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29 iulie 2021

6.2. Individual and group ideological solutions to strengthen the normal heterosexual couple

6. Long-term solutions to stop sexual crimes and emotional abuses

6.2. Individual and group ideological solutions to strengthen the normal heterosexual couple

This article continues the previous one

In the previous article I described the general social solutions to stop or reduce crime in society. In the next articles I will propose the individual and group solutions for women to defend themselves against sexual crimes and emotional abuses as they exist in today's society. Those who put people in a position to compromise have a major responsibility because they force the free will and consent. They are practically violating people’s freedom, which contemporary democratic society advertises with. But it is also the duty of the blackmailed one to get out of the humiliation situation and organize his/her life in a healthy, ecological way. Giving up the "American Dream", maximum profit ideology, as very profitable for the rich and very harmful for the poor or the middle class, is the key to these solutions. In this first article I will describe the ideological errors that threaten the consolidation of the normal heterosexual couple, ie that couple who do not practice eccentric sexual behaviors at all, or rarely practice them. In the following articles I will also describe those sexual minorities’ members ideological problems who make them join the radical feminism (not all sexual minorities support radical feminism). I have a different view of what radical feminism is  than it is commonly accepted.

Too high ideals and the normal heterosexual love affairs erosion

There are psychopathological impulses for criminalizing the male initiation of courtship, as I have shown here  . I said in that article that some histrionic women, lesbians or hidden prostitutes, have an emotional, libidinal or financial interest (in the according order) towards it. But, I have shown here  why a peaceful street approach, compliment or greeting, which does not meet the legal sexual harassment criteria, cannot be criminalized as sexual harassment or rape. I have also shown earlier in this text that in this case there is a natural minor or moderate frustration if the discrete sign specific to the courtship 3rd stage is violated. But this frustration is oversized as the 4th rule violation  , which is much more serious. Hence there came up the aggressiveness from some women that subscribe to the radical feminism ideology, towards such even discreet signs courtship initiators made by unknown men.

Although are minority among the feminists, they represent the radical feminism core (not all women that fits in these categories support the radical feminism) and sometimes influence the moderate ones, without such a psychopathological conditioning towards it. At this point I will describe a different psychological pattern from those described above. It can occur in the normal heterosexual libido women, ie those who do not have a psychopathological predisposition like the one described there. But they too can be infested with the "American Dream" mentality, which takes a long daydreaming form for the ideal partner, as concerning the love relationships. For this reason, the vehement aggressive reactions toward an unknown courtship initiator, specific to radical feminism also appear in women without such a psychopathological constitution as the one described above. They may end up incriminating a man for initiating courtship as sexual harassment or rape. They might fall into the long dreaming trap to a knight on a white horse, who is both fearless and understanding, warrior in war but also gentle, beautiful but also wild, rich but also innocent, etc., etc. ...

When these “American Dream” propaganda indoctrinated women are approached either discreetly or more explicitly by an unknown man in public, they are offended in their marital ideal that they think they deserve, as a handcrafter is offended when its products are undervalued. It makes them think they are superior to the pretentious men with whom they will later negotiate a possible couple's partnership. Although they have no psychopathological predisposition to support the radical feminism, this ideology is still adopted by them. Their predisposition to seek a far above their social level partner makes them support the radical feminism. They adopt it precisely because, they believe, it sexistly fits them better in this higher social level partner ideal.

For the psychopathological predisposition radical feminists to histrionism, lesbianism or disguised prostitution, this comes natural. But for those who want a normal heterosexual love relationship, this is a handicap. They do not realize that this feminist-radical rhetoric is a too harsh negotiation, and men avoid them precisely for adhering to this radical idea. This overlaps the very masculine ideal also influenced by the "American Dream" mentality of having a higher than his social status partner. It’s not hard to deduce that the result is exactly the opposite of what was expected. Both the sex crimes and the Western loneliness problems lie in the too high expectations from the potential partner. They are a barrier for both sexes getting along. Karen Straughan has very well noticed these far too high expectations that the women have from their partner in the couple. That is a personal narcissism manifestation which exists in men as well.


A singer like Shania Twain can get some audience and popularity for the bellow song. But taken too seriously, it leads to big problems in strengthening the couple.


This arrogance can be healed with the joy of age-specific moments and family stages, through the biological and mental wisdom. Many feminist activists gradually give up militancy as their heterosexual couple relationship consolidates. From this we can deduce that in their militancy is sublimated the disappointment of not having a satisfying relationship with a man. Here is such a case of a former feminist who later criticized her former philosophy, as in many other cases:


Of course, the man is not immune to this ideological plague. Most men dream of the far beyond their potential women, and this makes them have temporary relationships, with no long-term perspective. And this explains the some of them predisposition to violate the courtship basic rules and commit sexual crimes, as I showed in the previous article. This mentality is profitable for the new masters, but it is disastrous for the common people, whether male or female. The couples stay together for a short time, not enough to strengthen a relationship. Hence comes up the single parent phenomenon. The birth rate is constantly decreasing in most western countries where this "freedom" of manipulation through diffuse threats and wars is practiced  . The deficit is covered by the behind the curtains organizing of conflicts and disasters in neighboring with higher birth rates states, so as to bring labor migration to them  .

The argument "Not all men are rapists and abusers" is valid

There are very spoiled little girls who then can no longer adapt as grown up women to the social level specific to the family they actually come from. They are dominated by this miracle that the society or the divinity should do for them like their mother did when they were children. So, after such an overly permissive or too spoiling early education, these grown up women with conservative lifestyles and normal heterosexual orientation might openly support the feminist-radical ideas.

I showed here  that it is safer for women to behave according to the feminist-radical ideology according to which “all men are abusers or criminals”. The argument for such a thing is the risk reducing of meeting such a man who can cause mental or physical suffering. Any woman risks falling prey to an emotional or sexual abuser in any social environment today. But I think such ideas should be smartly used so as not to offend the honest men. And yes, there is such a thing. I mentioned earlier in this text that there are men with very low libido  , such as the schizoids for example. In addition to them, there are others whose libido is less intense than their partner’s. Such a thing is an objective reality, not someone’s subjective perception. But when these ideas are directly addressed to a certain man, accusingly, without sufficient evidence, it risks to turn into a reverse abuse, from woman to man. It seems unbelievable to radical feminists, but I have described here  that they too can become abusive, and bear the patrilineal inherited "toxic masculinity"  , despite the very idealized self-perception that women are angels only and men are devils only.

We see in this bellow article a rhetoric supported by some comic books despre ironizarea acestui argument valabil cum ca nu toti barbatii sunt abuzatori sau criminali  . We see here that psychopathological foundation myopia in recognizing the force of the adverse argument, specific to radical feminism, that I wrote about in detail here . The refusal to accept the clearly visible reality is explainable in the one's own sadism manifestation and justification, as I showed in the article linked above.

We notice here a double standard in judging a situation: on the one hand, the radical feminists artificially amplify the frustration produced even by the most discreet courtship initiation sign  done by a man; but, on the other hand, they also tend not to admit any frustration at all done to the one who is unfoundedly accused of sexual abuse or murder, without any evidence, just on this feminist-radical prejudice basis that all men are rapists.

Let us reject together this perverse strategy of demonizing the victims who will later be abused / conquered, as it has been used by the history big empires! Well, how can you keep your credibility as a radical feminist for fighting against the abuses in general, as long as you come up with such an argument based on certain comics imagined by someone, and magically transformed into an objective situation?! I will come with more details about the ideological and practical solutions for tempering or counteracting the histrionic psychopathological conformation in the next article .

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