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29 mai 2021

5.9. Good parts in the radical feminism ideology

5. The Feminism as a reaction to crimes and emotional abuse against women

5.9. Good parts in the radical feminism ideology

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I used the general psychoanalysis method within the limits of the private data protection rights

In the articles so far I have criticized and rejected most feminist-radical ideas (not to be mistaken with the justifiable moderate feminism ) with sociological, political, legal or psychopathological reasons. But, as I mentioned in the introduction, I did not write this text to demolish feminism but to strengthen it. I was interested in a public approach to psychoanalytic psychotherapy, with unveiling some internal psychic mechanisms of those involved in this movement but without pointing it to a specific person. So there was no individual's right to privacy violation. Apart from some individual public examples already famous in the social media, to which I made some psychoanalytic incursion, I did not make public any individual, unknown cases, which would cause frustration to those involved. Due to the celebrity, those cases targeted by my analysis have meanwhile developed a certain emotional shell about the negative opinions that have been circulating about them from various users of online social media. So it is very likely that my alleged "wild psychoanalysis" that targeted them will not even reach them. In fact, my psychoanalysis had another destination: it was meant to get to those anonymous people who identify with these cases, whose emotional intimacy is fully protected. In the same way, the general psychoanalysis made to the various groups that constitute the general feminism or the radical one in particular is an individual guide for the women involved to find themselves in my descriptions and to self-analyze towards a personal psychotherapeutic evolution.

The radical feminism psychopathology does not equate with the scientific error

I didn’t mean with this text to point out that the feminist-radical ideation towards psychopathological predisposition would be something incriminating, as the classic mentality does. I made this feminist-radical ideas psychopathological analysis because in this way we can better understand its supporting perseverance despite some solid counter-arguments, such as those expressed here and here   . Existenta acestui acompaniament psihopatologist nu infirma calitatea logica sau stiintifica a ideilor pe care le genereaza, desi le influenteaza. This psychopathologist supervision does not negate the logical or scientific ideas quality it generates, although it influences them. Exactly this phenomenon made me detach these influences and describe them in detail as in this chapter or in this article   and this one   . There is no absolute truth and absolute error; imprisonment in certain ideas, without the ideological evolution natural fluidity, without response to counter-arguments, shows a negative psychopathological influence on one's mentality. Its description can mean a drainage channel and retroactive communication of this ideological mass with the outside.

Such a psychopathological background also exists among anti-feminists, the general feminism ideological opponents. Many of them are the humanity itself biggest enemies. They are the murderous sadists who do not want women to be given more rights so to have an easier way to perpetuate their morbid vice. So I also described the antifeminism psychopathology, as sharp as Michel Foucault described the classical society’s tortures, not so much in this text, but especially in the other texts I have written and will continue to write. Its symptomatology is so vast and diverse that it does not occur in this text. Compared to the sadistic antifeminism psychopathology, the radical feminism described here seems harmless. Therefore, there nobody can blame me that I would have used psychopathology as a tool for building an ad hominem sophistry against feminism.

I exclude Karen Straughan and her followers from this debate as they make a moderate antifeminism, generally based on arguments. But, despite a seemingly cold analysis, there is also a psychopathological background that paradoxically risks becoming misogyny and does not recognize any merit from the feminism. Being a person and not a current, it is not deontological to look through its biography for psychopathological data and to describe them here. There are personal things that I did not expose as well when I described the radical feminism psychopathology. I only described these classes of people (in general) and not the first and last name individuals. I think that the counter-arguments power is enough to counteract this idea that she supports.

The inopportuneness or the logical or scientific falsity of some feminist ideas does not in any way mean its abolition, not even in its radical version. I do not support the classical mentality of absolutely true ideas, which would come from God, while the false ones would come from the devil or from human imperfection. Misconceptions are an important part of the very science history itself, being a generative part of the truth. And this is exactly the role of this chapter last article, namely to show the radical feminism good parts as well. As mentioned in the introduction, the error has a clearly recognized role for epistemology in the scientific truth genesis. It is a stage of truth. Well, according to this principle, in addition to the opposition I had in this text to the radical-feminist ideas, now is the time to show its the good parts.

Ideas directly inspired from the radical feminism rhetoric

The fact that I ended up doing this study is largely due to certain radical feminists. I hope that the society will overcome the prejudices inherited or taken over from the social customs, as I did, and take action against these globally planned crimes. That's what happened to me. The premise of combating the radical feminists excesses led me to deeper theoretical analyzes than I had previously done on one subject or another. In some cases, they led me to more precise principles that I had previously adhered to. This is the case with the clearer expression of the social norms preceding the court that I have theorized here   and here   . In other cases, trying to infirm them and looking for objective data, I radically changed my position and adopted their ideas. This was the case with the analysis the risk of rape and sexual violence from the sadists on the middle-class and lower-class women.

Then, despite its many mistakes, the feminism radical wing is still primarily beneficial for women themselves. The accusatory expressed feminist-radical ideas, such as "all men are rapists," are offensive to those of us who have not raped anyone. But still, applied in their behavior, these ideas make them much more cautious and less likely to fall victims. I have constantly criticized in this text the support for the radical-feminist ideas such as "all men are rapists". Pointing these ideas accusatively randomly towards one man or another, in the absence of solid evidence, is an abuse. However, I support and recommend all women to quietly adopt these ideas on a behavioral, discreet level, without baseless accusations. Many of them do, which is good for their safety. The women are in danger and the authorities are trying to disguise it. The today media controlled by sick and perverse elite contributes to a much too artificial good image to a certain part of society, which is actually the origin of these horrors. For this reason, despite its errors I have described in this text so far, radical the feminism is beneficial because it draws attention to this pact that the social system makes with criminals.

On how the radical feminism inspired me to describe the moderate and the murderous sadism

After trying to reject these radical feminism cautious prejudices, I came to support some of them. I discovered the conspiracy that the system supports to hide the serial killers extreme sadism that later I wrote about here   . This conspiracy blinds us all. Although the serial killers reality, such as Jack the Ripper, has been known since the 19th century, the world wide authorities keep fooling us to forget about this psychopathological scourge specific to the wild capitalism and, more recently, to the neoliberalism. The most used and well-known psychopathology treaty, namely "The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (DSM) or the "International Statistical Classification of Diseases" (ICD) say absolutely nothing about these upper-class sadism monstrous morbid manifestations that ends up in breaking news cases. In the United States alone, between 400,000 and 600,000 people, mostly women, disappear each year according to the FBI itself. We are not talking here about the 3-rd world countries semi-dictatorial systems, but about those with important "democratic tradition". These women are not kidnapped and killed for robbery, as is the case with men. These women are kidnapped by the extreme sadists who monstrously kill them in sexual acts that even the most radical feminists can not describe. Those sadists are part of the repressive institutions and know how to erase their traces in order not to get to the newspapers front pages. And yet some of them come to the surface from time to time.

A journalist has to do a real investigative job to find these official credible statistics. There are several web-sites like this   , in which such statistics are published, but no official source is cited. It’s impossible to tell whether there is indeed an official source and the statistics are not falsified, or whether that source is an official one.

Obvious sexism in the psychopathological descriptions of the main mental disorders classification models

I have been studying psychopathology for 20 years and during this time I couldn’t make a simple connection between the moderate sadism described by these treatises and these monstrous crimes that explode in the mass-media every few decades. The psychopathologists who edit these treatises obediently follow orders from the society masters. I made this simple connection only after I confronted the radical feminists’ ideas under the first impulse to reject through these statistics. It was me who was coming with a carefully modeled by the official media lies prejudice on the alleged excessive rape fear subject; but actually the statistics showed me that the women are not afraid enough about it and the authorities indeed hide this dramatic reality.

Besides paying attention to the serial killers protection conspiracy, the radical feminism has led me to note that psychopathology does not treat the emotional abuse done by the histrionic men in the same way as the histrionic women’s. The traditional psychopathology did not take into account the Casanova-type seducers emotional abuses for which I made a summary here . I knew about the seductive hysteroid women’s emotional abuse on men that the psychopathologists have exposed in detail over time. I also knew about the emotional abuse caused by the hysteroid male on women but they are not described as important and in the same level of detail in these treatises. I have read about these abuses in the several tens of pages long descriptions, in those very voluminous psychopathology treatises. But I do not remember finding a detailed macho Casnaova description in the synthetic psychopathology treatises that I have studied, in which this behavior was recognized as psychopathological and abusive. In the traditional culture, this is recognized as high standard male behavior norm. The traditional psychopathology did not show its abuse appearance but evaluated it as men normal behavior. These behaviors were given the appearance of “others” and were not kept when the symptoms were summarized.

For example, DSM 5 treats in a very sexist manner the “Histrionic Personality Disorder” (code 301.50). The diagnostic criterion number 2 is:

„(2) ) Interaction with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior”

We find in this criterion the seductive behavior of the histrionic woman but not that of the histrionic man. Casanova also dresses sexy like the histrionic seductress but he is not constantly provocative so as not to be confused with the homosexuals, whom he generally delimits himself from. Besides, any kind of male sexual exhibitionism of his only culturally hidden anatomical part brings the perception of being a rapist, which he constantly avoids. He can be more or less exhibitionist like a histrionic woman at the pool, at nudists or other places like this. He can also become a bit more exhibitionist exclusively in the presence of women. But a male body worked at the gym is not as sexually challenging as the histrionic women. His exhibitionism is more about possession, namely cars, clothes, luxury watches and other expensive clothing accessories, usually rented. But the DSM does not say in any of its editions about this male exhibitionism in a certain criterion, nor in the more detailed description that follows. All the DSM editions have similar criteria for this disorder. This fact is also found in criterion number 4:

„(4) Consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self”

Also, these criteria have more detailed description like this one:

„They may embarrass friends and acquaintances by an excessive public display of emotions (e.g., embracing casual acquaintances with excessive ardor, sobbing uncontrollably on minor sentimental occasions, having temper tantrums) ”

We can see in this criterion rather the histrionic woman description. The histrionic man rarely bursts into tears. Also, at criterion number 8 there is again a specific feminine form:

„(8) Considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are.”

Indeed, both the histrionic man and woman make close friends with people on a higher level of the social ladder. But the histrionic man is rather arrogant than close to those around him, contrary to the histrionic woman. In the more detailed description of these criteria you can read:

„ Individuals with this disorder often consider relationships more intimate than they actually are, describing almost every acquaintance as “my dear, dear friend” ...”.

Somehow, the traditional psychopathology even tends to praise his macho behavior, which shows a traditional androcratic, abusive, conquering mentality, which thus justifies its own mentality and its own privileges, exactly as the most radical feminism claims. When analyzing Casanova's adventures , the traditional psychopathology ironically reveals the seducing women failures rather than criticizing his predisposition to emotionally abuse them through the seduction and then sudden abandonment. We ca see here that the feminist theory of men entitlement through education or the discrimination culture is fully covered in the way that the psychopathologists have reflected the histrionic behavior abuses. Although the consumerist culture promotes this image, in reality there are very few women who appreciate the Casanova man with his endless attempts to have intimate relationships with as many women as possible. Well, the complaints of both radical and moderate feminism must change this popularized perception build by the neo-slavery mentality intention to make men work more so to have more women. So the description I did later was simply a reminder of those voluminous treatises broad descriptions found in the radical feminism accusations. I believe that the description I made of the hysteroid man should be adopted by the summary descriptions psychopathology treatises such as DSM or ICD. So in this case their generally unfounded accusations also have a beneficial part.

The antifeminism: a social privileged ones strategy to undermine the feminist movement

The main purpose of perpetuating the classical slavery, today modified into a false free trade relationship   , is exactly what the most radical feminism describes. It pointed out that there is a media education into the disguised prostitution culture supported by the social privileged ones. And indeed, those who run the society not only do not take efficient actions to stop these crimes causes but perversely encourage and promote them, just as the radical feminists say. Through this prostitution culture promoted among the common mentality, the socially privileged ones want to put into practice in the future their sadistic impulses (including murderous), and get away with it. At the top of the social pyramid, the sexual harassment is practiced at an imperceptible level, where even the most radical feminists fail to see it. Then, such a mentality paves the way for fleeting relationships with married or unmarried women for the social top pyramid businessmen. Hence, the feminism critique (including the radical one) is fully justified when applied globally and not individually to a particular man.

The social pyramid top does not want to give up these abusive privileges. Based on certain errors, especially at the political level, the Marxism and feminism are generally recognized as harmful by these sadistic interests’ mentalities. In the same way the sophists had their excesses, as how the Marxism had. But the sophists were authentic visionaries   even if the history of philosophy and science ignored their decisive contribution. In the same way, the social exploitation theory with which Marxism was identified remains valid during the new type of slavery practiced by the neo-liberalist society, even if it is also taken over from the ancient sophists. The block rejection of sophist, Marxist and feminist theories, without detailed analysis of their proposals, is explained precisely by the interest of the socially privileged ones not to lose their abusers advantages over the rest of society.

So, for leading me to these clues, I think that the radical feminism is also doing a good job, although we are still opponents of the issues outlined above. For the friendship I have with some of them, I am willing to support in the short term some radical ideas including those I criticized here on a purely theoretical level. The purpose of such a thing is exclusively to draw attention to the inequitable society in which we live today, which is a danger to women. But, I repeat, I do not support these long-term solutions proposed by them because of the arguments I have already set out in this study and others that I will set out later in the next chapter. Many might as well become aware of the problems and risks to which women are exposed. From this point of view, I am also a radical feminism excesses supporter. However, I do not know if it is more beneficial to even involuntarily draw his attention to the crimes tolerated by the sadistic social system on women or is rather negative the rejection reaction towards the moderate feminism wrongly mistaken with the radical one excesses. But that's another topic of debate. This was the chapter on feminism. In the following one I will describe the long-term solutions to stop the general criminality and that against women in particular . 

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