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20 iulie 2019

1.3. The concrete solutions to prevent violence against women

1. The sadism inside civilization

1.3. The concrete solutions to prevent violence against women

There are specific cases of sexual major crimes that the social system can directly and effectively stop only by concrete measures. These cases are the sexual killings that happen between relatives or friends, namely, the domestic killings. As the statistics show, sexual offences done by a known to victim perpetrator reach 90%. That percent is the same concerning sexual killings. The social system can not do much in the short term to prevent it. But it still can do something. A psychotherapist along with a social worker could be involved in improving the couples’s relationship in which frequent fights have been reported. The probability that such couple tension will subsequently turn into a murder is very high. It is costly and the efficiency is not guaranteed, but if there is respect for human life, the social system must go for it.

Also, the social system does little or nothing to protect women from their former partners who take revenge in various ways, including murder. In the US or other Western countries there is the restriction order, so that the former aggressive partner is not allowed to approach a particular distance to the vulnerable woman. But such a restriction order is efficient basically against the rattler cursers than for a real revenge murder. It is effective for not killer former partners; the police come in a certain amount of time, and it removes the quarrelsome after the woman has called for help. But if a former partner blinded by jealousy has the true intention of killing his former lover, that person can not even call the police anymore, because he previously committed the murder.

There are psychological and sociological profiles of these jealous murderers. They practice or have been practicing inside the oppressive institutions such as police, army, justice or public services. From time to time some physicians commit such crimes, even though they practice the noblest job. These killings are rarer in the liberal professions case. There are more viable solutions than those for domestic killings to protect women from their former partners’ revenge. Women who broke up with men of such professions should benefit from social services to prevent these tragedies. The measures such as witness protection can also be adjusted in these cases at risk. The relocation, pseudonym usage or total name change for these women are solutions to protect them from their former jealous partners.

In the long term, the situation can be improved by creating a fair social environment. Such a social environment amortizes the criminal psychopathological trends in the society. Unfortunately, the social systems are more interested to maximum profit and the repressive forces strengthening than to the psychotherapeutic goals. That is why I think there is a need for a public debate in which the humanist voices have more involvement. Plus, the results come later, after 20-30 years of humanist education.

The social system can not do much to prevent the domestic killings in the short term. However, there are effective prevention measures in the case of sex killings done by unknown person to victims. The violence and killings by strangers can be truly and effectively prevented through positive discrimination of women. The social system could very easily reduce the number of killings and scabs if it would want to. It is easy to investigate crime against women with the today’s tools. If detailed published, the statistics can describe the sadists thinking and acting way and so to develop institutions and mechanisms to prevent their actions. The relevant institutes that study these behaviors can be public the full statistics not parts of them. These statistics exist and can help us understand how these passionate murderers plan their crimes. I had the example of the FBI in the US , Unfortunately, the relevant data are kept secret, or shared only for some who are not interested in sharing them publicly. This information can directly help us to find solutions so that the women receive benefits that effectively prevent these crimes.

We can achieve effective stopping this scourge effects even with rough tools that we have at our disposal. It is easy to infer that the sexual killings made by an unknown person to the victim happen because women are trapped into unpopulated spaces. These places are usually the elevators, the rural areas, or some unpopulated urban areas, usually in late night hours. The victims are either traced or randomly caught by unknown murderers. They commit murder, thinking that no one would help the victim, nor would observe it, and hold it accountable for their actions. The measures that can be taken to help the alone woman in these situations are not difficult to imagine: as children are transported to school by a public service paid by the town hall, the same can be done with vulnerable women. For example that could be a taxi company funded by the state budget to bring the woman to the door. Such a chauffeur/taxi driver can also fulfill the role of bodyguard, protecting her until entering the home.

There is no other way to eliminate these risks than to bring even greater discrimination against women by not accepting them to work in the late hours or any other profession if they live in rural areas, where they can be raped even in daylight on the poorly circulated roads.

With regard to the prostitutes’ killings, things could be solved by themselves if the prostitution would be legalized and sadistic customers could be monitored and traced. A country such as the United States, India, and many others, including Romania, invoke a false moral impudence issue. These countries actually refuse to legalize the prostitution and to observe and control the sadistic customers. In fact, under the mask of respectability, there is the main interest in protecting these murderers, as I will describe in detail in the next section. Such a guileful excess of false shyness is paid in the blood of thousands of prostitutes who fall victim to the sadists. Moreover, the media culture encourages the prostitute-hidden mentality developed in women by gender, movies and music videos.

Knowing that they are doing a “so called” illicit activity, these women do not report to the police the violence they were subjected to, so the statistics are distorted from the way the institution works. If they report it, they are often ignored and even tamed by authorities (especially by the police officers), as Chi Mgbako * with sentences like, "you deserve much worse", "he wanted to chase you away" or "he wanted to cure your soul". Kari Lerum ** has shown that the complaint against violent clients can bring prostitutes to jail because they practice an illegal job. A study made by a group of Indian researchers*** shows that 54% of physically aggressed prostitutes in India do not report to the authorities, and 36% of them do not talk to anyone about their experience.

*Mgbako, Chi (December 15, 2011). "Police Abuse of Sex Workers: A Global Reality, Widely Ignored";
**Lerum, Kari."Reducing Violence against Sex Workers: What are the policy options?";
***Mahapatra, Bidhubhusan; Battala, Madhusudana; Porwal, Akash; Saggurti, Niranjan (2014-05-20). "Non-Disclosure of Violence among Female Sex Workers: Evidence from a Large Scale Cross-Sectional Survey in India".

The authorities' guileful hypocrisy on the fight against sadism. The sexual sadism is protected by the social sadism

The sexual sadists, with their millions of victims, are still a minority. Besides them, there is a sadistic majority represented by the very top of the social pyramid. They are the social sadists. Their sadism is a kind of professional defect. Sadism in this case manifests itself less sexually, and more socially. Someone gets sadistic with joining this position in the society. Preserving this position and preserving the social class afferent to it depends solely on how its members exert their oppression on others. They have understood from generation to generation that the preservation of power is done through the misery in which others are clogged. The more misery brought in others the bigger their social power, as , I have argued in this article . There is nothing personal, it’s just business ... Jesus had some point when said that “it is easier for a camel to go through the the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into the kingdom of God."

Social sadists fall into depression if they do not see street homeless people or suffering around them. The pleasure of hunting, so booed by the ecological mentality, is the most innocent manifestation of this social sadism. Hunting is applied to animals and has various justifications, such as the animal population control or the food provided to the human population. But the social sadism is a hunt for humans.

If in charge of a dubious social system, the social sadism of some other people may expand exponentially. Their social disaster can be felt globally, affecting us all. Great dictators like Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and many others have launched policies that have killed hundreds of millions of people, are concluding examples for this. In addition to these notorious sadists, the austerity policies assumed by politicians can lead to long-term suicides or illnesses for some people precisely determined by these pressures.

The oppressed ones are willing to execute the oppressors’ orders in exchange for the oppression stopping or a subliminal promise for that. This is the classic slavery profile but also of the salary I have analyzed in this series of articles  .

The social system hides as much as possible these things and this is because, by revealing them, it would put itself into a bad light. The people would doubt on how such a sadist could do his job well or decide well on a political matter within the institution he is leading, or in whose direction is involved, if he himself is a criminal inside the intimate relationships. And that is why the human status of prostitutes is questioned by the authorities. So is their social status.

From the moral point of view, selling love as the prostitutes do is not a clean business. If the prostitution job is also masked, as I have described in this article  then an abuse is also committed. The feminists attempt (especially those practicing masked prostitution) to make it a positive image will inevitably fail. But these women are still people, and they must be treated as such. And people have rights. One of these rights is not to suffer from physical punishment, torture or total arbitrary loss of life to protect the pillars of a sick social system. Regardless the lies in which they hide, they must not become the toys of the protected sadists by a social system that is itself a criminal. Today almost everyone lies through the profession they practice and sells their consciousness and soul for various commodities. The consumerist culture stars sell their love to the public. Others sell their moral conscience to the system, supporting and doing immoral things. Therefore, anathematizing the prostitutes is a measure of justifying this sadism manifested at the cultural level that the top of the social system protects. The exaggerated defamation of prostitutes as under-people is an extreme quite similar to the other one, namely that of trying to clean up their image and exaggerate their respectability. The difference is that is inversely proportional made.

Such an exaggerated defamation resembles the Middle Ages witches accusations that were generally pointed to the unmarried hysterics women. The medieval social system thus accomplished in its characteristic style a purification of marginal individual, among which these hysterics. Their refusal to accept marriage was thus punished and exemplified by many other such possible rebel women. But the torture applied to them as well as to the criminals, as described by Michel Foucault *, sometimes hid the sadistic behaviors of some mighty priests or different powerful people. The witches "punishment" was just putting into act these sadistic symptoms.

The social system protects the sadists primarily because they have remarkable professional qualities. The promise of stepping up in the social hierarchy in which such excesses are tolerated is made in exchange for a maximum endeavor that denotes the new type of slavery . The profit out of the vices of these criminals is huge. Covering up their crimes is part of this promised reward. The unequivocal publication of these statistics implies the imminent deconspiration of these sexual murderers operating modes and a press campaign against them. That would also affect the general society’s image. It would show how unnatural is the mentality of the "American Dream" in our society, which ideologically governs new slavery. This was the case with the famous Romanian pedophile policeman in the elevator that his colleagues covered as much as possible, until the parents started their own investigations.

The secrecy of the authorities on the sadism is obvious. I have seen above the discretion found in the FBI reports  . From this superficial statistics data editing we infer another thing, at least as worrying and frustrating as the sadistic crimes. And this is the social system top tendency to cover these crimes. The social system protects these criminals because they are the system itself. It alarms against these murderers only when the crimes become too odious, more as a propaganda to the public opinion eyes, when the crimes get too visible. It's what happened to the famous doctor Harold Shipman.

Here we can see that these states refusal to legalize the prostitution has in the back exactly this interest to protect colleagues with sadistic vices, and not the so/called social respectability against the impudence. There is a kind of mutual pact between the sadists and the new slavery profiteers, which brings poverty and crime in society. The sexual sadist has orgasm as a result of victim maltreatment as the social sadism is profitable. The motto of this pact is this: "You let me have a sadistic orgasm, I let you make profit". Maintaining the oppression over the social pyramid basis is made using the sadists’ services too. . Making the criminality "useful" is typical for the modern society. As a reward for their services, the system allows sadists to practice a degree of violence against prostitutes. These women play this victim role without fully understanding it. Most of the sadists act violently on them without causing death. But from time to time some of them are allowed to kill, on special occasions, without attracting the attention of public opinion.

The investigations and the punishment for the sadistic people who behaved too visible for the public eye are just warnings for others not to exceed the measure. The system treats these categories of victims as if they would be not relevant or even not existing, which attests its protection intentions for these killers. The serial sadistic killing is not even included in Sadism Disorder or in “Antisocial Personality Disorder" from the famous DSM or ICD mental disorders classification. That precisely shows how complex these manipulation tentacles are, including amongst the professionals. Have they not ever heard of these news headlines for months and even years? Or are they trying to cover up this dramatic social reality under their profession data, fooling us?

The genuine democracies countries with respect for the citizens have taken important steps to protect women from the sadists. But even there the measures taken are not enough. The exception is the Northern European countries where social assistance is crucial. Unfortunately, a country like the United States is investing half its budget in the army, instead of investing it in such social assistants and psychotherapists. Many states overlap with such a description. By such warlike measures, the social system not only that does not provide solutions to solve this widely developed malady but also cultivates it. The measures globally taken are empty words specific to toy politicians.

Such a whopper is the „"Declaration of the Elimination of Violence Against Women"”  emisa in anul issued in 1993 by the United Nations. Such a "statement" is exactly what the title says, that is, an empty word by which those involved have more or less honestly dissociated from these sadistic acts against women. In fact, nothing has been done about it.

Another empty declaration is „"The Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence"” adopted in 2011 by the European Council. In Article 12, paragraph 4 we can read:

" Parties shall take the necessary measures to encourage all members of society, especially men and boys, to contribute actively to reventing all forms of violence covered by the scope of this Convention."

Such a text is a genuine political-populist statement, as if the ordinary citizen were at the institutions direction.

The United States is famous for their pragmatist mentality. Unfortunately, when it comes for eliminating these crimes, the traditional American pragmatism suddenly softens. The US drew up the „"Violence Against Women Act Of 1994"” . There is Chapter 3, "Safety for women in public transit and public parks" (pag. 21). Section 40131 provides some measures to prevent violence in parks such as better illumination, installation of surveillance cameras and emergency telephones. It's really something concrete. But it's still not enough. If these surveillance cameras would be placed in elevators and block stairs, or would perceive the infrared rays to be useful at night, in the spaces between the public transportation stations and home, they could really help in catching the killer. A real attempt to solve the problem would be to prevent him from committing these crimes rather than punishing him after committing them.

Recently, various normative projects have been introduced in the US, such as the refusal to have a firearm for convicted persons for stalking or harassment , or for those who have abused their partners. These legislative measures are a little better than nothing, but they are insignificant. A former partner could be killed by revengeful man with other weapons also.

So, as it is usually the case with conspiracy theories that are not imaginative enough to describe political criminality, also the most radical feminism has failed to conceive the conspiracy that contemporary new slavery wrapped in a democratic hull psychopathologically act against women .

Unfortunately, the radical feminists do not really talk about it. They consume their energy on the so called revolution of the exclusive feminine courting initiative. I have not seen in their rhetoric such requests to the authorities for statistics transparency regarding violence against women, especially for murders. Their street mass protests against the violence on women generally do not take place in front of the FBI headquarters or the police in general, but in inconclusive public places, reinforcing their sometimes hidden sometimes expressed out loud, prejudice, that "All men are rapists." I will return to this topic in the last chapter of this text . In the following article I will also analyze the physical hard to prove abuses  to the other sex .

* Foucault, Michel - " Discipline and Punish"

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