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29 mai 2016

1.4. Examples of slavery infiltrated free trade relations

The automatist society manifesto  


1.4. Examples of slavery infiltrated free trade relations

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A fair society turns available services back to turn to those who offer a certain service. That means that those who benefit from someone’s service must provide on their turn something in return. If a person does not offer anything to society and only takes advantage form somebody else’s work then the society is a slavery-based one. Neither the false "illusory" or already possessed goods exchange above, such as keeping its life or immortality promise, for example, is not a fair exchange, but a classic sign of slavery. I have shown in the previous sections that there are false free trade relationships that allow the same classical slavery type of profit. This is undeserved profit and comes from an abuse. If this is a total abuse then there is a typical classical slavery relationship. If the abuse is only partial then there is an infiltrated slavery into free trade relationship, which is a embellished slavery into some kind of free trade appearance.

Every major contemporary economical powers found their "greatness" into these fake relationship abuses that generate undeserved profit. It is a long story about how human society has turned from classical slavery to this kind of modern infiltrated slavery into free trade relationship which I mentioned in some older articles and to which I will return in the next ones for more clarifications. Until then I will give some examples of such labour relationships.

It is not very difficult to identify those who are not sufficiently rewarded for various services to society. Those low quality jobs make them very unpopular, which often involves attracting immigrants to be made. The plumbers, the garbage collectors, the fruit and vegetable pickers and the other agriculture workers jobs, are in fact insufficiently appreciated by the communities. Although they are humiliating and reflect a low social status, immigrants prefer these jobs instead of those of work or social and environmental conditions in which they have lived before emigration. Unfortunately, recently, the western corporations pull the governmental strings to artificially create such imbalances in the world’s marginal areas and produce emigrants as second-class citizens and used as living tools. I have shown in detail here disadvantages of economic migration here .

A garbage collector that provides indispensable services for the whole community, although lives its life back home also in garbage because can’t afford a decent living, is one such person. It deserves a higher wage according to its work importance. The offered wage by the community is more a classic slavery concealment than an honest exchange on which the company makes for its services. A garbage collector does not rich even the 30% benefit from those whom it makes services to. Of course, his is allowed to live in the community space just as much as the classical slave was permitted to actually live in return for its services ... By denying access to the other society members services benefits this person legitimate rights are basically denied.

These people marginalization and false promise of attaining the full rights citizen status is paradoxically the key to keep them in such a position, as I will show that in details in the following sections. It is noticeable that the main difference between this type of low waged labor and the classical slavery labor relationship lays in replacing the traditional threats (with death, beating and so on) with various lies (of social ascension promise, eternal happiness and so on). In reality, after their excitement and their life will be consumed, these people will become even more marginalized and some of them even thrown out in the street. The US and China police takes care to "clean" some more of these people so to make room for others as naïve as the disappointed ones were when first arrived in the city of dreams. At the slightest mistake, those countries police would kill in cold blood these depressed people, under the coverage of a possible initial assault that had to fight against. In fact, the neo slavery system really operates here a kind of "social selection" that shadows Hitler as an amateur in social Darwinism. The similarity between police eugenic task and the punishment to the runaway classical slave is obvious.

The presence of migrants who provide services spaces below Western culture accepted human dignity has two major implications. Firstly, the main individual becomes dependent by these low dignity labor and therefore is obliged to accept the social exploitation system due to the comfort it brings. If emigrants would leave, the common people would shortly wake up with streets full of garbage, with higher prices for fruits and vegetable, with more discomfort related to domestic repairs, with decreased efficiency of public services and so on. Although it has a permanent criticism attitude towards the system and politicians, the native people paradoxically supports it exactly in the most critical area. Then, the immigrants pressure on locals to become more efficient by taking their jobs, which attracts the hostility and the disregard towards them, and deepens their sense of marginalization. I will show in detail the antisocial implications of this situation in one of the following sections.

The contemporary technology can replace those humbling jobs but there is a top state political interest for keeping these people in the dark and to perpetuate their availability to serve in future situations. Therefore any relief in their life or rising up their dignity is discreetly undermined. The Asian areas there are specialized jobs for disassembling and selecting various parts of trash thrown household or cars. It is immoral to send this waste to be disassembled there but not to invest in an automatic line to make these people’s lives easier. The electric car is an example of restraint in social evolution according to the current technology. Many such jobs in the "civilized world" are actually traps to keep people in a state of underdevelopment and spiritual retardation. They will bring profit in the future either directly or indirectly through their descendants, so that such macrosocial actions have a well defined intention.

Above the marginal social low class members there are marginalized middle class who are drunk with the illusion of social superiority. They are the central pillar of the consumer society. Although belonging to majority, they have also a marginal status; if they refuse to continue on the same path, then they too will find themselves thrown into the street as low class marginalized ones. The only difference between the two classes is that the middle class ones are well paid. Some of them are very well paid, but not well enough to waste their lives and become workaholics. The money and the illusory satisfaction of apparent luxury are actually the chains that hold them in these hard working positions. They are morally anesthetized by the high social hierarchy ideals achieving. The Cave Myth has a financial allure in the modern era. These people’s labor is very stressful and time consuming. There are a lot of such free slaves who work more than 8 hours a day, instead of socializing with family and loved ones. Therefore they either do not socialize at all or only poorly socialize inside community. Their family members’ relationship is unhealthy. They are simply marginal people isolated in more or less hermetic spaces. To counteract this handicap they pay to be accepted in specific communities or social circles. Basically, the same thing happened in the past centuries when the classical slave had to pay its right to be accepted in the community as a living person. Here's another similarity bettween this so called free labor relationship and the classical slavery!

A small or average remuneration for extremely stressful services is a sign of slavery infiltrated into free work relations between people. I can list here, for example, the labor made by the public transportation drivers, buildings construction labors and other dangerous activities or the high risk labors, either because they must be done very carefully, or because they involve various dangers for the worker or for the community. These jobs must be remunerated so that the ones who made them at some point would be able to live decently after quitting. A stressful job is unhealthy and corrosive for the mind that eventually will convert into the huge spectrum of somatic diseases known today, among which are the most lethal ones like the cancer, the diabetes and the heart attack. I would insist on this subject in one of the following sections.

In the next section I will detail how the system has developed this type of social relations in which is infiltrated the free trade slavery.

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