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28 iunie 2021

6.1. General solutions to stop the criminality

6. Long-term solutions to stop sexual crimes and emotional abuses

6.1. General solutions to stop the criminality

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There are two solutions to solve these problems, as for any problem or someone's spiritual evolution. The first is the ecological social environment and the other is the psychotherapy. In the first case, the social system must take clearer measures to prevent sexual crimes. In the other case, the potential victims must change their mentality and perception of themselves or society according to the new, more equitable environment. The debates have largely focused so far on the first case. But the social measures that prevent the sexual crimes or emotional abuses and the Individual psychotherapy work only together, not separately; the social protection measures without psychotherapy do not solve the criminality problems from the past that moves in the descendants victims’ souls. They can prevent the future generations’ traumas or new traumas for those who have already been traumatized, although usually these people are much more cautious. But these protection measures are not enough to bring the victims back to their pre-crime status. They may bring some self-satisfaction, but personally the traumas still remain active.

And, combined with other psychopathological disorders they produce symptoms that no social protection can counterbalance. The social norms should not be changed according to one's psychopathological symptoms, whether that person is a king, an obsessive or an androphobic person, if they are a statistically minority in relation to the rest of the citizens. The neurotic phobias are mobile on the elements of psychic association; for example, the fear of children can later change into fear of thin voices. So if at some point the exclusive female courtship initiation rule would be imposed, and all men do not make any further sign for initiation, yet this would not mean the sudden androphobia disappearance. Androphobics would then feel uncomfortable with other male elements, such as skin or hair and so on. That is why the social rules should not be made according to a neurotic predisposition minority. This requires psychotherapy rather than a radical change in the courtship social norms , as proposed by a part of feminism.

The opposite is also true: an androphobic woman previously traumatized by a sex crime also needs concrete measures to protect against new possible crimes before using the benefits of psychotherapy to eliminate anxiety. Without such measures the psychotherapy would soon lead to bigger risks to suffer another trauma. The androphobic symptom is in this case a "teaching a lesson" to avoid such new trauma situations. Sex crime prevention measures can be divided into two categories, namely long-term measures and short-term measures. I said here that the solution to intra-institutional sexual harassment is setting up institutions to monitor social relations between sexes in work places. Then, I pointed here  the concrete solutions to stop rapes and sadistic crimes on women. But these are short-term solutions to domestic violence and anonymous sadism. All these problems together with too high expectations from the partner and emotional abuse have a long term solution. There are several other proposals coming from various voices in society that require, which is true, a wider public debate.

The current judicial system cannot effectively prevent sexual crimes

At the moment, the social system does not have a concrete targeted plan to stop domestic violence nor to prevent crime in general. The only tool used is to isolate or eradicate criminals after they have committed the crime. The committed action alone empowers a punishment to the one who violated the law. But returning to the previous damage moment is impossible in terms of irreversible crimes, so the justice is failing in its stated purpose. Its function, as well as that of all repressive institutions, is to issue threats against those who have not yet committed such crimes. Such a thing shows how medieval our society still is. The repressive solution applied to the major crimes prevention is even more monstrous. The preventive justice is also practiced in the United States, as in the “Minority Report” movie. The American police officers are encouraged to kill at the slightest sign of disobedience to authority, with the intention of "cleansing" the nation out of the juvenile delinquents just before they commit the crime.

Of course, it is not the problem of crime that is being considered here, but the unofficial political dissidence immediate elimination, started directly from the people, without the control of political institutions. The American police is therefore a political police painted in the rule of law colors. The American police officers are free to eliminate people who are not registered in the hierarchical system of executing orders for a reward but who use modern technology, like a car for example.

Luxury criminals make laws and decide punishments for moderate criminals

In addition to this medieval allure of justice, unable to prevent domestic violence, the social system shows its inability to prevent the psychopathological ones from unknown sadists. And here is its weak point from which starts its passivity towards the domestic violence against women. In reality there is a perverse game that the authorities play with the sadistic murderers, because they are luxury criminals and come right from their ranks, as I have shown here . Those who commit these crimes are largely part of the social system top. As the American public opinion constantly complains about criminality and it keeps increasing over time, the police receive tacit orders to abuse weapons against any suspect, even if many mistakes are made, and many innocent people, especially blacks, are killed.

In fact, these luxury criminals try to eliminate the made by the small gangsters’ competition, so to appear in the public eyes like justice defenders. They decide the society policy so they have every interest that the repressive system under their command not to find the minor criminals and continue their crimes. And this is constantly happening. That is why the social system tacitly protects these criminals because the state itself was formed from a widespread crime: one army defeated the other and conquered its territories. The J.J. Rousseau social contract is rather a retroactive fantasy to sweeten up some more this original social crime sin to which we are all part of. No one ever signed a contract with the society as it imposed its rules from positions of power. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. Here how this social system original-ancestral predisposition to crime has worthy descendants (!!!) in the social and sexual sadists that rule the system.

The social system falsely gives the impression that it would like to stop violence against women. In the United States and other Western countries a simple phone call from neighbors denouncing a woman's scream brings the police to the door of the house where they heard it as soon as possible. The promptness of the police response attests the readiness to punish the criminal who already has committed the crime, according to the contemporary repressive institutions model of action. But the domestic crime prevention measures are almost non-existent all over the world, with a few exceptions. In this case, the range of procedures for the women protection can be improved through concrete measures to relocate and change woman’s name so as to protect her from the ex partner revenge.

The same happens in the case of sex crimes with unknown perpetrators in which the social system is very passive although concrete solutions to prevent them do not require any socio-cultural revolution or anything  . As I mentioned in that article, reducing simple crimes against women means spilling the beans for these sex crimes great sharks. If that would happen, then they would be much more visible, and their criminal actions would be much harder to be done. The tacit permission for domestic crimes against women has the role of camouflaging these luxury criminals who practice murderous sadism. And a general measure against the sadists actually means a measure against the new slavery  after which the society still operates, namely the wage one. Bizarrely, the world economy works with these crimes, not only sexual ones, specific to the general slavery.

The current judiciary vicious circle against the sex crimes effective prevention

The today traditional judicial system cannot get out of the punishments vicious circle; the repressive traumas applied to criminals are based on a repressive-educational mentality in the criminals risk area. But these punishment threats stimulate this willingness to criminalize the risk groups rather than eradicate it. As an abusive parent who traumatizes its child by believing that is education, the crime control penitentiary model actually retroactively produces new criminals, either real or imaginary, who live the crimes on an obsessive-projective level. Like the punished child who is irresistibly attracted to repeating the mistake after the punishment, the murderer or the person at risk is induced to commit the crime and achieve a kind of social perfection perceived in the social privileges.

I bring to attention the shock experiments on rats, by Neal Elgar Miller and on monkeys by Robert A. Hinde, that I analyzed here  . These experiments clearly show that the direct applied traumas not only do not lead to the needs eradication, but even lead to their exacerbation. Each individual animal undergoing these experiments developed a bigger need for consumption but not a needs reduction. The punishments by public torture practiced from the medieval period until recently in history more filled the civilized man with mental disorders and ultrahedonistic mentality, oriented to commit crimes. To this consumption predisposition, obtained by the threatening messages emission, is added the advertising toxic influence  which creates a desire for socially inferior men for sexual crime. I will later return to this subject.

The violence cases against women break our hearts in two and fill our minds with anger. Those whose relatives or friends have suffered similar crimes want revenge. But these monsters that cause such suffering are sick themselves, as is the society that produces them, which is all of us. As long as we use oppressive institutions to persuade them more or less peacefully to fulfill our orders, we will have such sociopathic outgrowths in our communities.

Unfortunately, the women are drawn into ideological or social traps to be abused. The feminism rightly deplores the lack of police protection against the sexual crimes. But the solution cannot come from the repressive institutions because that is where the problem actually comes from. It is the society’s militarization that leads to the sexual crimes predisposition, starting from these eccentric sexual behaviors that develop those who work in very stressful traumatic environments.

The "American Dream" culture and general criminality

We observe a classical slavery evolution towards one that is much more difficult to observe and accuse. Instead of the slave directly threatened by the master, there are professional institutions that create wars that indirectly threaten the wage slave to be more productive. The modern wage slavery novelty consists in focusing the escape feeling into consumption. Advertising shamelessly serves us fat lies and none denounce it as if they had signed a diabolical pact. If the totalitarian megaphones propaganda provokes apathy, on the contrary, the obsessively broadcasted capitalist advertising provokes irascibility, self-dissatisfaction, and the eternal search for satisfaction. The advertising toxic influence on the mind is a totalitarian propaganda expressed in a joking and creative tone. All the state institutions have the intoxicating citizens’ mind purpose with this neo-slavery mentality, with dramatic consequences for the psychic disorder. We're mentally intoxicated by commercials. The contemporary man is so caught up in the mischievous neo-slavery seduction and prohibition system that she/he cannot afford to give up the profit and social position.

The economy is growing rapidly in such an ultra-competitive social system. The society evolution accelerating that this system supporters invoke is only the nice part of this neospartanism of eliminating the weak. But the "American Dream" culture, that brings fierce competition between individuals starting from school, creates a long-term psychopathological predisposition. The self-dissatisfaction Western culture works for the magnates but leaves behind an emotional desolation inside their employees with this anxiety to need for more, faster, better, etc. So the grassroots ones tend to circumvent social laws and norms into antisocial behaviors observing how this social system brings higher freedoms to those at the social pyramid top,

The "American Dream" culture role in the mental disorders explosion

The working to exhaustion neo-slavery mentality always makes us want more and we don't know how to stop. Hypersthenia has been cultivated in each of us. This makes us consume more and work harder. Efficiency is a normal thing. But when "the more" makes sense of survival, something is lost in the way. We have become the maximum efficiency slaves. The overconsumption is not psychotherapy and has already proven to become the most harmful religion. Its medal reverse is the mental disorders explosion that the industrial age continuously generates. An exclusively pragmatic, non-humanistic mentality, which glorifies working around the clock, first implies a mild to moderate mental disorder, of hypersthenic type. But, genetically combined with others, it generates the full spectrum of more severe to psychotic mental disorders. Any kind of fast economic growth leads to such psychopathological skyrocketing in the modern age. And the best example is that of the Eskimos "civilization" where the alcoholism rate among men exploded after being “saved out of poverty” by the capitalist lifestyle. And where there is aggression and a predisposition to physical violence, there is also this risk for sadistic behavior.

The stopping sexual crimes and emotional abuse solution is a fair society

Most sex crimes are due to these to high ideals with which people are indoctrinated from an early age. When it comes to love, dreaming too long of a partner far above one’s own social status can cause problems. Everyone has set too high standards of life that are also reflected in terms of life partner and I will detail this especially in the following articles. Too high standards of living described in women also exist in men as well. And this is part of the spiritual mutilation that the American Dream mentality has intoxicated the contemporary society human being. Whoever is affected later becomes these abuses socio-epidemiological transmitter, identifying with the aggressor and applying to the weak the abuses to which it was previously subjected.

This is the origin of urge to obtain higher freedoms that sometimes abuse the freedoms of others. In order to stop this toxic and false mentality of self-fulfillment through wealth ("American Dream") and no longer have these malign effects on modern wage slaves, it is necessary to cool down these natural tendencies for more. The solution to all the problems between the sexes in general is to change the "American dream" mentality. This social pyramid top toxic freedom to abuse the lower social layers must be stopped before it intoxicates lower ones. The inbreeding they practice in secret cannot be completely hidden. The human mind perceives it and the result is a paranoid ideation epidemically widespread in society.

Although it tends to be equated with Marxism as called neo-Marxism, limiting the freedoms and power of the social pyramid top is social prophylaxis. The most equitable social systems practice it with very good results, despite the retrograde or bankrupt systems image that the neoliberal mentality makes for them. But the reality is that wherever the social systems provide social assistance to citizens, the crimes and, implicitly, the sexual abuses are reduced. These abuses are originally hierarchical and subsequently take sexual form. Once these abuses are stopped, the normal couple relationships strengthen over time and respect for women increases.

The social system is put in a position to choose between a no crime decent and fair social environment but also with few people willing to execute orders, and a toxic social environment, with crime and violence against marginalized women and women, but also with people willing to take orders. The first social model leads to modest economic evolution, possibly inflation. The other social model produces maximum efficiency from modern slaves, willing to accept orders from their hierarchical superior in exchange for suspending the threat of violence. This improves the comfort for the social pyramid top, especially in terms of practicing luxury crimes appetite, including murderous sadism. Of course, the social pyramid top chooses the last model, because its members are the descendants of those who created it. They just inherit it. Now that we have the tools to discover this civilization meta-fraud, we have the opportunity to choose which side we are on.

Giving up the "American Dream" hedonistic ideology is the solution to stopping crime in the long run

Our lack of decision on one of the two social models makes us all part in this system conspiracy to protect sex offenders located on a higher social scale. Of course we can't have both at once. Then, if we are in the middle or at the base of the social pyramid, the maximum efficiency first model not only does not benefit us, but even directly disadvantages us; we are in fact the slaves pressured by these institutions. Then, the risks for our own family women to become these crimes victim are high in such a society.

The authorities and their puppeteers must stop this trivial game they are playing and take concrete measures, very easy to imagine, against sexual crimes. Unfortunately, I don’t think that something like this will happen soon. The subject is still kept away, as are the system's protégés crimes files, until these facts expire. Instead, the way was opened for the debate of this niche topic popularization of the exclusive female initiation courtship rule, which solves absolutely nothing among the sex crimes because the murderous sadists are unaffected by and can easily get around it.

The ecological social environment also means adjusting the present or the near future values ideology. We all want security in society but such a thing is far too high ideal for today's society. It is up to us, the citizens, to try to think outside the limits imposed by this subtle capitalist dictatorship towards its favorite subjects. Until then, I will further offer to women, as to the marginalized ones in general, a set of measures of defense against such a dictatorial ideological attack that infests the mind and spirit. In the next article  I will describe how the too high ideals affect love relationships.

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