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28 februarie 2015

Migration and its social issues

There is an economical and a psychogenical emigration. The economical emigration is also divided in colonial emigration and social advancement emigration. The colonial emigration is made by stronger populations than the native ones as the social advancement emigration is made by weaker populations than the native ones. The colonial emigration can lead to the decimation of indigenous populations as happened with the European empires in America. Although the authorities are trying hard to hide the truth, the European colonialism in the Americas was one of the darkest pages of human history. The bisons, the coyotes and the Amerindian populations have been virtually eradicated in North America by a centuries-old slaughter. Where there was no native populations’ military decimation, the colonial emigration brought the epidemical decimation, through the diseases brought by Europeans in the colonies. After several centuries the Europeans had became immune to some of these diseases, but the natives’ immune system was caught off guard. This happened of course with the Australians Aborigines or the New Zealand’s natives.

On the other hand, the social advancement immigrant causes frustration to local people primarily for accepting a lower wage, and thus, basically ruining the labor "market". The social advancement emigration does the same thing that the unemployed did over the industrial workers, pressuring them to be more productive. If some of the native population loses job after such a wave of immigrants, and will get marginalized in their own community, then the immigrant will be rightly seen as a social threat. Just like in the case of tensions between workers and unemployed during the industrial period, the tension between immigrant and native ones is profitable for the social pyramid top since paying less for the worker’s services. Of course, the employers make the most of it, having a higher profit. But, as happens every time, the profit is a conversion of social equilibrium into the pockets of greedy and wasteful financial elite.

There is also a profitable social advancement emigration for the entire community, regarding some jobs that natives do not want, like garbage collectors, caretakers for the elderly, farmers, builders etc. But this time, the frustration and the sense of social inferiority slowly but surely nest into the immigrant soul, who starts to hate the community, and sends these resentments to descendants. The previous ordinary peaceful life could not imagine the frustrations specific to the hypercompetitive economy and the capitalism stress. This kind of life it is difficult for the natives themselves (and that is why they avoid these kind of jobs) that have a few hundred years of evolution to adapt to Western lifestyle. But when, from a traditional and patriarchal lifestyle, a sudden step is made to Western lifestyle, the problems begin to emerge.

The antisocial behavior, the criminality and the psychoactive substances addiction are much higher among the immigrants’ descendants. The Africans immigrants’ descendants are usually involved in the social chaos that cyclically happens in the major French cities outskirts. From time to time they create havoc torching cars, devastating stores and other institutions. The North American cities criminal gangs usually consist in ex black slaves’ descendants and Hispanic immigrants’ descendants arrived via Mexico. Osama Bin Laden himself was educated in Western style. And so are educated those who commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam. The amateur terrorism ( ) is simply the manifestation of immigrant naked resentment toward the world due to the mental conflict between the transgenerational deep psychic memory zones and those of the highest phylogenetic ones.

The right to freedom of movement (art. 2 Protocol no. 4 ECHR) is recognized in the Bill of Rights. However the free movement cannot be as free as the air or the sunlight. Too many people gathered in one specific area of the globe can cause traffic jam or overcrowding. A very rough jumping from one lifestyle to another can bring spiritual convulsions to the immigrant and they can later be converted later in social turmoil. In the animal world there is no such kind of emigration; the desert lion can not compete with the swamp lion, which is stronger. The brown bear can not turn overnight into a polar bear just because he saw an appetizing dead whale on a certain island along the ice cap. In the same way no polar bear can come to fish salmon on the continent rivers. Neither one of these creatures are not build for that. This environment difference relative to the animals’ relocation must count also and in terms of social environment difference relative to human emigration.

Beyond that, this “human” right can hide an unimaginable trap: the new slavery. Here I consider not only the relocating form a third world country to a Western civilized one, but also relocating form a poor to a rich area, within the same country. The most stringent example is China that stunningly runs the rural workforce into the dehumanization laboratories of such a fierce capitalism that the world has never seen before. For now, the suicides among the exhausted Chinese workers can be prevented by nets like in photo below. But I am afraid that the Chinese authorities will eventually wish these nets would never exist…

Emigration psychogenic is a sort of middle stage between normality and what DSM IV called "Dissociative Fugue". It is „characterized by sudden, unexpected travel away from home or one's customary place of work, accompanied by an inability to recall one's past and confusion about personal identity or the assumption of a new identity”. ” (DSM IV pag. 519). If we look carefully, we see that the need to start a "new life" mentality is widespread in common lifestyles despite the as much widespread ambivalent conservative manifestations. In fact, the two trends are the general principles of life. They are obvious or blurred in any normal behavior. "Dissociative Fugue"., “Dissociative Identity Disorder”, “Dissociative Amnesia”, Mitomania (Pathological Lying) are somewhat some more pronounced manifestations of this need to escape from a social reality perceived as prison. Somewhere, within its transgenerational origin, the psychogenic emigration is an economical one also, as the family tree suffered various kinds of frustration or other traumas. Starting all over again, the immigrant may temporarily relieve its mental problems with hope for a better life. But, at some point, the hope fades away. Just as he/she hated his/her birthplace from which wants separate, the psychogenic immigrant will develop feelings of hate toward its new community.

Since the fall of the communist bloc, the social advancement emigration became compulsive as the borders were almost blocked for almost half a century. The communist regimes brought also the backwardness for the economies under their control. Many people wanted to leave the country for the West, but there came restrictions to prevent this trend. Since the end of World War II until the building the Berlin Wall in 1961, more than 3 000 000 East Germans immigrated to West Germany. The Berlin Wall thus became a symbol of communist bloc.

If we take a look on wikipedia ( ) we see that the emigration from the communist countries to the West was very limited. It happened only in two cases. The first case is that of ethnic emigration. For example, the Germans were actually sold, as piece by piece, from countries like Romania or the USSR, or they were expelled from countries like Czechoslovakia or Poland. The Jews were also sold from Romania and USSR. The ethnic Turks from Bulgaria immigrated to Turkey. The other case is that of political events emigration. After the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia (1968), 200 000 people have left the country. The same number of people emigrated from Hungary after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

There is a former communist country in which traveling across the border was allowed: Yugoslavia. The citizens of other communist countries used to dream about that kind of regime like in Yugoslavia in before 1989. Tito was perceived as a wonderful character for this freedom he gave to Yugoslavs. Due to money sent home by its workers abroad, Yugoslavia had become the richest country in the communist bloc. But everything went down the drain when they returned home and the Western slaves memories darken mist turned into hatred over those of another religion or another nationality. This is the manifestation on a social scale of the psychoanalysis displacement phenomena, specific to neurosis. The ethnic conflicts explosion in this area was also due to other psychical phenomena like, for example, the sublimation or the reversal into the opposite. The frustrations accumulated through decades of relegation had erupted in wars full of abominable atrocities, unseen in Eastern Europe after the Second World War.

In this part of Europe there was only one similar war, the one in Transnistria, a part of former USSR countries. But it was much smaller in magnitude than those in the former Yugoslavia. The Transnistrian War had no more than 1 500 dead and 2000 wounded in both sides. The Yugoslav wars had 140 000 deaths according to the “International Center for Transitional Justice” ( )

The Post-Soviet wars in the Caucasus had indeed also many victims, but there must be considered the fact that in that area lives an Arab population that Russia was always in conflict with. Then, there are plenty of opinions that claims that that area is not part of Europe but of Asia. The linguistic factor sustains this idea. Either way, the situation of the Caucasian countries annexed by Russia is different than that of Yugoslavia. The ethnic or separation problems after the artificially united provinces were seen before (Czechoslovakia) but they did not degenerate as there. The idea that the Yugoslavs would be more aggressive than other East Europeans is not realistic. The only difference between them and the others consists in this terrible experience of immigrants. Simply, the 1990s tragedies are rooted in this so-called freedom that Tito gave to Yugoslavia’s citizens, unaware that he actually opened a Pandora's Box. The cruel reality is that the overwhelming economical wealthy of Western Europe made with Yugoslav workers, eventually led to disaster once they turned back home. It's like you satisfy only few instincts and inhibit others. The organism will invariably end up unbalanced.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, after the fall of the communist bloc, other Eastern Europeans slowly and surely become new Western slaves’ immigrants. The fierce need to travel during the communist era, today turned into a curse for many. The Eastern European family, dissolution, the parentless children raised by apathetic grandparents or ping-pong sent children between randomly separated parents all over Western Europe will bring terrible consequences in a few decades, when these nobody’s children will grow up. They will be the future drugs and alcohol addicted. The major ethnic conflicts repeating, such as those in the former Yugoslavia, are very likely in the future if things do not quickly change.

We live in a global world, it is clear. We can not hermetically isolate ourselves from each other. But all of us need to understand that some of us simply are not prepared for a specific social environment. You have the right to travel on donkey through the wild steppes but not through the skyscrapers cities. You also have the right to drive a superspeed car on the Western highways. But it does not seem right to go into some jungle to build a highway that limits the animals’ circulation just for satisfying a stupid need for mixing cultures. This delirious postmodernism of new middle ages eclecticism actually showed its garbage face. This ideology meant to cover an economical colonialist interest, but its theoretician death will soon be followed by its political death. It is specific for the politician who says something and does the opposite with a psychoticist serenity. It is typical for the police officer who "respects" citizen’s constitutional rights but zealously looks for reasons to sanction if manifested.

It takes a few rules in this accelerated globalization game. We, the Westerners can afford excesses (sex, food, etc.) because our environment was richer and more permissive in overcrowding. Arabs or Africans lived thousands of years in poorer areas and thus had to be more restrictive, otherwise their limited food resources would have been exhausted and that would have led to starvation. I agree that there must be communication between civilizations. I agree that some scientific and cultural elites from Arab countries and the third world can enrich the universal heritage. But one thing is to have an artist or a scientist disappointed by civilization, who productively lives this disappointment, and another thing is to have a common person who, caught in an existential crisis situation, makes what its predecessors made, namely attack when feels threatened.

The terrorist attacks in the western world are the price for luring for exploitation the cheap handwork from third world countries. It's easier to hide the capitalism desperation using Western workers, who compensate it in a certain way, according to European neuroticist culture. As in the former Yugoslav’s case, the western person typically compensate this slave (or wage slave) frustration by megalomaniacal behavior on traffic, or by tyrannical behavior with family, or by warrior behavior in stadiums, or other like that, after being humiliated at work. That is typical for civilized mentality. But if you bring a person with a medieval warrior culture in Western civilization stressful areas, then you will suffer the consequences. Terrorist attacks made by such social uprooted people will increase unless steps are taken to harmonize the society.

Vice versa is also true. It's not normal for Western companies to go in Asian or third world countries and lure cheap handwork there, cleaving the communities and thus laying the foundation for major social conflicts. At this point we all can enjoy cheap things made in China, Indonesia and other countries like that. But through it we put our children to pay for this commodity that we abuse today, as we pay for the fact that some people, who lived in medieval mentality, were armed with modern weapons by the previous generations, and now they are turning against us. The United Arab Emirates situation is a happy one because the accelerated westernization was based on their natural resources commercialization. We will see what happens there after these resources will be exhausted or another fuel will replace the oil upon which that artificial Western civilization was created.

Of course, the races and the cultures can not be isolated and are not made to stay the same. The globalization happens with or without the permission from someone. The exchange of information, of technology and of people between communities and cultures happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. The problem of civilized human society is not the human migration itself. But its control and reduction gives a short time solution to uprooted immigrant frustration. The immigrant believes that welfare will bring happiness but the relocation into Western spaces involves social marginalization that increases the anxieties. It is much better for that person to stay in areas where its genealogy was shaped, counting as a person for its family and its community, instead of being threatened with being nobody in an indifferent and arrogant Western city.

The general problem of the immigrants’ wave, which later end up having antisocial behavior, is very hypocrisy of Western society, its perverse way in which, under the deceptive and illusory liberties and welfare, lures the slaves from other places and other cultures. So, the main problem is the stress and the discriminatory life conditions for these slaves which then come to the point of regretting the giving up their previous traditional life style. Here is how, at some point they can revenge on that treatment through general antisocial behavior, as all slaves made throughout the classical slavery society history. And this is not just about the immigrants. The native ones can respond themselves with bigger or smaller terrorism to this authorities obscure terrorism. The aggressions in traffic, the antisocial acts or other things like that are concrete realities of the lower classes

Of course, the authorities can punish with prison those who think otherwise than the dualist pattern "terrorists = bad; authorities = good ". I recently saw absurdities of this kind perpetrated in the name of the hypocrite right to free expression. Those who said that terrorists were entitled to do what they did in Paris were sentenced to prison. In other words, if the (amateur) terrorists applied a disproportionate punishment, and from a different fault reality, respectively death against drawing and text, in the same way, the authorities have imposed a disproportionate penalty, and from a different fault reality, which is the imprisonment against the idea expressed. This means that the freedom of expression is respected only when the ideas do not contradict those of the authorities or those of the majority. So, as the hypocrisy regarding the “freedom of movement”, we have here another hypocrisy regarding the "freedom of expression ". Even if we disagree with what someone else says, as long as offensive words or unfounded allegations are not used, that person has the right to freely express its ideas whatever they may be, according to human rights and to all Western countries Constitutions. Or, in this case, (as far as aI know) at least two jail condemned did not used insult or unfounded accusations against the killed journalists or against that magazine. There was one case in which there were used offensive language, but that person was not been convicted for that. None of those jailed were convicted under the charge of insult or slander. Either way, to be imprisoned in the XXI century, in a civilized country, because of exposing ideas show how medieval we ourselves still are in some respects, we who self-praise with our Western civilization.

So, if we do not want to have more events like those the recently happened in Paris we must chose between two possibilities. The first is also the healthiest one, and consists in decreasing the economic and political pressures on those at the base of social pyramid. The other one is a compromise for a smaller change, as the corporatist greed and the dehumanization of those already converted to this lifestyle had became difficult to change habits. It consists in restricting this false freedom of free movement for those who do not have the capitalist lifestyle experience. The terrorism practiced by Arab extremists is the most stringent abnormality caused by such radical lifestyle change that happen with immigrants or to economic colonized natives. The Asian suicides or the Eskimos alcoholism is the hided price of this “poor” primitive or medieval people false "civilizing". From my point of view, this false prosperity that brings out such anomalies is a social disaster.

Medieval and contemporary primitive world has the right to live as it wants, without being "saved" from "poverty", or other such illusory concepts, by the hypocrite corporatists. The wild life also has the right to live on this planet. Similarly, we, the civilized people have the right to live as we do as long as we do not destroy other different from ours cultures and civilizations. Globalization should be done naturally. It takes some fluidly steps without artificial intervention of profiteers who leave disaster behind them and then go to destroy another area. The wildlife, primitive and medieval protection from non-Western areas should be made more active if we want to have a balanced world. Instead of cheap handwork, the western communities would rather invest in robots that would automatically have those native unwanted jobs done. Unfortunately, those who have the decision power in the State, the politicians, prefer rather to develop of a deceiving social machinery for manipulation and luring the third world countries naives. These people are then artificially introduced in the social gear and the politicians keep their overvalued power. That's what politicians do best, that is for sure. But those who suffer from immigrants or their descendants’ revenge are the very common people who do not even understand this monstrous social engineering of luring them into the new-slavery capitalist system. After all, this change depends on these people and on their ability to understand the social mechanisms. It requires a new ecological literacy in the Western world and migration regulations must be more consistently made.

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