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31 august 2021

6.3. Practical solutions for preventing histrionic psychopathological conformation and the radical feminism ideology errors

6. Long-term solutions to stop sexual crimes and emotional abuses

6.3. Practical solutions for preventing histrionic psychopathological conformation and the radical feminism ideology errors

Early Education Spoiling: A Mistake That causes the Histrionic Psychopathological Structure

The modern society main educational problems are the reverse of the traditional one. As in the latter case the education was too rigid, on the contrary, the modern society has often fallen into the error of a far too permissive education for the middle social level mentality. The first style is traumatic and leads to paranoid disorders, like any moderate trauma. The other one is too free, and leads to histrionic-like disorders; the child raised in a too permissive environment for the one in which its family developed will constantly tend to regress to an infantile stage of evolution, when faced with real world problems. If among this natural psychic mechanism of regression is added an eccentric libidinal orientation psychopathological background, genetically inherited (from parents, grandparents, great-grandparents), then the result will be a histrionic psychopathological constitution. It might manifest either as a histrionic personality, or as hysterical neurosis, with specific somatic conversion disorders.

But even without this libidinal predisposition, a too permissive education leads to the development of certain ideas that are quite similar to histrionic ones. There are below the middle society level parents who overestimate their children, thus believing that they educate them in the spirit of social success. They are those "investors" in their own children, thus putting extra pressure on them to achieve what they could not achieve. These parents work harder or give up their own satisfactions, such as vacations or various necessary products, to buy their children the things they want. Such a model of education is like a lottery. Admittedly, if the child has enough intellectual capacity to overcome social barriers, and manages to reach a higher social level, such an education would be positive. Actually, the adult educated in this way would not change his childhood lifestyle. But, if it does not have these abilities and is not selected for a successful career, then the child educated in this way can no longer adapt to his social environment.

There is no fearless man in wars and psychotherapist at the same time

Such a high expectation from the social environment can also be reflected in the couple's relationship. Too much expectation from the love’s partner could ruin the couple. The natural need for attention from the partner can sometimes take the form of a need to be listened to and understood psychotherapeutically, under this too high expectation from the other. Many women adopt a feminist-radical mentality out of the psychotherapeutic need to express themselves. They blame masculinity for the simple need to complain about the social oppression. There is an obvious justification for such a thing. I have shown here how the authorities conceal and cover up crimes against women committed by the sexual perverts or those who are in certain relationships with them. Then the human being is generally justified in complaining about society or the entourage that reflects its shortcomings. And women are in the same situation.

A friend sent me an article with such a claim of women that men should be a kind of psychotherapists for them  . Some manage to be. But others do not have such talent. They cannot be asked to do so if we take into account the typical male technological specialization. It is not right for a certain man on the street to be held responsible for the crimes against women committed by the top psychopathocratic society. So, until society comes to meet these people with psychotherapists, they themselves should limit the audience of their therapeutic discourse to the entourage, and not make them public. This is a psychotherapy rule.

Somehow, the society itself should form a category of psychotherapists rather than invest in the military system that dehumanizes individuals. And here I invite the radical feminists to become militants for the psychotherapists training to take care of the marginalized souls, rather than the warriors training that eugenically eliminate them! Such psychotherapists are not trained overnight, but through thorough training. The rest of society, or even men in general, cannot bear such a psychotherapeutic burden. Not everybody can be psychotherapist. And, therefore these accusations are perceived ad litteram. The unfounded accusations are themselves an abuse, as I mentioned in the previous article and others in this series. And we are not all sex criminals or harassers, as radical feminism constantly tends to show. Here lies the great mistake that radical feminism tends to make, which the moderate feminists are sometimes seduced by.

The heroic-weeping ambivalence

I want to see involved in anti-war mobs those feminists who support a psychotherapeutic mentality! Some of them use to join these mass movements. But not all of them do. Moreover, some of them even adopts a warrior mentality, competing with the warriors "with their weapons" to demonstrate by all means the inverted sexism, namely that the woman would be better than the man on the grounds of sexual organ, in every aspect. We notice here that, in addition to the too high ideals to which they are ideologically trapped, another big error they commit is the world’s underestimation. So, right after entering this competitive area, on the other hand, they suddenly turn into very fragile to minimal frustration such as done by the courtship peaceful initiation. It's like going into a war with the winner's motivation, but screaming for mom at the first scratch.

Yes, the competitive world, that makes the economy go around, is a sadistic one. In the future it must be ameliorated, psychotherapeutic- like. But for the time being, such a therapy cannot be made at command and with immediate effects, just because the radical feminists want to be both masculine and non-abusive. It's like asking a predator not to eat you when it's hungry, just because you entered its space peacefully. It's best to stay away from its territory. I recommend for the radical feminists a less warrior attitude, even if their war is a toy-like one.

The militant feminists that criminalize the male courtship initiation are in exactly this position. They judge by double standard two similar realities. On the one hand, they are modern women, free of prejudices, ready to compete with men in any field. And, rightly, they demand egalitarianism in terms of responsibilities and rewards for access to decision-making positions. But, on one hand, when they meet a man who ignores their feminine-seductive qualities, they categorize him as misogynistic. And, on the other hand, when they meet another one who tends to appreciate these qualities, eventually initiating the courtship, they declare him as sexually harasser, and cause a scandal in the area. This is the case of a too aggressive response to the somewhat more explicit courtship initiation by a unknown man, as we saw in this case  , as in many others.

In this case I recommend even more politeness and less (warrior) aggressive attitude. Yes, anyone can have a bad day or go through a difficult time. But the community politeness rules apply to everyone. The greeting between known or unknown persons has a friendly function well embedded in the community mentality. It appeared to communicate the peaceful intentions and good mood for others, in the classical society relationships, when people could easier than today harm each other. Today, there is no need to communicate such peaceful intentions, because crime is repressed by the competent institutions. But the greeting remained as a form of incipient politeness among acquaintances. But if it occurs towards unknown persons, it does not mean that it becomes indecency. When a discreet courtship initiator greets a woman from the unknown to her position, he has not committed any crime. Eventually he can be ignored. But to shout out loud that he committed a crime, as that feminist in the link above did, is a dangerous degeneration of the feminist mentality.

Maybe you don't feel like saying "hi!" or "hello" when you have a bad day, but it's still nice to do so. In the same way, you can nicely refuse an unknown courtship street initiator. Only if he continues courting even after the refusal, then and only then he meet the harassment criteria and the police can be called for help. Every case of oversized perceptions of the initiating courtship frustration by unknown men can be countered by the preceding rules traditional institutions. If you are so highly sensitive as to react vehemently to a peaceful approach from a stranger, with no stalking or following after refusal, then you may not as "modern" as you think of you. You need to go back to traditional regulations like wedding rings, which are very protective, as I described here   .

There are many other solutions to prevent the courtship initiation. Displaying a clear message like "Don't stress me!" is one of them. The black ring, which has become a asexual movement symbol, might be a detail that keeps men away. Moreover, a badge with the message "radical feminist" is enough for a woman to be bypassed, both on the street and in institutions. In fact, this is currently happening. But, yes, the need for a sexual harassment scandal is sometimes bigger than communicating one's own radical ideas, pretending to be accepted by the majority. The wrong militancy that radical feminists advocate can deepen social marginalization through dubious development.

The minor frustrations of this kind cannot be completely eliminated from our lives. We cannot make rules for their total elimination. I wrote in the previous chapter about Kant's pigeon paradigm. Living in the community creates some frustration itself, among the numerous benefits. There are many things that bother us and maybe this is the meaning of history itself: to solve them in the future with better technological and mentality tools. The most beautiful and desired things come also with an unpleasant side. This dream of the total frustrations elimination is a sign of the childhood histrionic spoiling that is more or less active in each of us. The mother image, who solves all our problems when we were children at our simplest scream, bring us beautiful memories. And it would be ideal for society to do the same. But the society advantages means that another person who must serve us, which is not exactly fair, because that means slavery  . When we are helpless children, it is justifiable for parents to support us in the simplest things. But when we become adults, it is not natural to wait for someone's help for the slightest problem. Let us remember, however, that not even our mothers could resolve all our problems back then! So can not do the society.

The risks that the histrionics expose to

Both the Casanova man (the pick-up artist) and the histrionic or the disguised prostitute woman skip these rules and prior stages of courtship. They spread around them the emotional suffering that I described here   and here   . But, besides their regular victims, they can end up themselves screwed up out of this game of seduction and emotional confusion. The Casanova men may encounter a histrionic woman who out seduce them, as shown in this movie:

It's just a movie, but inspired from the reality. Every ying finds its yang one day and this is what happens to all abusers. Then, the Casanova men get into emotional troubles and moments of anguish. The histrionic women increasingly build themselves in narcissism. Although they are very careful about whom they expose themselves to, the seductive histrionic women can also become the target of the too radically refused man violence. In the next article I will also describe the risks that the women who practice disguised prostitution expose to.

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