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26 februarie 2021

5.6. On the feminist prejudice about the primitive society as matriarchal

5. The Feminism as a reaction to crimes and emotional abuse against women

5.6. On the feminist prejudice about the primitive society as matriarchal

This article continues the previous one  

So far in this previous chapter I have largely described the radical feminism behavior as influenced by the common psychopathological interests of the social groups that adhere to this ideology. I will continue this decrypting process, particularly in the radical feminism ideology landmarks and less in its behavior. In the next two articles I will describe the two specific to feminism ideas in general, but which derive from the radical feminism psychopathological constitution. The first one is the Marxist theory about the primitive society as matriarchy. The second one is of traditional, patriarchal society and family description in much too darker colors than they actualy were and are. The moderate feminism has adopted them also due to the predisposition to mythological judgment of the human being in general, and less from the political or the scientific arguments. Both are based on the feminism visceral hatred or contempt for the classical, patriarchal society. There are many negative parts of classical society, and I will highlight them immediately in this first article. But the positive ones must also be shown. In the same way, the primitive society also has its negative aspects that both Marxism and feminism have overlooked. Based on this lack of objectivity, the mythological prejudice about the primitive society as matriarchy the wide feminism consolidated its absolute demonizing of the classical, patriarchal society. I will detail these ideas below.

Negative aspects about the classical society and family

The traditional family has certain issues that that the feminism has objectively described in its critique of society. The thorniest of them is the traditional mentalities periodic appetite for war. Although the civilization was built because the human being discovered the benefits of peace, the traditional mentality is periodically short-circuited by these strong warrior impulses. Participating in a war for several years carries with it major risks of developing the so-called "PTSD", which results in marginalization and the appetite for crime. The PTSD descriptions in the psychopathology treatises show only its depressive form. It is the psychopathological extreme of the depressive form of the Traumatic Complex depressive form , as an instinctual unit (behavioral and emotional) of the human mind. But the Traumatic Complex also has an aggressive form, which leads to disorders such as sadism itself. And this leads to an antisocial mentality, as can be seen for decades in the wars veterans that the USA were involved in. The person that suffers from it has the impression of being normal and sometimes it is even perfectly physically healthy. But its passion for killings of all kinds, and especially eccentric libidinal tendencies, should give some questions about it.

In addition to the human lives loss and many families destruction, the war culture has been found in the men sexual appetite increasing  . Such a sexual appetite distortion comes over a male-female difference that still exists at the biological, primitive level. The civilization was created with these traumatic horrors that people did to each other. The result was the lack of concordance between the human female and male sexual appetite, as I have shown here  . There are no winners in war; everyone has to lose from the traumas they are exposed to.

The result of this male traumatic specialization specific to the human civilization is more dramatic than the sexual appetite discrepancy between the partners that involves the couple's relationship deterioration. Forcing women through various means to have a more intense sex life than they felt, according to their husbands' appetites, is not even the most serious problem of the traditional family. The most serious libido distortion under the traumatic factors that men undergo is the tendency towards the eccentric sexuality   , which rarely agrees with what the partner wants. The medieval witch hunting is a phenomenon that derives directly from this discrepancy in the sexual appetite. Women who refused marriage risked being killed on charges of witchcraft, as I mentioned in the previous article. Most "witches" were single women, never married or widowed, who did not marry after their husbands death. Against them, the indictments were created simply on the verge of psychotic delirium, under the influence of the sadistic murderers who thus objectified their crimes by demonizing the victim. I always want to point out that the radical feminism absurd reactions and ideas that provoke our indignation are in fact the result of these traditional persecutions of eccentrics in general. So there’s more empathy needed for these women, even if they can be very aggressive in language and behavior.

Positive aspects of the traditional society and family

So the war and the sadistic education tendencies are the traditional family main problems. In addition to these, there are others related to the traditional civilization development degree, such as diseases and infant mortality, or the slaughtering animals in rural areas horrors. These are ugly things that haunt us from the depths of history like ghosts. The traditional society and family evaluation in a too optimistic note, and the modern one evaluation only from a negative perspective, as anti-feminists and anti-pacifists in general do, shows a unilateral vision, devoid of objectivity. The church and other social organisms that go around it are the first to be targeted here, all the more so as it has numerous errors in its narratives. Those who mourn the "man feminization" today and offer examples of stone faces traditional men, that luck emotion and empathy, should also take into account these horrors that hide behind these "statues."

But the traditional family evaluation only from an exclusively gloomy perspective, as wide feminism does, is again an exaggeration in appreciation at the opposite side *. In fact, both characteristics interfere each other; the traditional family has those minuses but it also has pluses. In spite of all its negative aspects, it is the model that most people refer to in terms of personal balance. The traditional family rest moments don’t exist anymore in the contemporary lifestyle, despite its specific well-being or even wasting goods. The modern man no longer knows how to rest. For him, to rest means to have fun, to search for satisfactions and pleasures as a reward because he sold his freedom and accepted the slavery of subordination to the hierarchical superiors orders .

Negative aspects of primitive society and family

The feminists have the same one-sided view but in a positive sense this time, when they overestimate the primitive lifestyle. The feminism has extracted from the primitive life only the idyllic, beautiful parts. The same mistake was made by Marxism itself, long before the so-called second-wave feminism (from the 1970s). It was more or less justifiably criticized for this Marxist affiliation. Of course, the Marxism political failure does not mean that the whole philosophical current is wrong in everything that has argued. In the same way, neither the feminism should be considered as wrong as a whole, even the radical one, even if it cannot objectively justify its ideas.

But the Marxist theory about the primitive society idyllic perfection is one of its biggest errors. The evidence provided by anthropologists has raised many questions about the objectivity of the Marxist description of primitive society. Today the documentary TV channels show many surviving professionals extreme experiences in the wild, which bring a more objective perspective on primitive society. The cultural anthropology has shown that the primitive lifestyle is not very different from the classical one. The wars between primitive tribes existed back then as well, though they were less frequently. The discrepancy between male and female sexual appetite is not as big in the primitive society as in the classical or modern one but it still existed back then due to its biological specificity. And the most discouraging of all is the fact that man-made horrors towards the animals were considered normal back then. This shows that the primitive man was "good and wise" because of his lack of means to be evil and selfish. The primitive weapons low efficiency brought addition trauma from the animals that could fight back. Many anthropologists have testified about the observed primitive people delight about the modern weapons. The first idea they had watching these weapons performances was to attack the rival tribe…

The couple relationship traditional problems reflected by radical feminism

The mythological theory of the primitive man absolute purity decisively influenced art itself. Since 1907, when Picasso introduced figures taken from African art in his painting "The Young Ladies of Avignon", the artists kept inspiring from the primitive and childish way of creating the image. But art does not seek to achieve the common good such as politics but to stimulate emotions. In the same way, the feminism was seduced by this idyllic perspective on primitive life. If it were just this mistake it would have been fine. But radical feminism, as much as a part of the moderate feminism, took over other Marxism dubious ideas and adapted them to sexist-inverted ideology. One of these is the primitive idyllic image theory extension, respectively the matriarchal theory on the primitive era and the primitive lifestyle in general.

Marx argued that the primitive era was based on the women political power and called this social system organization a "matriarchy." As I have already mentioned here this idea is rather mythological than scientific. The cultural anthropology has shown that the maternal image in primitive matrilineal totemism does not have an administrative-political function but one meant to prohibit mainly the sex relationships both between parents and children as well as between the brothers and sisters. The belief that the woman played a more active political role than the men in this stages of human evolution is a mistake. There is no primitive tribe today in which women have a greater political role than men. There has been talk of the Chinese Mosuo community, which is seen as a matriarchy, but it is in fact organized according to the same primitive model reported by Claude Levi Strauss and other anthropologists.

At min 12. 43 in the following video we are told that men are engaged in war, hunting or slaughtering domestic animals, that is, everything that means killing.

At min. 16. 50 we are told that in fact the most important decisions are still taken by men, respectively older uncles and brothers, just like in the primitive system narrated by Claude Levi Strauss. So in this community there is no difference from the classical Western patriarchy, that has the outside male and the inside female specialization.

I have shown in this article the fact that in mammals (and not only), the male has a slightly more active role in initiating mating but also in negotiating territory with other species or with fellow species. According to the biological status of male sexuality in mammals, the males have the role of promoting the species both genetically and ethologically in mastering nature or adapting to its conditions. In the vast majority of mammals, the male takes the risk of natural selection, struggling with weaker specimens to pass on the best-performing genes to the offspring. One exception is given here by the hyenas (and this is due to their brutal and ancestral conflict with lions). In the same way, men hunted or fought in wars and women waited for capture.

The sexual-dominant predisposition of certain lesbians that are part of radical feminism (not all the lesbians support feminist-radical ideas), perfectly mirrored in this Marxist prejudice, namely the primitive society matriarchal theory. So they hurried to support the specific to radical feminism inverted sexism. Given the contemporary mindset power appeal, other women were seduced by this prospect of controlling everything and making the world compatible with their own interests. Everyone wants something like that. But the world must be divided and the rules must be made in the interests of all. And I am convinced that the women can govern a better society than those ruled by misogynists, under the condition that they do not support the radical, resentful feminism. But the men can do the same not just the women. About the men excessive blame under the theory that we the men would all be rapists, as well as about the classical patriarchy I will detail in the following article .

*As an artist myself I have had such moments when I saw civilization only as a chain of suffering But art sometimes exaggerates. It comes from the depths of the soul which is influenced by the individual or transgenerational traumas through which it was formed. A rational, "cold" analysis shows that there are many good parts that we lost with modernity but also other good parts that we discovered only because of modernity.

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