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Eng- Baldovin Concept was for some time banned to be published on Facebook. Probably some women's security enemies were disturbed by the last year's articles I wrote here and received multiple negative spam reports to Facebook, although its content doesn’t contain advertising or any kind of commerce. But due to my asking for help, you the readers counter-reported this space as safe, not going against the Facebook Community Standards, so I thank you for that.

1 iulie 2019

1.2. The sadists operation mode

1.The sadism inside civilization

1.2. The sadists operation mode

The most vulnerable women to sadistic attacks are the prostitutes, as has been seen in the most bloody sadistic cases in history. The feminist researcher Pilar Rodriguez Martinez *, has quoted a report that showed 204 per 100,000 prostitutes were killed in 2004 in the United States. The next category of women at risk of being killed is those who sell alcoholic drinks, where the ratio is only 4 per 100,000. According to the US Labor Bureau, the most dangerous jobs in 2016  were the loggers with 135.9 deaths per 100,000, fishmen, 86 deaths per 100,000, and aviation industry (pilots and engineers) with 55.5 deaths per 100,000. It may be that the statistics by Pilar Rodriguez Martinez to be exaggerated, considering that she is a feminist, according to the predisposition of feminists to magnified statistics. But even so, the exaggeration involved here can not be that big. First of all, if we look at the serial killers cases outlined in previous article, we notice that the statistics are quite close to the one described by her.

Providing detailed statistics could help us find out how the sadists are operating. Unfortunately, that's what the authorities do not want us to know, and that's how their discretion is kept. In the absence of the authorities’ transparency on this matter, however, we can use imagination and inductive judgment to describe how they operate, without the official data.

First of all, we must take into account that sadists are not impulsive people who lose their temper and kill at random. They are very organized and meticulous people. Many of them have the image of worthy, loving and compassionate people. For this reason no one suspects them for their sick vice. Their ability to hide their crimes is amazing. Only the forensics specialists eventually manage to catch them because they know their psychological profile very well. The doctor Harold Shipman could get away as clean scam if he knew when to stop. Perhaps he would not have been caught if he knew how to use the computer more efficiently.

The prostitutes killing or flagellation is the easiest way to practice sadism. Some of these women work individually and the sadists look like ordinary clients. Due to this profession specific discretion, they have a great deal of freedom to put their own murderous pulsions into practice. Of course, not all the violence acts against prostitutes are caused by the sadism. From these cases there is a certain percentage of violence against prostitutes caused by the price negotiation of the services offered or by the robbery. Some clients become violent because they do not want to pay for the girls' services. But, on the other hand, there are plenty of cases where not the money is the problem but the client's psychopathological constitution itself. We can imagine that such a girl would not struggle to death to keep the money negotiated with such a client who then treats for the money back, or the money she made for several hours after meeting with a robber. Such robberies that degenerate into killings usually happen to men who struggle with the aggressor. Of course there are also women who fight for their goods, but their percentage is naturally smaller. In fact, the prostitutes themselves talked about the violent clients without any reason. I have not found any report provided by the authorities about this issue.

Unfortunately, not only the prostitutes can fall victim to the sadists. Some feminists believe that such a sadist walks on a populated street in the daylight, and pick up women to kill. These feminists are being fooled by some masked prostitutes  who roughly project their own business strategies into the women killings cases. But, in fact, a sadistic does not risk leaving traces and being witnessed by someone. The persecution paranoiacs of or the paranoids I described here have the closest vision of a sadistic profile. But they, like all the feminists, are totally wrong when identifying it with the courtship initiator in the populated space. It is possible for a sadistic to simulate a street pick up guy and address the victim messages such as "Hi! What are you doing babe! ". But this happens only in unpopulated spaces. The sadistic do not risk losing his freedom because of a wrongly chosen victim. Unlike the courtship street initiator who chooses the most beautiful woman, the sadist chooses the least risky woman. It does not matter how she looks, just to be discreet.

The unpopulated places, such as public lifts or toilets, can be used by medical or related sadists to instantly immobilize their victims with inhaling anesthetics. From here they can carry them in different containers to their cars and then transport them to secret places in order to lose track. The distance from the public transport center to home, in late hours or the unpopulated roads is the most risky place for a woman to be raped, beaten, kidnapped, and killed. As true hunters, the sadists walk in the evening, or in the night, in disguise cars, looking for victims with a weak social profile that do not attract attention when they disappear. Like the exhibitionists, they are waiting near the institutions frequented by women. But, unlike them, they are the opposite in discretion. They follow for weeks and even months those women who use the public transport at late hours. Then they follow the bus/tramway/subway until the woman descends.

In other cases, they wait with hours for several days or weeks at a particular station, which is favorable to their sadistic plans, either by kidnapping or by direct killing. They don’t directly jump on it, but first investigate whether someone is waiting for that woman, or if the family members would look for her if missing. From this point of view, the sadistic is at the pole opposite from the courtship street initiator, who chooses the most beautiful. A very beautiful, desirable and sociable woman is the worst victim for the sadistic. The relatives or her boyfriend can start serious investigations and he risks being caught. On the contrary, the perfect victim is the depressed woman, alone or not respected in the community or family. Her missing for a few weeks will go unnoticed, during which the sadist can break down the body and erase all the traces through what he might be caught.

 Dr. Harold-Shipman

The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) reported a total of 260,977 under 21 years women missing in 2017  , and 232,179 males. Also, people with at least 21 years of age missing in the same year are 61,888 women and 96,091 males. The total number of disappearances is 651,226, according to this report. Since 1990, 22,207,217 people have disappeared in the United States by 2017. Many of these people are eventually found. But, as we can see, the FBI does not say how many are found alive and how many dead after initially disappeared, and later included in the homicide category. We can deduce from this that a significant percentage of these missing cases are the work of the sadists. They have kidnapped these people, then killed them and then hid the bodies. Here is how the sadists cause a real carnage annually in the contemporary society.

The FBI's annual crime report also does not provide prostitution profession statistics, as Pilar Rodriguez Martinez declares it to be almost double compared to that of the recognized professions. The objectivity of this feminist researched is to be questioned, but however, since the FBI report does not provide any explanations in this respect leaves serious signs that she is not far from the truth.

Being a specialist in protecting those with eccentric sexual preoccupations, the Romanian Ministry of the Internal Affairs, through the Romanian Police, is extremely discreet in providing relevant statistical data on the missing people. Fortunately (sic!) there are 20 photos of missing children on the Police's website, which give us the idea that this would be their actual number.

In the next article I will try to give examples of simple possibilities to stop sexual sadistic crimes from putting into practice their criminal psychopathological tendencies on women.

* Rodríguez Martínez, Pilar. "An Intersectional Analysis of Intimate Partner Violence and Workplace Violence among Women Working in Prostitution."Revista Española De Investigaciones Sociologicas no. 151 (July 2015): 123-138

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