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28 noiembrie 2016

1.6. The hidden brutal threats usage for increasing the productivity for contractual modern labor relations

The automatist society manifesto  

1.6. The hidden brutal threats usage for increasing the productivity for contractual modern labor relations

In the previous entry I compared the classical slavery brutal threats with the more subtle freely consented employment ones. In a future section I will get into details concerning the description of modern order taker refusal to obey such threats and its unproductive predisposition for insurrection. Therefore, despite the numerous attempts to put out the disobedient ones, eventually the classical slavery specific brutal threats were abandoned. The direct brutal death threats against individual remained still in today’s civilized society, but they are no longer caused by other people but by the nature itself. If one does not perform specific services to society then that person risks of not getting shelter and food back from it and therefore might get sick or even die. Nobody threatened that person with death in this case to become more productive. Simply this is the natural way of human being. The same thing happens without the existence of civilization: if one does not go for food or shelter in the wild then in the same that person could starve to death or freeze from lack of shelter.

But in addition to these small direct threats unfortunately the social system creates and maintains a set of indirect threats, more brutal than them. These actually repeat the brutal classical slavery threats. They are launched as in ether, without a specific target, like bait fishing. However, they are very psychologically active. In this trap are usually caught only those with high traumatic complex, those who were educated in a modest environment, according to rough education. Any kind of traumatic action has consequences in a persecutory paranoid psychopathological constitution, as reported by the numerous experiments that experimental psychology and sociology have provided. The modern servants interpret these threats to themselves because of their psychopathological constitution, according to the social environment and the genetic inheritance from their predecessors, the past epochs classical slaves.

These threats frighten the modern orders taker and block its desire to escape, as I detailed here , or here. I have described in the first article some amazing experiments made by experimental psychology. Several scientists * have used electrical and mechanical shocks in rats and monkeys. The result was an exponential increase in sexual behavior or the need for food. Applied to people, these odious methods lead to wide consumption increasing, which in fact means greater profit for the rulers of this world.

By pairing these conflicts with the secular traumatic experiences transgenerational transmitted from their ancestors (classical slaves), the modern servants are practically living the same anguish as it would be produced by a real trauma. For this reason they are almost impossible to prove in a court according to current justice system. The closer and more pointed these threats are to the employee the closer to classical slavery is this freely accepted employment relationship. This modern profit type folds like a glove on this specific justice form of contemporary era.

The indirect threatening actions are very detailed calculated after they were closely noticed and studied over time. Launching them on the media market is carefully planned by following the results observed long before in the production units. The increased productivity noticed in the US factories during the World War II was a turning point in what later became "human resources management". Since then, USA has specialized in initiating the "unnecessary" wars, thus becoming the twentieth century strongest economy country. Once given the slightest opportunity, USA immediately and constantly enter the in a war, or initiate one by itself to make peace (!!!).

Although it seems an unreasonable aggressiveness manifestation, the psychonomic logics of these warlike actions are reflected in a way too studied and very well developed economical plan. The news about American wars or from another part of the world are carefully selected by the news channels all over the world and thrown in the labor market as a net in which the emotionally fragile ones to be caught. The result is identical to the classical slavery direct threats: the productivity increasing. In contrast with classical slave, the modern order taker does not exactly know who to fight back against these threats. Is it the US President? Or is it the assaulted country President? Or are the various rebels that the media previously thrown the blame for initiating the war? The fact is that, having no counterattack solutions, the modern order taker prefers to get into the boss favors with the higher labor productivity. This is what was intended from the beginning. Simplifying a little the description, the situation is identical to a master who cynically beats his horse to run faster. From these social threats engineers benefits the entire “civilized world”.

Another example of the psychological trauma role in generating economic profit is that of postwar Germany. Its actual capital was devastated after the Second World War. But its potential capital that consisted in surviving citizens willing to work hard so to raise the country from ruins has made it quickly become an international economical power. But before that the whole civilized world pointed contemptuous finger towards the German nation for having supported the Nazi system. After the World War II the Germans were as “punishment worthy” as the ancient slave who was left a live by the master’s mercy. Basically, the postwar Germans have become classical slaves after they were stuck with the beasts image, worthy to be punished or even killed. If genuine classical slave was born with the idea that is a slave and could be killed at any time, this time the German worker was punished for wrong political decision that led to the Europe’s devastation. As experienced this international censure, the Germans tried to rebuild his image through a reconstruction effort. Hard working for 20 years that these people did under the international opprobrium pressure, was the price paid to recover their dignity as humans.

If the foreign policy provides various threats to citizens through military action, in terms of domestic politics these threats are provided by police and mafia gangs. For many it is a mystery that the US tolerates mafia gangs in American cities, but it is very intolerant with the ordinary citizen smallest disobedience signs. The US police rarely get involved in the scores settling among suburban mafia gangs. The system knows that these gangsters are out of social control can no longer convince anyone to obey orders. These gangsters are like Spartacus revolted slaves who rather die than continue living in slavery. So the police do not bother much to “order” them. And so the system is content for using these gangsters as indirect agents of terror against ordinary people, and thus it is making them productive through its productivity growth.

In opposite for tolerance towards gangsters, the American system has a special treatment to honest citizens. At the slightest defiance sign the American cop take out its gun and asks for hands in the air or for lying down on the ground, just like in the war. Such an experience is enough traumatic to be remembered for life. If the citizen defiance continues then the policeman kills it with gunshots, under the pretext of fearing for own life. This is a typical slave overseer’s behavior. When the modern social system bully the respectable citizen on the street, and even threaten that person with death at the slightest social rules violation, basically it restores classical social system slavery penalty scheme.

In fact, the general police main role, and the US police in particular, is the disobedient servants’ elimination and threats perpetuation to those still obedient, with visible results in increased productivity. Here’s how the US was able to convert such disadvantage into an advantage. The street mafioso that requires tax protection directly from the honest citizen is an unofficial soldier or police officer. The tolerance towards that thief is actually a payment that the US social system tacitly accepts and each negotiates it directly with the victim. The ordinary people often prefer to pay protection fee rather than seek help from police, according to its stated official role in society. That's because the policemen called for help could be aggressive towards the victim itself. The video below was inspired by the experience.

Warning! Shocking video

The mafia gangs’ abuses against common people are used for the slavery interest of cultivation the hidden threats with a crucial role in the overall economy productivity. The street violence in the "democratic" Western social space is actually the police state violence correspondent from dictatorships. So in the “civilized world” we can talk about the violence privatization intended to submit the servant under the threats pressure. Thus that person becomes a violence agent, who revenges for this initial abuse to the weaker beings that can not fight back.

From here starts a violence and threats epidemic extended to all the social sectors. The assaulted student in the street, in the classroom or at home will have violent defensive impulses in frustration situations. So that person either would exclude oneself from such a “no child left behind” school or will simply be expelled because of its deviant behavior. Later, as adult, this person would prefer to enlist in the army than to find a normal social status. That is exactly what the authorities want from a person who might rebel in future under the productivity growth pressures. Full of frustration and resentment, such a psychical tortured person will want to work off its frustrations in a war and to obstinately seek violence. It will be the first to fill his heroic chest with air to pounce on any sign of enemy, as taken randomly. The social system artificially creates wars especially dedicated for him.

In psychodynamic terms any frustration means also terror. That happens because any frustration increases the psychical system inhibition level value according to the first psychodynamic law . To adjust this difference value and to psychodynamically balance the psychical system needs any mental satisfaction found in the proximal area. This is where the commercials lies enter, as that am analizat I pointed in detail here. Here’s how the over consumption is thus consolidated through this huge terror social apparatus. We remember from the previous article about the deception of the so-called “free trade relationship” that the modern order taker gets into. In these circumstances the differences between the classical slave and modern order taker orders are much smaller than they appear. The compulsive need to shop useless items involves more work to obtain money for. And that was the very goal from the beginning. In the next entry I will analyze other parallels between the classical slave and modern order taker.

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