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29 martie 2010 The war: the most profitable business


 The automatist society manifesto The war: the most profitable business

Varianta in limba romana

This article continues the previous one 

(This article was written in 2011, and then absorbed into a larger paperwork)

Civilization has been built with the war. Basically some armies conquered and pillaged some primitive communities and have turned its members into slaves. Slaves were forced to work, to produce goods required for living, food or labor to build castles and cathedrals. That is civilization! Looks really revolting that our wonderful contemporary world has so garbage at its base but the most outrageous is that this rubbish is still part of it.

State constitutions and their official ideologies claim some absolutely empty formulas designed only to shape up an image, to create servants false illusions and to keep them serve on. Among many such bullshits I mainly notice no content words like "national unity" or "national unitary state." As broken from the Hegel’s anesthetic philosophy these formulas gives the false impression that between servant and master is the same relationship of cooperation as between members of a sport team.

But any national state has a capital developed around the lord / king palace and a province that includes primitive community systematically abused and exploited under the threat of military troops. The relationship between lord and slave is that of theft. Such crime is beautifully embellished with the institutions and the idea of nation is one of those modern myths designed to mend up an inhumane practice.

Slaves have always had the option of suicide from the moment he chose to continue living as a slave rather than die in battle or commit suicide even from the start. The regrets about life choices that common people has taken are mentally governed by this original decision taken by their ancestors on their behalf. Transgenerationally smoulder inside slave revolt is a halfsuicidal act because it returns to the original deal done thousands of years ago between their ancestors and their contemporary tormentors’ ancestors. With the war there are bound together (condensed) psychological affects as frustration about the fact of being systematically deceived by the authorities, fear of reprisals in which the ancestral Traumatic Complex acts but also the early education cultivated love for all of these monstrosities.

There are two levels that common people relate with war. First is the simple frustration that involves the obedience to authorities. The prospect of a war simply attenuates this kind of person rebellion tendencies and disobedience so becoming more docile and more profitable. The other level is that of the increased frustration threatening to escalate into riots. The halfslavery system keeps inventing wars again and again in order to absorb common people’s frustration and point it to abstract enemies so covering the image of social vampires that usually cripple down their existence.

We know that war is the most profitable business because it certifies a looser- winner type relationship where the looser is that who is threatened by loosing life. At this point the servant faces a critical decision that its ancestors took it in past centuries: either win and take booty or die in war. Social injustice or social abuses no longer counts. All that matters in this particular moment is survival: everything is focused winning the war. Worker's mind gets hot and begins to function anesthetic and impersonal like Sisyphus described in the depressive existentialists’ texts. The worker transforms into an animal that fights for her/his life with the survivor motivation.

War began to artificially be induced as a very subtle way to attract and control any rebellion on the authorities within the social system. Instead the slaves to rebel against masters as happened to Spartacus phenomenon civilization learned to pit them against each other and to neutralize each other in the battlefield.

The analysis can go further ahead up to the psychoanalysis moral masochism: the small daily frustrations that the worker feels need a “spell it out”, an abreaction, an artificial provoking anger avalanche through the war perspective. That is the real fear, which is a kind of cocaine of human anxieties. Sports games and sports hooliganism can somehow attract and implement into act such primitive aggressive impulses of the human soul. The bustle of the contemporary stadiums is the bustle of old armies fighting in galactic confrontations. Modern culture, the paparazzi phenomenon is meant to attract the early slave hate to its social vampires, the authorities. Channeling the slave anger out of those who profit directly from its state is not only meaning of war but it is the meaning of all social institutions and culture together.

Beyond the local slave "motivation" to serve, the war is a good source of foreign slaves. The classical slaves used to be war pray within the classical society. Today they are immigrants. Any Western social system has developed a highly effective system of selection, allowing entrance into "civilization" only to those that are able and willing to serve. The others are firstly refused from getting the entering territory visa or secondly, if illegally entered, they are hunted and sent back to their native places. Those who are accepted are very profitable for global economy because, due to the fear of terror from their origin places, they will work hard to keep their job and the permission to live in peace. They are discreet and quiet but their number is much higher than it seems. Their work keeps the system going around. They are almost irreplaceable.

Human civilization seems to be continuously threatened by something and corporatist propaganda professional made by the U.S. and gradually taken by the other civilized countries peaked in the invention of such threats and artificial disasters production to keep down the contemporary slave into psychological bondage. In the past, but still today community support for the army is justified by foreign threats. If there is not any then they are artificially induced by politicians’ specific corrupt methods.

These threats have an incredible role in the consumption increasing. The experimental psychology has made numerous scientific experiments both on humans and animals by causing painful physical shocks such as electrical or mechanical. After using them there were noticed a significantly increasing of interests in food and sexual behavior. For example, the experimental psychologist Miller, Neal E. has observed this on rats, and Robert A. Hinde has observed it on monkeys. Besides them, many other researchers confirmed it. In humans, these experiments have long been done by initiating and maintaining such artificial wars. The worker interprets the threats that result from them as being addressed to own person, and take them as such. The result is a greater consumption from the worker and higher profit for "masters".

From simple other language speakers to Nazis, to Communists, the Arabs terrorists and (lately) alien invaders media propaganda system spread these warrior messages to keep the contemporary halfslave in the alert and productive state of mind. War was and still remains the most profitable business affairs as business themselves are some nice little embellish wars. The lies that the wars are justified with in the capitalist society involve the entire disinformation process. In order to understand the connection between the war and the disinformation I will describe in the next section the biggest disinformation product in the history, namely the December 7-th 1941, Pearl Harbor tragedy .


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