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24 februarie 2020

4.5. The exclusively female courtship initiative as a general rule in society does not reduce crime

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation

4.5. The exclusively female courtship initiative as a general rule in society does not reduce crime 

In the previous article I showed that the problem of sexual crimes can be solved through actions and preventive institutions, and not through the subsequent repression institutions after the crime was committed. These are favorable to the higher social status criminals than solving the problem from the root. I have shown in this article why the peaceful courtship initiation cannot be legally incriminated according to a minimum coherence of legal arguments. In this article I will argue in favor of the socio-political inefficiency of this possible rule, as well as of the punishment tightening for sexual crimes. Next I will present 7 arguments in this regard.

A. Such a legislative regulation of the exclusive female courtship initiation would not change much in the behavior of the social group that practices the sexual crimes. I showed here that the urban rapists do not start their crime against victims through proposals to accept sexual relations. Then, the sadistic killers are even more cautious. The only crime that could be stopped by the exclusive female courtship initiation revolution is the street sexual harassment. But for street harassers, the current legislation is quite clear. If they did not break it, then these crimes would no longer occur. They break it out assuming addition power to what is commonly allowed. A harasser or a rapist knows that what he is doing is morally wrong, or violates the law. Both the community unwritten rules that he comes from and the law (if known) show that sexual harassment and rape are not accepted. And yet the criminal commits them out of the idea of compensating certain rights that he thinks is entitled to and the society refuses. His abusive intention comes from the idea that he is above the laws, just as unfortunately those at the social pyramid top seem to be.

No change would come out of the fact that a new social norm is imposed on those predisposed to sexual harassment and rape. Such a solution would only work at the ideal, abstract level. It is based on a too justiceist, repressive mentality. Strengthening the punishment and multiplying the laws that limit criminal behavior do not reduce crime. The social repression of criminals has its limits in terms of efficiency. In the marginal communities it will be ignored by sex offenders and emotional abusers, as they ignore existing legislation on these crimes. This new norm will be perceived by these antisocials as another measure of social discrimination against the social privileged ones who have access to polygamy, while they do not.

B. The legislative incrimination of the peaceful courtship initiation could only work efficiently by strengthening the police state. The lack of clear criteria for incrimination, the subjectivism of the conviction would give the law enforcement agents free ways to other abuses and this would get close to dictatorship. Sliding the social system into the police state when the police forces become too large and unregulated brings far bigger abuses than the sex crimes. As seen in sociology, such a measure would move the abuses out from the ordinary street criminals into the "law enforcement". Those who work in these institutions are the same marginal criminals, but institutionalized. They get to be artificially schooled, dressed in uniform and transformed into "soldiers with honor". The danger to women arising from the official organization of these criminals is far greater than their individual crimes committed from the standpoint of isolated individuals.

The institutionally organized intrusion of dictatorial systems into the woman's body is a far more abusive action than the isolated crimes made by the social marginal ones. The abortion prohibition and the lack of contraceptive methods were state global measures for the purpose of the artificial growth of the population and global economic profit. The larger the population, the more the fold effect occurs. The individual personal liberties are restricted to make room for the others liberties that live in this restricted space. This policy promoted by the communist dictatorial systems had tragic results. The prohibition of the pregnancy termination practices made by specialized physicians has brought many women to go for the improvised abortions, without specialized assistance. Many didn’t make it. In the over-populated countries of the Far East, the situation went to the opposite extreme. There, the women were forbidden to give birth to more than one child, or other such oppressive policies. This is why these state intrusions into the woman's body are far more brutal than those of the harassing or raping marginal ones.

C. Fortunately, the problem of street harassment in these areas is solved by itself with the confident use of the tools available today. The dubious urban spaces avoidance or the short, provocative clothing around them is a universal solution. It is successfully used by the cautious women. I know that some feminists reject this idea, preferring to support the libertine clothing theory. I myself support it in specific areas of the educated people, as I have shown here. But to implement artificial over-education applied to potential abusers in disadvantaged social areas, is not functional. They propose external or cultural inhibitions supplemented to men with already disadvantaged social status in these areas anyway, in order to increase their own exhibitionist liberties. I do not support this because of the liberties discrepancy on the social scale by the two social categories.

Such precautionary measures are not discriminatory, as they suggest. These dangerous areas are also avoided by men, because of the burglary risk they are as well exposed to. The women born or trained in these areas have become accustomed to it and may control it through the relationship with a respected partner who sets his sight on the potential abusers. The street harassment is a problem, among many others in these areas, where no one is safe anyway. The criminals "educating" in these areas to force them stop committing such crimes is almost impossible. But in decent urban spaces it can also be effectively controlled by the current legislation, without incriminating the peaceful courtship approaching. And for this reason, it is still a much smaller problem out there. There are vehement activists that support the courtship female initiation revolution even if they were born in these areas. Subsequently, they ascended the social hierarchy (feminist militancy cannot be exercised in these areas out of the dangers) and relive anxiously the experiences they had during that period. However, there is a clear differentiation between the crimes committed there and the courtship initiation practiced by men from higher social spaces.

D. The more anachronistic a society becomes, and the bigger poverty, the more criminal behaviors appear. Somebody does crimes in virtue of adapting to the environment. In poor countries, the gangsters become role models for others. So such a "chosen one" may sell her as well as a professional pimp. In these geographical areas the risks of meeting such a man are high. Also, the young girls’ education through the media towards disguised prostitution makes them vulnerable to the crimes committed by the sadists who come from all over the world especially to meet this kind of women. Here, the eventual prohibition of approaching a woman on the street by an unknown man, and the general implementation of the exclusive female courtship initiation revolution, would not have much of the beneficial effects. In this situation, the argument from point A. is best applied and the proposal to prohibit this behavior through legislative norms would remain unheard in such a social environment. In such a society where the mafia applies the law of the jungle beautifully packed in the rule of law colors, such a regulation would not work. If the policymakers have decided to uproot the citizens, drowning them in poverty, they are unlikely to grant the women rights, and to punish such crimes.

E. However, the biggest problem of this exclusive female courtship initiation proposal is that it is not effective for its original purpose that was created for. The disadvantaged social spaces women find different ways to deal with these crimes. On the contrary, the exclusive female courtship initiation revolution would not manage to control precisely the implicit intranstitutional sexual harassment of which I analyzed in this article. In many of these cases, it is the woman herself who proposes the fair trade for favors, or against the professional persecution or other she is subjected to. So, the peaceful approach of a woman by an unknown man prohibition proposed by feminism is totally ineffective in this type of sexual harassment case, widely committed both nowadays and in the past.

F. On the other hand, the fact that the women would exclusively initiate the emotional closeness in the couple, however, would not exclude the abusive men. The monogamous women would risk encountering an undeclared polygamous man, an emotional scammer, a hidden pimp, or even a minor sadist is not excluded from this possible revolution. They will accept the relationship knowing that it is parallel or temporary in the same way as described here.

G. And, last but not least, the exclusive female courtship proposal initiation does not exclude the emotional abuses committed by some women themselves. This proposal also comes from the wrong premise of a part of the sexist feminism that came after the 1990s, that the women could not possibly be emotionally abusive towards men. According to it, if the women would exclusively initiate the emotional approach in a couple, then these abuses would not exist anymore. It is true that the percentage of male sex offenders is higher than that of women; it is known that women generally do not rape, and sexual harassment is practiced to a much greater extent by men. Indeed, from this point of view, such a measure would reduce the number of physical abuses. So, by introducing new legislative regulations on stopping the men's courtship initiation and / or setting up new institutions to prevent this phenomenon, might work to reduce the number of street sexual harassment cases. However, this still could not eliminate the natural consent emotional abuses committed by both men and women. In this case the relationship between abusive men and abusive women is quite similar, as I pointed out in the article I have already linked above. So this alleged universal moral purity of women in relationships with men regarding the abuses is not just justified on this criterion.

A counterargument for maintaining this measure, however, despite the fact that it may promote the emotional abuse committed by women, is the alleged political correctness of granting women compensatory rights. Such a measure is totally justified. Women are at increased risk of being sexual crimes victims, and also they face traditional gender disadvantages. Therefore, women should be over-advantaged to balance these disadvantages. So far, the argument is justifiable. I believe that these compensatory rights must consist in granting various other facilities to mitigate gender disadvantages or eliminate sexual crimes, as I have shown here. I mentioned in it about the obligation that every employer or the state should have to ensure the women transportation through a big taxi company that works during the night (the taxi driver also having a bodyguard role). Another measure for over-advancement due to political correctness may be, for example, the granting of gratuity for products needed for differentiated body hygiene or for child taking care.

But these over-advantages should not consist in granting power to abuse others, as some of the male courtship initiation incriminating supporters wish. They want to open the way for exhibitionism in culturally unprepared spaces for such a thing. If the sexual harassers cannot be excused by previously being victims of society higher-level abuse, then the same can be applied to abusive women by virtue of judging the fact with same standards. On the contrary, the exhibitionist women, whom I described in the article linked above, were not too militant to include in their activism these mentioned above rights. They did not bother to seek practical solutions, and that is a question about their honesty regarding the feminist movement itself. I did not see in their videos or in their protests such really important demands for women. They want to seduce and turn some weak men mad, to see the erotic suffering in the face of their victims and that’s it, according to their psychopathological structure. Their militancy hides this dubious interest in being protected in committing emotional abuse against the weak. This is not a right, but a free path to anachronistic and unprotected society, of which the weak ones will eventually suffer from. And these people are all women themselves and the wide disadvantaged categories.

With their skills, they attract the moderate feminists in this rhetoric, which is a trap for the feminist movement. So, instead of losing the energy with false police state solutions, the feminism should focus on creating institutions to prevent and combat this type of sexual harassment. In the following article I will bring other counter-arguments to this feminist proposal, which reveals to the way in which some of the women themselves relate to it.

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