships is only the short-term material gain. The main interest for building the relationship is the possibility of later material gain, as a result of financial help for a fictional problem (mainly used by men), divorce or inheritance (mainly used by women), as I will detail below. The practicing disguised prostitution person simulates the couple's relationship or willingness to enter into it and to help to consolidate it. But both the man and the woman who practices it take off such a relationship without any regret when given the chance for bigger material gain into another. This does not usually happen in the normal attachment case to a wealthy person. Only the pressures coming from a polygamous person from the top of the social pyramid can make the normal attachment one to totally or provisionally leave the couple relationship in which they belong. Persoana care practica prostitutia mascata gaseste trei motive pentru a abandona relatia:

The person who practices disguised prostitution finds three reasons to abandon the relationship:

  • a. amplifies some minor misunderstandings with the partner, although easily got over them in the past;
  • b. invokes the getting through a depressive or other medical episode and the need for a temporary relationship suspension, without accepting the help of the partner;
  • c. invokes the need for spiritual evolution that implies a "genuine", de-sexualized life, although it continues in the new relationship.

In the first case, the disguised prostitution person does not accept any dialogue to solve these problems further and save the couple. In the other two cases the depressive disorder, the illness or the spirituality suddenly disappear with the new relationship. Such practices are abuses of the partner's trust and expectations; the interest of those who do such a thing is not the couple formation and consolidation, but the accelerated and unjustified social ascension, through the partner. It is only seen as a stepping stone, thus stimulating its anxiety of separation after.

The disguised prostitution must also be differentiated from the irreconcilable incompatibilities inside the couple. A very accelerated evolution on the socio-professional scale, a political radicalization, or a psychopathological (depressive or other) and / or medical breakdown of one of the couple members is a justifiable reason for incompatibility and separation. But this episode repeating is likely to mask prostitution. Stepping through several intimate relationships and abandoning them, with the social status constant increasing and without the abuser accelerated professional evolution, or without radical changes in the mentality and the partner health or mental state, becomes susceptible to that. Such an "evolution" questions the honesty of these alleged irreconcilable incompatibilities in the couple. This looks more or less like this hidden form of prostitution.

Also, the disguised prostitution must be differentiated from the prostitution itself. Even if in some countries it is illegal, due to certain prejudices or their totalitarian tendencies, however, its open practicing, the price communication and the rendered services makes it a free trade. But the person that pays for emotional services in the case of disguised prostitution does not know that the partner's attachment is conditioned by these payments. This is illegal in economic exchanges. The consumer law clearly states that any service provider must provide detailed information to customers about its services. Usually the emotionally deceived person would not accept to pay for this. That person is deceived to act according to a family member, as the abuser simulates the behavior of being a part of a normal family with the victim. Any member of a normal family materially helps another member who is going through a difficult time, or who wants to bring them joy. The abuser simulates the family relationship and causes the victim to believe that it is a natural thing. By the time the victim learns about the abuser's strategy, it would already have spent a considerable amount of money, thus being scammed.

Next I will detail the action methods of both men and women who practice disguised prostitution.

The disguised prostitute man initiates amorous relationships with marginal women, who are not complimented and who lack very much the intimacy. As true hunters, they initiate the relationship, simulate intense love, establish emotional connections with the victim, and then blackmail her with the separation threatening. This blackmail is directly or indirectly done, under different pretexts such as serious problems in the family, problems in the professional activity or dedication of a noble purpose such as saving children, endangered species, etc. The woman tries to help and ends up offering him the financial help he had been following since the beginning. He can thus scum more women at the same time.

With the internet social networks development, a real industry of financial scamming of unsafe or inexperienced women in communication has thrived. Users in Africa or East Asia download various photos from social media profiles belonging to well-positioned real men from rich Western countries. Then they make fake profiles from those photos. With those fake profiles, they go then online for that kind of lower social status women or those who live into lower economic countries. Soon they begin to "attach" to the victim and vice versa. After an enthusiastic romance promising, at one point the victim will get the eternal message like "I am on X island and my luggage was stolen, send me some money so I can get home!". And from here, the victim s asked for a whole bunch of services until she starts doubting the online partner's honesty.

A more organized form of disguised male prostitution is pimping. The pimp is spending time with the future prostitute, literally "investing" in it. He buys her clothes, food, jewelry and more, thus earning her confidence and love. But this moment is only the stage of the investment. He waits until the woman completely breaks off ties with her family and friends and encourages her to make such radical decisions in order to become totally dependent on him. After the woman breaks off with her family, he begins to exploit her discreetly, forcing her to have sex with other men. This is the time of maturity, when the woman practically makes a profit from the initial investment. Being in the situation of not having an alternative, the woman stays in this relationship for years until it is no longer profitable. The pimp then moves on to the next victim.

The disguised prostitute woman simulates belonging to a higher social class to establish connections with different people of the same social level. The hidden prostitutes are very mobile in different social environments for getting the "target", although they do not come from families at this level. These women presence in those high status public places is due solely to the interest of "hanging" a rich man in order to make him in love with her and from which to have the greatest material benefits. In the long run, they are pursuing a marriage that raises them up on the social hierarchy. But, in the absence of finding a rich and naive suitor, they are satisfied with "lower" remuneration, which is still very expensive for a middle-class man. So, for a longer or shorter period, they can practice luxury prostitution for "refined and discreet gentlemen." That's why they hate being approached by a middle-class man.

Those with lower ambitions are even employed as "entertainers" in different venues, clubs, gyms or other such places, simply as persons who attracts the potential clients, namely the men who want adventure. Wanting to impress such an "employee" they buy as many products from there. These women receive a monthly fee precisely depending on how seductive they are with the naive ones who think they can conquer them.

Regardless of whether they are luxury hookers or cheer girls, these women are just as deceptive as affective scams because they do not talk about their actual "job". They deceitfully behave like high-ranking women who want to find their half but can't find it. From a distance they seem like wandering goddesses on earth, among mortals who are bellow their match. As looking like saints, some men fall in love with them and are ready to throw their wealth at their feet. For some of them, such a deception to which they are caught is the last one.

A very dangerous phenomenon of disguised prostitution, still at the beginning, but constantly growing in Western society, especially in the US, is the "morning after regret". Before going into details about its manifestation, I would first like to describe a type of veiled rape (practiced by some men) to which this abuse of fake victims has adapted. It consists in putting sleeping pills in the women's drinks at parties, followed by abducting them when are intoxicated or unconscious to have sex with, as they cannot clearly express their consent. In the below video we see such an social experiment.

The feminists are right when they complain about this kind of consent abuse. But, furthermore, there are rapists who deliberately the use psychoactive substances to bring women into this state of vulnerability. Playing the role of the close to the victim person as she is unable to convince passers-by of the contrary, the rapists only draw attention to them as brothers, lovers or unlucky spouses. The woman is seen as depraved. Basically it is the same crime that is committed against children, lured by different compensations to accept sexual relations. At their age they still cannot give consent for sex due to their immaturity. In the same conditions the woman cannot give her consent. In countries with social systems closer to the classical dictatorship, this is not punished by the legal system. It is considered to be the woman’s duty to protect herself and not to relate with strangers. In the democratic tradition societies that is considered discrimination, but this argument is not very strong. The main criterion for taking this behavior as a crime is the lack of intoxication episodes with psychoactive substances. The only fact that a woman loses her control for the first time after ingesting such substances is unnatural, and hides this rape of intoxication.

I think the circumstances in which the woman has reached the euphoria or sleepiness mental state should be clearly specified. If she is at a party or in a certain place and orders a non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic drink, which brings her close to an alcoholic coma then it is clear clue that someone has discreetly slipped dangerous substances into her glass. Here are the signs of a rape. Not the same thing happens in other cases of women who profess charging men with gang rape in order to obtain material benefits from them. But if the woman willingly goes to a man's house and consumes psychoactive substances side by side, this means assuming the consequences that follow from weakening the man's self-control, then I think this is not rape.

The use of psychoactive substances in the privacy of a man's house often leads to weakening inhibitions and to such an event. The woman must be cautious about these steps she does with a man and stop in time if she wants things not to move on between her and that man. I think it is her duty to keep her control and not to overdo it with alcohol, just as exhibitionist women should practice their vice elsewhere than in the dangerous areas where there is a risk of rape. It is a universal rule of the relationship between the sexes. The naked female body causes the man an irresistible sex-drive arousal, and the loss of control occurs when the sexual instinct invades the behavior. Also, there is no rape when such a thing happens in a public place, inside a group of friends.

There are situations in which this happens between old friends; the woman wants a long time love affair over that of friendship, but the man only wants a night adventure. In retaliation for her wounded pride, the woman accuses him the next day of rape by rape of intoxication, by the so-called phenomenon of morning after regret. There are men who simulate the friendship with desirable women for a love affair just to get to this point. There are men who are more interested in polygamy wrapped in what is called "friendship with benefits", without the traditional responsibilities of the couple. Their fault in this situation is that they do not directly say in the woman lucidity moments that they want to have a short affair with her. But, not even the woman who enters this game clearly tells the man that she wants a classic relationship before the euphoria state caused by the ingestion of psychoactive substances. It is certain that, after the accomplished fact, she does not accept an open relationship and accuses him of rape after such a night of party.

In this case, the man should tell the woman from the very beginning that he is polygamous, or that he is seeing someone else that does not want to leave and only wants a temporary adventure from her. But his abuse is not rape. A group of friends voluntarily consumed psychoactive substances or the woman voluntarily went to that man's house and consumed such substances by mutual consent. I am not talking here about the eccentric sexual behaviors that the woman did not consent to, which is the subject of another discussion   . But morning after regret is not about this situation.

But, in addition to the abusive man who is trying to force the woman's natural consent for sex, there are also women who are trying to force the man's natural consent to enter into a traditional couple relationship through this wild parties back door. This is not the best way to start something in general. The woman should avoid these parties until the couple welds and each knows what they want from the other. Otherwise, when she notices that the partner does not want to enter into a long time love affair, she changes her strategy and accuses him of rape. It is very difficult here to see from whom the abuse comes, or which one is bigger. In Romania and probably in many of the Eastern Europe countries and many more, there is practiced forced marriage by a judge as a result of a classic rape, occurred under sobriety. Even if it did not manifest itself as rape, as a freely agreed relationship, the justice forced the man in these countries to marry the departed woman, as the virginity was considered a major virtue and its loss a handicap.

As I have seen, many US judges convict a man of rape on the morning after regret basis, thus being held responsible for both partners losing control over ingestion of psychoactive substance. It is unnatural that the woman who did the same thing is acquitted of all responsibilities and the man is punished as guilty. It is also true that the women need to be overprotected, but not so positively discriminated that it reaches the extremes, with the man declared guilty and the woman innocent. It does not seem normal to me for a man only to be punished. In this case it seems to me an inverted jihad: if in some Arab countries the woman is punished after being raped, now in the West we get to punish the man because the woman does not take care enough of her body.

Of course, things didn't stop there. This judges predisposition to punish the intoxication rape practiced by some men, in the Western world this "morning after regret" phenomenon becomes increasingly visible  , which actually hides a disguised prostitution. Two types of women came out to use the feminist rhetoric for the typical financial interests of the disguised prostitutes or the typical radical feminist revenge on men. I will describe it in more detail here . In this last case they plays this role from the position of radical feminists who wants to punish Casanova men, which I will detail describe in the following article  . They are not primarily interested in material rewards, but does not refuses them either. I will detail this idea later  . They simulate good mood, possibly even consume a few glasses of alcohol, then hang wealthy men and after that get involved into intimate relationships with them. The disguised prostitutes are interested in a profit relationship. If the men prove that they do not have enough money to satisfy their needs after the sex is consummated, then these women start trials based on the fact that they would have taken advantage of their hangover status to have sex. As a result of this planned "regret", these women accuses the man of rape and receives compensation.

The criteria for discovering such women must be firm. In all the cases of this kind I have encountered on the internet, the man wants a relationship with the one who accuses him of rape, but she is the one who refuses. This detail is somewhat unnatural, as she agreed from the start to consume psychoactive substances with him, which announced the imminence of sexual relations. This kind of changing mind must also be differentiated from the woman’s later refusal after the man tried to practice eccentric sexual behavior on her. Here is a huge difference from the abusive man, in search of a “friends with benefits” relationship with his female colleagues or friends, but not a classic couple relationship. Some men still do not understand these women sneaky strategy and even want to remain in a loving relationship with them, even though are being sued by them. Of course, these women sneaky are not interested in this, but in the maximum profit or revenge. That is why they are claiming compensations in court.

Things must be judged very carefully here! In the case of disguised prostitutes, there must be clarified whether the woman who makes rape charges really deserves her social status, respectively after being a member of a wealthy family or after a well paid job. It is not possible for an unemployed woman who has several years of experience in different jobs, and possibly with bad references from colleagues, to live higher standard of living, compared to the average employees’ community. There's a hint that she practices disguised prostitution. And a rape charges from such a woman should rather bring her own to the judicial investigations on how she has accumulated that wealth.

In addition to the abuse of the profession non-communication inside the institutions there is a risk of a new type of corruption consolidating through the disguised prostitution. It is the reverse of the intra-institutional sexual harassment that I have analyzed here  . This is just as dangerous as that because it indirectly involves it; the potential abusive man can get the idea to apply it in the work relationships. If in this link described case the man is harassing the woman through different obstacles in the workplace to prevent her from advancing, in the case of disguised prostitution, she initially tries to seduce him so to have sex with and then blackmail him to facilitate access to an undeserved position or some kind of reward, under the charge of rape under the "morning after regret" turned into next month after regret.

Well that's how it happened with some of the #metoo accusers who brought rape charges as a result of the past year regret or even the last century regret ... They tried to use their seductive talents to receive one role or another, and were eventually refused. After seeing that they did not get the proper payment, they changed the rhetoric into the rape of the last century regret. Of course, the Hollywood producers and filmmakers are beasts in giving such women false clues, making them believe that they "might get it", as I mentioned in that link. But if you as an actress get into this dangerous game of real-life poker, described in the above histrionic-like manipulations, you risk losing. And that’s what happened to them.

In the next article I will also analyze the third category of nonviolent abusers of couples, respectively the histrionic-like seductive behavior people

16 noiembrie 2019

Politica de jucarie (demagogia) si riscul dictaturii

V-ati intrebat vreodata de ce e nevoie sa consumam sute de tone de hartie pentru a monitoriza intentiile politice ale cetatenilor la alegeri? Sistemul nostru electoral a ramas, iata, la nivelul secolului XIX. Intarzierea aparatului electoral a creat niste anomalii incredibile in aceasta campanie pentru prezidentiale din Romania. Una dintre ele este legata de numarul de minim 200 000 de semnaturi care permite accederea pe functia de candidat. Asa ceva este mai intai o ingradire a articolului 37 din Constitutia Romaniei privind „Dreptul de a fi ales”. Dupa cum s-a vazut, strangerea a 200 000 de semnaturi e imposibila fara un aparat de partid consistent. Practic independentii care propun programe noi sunt esclusi de la a fi alesi prin acest prag al numarului de 200 000 de semnaturi. In felul acesta perspectivei schimbarii reale a politicilor este in vorba goala, in conditiile in care aceeasi oameni se succed la guvernare. In plus, semnaturile copiate la xerox au generat suspiciuni ca ele au fost folosite inainte pentru altcineva si ca acum sunt pur si simplu vandute. Un prezidentiabil care nu a strans 200 000 a declarat ca la un moment dat i s-a propus un targ, adica sa i se vanda astfel de semnaturi contra sumei de 60 000 de Euro.

Pe langa asta, apar alte probleme in plus odata cu intrarea in vigoare a legii privind protectia datelor. Aceste semnaturi sunt stranse de niste voluntari nepregatiti in domeniul protectiei datelor personale, dupa cum a observat jurnalistul Radu Moraru. Acuzatiile de frauda ar disparea total daca aceste semnaturi preliminare ar fi stranse cu un ID electronic intr-o baza de date publica.

Tehnologia poate depasi cu usurinta acest handicap. Se poate crea un site gen portal pe internet, un fel de retea sociala publica unde fiecare sa-si creeze un profil cu date reale si care sa inregistreze optiunile politice ale tuturor cetatenilor. O astfel de retea ar putea tine foarte bine si de recensamant. Fraudarea ar fi imposibila pentru ca omul si-ar verifica in mod constant concordanta intre optiunea sa si baza de date unde decizia lui este pastrata. Astazi exista Facebook, o companie privata care face asta. O astfel de retea de socializare are multe hibe  in ea. Dar chiar si ea ar putea face o contabilizare cat de cat obiectiva a optiunilor de vot. Insa publicarea optiunilor personale pe aceste retele e ceva ce sistemul neo-dictatorial actual nu doreste. Sub pretextul interzicerii campaniei electorale in ziua alegerilor, publicarea optiunilor personale se sanctioneaza cu amenda babana  . Speriati de posibilitatea amenzii, multi nu isi publica optiunile spre a fi verificate. Exact asta nu doreste noua dictatura: respectiv sa nu fie confruntate sondajele si rezultatele contrafacute de ei cu ceea ce a votat de fapt poporul. Alegerile sunt astfel la fel de fraudate precum cele ale dictaturii clasice.

Din dreptul de pastrare a secretului votului, observam ca secretul e deja o obligatie. Votul trebuie sa ramana „secret” tocmai pentru a nu fi monitorizat de observatori independenti. Desigur, nu in sens de protectie a celui ce voteaza; numai suspiciunea ca cineva ar trebui protejat de opiniile sale politice miroase a dictatura. Nu. Secretul se refera exact la impiedicarea renumararii voturilor. Daca aceste voturi exprimate in paralel ar fi contabilizate si vizibile de toti, atunci astfel de manevre de masluire a rezultatelor nu s-ar mai putea face. Si, iata, amenzile pentru cei care isi publica votul sunt menite sa-i descurajeze pe multi sa incerce asa ceva.

Din pacate, in naivitatea lor, multi nu-si pun deloc intrebari despre temeiul logic si mai ales manipulator al acestei masuri. Cum sa fie campanie electorala o simpla exprimare a optiunilor politice? In primul rand, omul simplu nu stie sa faca o astfel de campanie. Apoi, conform acestei logici, afisele puse peste tot in spatiul public ar trebui si ele distruse in ziua alegerilor, pentru ca ele chiar fac campanie electorala. O alta ciudatenie e faptul ca televiziunile se intrec sa arate in ziua alegerilor candidatii ca merg la vot, dar daca un simplu cetatean isi arata optiunea deschisa in aceeasi zi, asta se cheama campanie electorala. Desigur interesele sunt diverse: in primul caz se incurajeaza cat mai multi sa mearga spre a se indeplini cumva o majoritate care voteaza si care sa dea o oarecare legitimitate „democratiei”. Insa in celalalt caz exista riscul ca optiunile majoritatii sa nu concorde cu rezultatele. Conform cu principiul stalinist ”Nu conteaza cine voteaza, conteaza cine numara voturile”, fraudarea alegerilor este un semn tipic al dictaturii.

Ei bine, toata aceasta cheltuiala inutila este foarte eficienta si pentru beneficiarii acestui nou tip de dictatura. In plus de asta, democratia are niste probleme grave, desi e recunoscuta drept cel mai uman sistem social. Ideile politice ale poporului care uneori pot fi nocive. Am fost ani de zile sustinatorul democratiei directe. Insa un popor plin de frustrari precum cel american sau roman ar avea tendinta sa aleaga un Hitler. Asa s-a intamplat cu nemtii insisi in anii 30 (la momentul preluarii puterii Hitler era sustinut de majoritate, chiar daca cu un an inainte iesise pe locul 2 la alegeri). Daca nici poporul german, marele popor german, n-a putut face ceva bun din democratie, atunci ce am face noi ca romani? Am pleca la razboi cu ungurii sa le-aratam noi de suparare ca ne-au luat rusii Basarabia...

Poporul Francez, alt mare popor, poporul care a inventat practic democratia prin celebra sa Revolutie (SUA nu era o tara atunci, ci o colonie rebela), a creat un haos teribil dupa ce l-a decapitat pe regele Luis al XVI-lea. Dupa ce l-au decapitat pe rege au inceput sa decapiteze aristocratia franceza. Dupa care au trecut la suspiciuni unii fata de altii si au inceput sa se casapeasca pe ei insisi. Atunci s-a inventat ghilotina, dupa ce nu erau destui calai pentru decapitari. Robespierre, capul revolutiei a ajuns si el decapitat de ghilotina. „Marat asasinat”, a ajuns personaj in celebra pictura a lui Jacques-Louis David.

Daca nu venea Napoleon Bonaparte poporul putea crea un adevarat genocid asupra lui insusi si sa se auto-distruga. Dar ororile nu s-au oprit nici pe departe. Pretul acestei experiente traumatice a fost dictatura instituita de el ulterior. Apoi, in urma razboaielor lui de prin Europa au murit intre 3 - 6,5 milioane de oameni  . Iar admiratia providentiala a poporului fata de un astfel de lider a creat predispozitia pentru dictaturi si mai odioase in secolul XX, respectiv cea hitlerista si cea stalinista care au inzecit impreuna numarul mortilor in razboaiele ce au urmat.

Iata ce orori poate crea democratia directa! Atenienii secolului 5 ien, cei care au practicat pentru prima data democratia au putut vedea asta pe propria lor piele. Aristotel a descris cu o luciditate traita pe viu modul in care democratia poate degenera in tiranie atunci cand majoritatea decid sa-si cedeze puterea politica unui astfel de om carismatic. Asta pentru ca grecii au avut mereu conflicte cu persii, fapt ce le-a produs traume. Experiente traumatice intercomunitare transgenerationale le creeaza acestor popoare predispozitie intrinseca pentru „bataie” si conflict il face incapabil sa ia decizii echilibrate pentru societate. Numai faptul ca poporul e dispus sa investeasca putere politica intr-un rege sau un presedinte care sa decida pentru ei, arata predispozitia antidemocratica a acestui popor.

Iata in video-ul de mai jos ce optiune politica au americanii de rand:

Stati un pic si nu radeti ca nici ai nostri nu-s mai breji!

Exista o diferenta notabila, care ma face mandru ca sunt roman (pe tema asta) si nu american: prostia romaneasca e candida, e pacifista, in timp ce aia americana, dupa cum vedem, e agresiva, maligna.

Nu poti sa faci democratie cu astfel de oameni, nici de-o parte nici de alta. Cand Hitler spunea ca poporul nu isi doreste o democratie, nu gresea. Singura precizare ce trebuie facuta e aceea ca exista popoare echilibrate care pot sustine o democratie. La nivelul inconstientului individual, reunit intr-unul colectiv odata cu asocierea, poporul cu experiente traumatice isi doreste un despot cu mana de fier care sa ii razbune traumele. Mai mult decat atat, acest despot trebuie sa ii indeplineasca poporului si fantasma „identificarii cu agresorul”, adica sa il ridice peste alte popoare. Asa se intampla cu orice fel de om abuzat care incearca sa isi faca dreptate singur. Hitler, Napoleon si Stalin sunt figurile tipice indragite de popor, care in final duc la ruinarea lui. Exista, da, o doza de masochism in ideile politice ale cetateanului care isi are cauza in subordonarea sclavagista  cu care a fost educat timp de milenii . E un mare paradox acela ca, incercand sa iasa din conditia mizera de sclav in care a fost format timp de mai multe generatii, poporul mai mult se inrobeste. El se agata de o idee nobila, precum „poporul special” sau „conducatorul suprem”, „liderul”, „furherul”, dupa cum a observat cu o claritate de microscop Gustave Le Bon*. Apoi el se identifica cu acestea, dupa care incearca sa puna in practica cele mai barbare crime, precum jefuirea sau inrobirea altor popoare sau comunitati.

Pentru a evita o alta catastrofa precum astfel de drame reiesit atunci cand poporul a iesit la lupta, marile familii Rothschild si Rockefeller care guverneaza astazi lumea au implementat politica de jucarie. Ea permite interpunerea intre aceste idei politice nocive spre a nu crea astfel de catastrofe. Manipulatorii din rmbra au scos in fata anumite marionete care au suficienta carisma incat sa fie votate de niste oameni cu cultura politica medievala si dominati de o mentalitate infantila, de supunere fata de o pozitie paterna, dupa cum a observat Freud**, si el foarte precis. Adica niste analfabeti politic, ca s-o spunem direct. In decizia lor nu se intrevede eficienta rezolvarii problemelor, ci regresia la o idilica stare infantila sub protectia unui tata atotputernic, liderul absolut, un fel de zeu pe pamant. Poporul isi cedeaza nu doar puterea politica astfel, dar si responsabilitatea morala pentru crimele ce urmeaza ca urmare a punerii in practica a „dreptului celui mai puternic”, adica a jafului. Dupa ce razboiul da gres, si poporul e traumatizat fizic si moral, poporul se ridica impotriva fostului lider suprem pe care apoi il vede ca si calau. Acest model psihologic se repeta identic in politica de jucarie: poporul isi alege un lider, ii da la nivel simbolic putere politica, si apoi se plictiseste de el sau chiar se ridica impotriva lui.

Dar, spre deosebire de patricidul politic traditional descris de Freud, schimbarea periodica a liderului politic in democratie e menita sa consume doar la nivel simbolic aceasta predispozitie a supusilor spre razbunare. La fel se intampla si cu predispozitia ultranationalista  spre jefuirea altor comunitati. Democratia de jucarie este un totalitarism controlat pentru a lasa cat mai putine cicatrice psihopatologice unor minoritati. Pentru a evita revolutiile populare care conduc la genociduri precum cele din al doilea razboi mondial, SUA creeaza periodic razboaie clasice dar de mici dimensiuni prin care sunt atrasi si schiloditi potentialii revolutionari. La ce instrumente de control au CIA, razboiul cu tari precum Irak sau Afganistan s-ar fi putut face din satelit. Insa, la fel ca si in cazul democratiei de jucarie, si razboaiele lor de jucarie sunt niste mecanisme foarte profitabile de curatire a societatii de „elementele reactionare” (eugenie) la fel cum faceau dictaturile. Tinerii predispusi la violenta, eventual abuzati pe strazile rau famate cand erau copii si dornici de razbunare ca adulti sunt atrasi in aceasta retorica a demnitatii si respectabilitatii militare. Dupa ce vin de acolo schiloditi si cu PTSD nu mai pot fi decat boschetari si nu revolutionari cum ar fi putut fi.

Principalele instrumente ale implementarii politicii de jucarie sunt serVICIILE secrete, Pres(h)a si Ju$titia. Am descris in trecut aici  mecanismul psihologic de manipulare a atragerii adeptilor intr-un joc de manipulare si control. Niste agenti de-ai lor, dupa cum vedem, joaca rolul de responsabili unici pentru deciziile politice. Avand pretentia ca reprezinta o parte din cetateni, aceste marionete joaca teatru de adversari la nivel real pe piata informationala. Iar alegatorii, adevarati gura casca, asista la aceasta „lupta” ca la un meci de box. Am scris destul impotriva acestor institutii dupa ce am luat contact direct cu ele in viata de zi cu zi , dar si de la nivel teoretic precum aici  . Le detest ca nimeni altul. Dar iata ca ele au la baza o functie pozitiva, de a implementa o dictatura controlata in schimbul uneia clasice precum cele enumerate mai sus. Din pacate eu nu sustin teoria „raului cel mai mic” si din cauza asta detest si aceste institutii.

Da, nu exista cultura democratica pentru popoare care au trecut prin experiente sociale traumatice. Din pacate, poporale sudice si/sau cele expuse le traume istorice creeaza tragedii metasociale atunci cand functioneaza in democratie. Democratia directa e pentru poporalele nordice care au respect pentru totii membrii comunitatii lor dar si pentru restul popoarelor vorbitoare de alte limbi. Democratia directa e pentru poporalele echilibrate, care nu au fost supuse la asa ceva. Solutia in viitor este tocmai reducerea progresiva a traumatismelor sociale si a educatiei politice pentru ca poporul sa poata lua decizii intelepte si nu radicale.

Faptul ca democratia este imposibila pentru un popor frustrat e justificat. Insa faptul ca sistemul devine din ce in ce mai dictatorial si ca libertatile cetatenesti se restrang nu mai e justificat. Deja un astfel de sistem e o dictatura a profitului. Similitudinile sunt frapante. Germania hitlerista i-a stramutat pe evrei in odioasele lagare de concentrare. Rusia stalinista a deportat numeroase populatii in Siberia. „Marile civilizatii” au deportat populatiile africane pe post de sclavi in tot Occidentul. La fel cum aceste mari dictaturi au stramutat populatiile, fortandu-le sa-si paraseasca locurile natale, in acelasi fel face si „democratia” actuala. Diferenta am analizat-o detaliat in acest articol  si reflecta insasi diferenta intre sclavul clasic si executantul modern de ordine. Primul este amenintat cu bataia sau moartea, celalalt este manipulat, pacalit si ademenit cu imbogatirea.

Una este sa te interpui intre tendinta cetateanului din popoarele frustrate spre a nu cadea prada exceselor revansarde fata de alte comunitati, si cu totul altceva inseamna atragerea inocentilor traditionali in acest malaxor diabolic al consumismului  . Aici sistemul devine la fel de rau precum dictaturile clasice. Bolile diverse precum cancerul diabetul, infarctul, diabetul sau atacurile cerebrale au inlocuit moartea naturala. Medicina psihosomatica a fost suprimata spre a nu comunica omului simplu legaturile dintre aceste boli si stresul de fiecare zi. Insa, atata timp cat a putut, ea a spus suficient pentru a concluziona ca sistemul politicii de jucarie bazat pe extragerea profitului maxim este cel mai draconic sclavagism care a existat vreodata pe fata pamantului. Sclavia clasica ucidea 2-3 % dintre rebeli spre a-i potoli pe ceilalti. Razboaiele si ororile marilor dictaturi ale secolului al XX-lea au condus la moartea a doar 28,5 % din populatie (70 000 000 din 2,000,000,000 in 1950  ) . In momentul asta singura satisfactie este ca moartea survine mai tarziu si dupa o perioada oarecare de convalescenta in care cauzele sunt pierdute undeva in neantul experientelor din tinerete.

Democratia de jucarie nu are un plan concret de emancipare a poporului si nici macar a sine insasi. La fel ca un mascul beta, frustrat ca nu se poate imperechea, fiind invins de un alfa, spionii din aceste institutii isi traiesc mojicia in mod mediocru. Singura lor satisfactie e aceea de a observa prostimea si a o manipula precum un antropolog cu triburile sau un biolog ce face experimente pe diferite tipuri de organisme. Acesti spioni isi traiesc si ei satisfactia mojica de a se confunda cu Dumnezeu, mai creand o diversiune pe aici pe acolo, mai omorand cate o adolescenta precum cel pe care sistemul il protejeaza in cazul Caracal  . Nu se pot justifica moral astfel de actiuni doar prin prisma faptului ca dictaturile clasice au creat orori si mai mari. Iar experienta mea personala cu acest nou tip de dictatura  ma va face sa o detest cate zile voi avea, indiferent de partile sale bune.

Cand tu ca sistem social te folosesti de acest mecanism de echilibrare politica prin interpunere pentru a restrange libertatile individuale, atunci esti chiar o piedica in calea evolutiei sociale si emanciparii populare. Dupa ce reduci nivelul de trai al cetatenilor si ei ies in strada sa protesteze tu ce faci? Te pui cu bastoanele si gazele lacrimogene pe el? Creezi artificial traume poporului pentru propriul profit, in loc sa le elimini. Pai atunci tu statule, esti mai rau. La fel cum poporul frustrat are intentia de a subjuga alte comunitati, si tu ascunzi in intentia de a-l echilibra nevoia de a-ti pune in practica VICIILE maladive. Asa ai facut cel pe care tu l-ai ascuns in cazul Caracal .Intarirea sistemului politienesc conduce la psihgopatologizarea excesiva a populatiei. Adica la dezvoltarea unor pulsiuni excentrice fara posibilitate reala de satisfactie, sau cu rezultate criminale precum sadismul ucigas .

Atunci cand aceasta democratie de jucarie a ajuns mai rea decat dictatura comunista, eu unul simt nevoia sa intervin. Saracia si mizeria comunitara este artificial creata pentru extinderea privilegiilor unei oligarhii. Nu le mai ajunge milioanele si miliardele, nu le mai ajung masinile, vilele si concediile prelungite. Dupa ce au ajuns la astea, clica oligarhilor a inceput sa aiba ideatie paranoica de forma religioasa. Au inceput sa se creada adevarati dumnezei care decid cine traieste si cine moare. Practica sadismul ucigas , iar sistemul (adica tot ei) ii protejeaza. In ritmul acesta riscam sa ajungem cu totii niste sadici ucigas care sa ne urmarim unii altii sotiile si fiicele pentru a le ucide spre a ne pune in practica viciile maladive consolidate transgenerational.

Privilegiatii si-au luat in mod prevazator masini blindate si bodyguarzi pentru a se feri de furia publica. Au implementat un sclavagism vopsit in democratie de jucarie, pentru a-si extinde privilegiile, pentru a-si pune in practica perversiunile maladive, precum cel care a rapit fetele de la Caracal. Cu ce te deosebesti tu ca institutie din democratia de jucarie fata de ultranationalistul predispus la razboi prin democratia directa? Produci aceleasi traume sociale, doar ca ai instrumente mai eficiente de ascundere a lor. In urma ta cetateanul simplu devine din ce in ce mai frustrat si agresiv. Mediul social devine toxic. Un adevarat pericol public. Si eu ca simplu cetatean trebuie sa suport consecintele huzurului lor? Nu nu nu. Voi denunta acest nou tip de dictatura care a ajuns mai rea decat dictatura comunista, dupa cum am putut observa direct.

Plus de asta, nu exista pentru noi ceilalti, cei care am depasit momentul sustinerii dictaturilor un organism de actiune. La fel ca si comunismul care taia varfurile spre a fi aliniate mediocritatii, in acelasi fel democratia de jucarie ne aplatizeaza pe noi care am inteles modul de functionare al societatii si nu sustinem ultranationalismul la aceasta minoritate modesta. Pentru noi nu ati creat institutii. Si suntem cativa. Noi avem de ales intre a contribui la politica voastra de jucarie pentru cobaii de la baza piramidei sociale sau a deveni apolitici. Pai cum ramane cu definitia aristoteliciana a lui zoon politikon? Ne redefiniti voi umanitatea precum animalelor din ferme viata? Nu mie. Eu nu va sustin in aceste experimente sociale si veti avea in mine un adversar spiritual care nu vede alta cale decat sa va deconspire in tot ce faceti!

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