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29 octombrie 2021

6.5. Ideological and practical solutions to calm down the conflicts between conservative people and LDTB minority

6. Long-term solutions to stop sexual crimes and emotional abuses

6.5. Ideological and practical solutions to calm down the conflicts between conservative people and LDTB minority

This article continues the previous one
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There is an old conflict between the conservative mentality and the eccentric sexual orientations ones or the asexuals. Many human lives have been sacrificed by burning at the stake, or for "fornication" reasons, or for sex with cosmic goats, as asexual women, who refused to marry, were believed to have. Today there still are some with appetite for witch hunts, and it is everyone's duty to remind them that they live in another century. Also, the eccentric sexual behaviors ones are at risk to develop paranoid predispositions towards the entire heterosexual majority, under the "identification with the aggressor" psychic mechanism. And we have also to remind them as well that they can see oppressors and persecutors everywhere, where do not exist, out of this repressive medieval cultural heritage that exists even in their own mentality. This article will provide ideological solutions to diminish this conflict.

Primitive and medieval prejudices in the persecution of the eccentric sexual orientations people

There are 5 traditional prejudices about homosexuality, namely that it is contagious, caused/conditioned by a specific opposite sex childhood education, that it is caused by a hyper libidinal need for sex or that these people stalk to rape children or adults. I analyzed and fought these theories in detail here . I will not repeat this topic from the beginning, so those who want to find out about it can go and read it directly in the page linked above. Moreover, there are a lot of more detailed studies than I did like this one sau acesta . Those who judge with the intellect eyes and not with the primitive mental layers ones can be informed directly from there.

Basically, the eccentric libidinal orientations are negatively perceived by those who project their own uneducated fears into them. Of course, the exception is the pedophile disorder and sadism, which directly harm the partner. As do not know how to differentiate these two from the others, the common people believe that all eccentric libidinal orientations would cause such harm to others, which is not true. Such ideas are quite similar to the group-induced delirium practiced in the Middle Ages, and long after that, on women who refused to marry. And they were accused of witchcraft out of that. Today we have fun based on the ideas that a woman could travel on a broom until close to the moon in order to mate there with cosmic goats. But in those days thousands of women were burned at the stake on the basis of such delusional accusations. Such unfounded accusations were and still are made against the homosexuals and the sexual minority community (except for pedophile disorder and sadism) by some who have remained at the same level. If these ideas remain simple opinions, it would not be a problem. Unfortunately, they become real persecutions that the socially undeveloped ones bring against these people. They do not come out of a social exploitation and profit interest, but out of an uneducated fear, based on a primitive and classical society specific mentality.

The damage against the harmless eccentric libidinal orientations people

These fears are closer to religious beliefs than to scientific data. In addition to its core of "pure reason ideas", as described by the philosopher I. Kant, the religion was a traditional model of ethics, politics, law, and science, which vehemently opposed these practices. In the Old Testament there is said that God himself took cruel revenge on the famous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for their sexual excesses. But these primitive norms are no longer viable in contemporary society. The sexuality and morality are two totally different things; there is no connection between them unless the sexual impulses violate the social norms. Those who literally violate them are only pedophile disorder and the sadism, and not the other sexual orientations on which these conservative persecutions are directed.

Both in the democratic tradition and no democratic countries there are hostile reactions to these people. Those uninformed or hostile to diversity are unjustifiably afraid of those with eccentric sexual orientations that they would infest them, or influence them in some way to become as they are. And because of this, these sexual minorities’ members have a real problem in finding partners or in expanding their selection area into not enough safe spaces to find the right partner there. Such a thing is an attack on the human right to communicate sexual orientation to potential partners, which is an attack on the human right to socialize and associate.

The eccentric sexual orientations people right to communicate their orientation in the global society, in the sense of finding potential partners

The gallant behavior regularizations are meant to favor finding the most suitable partner from the society wider side possible. If we look at the pre-courtship rules , we notice that, during its history, the society has created a good part of the culture precisely for these successful matings realization. In the same way, the sexual minorities such as homosexuals, prostitutes or histrionics have the right to find suitable partners in society, according to their own interests. Communicating the sexual preferences of a particular geographic or online space to the entire society should not be seen as an insult or an attempt to convert heterosexuals to these orientations. The blasphemous gay parades do not want to spread an LGBT "virus" that contaminates "healthy people" with an appetite for eccentric sexual behavior. They simply want to get up from the persecution fear state or the self-blaming those who do not have the courage to accept their sexual orientation, in order to broaden their coupling horizon. The search for a partner of the same orientation does not affect in any way the heterosexual ones, and in that first article linked above footnote I set out arguments in this regard.

The heterosexuals must not impose their own lifestyle on eccentrics and categorize their sexual orientation as moral or superior. The most equitable societies in the world today do not practice a democracy taken ad litteram, meaning a minority should obey to the majority in absolutely any matter. Such a thing is rather a dictatorship of the majority. A fair society is one that offers to any kind of minorities a development framework.

Solutions to stop the persecution towards the LGBT minority

The main solution lays in education, in information that everyone must take from credible resources until the official education will be able to do it systematically in the primary cycles. Unfortunately, this is not wanted in underdeveloped countries like Romania. Our current social system does not want certain people to get out of these prejudices. And this is how the social conflict arises. As the social system is a late medievalism, it does not care to educate the citizens, but to keep them with such prejudices. Of course, functioning as an enlightened slavery , the contemporary society takes advantage out of the citizens’ mental underdevelopment, being able to manipulate them for profit. The Romania 2019 referendum tried to politically exploit this issue. So, instead of a conducive education to this problem, it preferred to find a repressive pseudo-solution for it. Such medieval remnants in the contemporaries’ mentality against whom the school failed cannot be repressively eradicated.

This solution is the best, but it cannot be put into practice now. The underdeveloped persecutors education is a long-term solution. So it remains in our care, to us who possess truthful information on this subject, to spread it to those who do not have access to it. We also have the task of campaigning for this new type of modern slavery abolition and emancipating these people up from the ideological fog in which they are left.

The LGBT community members and related groups attempting to artificially expand the sexual selection area through the radical feminism rhetoric

As I said in this study , among this persecutory background against the marginalized, there came up the excesses coming from the people who belong to these sexual minorities, which I (and others) called "radical feminism", an extreme manifestation of the moderate, justifiable feminism. As in the open conflict with the majority, the radical feminists use the general feminism to gain as many rights as possible from here. The exclusive female courtship initiation theory, that I analyzed in the chapter 4 of this study , is such a feminist-radical counter-manifestation to the persecutory, traditionalist mentality. Basically, the LGBT community, and other groups close to it, has found this opportunity to express and broaden the choosing a partner horizon.

I have shown in this chapter that the oversized female frustration towards an unknown man who initiates courtship is caused by different interests. These are:

1. prostitutes more efficient strategy of financial gain;
2. a typical histrionic need for without stepping up to the couple relationship ;
3. the sadism, that some women also might have   ;
4. the envy on the heterosexual couple pattern   , as a of revenge on the heterosexuals easy way to find a partner .

Such an ideology has seduced the moderate feminists as well, because at first glance it promises superior rights. A good example is given by the married women whose libidinal appetite mismatches their husbands, as I have analyzed in detail here . They accept the exclusive female courtship initiation theory primarily because it favors them in the perspective of a new couple relationship with someone else that they can choose. Then, they accept it also because it favors them for a future justified negotiation about the number of sexual acts frequency or for the sexual behavior diversification, with the husband.

So the interests for its support are multiple, because the social groups that support it are diverse. Some single heterosexual women can temporarily support this proposal for a better negotiation in a future relationship. But most heterosexual women refuse it, as I have shown here . The segment age specific to the couples initiation, respectively the 17-27 years old, constantly uses the any kind of approach between unknown persons, be it initiated by men or women. This revolutionizing initiation activism forced application to this age segment is abusive even if it comes from the justifiable area of the emotional abuses and sexual crimes real victims. So, even according to the minority that obeys the majority political principle, the exclusive female courtship initiation (in order to form a couple) supporters will lose this war. And the danger of associating radical feminism with the dictatorial attitudes imposed by a minority can affect the image of feminism in general, that is, the moderate, justifiable one.

As I previously said, the exclusive female courtship initiation proposal secretly wants a partner's selection widening area for these sexual minorities and a facilitation of their meeting, protected from the persecutors reactions. The problem is that this rule does not precisely target the right partners for this type of women. The libidinal behavior of histrionic exhibitionists, for example, deceptively gives the normal men impression that they are in the 5th stage of courtship . Such intentionally wrong signaling to cause confusion makes sense only in their courtship interests, but not for the heterosexual women majority’s.

This rule extension to the age segment suited for this type of approach is for many of them a sign of the resentment with which they remained after the failure in this type of relationships. And, as I pointed out in this article and this one , the reasons for such a thing are very clear. From my point of view, they must demand their rights separately, without involving the majority of women, who are still part of the majority of society. That is why there have arisen strong conflicts within the feminism, as I have described here .

My view is that such a masked strategy by the uneducated heterosexual majority threats is inappropriate. Just as the heterosexuals should not impose their own lifestyle on the eccentrics and categorize their sexual orientation as moral or superior, in the same way the eccentrics should not do it for the heterosexuals. An individual education of these uneducated persecutors is much more efficient, as the authorities lack in action. Unfortunately, the each of us passivity towards this topic can have a setback in these feminist-radical manifestations, that can attack ourselves, from the our own barricade area.

Short-term practical solutions for the LGBT community and related groups to find partners and avoid persecution by the conservatives

There are short-term solutions to a more successful love life for eccentric groups, despite persecution from religious and conservative extremists. And the first one is the very giving up of the conflict with the society’s majority concerning the controversy of exclusive female courtship initiation theory. Forgetting about this false morals revolution improves its perception from the society. And, forgetting it, it gives up this feminism appetite for scandal against anything and everyone. The women and LGBT community have been and still are male abuses victims; but the revenge on every man or on everyone who accepts a common lifestyle does not solve anything. When an unknown man too explicitly initiates courtship, he violates much older social norms   than this proposal. So there is no need to issue other rules in this regard. But this violation is not so serious as to lead to scandals, as to radical feminists escalade to. It is enough to ignore such an unknown man who initiates too explicitly the courtship, but not offending him, which is a disproportionate response. I described in the linked above article several solutions to avoid these situations, if indeed those who complain about such a thing really want to avoid them.

In addition to reticence regarding this alleged general social norm, which is not commonly accepted and has not been generally discussed in society, there are personal or group ideological solutions to decrease these social conflicts. In the previous sections I have exposed such solutions to the particular interests of certain related social groups, such as those of the prostitutes , the histrionics or the normal heterosexual women in choosing a partner.

As can be seen, some of these solutions involve the persecutors education, which is a long-term solution, as mentioned above. I will continue with the practical solutions presentation, so that the sexual minorities can find their partner more easily, without risking negative reactions from socially underdeveloped people who cannot be educated so quickly. And, last but not least, for their inherent problems must not be accused the others, the neutral ones, as persecutors. These solutions are already being put into practice by those who really want to do so, and not to accuse heterosexuals of certain crimes.

Indeed, the social system – that is, most of us – must create a sexual space for these people, a street or even a locality where they can expose their forms, without being harassed by those who feel threatened by this behavior. I am convinced that many members of these communities would relocate to these places, and cease having contact with conservatives. Such a solution already exists for other this kind of social categories. For example, there are places specially designed for nudists, including exhibitionists. The famous Red District in Amsterdam is an example in which the female exhibitionism is practiced in specially designed places for those who are willing to accept such a challenge, and not later complain of sensory harassment. There are frequent messages in this space against taking their pictures by the visitors, in addition to the window protection. I pointed out in this article that such behavior is beneficial for both exhibitionists and tired couples. In trains there are wagons where the noise is forbidden and others where is accepted. In the same way, there must be clear spaces or distinctive signs for women who do not want to be approached by unknown men and others who communicate the availability for such contacts. Unfortunately, as the trains in Romania do not have such a thing yet, the society in general does not have such sexual minorities’ spaces either.

But still these sexual minorities’ communities can be created online, even without state intervention. There is such a thing in Romania and other states where this problem is ignored. Viable solutions can be found in which the women need for exhibitionism or histrionic seduction to manifest itself in special spaces, other than those populated by socially disadvantaged men. There are enough voyeurs who are not even interested in advancing in a couple's relationship with those they spy on. Also, the moderate sadist women can manifest their sexual orientation in a real space or online with men who have masochistic heterosexual tendencies. And so it can be done with all minorities. The condition is that this solution to be really wanted by those involved in and not the animosities provocation towards those neutral towards this problem. Blaming the neutrals for the conservative extremists’ persecution is inopportune. The neutral ones cannot be held responsible for the other ones errors. No one can be held responsible for not wanting to take part in this ideological war, as radical feminism suggests, although it would be good for the majority to get involved.

The civic repositioning of radical militancy

These are the peaceful solutions to avoid the sexual crimes and abuses, as well as the persecution by extremists. The repressive solution is not viable. The real solution to stop these abuses is not their formal, legal inhibition as effects. This means their superficial inhibition, through punishments applied after the deeds consumption. The police-justice mentality perpetuates the culture of fear, specific to the wild life. Civilization must solve them by acting on their causes. And the main cause of the middle and lower classes predisposition to abuse over the socially disadvantaged are the abuses that come hierarchically, from those who control the society’s levers.

Their militancy actually leads to the police state strengthening, and hence to the increase of the threats volume launched in the society. The result is an artificial amplification of the consumption needs, according to the converting trauma to psychodynamic arousal phenomenon. This has been observed by experimental psychologists Neal Elgar Miller and Robert A. Hinde. They showed that the painful physical shocks administration (such as electric or mechanical shocks) to rats and monkeys led to increased needs. Thus, the repressive threats strengthening against the potential sexual abusers leads to these predispositions to abuses increasing, rather than to their stopping. And this is the general paradoxical pattern of increasing crime rather than reducing it through repressive police solutions.

If we think about the marginalized ones persecutions, we find some justification for the radical feminism excesses, as reaction to their sufferance. However, such a solution of the criminal common rights restricting, or intensifying the threats against that person, in order not to commit certain acts, is specific to the repressive mentalities. The radical feminism fails to break out of the traditional society abuses vicious circle, as it inherits and to which it relates just as abusively. In this case, they show reverse sexism, as I shown in more details in this article .

This impossible combination between antipatriarchy and justice-repressive mentality, that some feminists support, is very strange. The repressive justice was created precisely by the "patriarchal" mentality and its main purpose is to preserve its values. Supporting the repressive mentality and eliminating "patriarchy" is equivalent to practicing prostitution for abstinence.

It is commendable that feminists condemn the fact that women are reduced to the value of objects of consumption. It is unfortunate, however, that they are very active in terms of sexual consumption of women and quite passive in terms of human consumption in general in contemporary civilized society, ie men.

Very few radical feminists are militant for granting rights to the citizens. These rights lead to bigger mental stability and a lower predisposition to abuse their own kinds and, implicitly, the women. Too few of them go to anti-war or pro-conservation environment mass meetings. The old idiom "to fiddle while Rome burns" perfectly suits them in terms of vehemence for the exclusive female courtship initiation implementation. Most of them have little interest or are not interested at all in the artificially initiated and consistently maintained wars around the world, or in pollution or in poverty in the developed countries. Fortunately, there are enough moderate feminists who respond to these issues as well. I met them at the Romanian protests. And they are the true heart of feminism and humanism alike. They are proof that the feminism has a strong, consistent basis in it. But it must take a closer look to the intentions and dubious vehemence of those who want to draw this movement into an obscure area.

The fact that radical feminists have a histrionic predisposition is not an impediment to doing remarkable things for society. Many artists were like that, so it was not a barrier for them to do great things. So, although I criticized the radical feminism in this study, I am still confident that in the future we will be on the same side of the "barricade".

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