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(ro- for English scroll down) Baldovin Concept a fost pentru o perioada in imposibilitate de a fi publicat pe Facebook. Probabil ca unii dusmani ai sigurantei femeilor au fost deranjati de articolele scrse aici in ultimul an, si l-au raportat masiv ca spam, desi continutul sau nu contine reclame si nu vinde nimic. La rugamintile mele, dvs. cititorii ati contraraportat ca spatiu sigur care nu incalca standarderele comunitatii, pentru care va multumesc.

Eng- Baldovin Concept was for some time banned to be published on Facebook. Probably some women's security enemies were disturbed by the last year's articles I wrote here and received multiple negative spam reports to Facebook, although its content doesn’t contain advertising or any kind of commerce. But due to my asking for help, you the readers counter-reported this space as safe, not going against the Facebook Community Standards, so I thank you for that.

16 aprilie 2009

The real collective unconscious. Reply to Jungian theoretical bluff


In romaneste aici:

This entry is linked to some still to come. Its main purpose is to explain two issues are specific to these days Romanian public life. The first one refers to the Becali getting to jail and the other one is some press favorable articles about Atanasie Stanculescu (the convicted general for the military crimes against people in 1989 events). Analyzing these cases will help understand some features about contemporary global state. They seem totally different but, at the closer look, we will see that are very close related one another. I will take a conclusion concerning them in a future entry. For now I will make a deeper and more general social system analysis.

In a metasocial approach, the state works just like Unconscious that Freud described. Beyond the mincing and „spiritual” statements, the state hides some very practical, material and concrete intentions, just like Unconscious does. The individual classical neurotic Unconscious that Freud described and the collective social state Unconscious could not be separated because they both relate to the same system – the human being.

The first human psychic system structural theory that Freud proposed (the so-called „first topography”) has many dynamic-explanatory and definition lacunas. Freud was aware of some of them and that is why he finally launched „the second topography”. But this „First Topography” is still very useful for introduction and description. Everybody understands some things about the psychical system basics even if „the first topography” is still a metaphor. I am not going to get into details here – that is not the purposes of this text – but if somebody wants to find out about it than can check ”The dynamics of abyssal psychology” I wrote. That better communication characteristic makes me use Freud’s „First Topography” in this text for a general description of some social system features. I am sure that that couple of concepts form „First Topography” would not be enough for a detailed analysis of social system but it is good enough for the text here.

Ce este de fapt inconstientul colectiv. Replica la cacialmaua teoretica propusa de Jung


english version here:

Acest articol este legat de inca cateva. La finalul lor imi doresc sa explic mai intai arestarea lui Becali iar apoi articolele din presa favorabile la adresa lui Atanasie Stanculescu (generalul condamnat pentru crimele armatei impotriva cetatenilor in evenimentele din 1989) . Cele doua evenimente par total diferite insa ele sunt mult mai legate unul de altul decat pare la prima vedere. Dar, despre analiza lor directa ma voi ocupa intr-unul dintre articolele viitoare. Deocmdata voi face o analiza ceva mai profunda si mai generala a sistemului social.

Statul functioneaza la nivel metasocial exact ca Inconstientul descris de Freud care, sub declaratii fandosite si „spirituale”, ascunde intentii dintre cele mai concrete si mai practice. Inconstientul clasic individual nevroticoid descris de Freud si cel metasocial al claselor sociale nu pot fi doua lucruri diferite deoarece ambele sunt manifestari ale aceluiasi sistem- omul.

Prima teoretizare in structuri a psihicului omenesc (prima topica) propusa de Freud are multe lacune dinamic-explicative si de definire – drept pentru care el a lansat pana la urma cea de-a doua topica. Insa aceasta „prima topica” e foarte buna la nivel pur descriptiv, introductiv. Toata lumea intelege ceva din esenta functionarii psihicului chiar daca ea e mai mult o metafora. Nu intru in detalii aici, am facut-o in ”Dinamica psihologiei abisale”. Din acest motiv am sa folosesc si eu prima topica in acest articol menit sa descrie cititorilor un element ceva particular din sistemul psihicului. Recunosc ca ea e insuficienta pentru o analiza amanuntita a sistemului social, insa pentru acest articol ea e destul de eficienta.

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