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(ro- for English scroll down) Baldovin Concept a fost pentru o perioada in imposibilitate de a fi publicat pe Facebook. Probabil ca unii dusmani ai sigurantei femeilor au fost deranjati de articolele scrse aici in ultimul an, si l-au raportat masiv ca spam, desi continutul sau nu contine reclame si nu vinde nimic. La rugamintile mele, dvs. cititorii ati contraraportat ca spatiu sigur care nu incalca standarderele comunitatii, pentru care va multumesc.

Eng- Baldovin Concept was for some time banned to be published on Facebook. Probably some women's security enemies were disturbed by the last year's articles I wrote here and received multiple negative spam reports to Facebook, although its content doesn’t contain advertising or any kind of commerce. But due to my asking for help, you the readers counter-reported this space as safe, not going against the Facebook Community Standards, so I thank you for that.

27 august 2020

4.11. The conflict between radical and moderate feminism

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation

4.11. The conflict between radical and moderate feminism

Let's go back to the video below, that I kept posting in previous articles!

We remember that at minute 01 :45 the unknown man greeting is not only blamed, but even labeled as sexual harasser. I showed in this article  that such a thing does not meet the incrimination criteria, according to the law principles. There are indeed in this video some men who have far too explicit gestures for the principles of Social Etiquette and Good Manners, not giving the woman room to politely refuse. First of all, I notice the much too intimate greeting like that of “hi, baby!". This salute formula is used only in intimacy relations. Then we can see prolonged following the woman by walking beside her. Such a thing is a street harassment according to the existing legislation criteria.

But most of those given as examples in the above video only greet and don’t actually stalk or harass. Their greeting does not violate any form of the code of Social Etiquette and Good Manners, as they have been asserted by various Western spaces over time. Also, the greeting alone does not violate the prior to courtship rules and stages, as I described them in this article  ; the gesture of greeting is discreet enough not to disturb the woman and give her enough room for an elegant courtship refusal. The greeting is used in other contexts than that of courtship, so she is not put in the situation of being excluded from the decision to accept and form the relationship. The greeting alone, without other explicit signs of courtship initiation is a discreet enough gesture that the woman is not offended under the elegant refusal impossibility. The woman may refuse to respond the greeting if she thinks it is far too lascivious to be impartial. Even her greeting response is by no means a courtship acceptance, specific to the 5th stage, even if such a gesture encourages the man to come up with more explicit signs in initiating the courtship.

We note firstly the radical feminists’ stubbornness  in blaming these masculine gestures specific to the prior to courtship second stage as sexual harassment. This vehemence initially gives the impression that wants a change in the legislation in such a way that the greeting, the peaceful approach or the discreet compliment addressed to an unknown woman should be incriminated by the law. However, there are some voices that already consider that these proposals are literally part of the law text and behave as such, as the above video author does.

I showed in the previous article that there are several social groups of women who accept the exclusive female courtship initiation proposal due to their own personal interests. But within the global feminist movement there is no unanimity on extending this courtship revolution either morally or legislatively. There are many feminists who do not agree with what is said there, as can be read in the posted above video comments.

However, there are moderate feminists who support it under the most radical ones influence. But in the face of the arguments they change their position. Although they disapprove an unknown man's gesture to explicitly initiate the courtship of a woman, still most feminists do not demand legal punishment for that and don’t classify it as sexual harassment. They only require a change in the good manners mentality, although the traditional principles of Social Etiquette and Good Manners applied in the prior to courtship period is good enough in this regard. Although I have not seen that exposed in a study so far, they support a return to the traditional pre-court rules, as everyone feels them. These norms were only partially stated, as is the case with the third pre-courtship rule  (of the ring / wedding ring). But the application of the interlocutor over-appreciation attitude and the patience of building the relationship from the code of good manners to the period preceding the courtship leads to these norms without being clearly stated somewhere.

As I mentioned in this article  , in general, the moderate feminists do not support legislative incriminations for the street courtship peaceful initiators neither a sudden (absurd) emancipation of the marginalized ones habits towards the good manners. These women admit that the direct or implicit blaming the men who initiate peaceful courtship as sexual harassers or rapists has no legal justification. Others change these ideas after counter-arguments like the ones I have set out here , unlike the radical feminists who remain firmly on their position and do not respond to the opposite side arguments. The most undecided of them oscillates between these two positions.

This is how within the wide feminist movement there were and still are stormy debates, with insults, excommunications, fights, social media blocking between those who support it and those who do not. The exclusive female courtship initiation supporters entered into irremediable conflicts with those who do not accept it, with all the ingredients of an ideological war. The feminists who support it have met fierce resistance from the non feminist movement women. An international organization called "Women Against Feminism"  has appeared and even has a Facebook page  . But it is visible that behind such platforms there are often obscure interests, which unjustifiably condemn the whole feminism in bloc, including the moderate one. In this extreme opposite position, it feels the discriminatory attitude specific to the abusive societies.

The feminism has supported and still supports certain valuable ideas, such as those of the ancient sophists and resumed by Marxism, such as that of the patriarchy dictatorship. From my point of view the only error in this idea is that it considers that the patriarchy would be made exclusively by men; my opinion is that women also contribute to its founding, or take advantage of their social position, which it strengthens. This social reality existed in the dark times and, unfortunately, continues today. Both the sophists who observed it first, the Marxism and more recently, the feminism, are discreetly rejected in mass by those who take advantage of this abusing the week situation. They have a general social interest in seducing the "believers" into sinking into this slavery mentality that maintains their social status. So we must not fall into the extreme of blaming the entire feminism without noticing its valuable parts, in accordance with the political interest of this traditional "patriarchy" in the traditional slavery crimes. But, at the same time, we need to see what the feminism excesses are. So, in the next chapter I will try to describe in more detail the mysteries of this ideological war between the radical feminism and traditional mentalities, with the exaggerations from the both sides.

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