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18 iunie 2019

1. The sadism inside civilization

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1. The sadism inside civilization

This article continues the previous one

The biggest problem that women at the social pyramid bottom have with some men is not at all the decision of who will initiate the courtship. And it is also not the sexual harassment that some gangsters use in the marginal public space. The biggest problem that women have in the contemporary society is not even the general rape, the one that scares them when are alone in the unknown places. All these abuses leave traces in the heart of a woman. But the biggest problem that women have in contemporary society leaves traces not only in their mental states, but in all the humanity. This problem is the general sadism. The main satisfaction of sadistic persons is to see their victim suffering. The sadism can be associated with the rape, but it can also exist independently by it.

In this article, I propose describing the sadism, making an estimate of the victims’ number that it produces, and identify solutions to stop the sadistic crimes by firm social projects.

a) 1.1. The sadism types

There is a sexual sadism, and s social sadism. In the first case the sadism manifests in relation to a potential partner in which the genital organs are directly or indirectly used. In the other case it is manifested by the satisfaction of the suffering of the peers. In the first case the victims are predominantly women, but in the other case men and women are equally distributed. At the top of the social pyramid there are sexual-sadistic behaviors that appear silently and murderously on women for thousands of years, despite the traditional courtesy that gives women protection and primacy. The sadism is exactly the antipode of this politesse. The agony of the victim causes socially or sexually ecstasy to the sadistic person. The social sadism is generally practiced by a minority, but very strong social elite, against the disadvantaged victims, unable to defend itself against power. The sadistic person justifies its crimes with the famous sentence "It's nothing personal, it's just business". In the case of sexual sadism, the business is replaced by passion, and the sentence changes to "It's nothing personal, it's just passion".

The doctor Harold Shipman (1946-2004) is recognized as the bloodiest serial killer in history. It turned out to have killed 218 people, both women and men, but it is believed that the number of killings would exceed 250.

Between 1975 and 1980, the Englishman Peter Sutcliffe, known as the “Yorkshire Ripper”, killed 13 women. This film was made about his life:

The most dangerous murderer of women in the history of the United States was Gary Ridgway, also known as the “Green River Killer” who killed 48 women between 1982 and 1998. He was hired in the American Army and then practiced religious proselytism , preaching the door-to-door Bible.

In Romania are known the cases of the famous sadists Florea Ramaru, the father who killed 4 women after 1944 (5, according to other sources), and his son Ion Ramaru, who killed 4 women between 1970 and 1971, when he was a student Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest.

These are just a few, because their number is big enough to lose a year studying their styles of killing and personal passions. Who's curious about this issue can check their list here .

At first glance, a total of 400 serial killers for over 7 billion people in global population is not a big deal. The statistics show that it is very unlikely that we will die killed by serial killers. Out of those murderesses, there were many robbers who killed in poor countries, as the murder was the best way to hide their robbery. From this point of view, the fear of sadistic people is as unjustified as the fear of androphobic women being raped in public space in a decent community.

But the sadism does not end at the captured serial killers only. The serial killers are just the iceberg top inside the general sadism. Unfortunately, the sadistic cases are much more numerous than those recorded in the media. Those caught are part of the middle class. Beyond them there are discreet sadistic persons, placed at the top of the social pyramid, that none ever catches them.

One of them is also the most famous sadistic person in history, the well-known Jack The Ripper.

Jack The Ripper is suspected to have been a member of the royal family. The few witnesses to the murders he has committed have declared that they have last seen the victims talking to a kind of noble status man before being killed. Also, the surgical precision of the cuts in his victims’ bodies shows that he used a very accurate instrument in killing them. Then, cutting and extracting the organs from the victim's body showed some medical dexterity, which may indicate the medical studies that this famous sadist had. It is possible that he also have had access to police information through men he controlled, which made some testimonies and even witnesses disappear. This is how, as in the vast majority of murderous sadists, even today it is not known who actually was Jack the Ripper.

The noble murderers are rarely caught. They take drastic precautions because they come from within the judiciary-penitentiary system, or have friends in this social field from which they have learned directly or indirectly not to leave traces behind. Their profiles fit the respectable community members. Some are judges, others are airline pilots, large companies patrons, and apparently especially doctors, in spite of the fact that they practice the most noble profession in the world. They contribute decisively to the progress of society, so it is almost impossible to be replaced. Their reputation is undeniable.

Fortunately, not all sadists kill. There are enough sadists who do not get to killings because their own conscience makes them to self-denunciate, or sometimes commit suicide. This often happens too late, for those who have already committed the killings. But that help the others not commit such acts. The prison is a refuge that paradoxically prolongs their lives, preventing them from becoming serial killers and being caught. Besides the hard core sadism given by those who kill their victims and who are indeed minority, there are also "moderate" sadists who do not practice deadly sadism. They abstain themselves from putting into practice the murderous psychopathological tendencies, or are not yet in that psychopathological level. They are content only to cause ... superficial injuries, and to ... mistreat their victims.

DSM 5 * quotes a statistical study done in Australia showing that 2.2% of men and 1.3% of women said they were involved in sado-maso (especially bondage) or submissive-dominative sex games. I know it looks cynical, but the scars left by moderate sadists on the victim's body seem to me preferable to the killing that the extreme sadists do. Such scars left on the prostitutes faces and bodies are testimonies of their ailing preferences. Some of the disfigured girls receive massive compensation from them.

The most objective statistical and diagnostic tool for mental disorders classification, namely the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), published following a collective study of professionals from the American Psychiatric Association, does not make such a simple differentiation between the flagellation and murderous sadists. However, this treaty is about to make such a difference. It says that the prevalence of sadism in general population is between 2 and 30%, and the presence of sadism in those who have committed sexually motivated killings varies between 35 and 75% *. Such a statistical variation raises questions about the intention or accidents arising from these sexual games, which can lead to involuntary killing.

Consequently, if the DSM does not distinguish between murderous sadism and flagellation sadism, this treaty does not even have enough criteria for them. The sadism is the only libido disorder that does not have such diagnostic criteria in the DSM, knowing that this treaty was the first comprehensive psychopathology treaty to introduce the criteria for a rapid diagnosis. The fifth edition (2013) of this treaty has for sadism, at code 302.84 (F65.52) (page 695), the following pseudo criterion:

"A. Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent and intense sexual arousal from the physical or psychological suffering of another person, as manifested by fantasies, urges, or behaviors.
B. The individual has acted on these sexual urges with a nonconsenting person, or the sexual urges or fantasies cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning."

In the same way, the sadism is described in the 1994 edition (DSM 4), 1980 (DSM 3). In the first (DSM 1, 1952) and the second edition (DSM 2, 1968) sadism is not even described.

The Cambridge website dictionary defines the sadism as :

"SADÍSM s. noun = the activity of getting pleasure, sometimes sexual, from being cruel to or hurting another person."

Also, the Oxford website dictionary says:

"SADÍSM s. noun = The tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.”

So we see that there is not much difference between the definition of beginners and the "professional" description. The authorities’ secrecy regarding the sadism can also be seen in the criminologist reports provided by the institutions for preventing and combating it. The FBI's annual report on criminality in the United States is arguably the most complete, most transparent and easiest to access the world's report on this issue. It contains the detailed statistical data on murders committed on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex and age. But, however, FBI does not publicly show other data, which would be critical for understanding the statistics on murders or non-fatal violence, whose authors are the sadists. We should distinguish from those reports which killings are caused by accidents, which are caused by prolonged physical conflicts and which ones are caused by sadism, that is, other causes than these two.

As can be seen in the Table 16 of this report , the intentional and the unintentional killings are placed in the same column. We can’t figure it up from these statistics which murders are associated with rape and there is no statistic of homicide divided by gender. Also, in this report should be included the urban or rural environment categories (small and scattered communities, with unpopulated spaces) or small versus big cities, where these crimes occur. These data exist, and the FBI even provides a general statistic on the killings in which the victims are men and women. However, percentages by sex are not publicly shown.

But there are some data we can deduce from these statistics. The 2015 FBI Annual Report on women killed in the United States shows that a 93% of the cases the killer was a person known to the victim. We see here a similarity between the statistics of rape and murder. The percentage of unknown criminals is in both cases somewhere around 10% of the general cases.

Out of the 7% murder cases with no previous ties to the victim, some are robberies, and others are sadist murders. There is also sadism in the case of murders that the victims know. The same 2015 FBI Annual report shows that only 16% of the killings are caused by the robbery (committed by an unknown killer to the victim) or the material interests resulting from the murder (committed by a killer known by the victim). Out of the 84% of killings without specific interests, only 64% is due to fights that have degenerated into murder. There are 36% out of those cases that the FBI says nothing about. Some of them are accidents, and others are extreme sadistic murders that have led the victim to the death.

In the Supplementary homicide report released by FBI in 2016, besides these categories, there is also included the intimate relationship between the killer and the victim, meaning wife / lover / former. So we can deduce from these statistics that there can be no accidental killings between ex-husbands or ex-lovers, if they don’t live together anymore. The victim and the killer do not usually live in the same space where the accident occurs. The killer invades the victim's area with the express intention of committing the murder. The interest for the murder is a simple one: the revenge for being dumped, or fights about divorce sharing.

In the next article, I will try to put together these statistics in order to describe how sexual sadists act and how they can be stopped from putting into practice the murderous tendencies on women.

* DSM 5, Editura Medicala Calisto, pag 697.

Although baldovinconcept is literally censored on Facebook, still this post can be shared on it under this shell.

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