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31 ianuarie 2021

5.5. The radical feminism predisposition for revenge on normalcy

5. The Feminism as a reaction to crimes and emotional abuse against women

5.5. The radical feminism predisposition for revenge on normalcy

If we go down into these radical ideas depths we find there that the revengeful factor towards normality, which is explainable by identifying with the aggressor, which I previously analyzed here  . Any kind of tendency towards lesbianism, prostitution or histrionic personality in general implies the self-accusing ideation that later turns into accusatory, vengeful ideation towards the normality. I have shown throughout this text how the normality has its problems with the tendency to eradicate the marginalized. But the same prejudice is used by the radical feminism. It also wants revenge on the normal… good normalcy. I do not mean by this that any popular idea or behavior is good only because it belongs to the majority. But there is still a biologically grounded normalcy in the majority. I say "still" because it becomes clearer day by day that, through the social engineering it conceives, the capitalist system perverts the human being into becoming eccentric. The radical feminism does not only hate the strong character of the normal man, whom it considers abusive, criminal, non-empathetic. It also hates the normal woman gentle heart and considers it stupid, soft, cowardly. This attitude is caused by their eccentric libido which is repugnant to normalcy as it prefers incomprehensible sexual behaviors for the heterosexual ones.

I have shown that the explicit courtship initiation as a unknown man violates the preceding to courtship 4th rule and the 2nd stage , (the discreet sign) and the 4th one (the amorous cultural production). In this article  I showed that the discomfort towards an unknown man courtship initiator is much exaggerated by radical feminists. The anger of the sexual minorities women towards the unknown men light or more explicit approaches on the street is not caused by the natural discomfort that a normal woman feels when face such a thing.

The fact that radical feminists and even a few moderate ones dramatize the victimization (professional victim) has been observed by several critical voices of the feminism. Exaggerating the discomfort is a commonly used strategy because it generally brings "the secondary benefit," as described by psychoanalysis. I previously described here, here  and here  what are the general primary and secondary benefits for different groups of women that tend to equate the unknown man courtship initiation as sexual harassment. At this point, I will spot the light to another three more primary benefit interests to criminalize the unknown man courtship and exaggerate the emotional pain caused by him to be equated as sexual harassment or attempted rape. They can go separately but also together in the same person. The psychological "over-determination" meaning of this symptom does not contradict the basic explanation, but complements it; the psychical phenomena have multiple meanings as I have shown here  . Each of them differs depending on the psychopathological configuration involved in this exaggeration symptom. A histrionic psychopathological configuration tends toward mendacity while a libidinal-eccentric one tends toward sadism, as I described in the previous article.

These three psychopathological impulses have the role of over-incriminating and demonizing the normalcy, especially in terms of the light courtship initiation, as it was traditionally constructed. The first of these is the stardom of victimization. The second is the envy on the easy ways that the heterosexual relationships are initiated. The third is the attempt to justify one's own sadism (objectification) through the victim alleged pre-aggression. I will further analyze them individually.

The female pain exaggeration from the male courtship initiation as caused by the victimization stardom

The valuable and beautiful things can be abused and must be protected in today's world. So it is with feminine beauty. Some feminists have this stardom in their subconscious when they look for signs of sexual harassment from men. Complaints about too frequent approaches from the unknown men are justified by very attractive women, the movie, music, TV stars etc. But most of them have gotten used to this problem. It comes as a coin flip side with the star's life privileges. But there are some feminists who live ambivalently this desire to be and not be approached by the crowds with their love… I don't want to post such videos now in which very unattractive feminists complain about too frequent approaches from men. They exist online. These women are dissatisfied with the way they look and take refuge in this feminist theatrics through which men struggle to reach them like males in animal documentaries. The exaggeration of these frustrations wants to highlight this fake stardom with which these less endowed by nature women get drunk, believing themselves to be some kind of popular media stars.

The female pain exaggeration from the male courtship initiation as caused by the envy on the easy ways that the heterosexual relationships are initiated

The second psychopathological impulse is the envy for how the heterosexuals create love relationships, while the sexual marginal ones have to search hard to find a suitable partner. As I mentioned here , LGBT people have been and still are persecuted. Because of this, many people with such sexual orientations hide their preferences out of fear for unpleasant consequences. On this matter the society must change its attitude towards them because in this way it creates or maintains artificial conflicts in a world that is already so conflicted. Naturally this group of marginalized people will develop hate towards the heterosexual majority. So for such people, an unknown courtship initiator man, who shows heterosexual behavior signs, is over-perceived as a sex offender even if his approach is very light and polite. He can be an emotional abuser if the approach is too explicit, because it does not give women a role in building the couple and he only decides to build. But still he is not a sex criminal, like a proper street harasser or a rapist, just because he initiated courtship as an unknown man.

Well, this resentful predisposition towards the normal heterosexuals can make the LGBT communities members exaggerate the frustration produced by this courtship initiator. We observe here the same attitude as the haters towards the eccentric couples themselves. Just as the homophobes accuse the LGBT people of spreading a phantasmagoric virus that converts the world to homosexuality, so they tend themselves on this turn to incriminate the normal heterosexual sexuality behavior. A special case is represented by those radical feminists, especially those who practice the disguised prostitution (not all the radical feminists practice it). They take huge emotional abuse risks followed by skipping the traditional courtship stages after an exchange for a financial or other reward. But they complain about being sexually assaulted when a man tries a soft courtship sign specific to the second stage, such as compliment or greeting.

This is not uncommon for histrionics in general; and with that I move to a different kind of envy on heterosexuals from the heterosexual position. The histrionic personality disorder can also be associated with a sexual orientation attraction to the same sex. But most often it overlaps with a normal, heterosexual attraction, if it can be verbalized like this in their case. In both cases there is a hysterical behavior of explicitly Oedipal form. I have briefly described the histrionic psychopathology here  or here  but I recommend reading even more detailed descriptions from the psychopathology treatises. There is an unconscious desire of the hysterical psychopathological background to ambivalently penetrate into other couples. The histrionics appetite to stand in the doorway of welded couples is the "couple" variant of the seductive behavior they practice towards people who do not have a sex life. They do not necessarily want a relationship with this couple man rather than standing between the two, like the child between the parents. This is a true cenesthopathic voyeurism (the phrase is poetic, not scientific). If the male sexuality genuine voyeurism has the satisfaction of the couple's distant gaze, on the contrary, the histrionic voyeurism already enters the couple like the creatures in the psychotics’ cenesthopathy hallucinations that are felt inside the body. In the same way, the histrionic woman sets in like an emotional tick inside the relationship between the two, sucking their happiness sap and leaving behind an itchy feeling in the couple that can turn into a bump, if it is scratched. In this case, the histrionic woman may disproportionately interpret this couple man or even woman slightest affection sign as an attempt to sexually harassing her…

The female pain exaggeration from the male courtship initiation as one's own sadism justification

Finally, the third psychopathological impulse to exaggerate the emotional discomfort of courtship initiating is to justify one's own sadism, as I described in the previous article. This social manipulation mechanism was practiced at a high level in the Middle Ages and even closer to the present day through the torturous public punishments or the delusional-collective accusations against unmarried or undesirable women, who were labeled witches. We observe here an interesting psychic mechanism for justifying one's own abusive and even criminal tendencies by implanting evidence to demonize the target. They falsely demonstrate a victim previous aggression and then justify a punishment response (objectification). (Check out my later documentary "The International Politics Sadism ")

In the same way, any radical feminist with sadistic psychopathological tendencies (and not only) tends to justify her aggression against someone through the crimes committed by others for which he is held responsible. The feminism in general rightly rejects the blaming victims strategy argument made by the emotional abusers and sex offenders. But the radical feminists use to the same manipulation mechanism on the normal men over whom they exercise their own sadism. Any aggression by radical feminists on a limp and harmless man is then justified by the crimes that other men have committed in the past or elsewhere against other women. We notice here firstly a personal revenge on behalf of those assaulted women towards men who were charged with crimes they did not commit. That is exactly the argument of blaming the victims used by sex offenders against women. This mechanism manipulation through demonizing and attack has been used for political purposes at the social group level in the so-called modern democracy, to persuade the masses to accept deeply "undemocratic" plans * against them.

Ideological stardom and narcissism

This conflict between the LGBT marginal ones and the normal majority has started from the last one in history. But here it is how the first show signs of appetite for abusing. I tend to defend them more, as the marginalized are generally less protected. However, the mistakes made by the victim are more excusable. From this point of view I will always militate to stop the pressure to which usually the marginalized are subjected.

But that doesn't mean that we should tolerate the abuses that victims sometimes do to others. The traditional prejudices against the eccentric sexual behaviors that do not affect others (except for the sadism and pedophilia) should not be replaced by the persecution for the heterosexuals and the traditionalists in general. For example, the exclusive female courtship initiation proposal wants more or less admitted to eradicate the traditional pre- courtship behavior out of the human culture, as I described it here and here . And that disadvantages not only the men but the women as well. It creates a socio-political disadvantage for those who want a love relationship (and do not have one) as I have shown here  in detail. Instead of folding their political discourse on these groups as well, and militate for their rights, the radical feminists rather resort to dictatorial attitudes in debates, to exclude opponents through unilateral attitudes.

For them there is no public debate based on this topic but ideological war only. The ideological opponents are referred to as enemies that deserve to be destroyed. Anyone with contrary ideas is greeted with insults and scandal. They despotically declare that the man courtship initiation is rape or sexual harassment and whoever opposes their decree must be excommunicated or abolished as an opinion bearer. These women do not show to have the mentality of the rights protecting for the social disadvantage ones. By this, they take the place of those who persecuted in the past the minorities that they belong. Such an attitude can be used paradoxically against the entire LGBT community, which has been unjustly accused of being corrupt or aggressive.

Just because they despotically impose this illegitimate courtship initiation “revolution”, the radical and even some moderate feminists got drunk on the narcissist idea on themselves as superhumans who create new laws for mortals. Hence there comes their arrogant attitude toward traditionalists, which looks very much like that of the researcher toward its studied subjects from the impartial height of God. Their vehement militancy sometimes takes the revolutionary elitism form through which there is visible the huge narcissism specific to the histrionic psychopathological constitution type. This consistent (hysterical) narcissism dose inside these ultraliberal women personality makes them break the traditional pre- courtship rules and impose new ones on themselves just like an all-powerful legislator.

I have pointed out in detail here the "morning regret" situation, which is constantly growing in Western society. I mentioned in that article that there is a situation of rape on women, when psychoactive substances are seeped into their drink at parties so to lose sobriety. But in addition to this sex crime, the disguised prostitutes found a loophole to get some "compensation" out of other women misery after such an artificial "morning regret"; after going to a man's house or to wild parties with their entourage and consciously accept the psychoactive substances consumption with him or with the group, which leads to euphoria and then to sex, they then file rape charges the next day. Out of these charges result, many men are sentenced to pay damages. Such a thing is already a premeditated business plan for these women. How can they claim to be fighting for the victims of rape committed by altering women's drinks, when they reap material benefits precisely through the financial exploitation of this drama? Of course, their interest is that these rapes happen as often as possible so that their charges look more credible.

In addition to this interest in getting unjustified material benefits specific to the disguised prostitutes, the Western world has become increasingly active in the Western world. They are not necessarily interested in financial compensation, although they would not refuse it. Their main purpose is to fish for men who agree to have sex with drowsy or euphoric women after consuming psychoactive substances. Such weekend outings followed by fleeting sex is practiced by many Western heterosexual women. They gave up monogamous family sex life in favor of such experiments. The situation is convenient for both women and men and there is a code of signs and gestures for consuming these weekend relationships. Well, the sadistic radical feminists even infiltrated these honestly mutually agreed relationships. They simulate the state of euphoria so to seduce the male victim and then to then punish him with false rape charges just because he did what a normal male does when a female offers. Their criminal charges against the man who accepts the euphoric woman advances claim that such temporary relationships should no longer happen. This is part of their erroneous ideology.

In this case, their activism on social networks and her entourage must be analyzed. Usually these women have not had a long lasting relationship with men and they provoke scandals like the ones I described here  . It is very doubtful that such a woman, who makes public scenes when a man opens the door or offers his seat in public transport for her, ends up partying with unknown men and then into their bed. Something is fishy when a woman makes a "morning regret" rape accusation once every few months. It is impossible for her not to learn anything about how to protect herself in the future from these abuses, in total contradiction with the real rapes, that normally make women very cautious.

Their vehement militancy makes the feminist movement more visible and that is beneficial. I myself can say that I wrote this text following such debates. And I will show in this chapter last article in detail what are the main ideas I owe to the radical feminism. But I generally believe that these inverted sexism excesses harm both the feminism and the LGBT community. The fact that some men who don’t commit these crimes or abuses fall prey to their accusations spread a negative light on the entire feminist movement. The way they pose the problem throws it into a dubious area. Such a strategyless vehemence leads some to believe that women's real problems do not exist at all, in relation to these women random accusations without moral or legal basis. And this makes real criminals rub their hands in satisfaction and move on.

I did not intend with this text to scrutinize the entire feminist ideology, but only the one I consider to be directly or indirectly descendent from the psychopathological background. In the next article I will analyze other such general (moderate) feminism landmarks influenced by the radical feminism psychopathology.

* For me, the most conclusive examples in the modern age seem to be the hostile attitude of the United States towards Japan, without any factual justification, under the hidden purpose to start the famous war . After a long hostile press campaign, the Japanese also responded with the Pearl Harbor attack, followed by the American atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasachi that eventually brought Japan to its knees. The other case is that of the Rajneesh religious movement, which bought land far from civilization and built a city there. Because they risked attracting many followers and affecting the economy through their lack of "freedom to serve their masters," the officials began a campaign to slander these people in the press, although none had met or seen them before. As in the Japan’s case, mistakes appeared after such media pressure, which was a good opportunity for the authorities to annihilate the movement and expel Osho out from the USA.

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