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Eng- Baldovin Concept was for some time banned to be published on Facebook. Probably some women's security enemies were disturbed by the last year's articles I wrote here and received multiple negative spam reports to Facebook, although its content doesn’t contain advertising or any kind of commerce. But due to my asking for help, you the readers counter-reported this space as safe, not going against the Facebook Community Standards, so I thank you for that.

17 ianuarie 2020

4.4. The misleading perception of conversation initiation as rape or sexual harassment due to psychopathological distortion

4. The feminist proposal of exclusively female courtship initiation

4.4. The misleading perception of conversation initiation as rape or sexual harassment due to psychopathological distortion

There is a justifiable egalitarian feminism, which upholds equality in rights between women and men, after women were denied the right to vote, to associate, to get equal pay for the same work as men, etc. It also supports the positive discrimination that women deserve in certain contexts, due to gender disadvantage, taking into account the traditional culture negative discrimination. It also supports clearer measures that the society should take regarding stopping the sexual abuse towards women. But behind this natural political activism, in accordance with the individual emancipation specific to the 20th and 21st centuries, there has been insinuated a psychopathological discourse, especially from a histrionic-like form. As I will show in the following articles, this type of feminism tends to be less interested in concrete solutions to stop or reduce violence and abuse of women. Such kind of feminism is more interested in opening new horizons to protect their own psychopathological symptoms putting into action. It highly distortions the statistics interpretation, supports certain radical ideas, has vehement behavior and theoretical inflexibility to counter-arguments. Due to the lack of debate, there are certain justifiable feminism supporters who have adopted these radical ideas, as they looked effective. These people do not have the psychopathological background for such radical ideas, but they usually support them for the community culture reasons, from empathy with the most vehement voices.

Even if they come from a disordered psychopathological background, yet some of these radical ideas have a certain coherence and justification. With these three articles I do not intend to support their inner reasoning invalidity just because it conditioned by the psychopathological vector. One of the biggest errors we can make in the argumentative approach is to believe that the psychopathological predisposition behind of an idea reduces its validity. In fact, the psychology of science attests that an idea is more brilliant as it is more psychopathological. The psychopathological influence has brought remarkable revolutions in the history of science. The greatest scientific discoveries came from negative-hysterical predispositions, as was the case of Galileo Galilei’s "Eppur si muove" or Copernicus, who supported ideas that contradicted everyone’s experience that the Earth revolves around the sun. Half a millennium later from that moment, we still say that the sun sets and rises, though it stands still towards the other solar system planets that are gravitating around it, like our planet. The signs for the Copernican revolution were very clear long before Copernicus, with the observed data analysis on the planets movements over time. But it took the histrionic negativistic predisposition of his personality to say what was very simply deduced from these data.

Similarly, the theory of courtship exclusively female initiation is not false only because it is supported by a psychopathological minority within the feminist movement. There are strong statistical and political arguments for this theory to be judged beyond the mental disorders that I will describe below.

Of course, most of the histrionic like negativism cases from science history or everyday life involve rough judgment errors. In these cases, I think that the reason psychopathological side must be shown, in relation to its scientific side. By its origin analysis I am only interested in showing that a certain idea, or the opponent opacity to a certain counter-argument, can be a psychopathological manifestation of the mind rather than a logical-cognitive one.

I have shown in the first article from this chapter that the courtship initiation in the public space as an unknown man has the least chances of success, due to the traditional rules strongly embedded in the collective mind. But, on the other hand, I showed in the penultimate article that the unknown man greeting or compliment to a woman cannot be classified as rape or sexual harassment. In the last article I have showed that the peaceful courtship initiators percentage in a populated public space that turn into harassers or violators after rejected is close to 0. Neither the harassers nor the rapists choose their victims in the populated public space from a decent social environment for the simple reason that the other citizens or the law enforcement agencies will react to stop the crime. The true street sexual harassment, however, frequently occurs in urban poorly-populated areas, where the crime is still an everyday problem. But in this case, these areas a conversation starter is not at all peaceful. He begins the approach directly by physical assault and not by peaceful initiation of courtship.

The feminist stories about such courtship peaceful initiators who become physical abusers after the woman's rejection are unrelated to statistics. In the video below, which I have reffered to before in this series, it is suggested at the minute 03:31 that a peaceful approach like "Hey, you're beautiful!" would lead to "you’re a bitch!" in two seconds.

But, if we go back to the second 30, we do not see any ugly words said by those who initiated the court towards that woman. If we look at the original film, we see nothing else, although it is said at one point that the woman was accompanied on the sidewalk for 4 minutes by such a suitor.

And yet, despite the clearly visible fact that there is no physical or verbal violence following the woman’s refusal the suitors invitation, the theoretical blindness makes some feminists to show it as prove of violence.

After Cambridge dictionary the violence is:este:

“Extremely forceful actions that are intended to hurt people or are likely to cause damage”

That 4 minute follower could be charged as stalker according to US Criminal Law :

"The crime of stalking can be simply described as the unwanted pursuit of another person. Examples of this type of behavior includes following a person, appearing at a person's home or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving written messages or objects, or vandalizing a person's property. "

And yet this was not this pursuer interest with that action, but probably a sign of interest from that woman. His behavior produces a certain discomfort to the followed woman due to the violation of the second and potentially the 4th pre-rules of courtship with the courtship pre-stages regarding the feminine response that I will detail in a later article. But this is not violence according to this word meaning in the dictionary. The psychopathological vector makes a mild to moderate abuse that produces psychological discomfort to be perceived as violence, which basically means physical suffering. Well, there are some feminists who demand that these behaviors be effectively criminalized as sexual harassment.

In the American law the sexual harassment is described as

“Unwanted and unsolicited physical advances and conduct of a sexual nature, such as touching, rubbing and groping, and sexual, demeaning, degrading and/or offensive comments and activity that may or may not carry the implication that the individual being subjected to these advances may suffer job-related or school-related retribution if she/he rejects them.”

We note that the stalking criminalized by US Criminal Law refers to a behavior that involves bullying but not related to sexual favors. Then, the 4 minutes following are insufficient to frame this behavior as general harassment, because the pursuit needs to be repeated.

The above video men behavior is dubious, unnatural and abnormal. However, it cannot be criminalized either as general or sexual harassment or in physical or verbal assault on that woman, as stated. Faced for the first time with these exaggerations, an impartial person can eventually sustain such an absurd accusation. However, after the information on rape statistics or legal criteria for defining sexual harassment, a normal person no longer supports the incrimination. But I pointed out in the last article that there are normal women who are nevertheless willing to support the exclusively woman courtship initiation and the criminalization of the man’s. They are the married women who experience sexual appetite discrepancy with their husband, and feel raped. Such a rule would help them in a future negotiation with the partner, regarding the decrease of the sex frequency, according to their own sexual appetite. Although there is such an interest, yet they don’t press charges against an unknown man who complimented or greeted her, after hearing the specialized arguments.

Further on I will describe 7 cases of women who do not respond to legal and statistical reasons regarding rape or sexual harassment due to the specific psychopathological structure of their mind. In these cases, the peaceful and unique courtship initiation (not repeated in case of refusal) mistaking as the sexual harassment or attempted of rape, even after the knowing the scientific data, is due to a theoretical blindness implied by the psychopathological background.

1. The first category is that of the psychopathological interests of defending the sexual abuse victims, who subsequently develop an excessive fear of rape, but justified in relation to the traumatic experience they had. This includes both victims of sexual abuse and their close friends, who naturally want more restrictive rules for closer sex and harsher punishments for sex offenders.

2. The second category is that of some women psychopathological interests of attacking due to their abusive behavior predisposition. Mainly they are the disguised prostitutes, the classic seductive histrionics and the exhibitionists, which I have generally described here and here   . In addition to these types, there can be included some eccentric sexual behavior women, some lesbians, and, more by inertia, the very masculine women. They do not want to extend abusive liberties on men by incriminating peaceful courtship initiators, such as those in the second category, as have no traumatic or neurotic phobias.

3. Finally, the third category is the paranoiac and paranoid persecution type women who can be placed between the previous two. They simply feel insecure in a truly threatening world, and support the peaceful courtship initiator incrimination because thus the risk of encountering a criminal is lower. Next I will detail their psychopathological and differential description, especially regarding activism of the male courtship initiation legal incrimination. And I'll start with the first category.

a) The interest for the legal incrimination of the peaceful male courtship initiation the in order to reduce the phobic anguish

The physical abuse victims usually develop an overall oversized fear of men (traumatic phobia). This kind of fear object, namely the man, is potentially dangerous, ie it has the possibility of producing a visible physical trauma to women, being generally stronger. This fear is justified in a high criminality social environment, but it is exaggerated in a fair social one. Unlike the traumatic phobias, which arise from a traumatic experience with the phobic object, the neurotic phobias are those fears of objects, animals, people, situations and events that have very little traumatic potential or even not at all. Most neurotic phobic people understand that their fear lies in their own person and not in the phobic object. They understand that this fear they feel towards an object, person, animal or situation is far too disproportionate to the risk of it having a traumatic action. However, their fear remains very active, being immune to theoretical data. This fear should not be confused with the instinctive woman fear to an unpopulated public space man. Such a fear is due to the vigilance. But the traumatic or neurotic men phobia is also felt by such women in the populated spaces, towards any unknown man. As I will show in point c), this is justified in criminal communities. But this is precisely what conditions or even creates mental disorders for these women. And, as we have seen in this series of articles, they can support the criminalization of the peaceful approach in the populated public space as sexual harassment or attempted rape.

The trickiest issue for the men fears that some women have is that the phobic object, respectively the man, can be both the object of a traumatic phobia but also of a neurotic phobia. Fitting in one or the other group depends exclusively on the traumatic experience of the woman with a certain man. If the woman has experienced a sexual abuse, then her phobia is traumatic. Such excessive fear of rape is justified under the pragmatic frame, even if it closes many horizons of her social development. A woman who is raped or physically abused will feel fear towards any man, no matter how peaceful he might be. She will automatically interpret as an attempt to rape or sexual harassment any unknown man peaceful attempt to approach in the populated public space, even if not repeated if refused.

The phobic object tends to become mind-epidemic, which is that it tends to extend to the objects of mind association representations. "Look before you leap!” says the old saying. The epidemiology of the psychopathological symptom of mind association causes the phobic object to overflow to proximal or similar objects. For example, the fear of spiders can turn into the fear of insects, or of creatures similar to spiders in terms of movement or structure of the legs, such as lobsters and crabs. In the same way, the victim of an unknown rapist will interpret any unknown man who would interact with her for one or another reason as a potential rapist, precisely because he looks the one who caused her trauma. The excessive fear of rape can block a woman from developing certain social relationships, but at the same time, it ensures her safety. Such fear makes her statistically lesser probable victim to another abuse. If the woman continues to live in the same potentially abusive environment, then her fear is one of the factors that can help her not to go through the same traumatic experience again. If, however, she changes the social environment and reaches a more open one, without crime, then her fear is no longer justified in relation to the social environment. In this case, the psychotherapy would be indicated for the psychopathological adjustment to the new environment. But, as we saw in the article on sadism, there is some risk of meeting a sadistic man in any environment, no matter how fair. So, beyond psychotherapy, which is welcome in any context, a fear of physical abuse or even murder by such a mental disorder is helpful.

If the woman went not through a traumatic experience with a man and doesn’t live in a potentially sexual abusive social environment for women, but is still afraid of men, then she suffers from a neurotic phobia (androphobia). The person with this mental disorder may come to consciously consider after studying statistics that an unknown man is not a rapist, but their fear persists. In contrast to the sexual abused ones, many of the androphobic women understand that their fear comes from themselves only and not from the men who come in contact with them. And both are theoretically open to understand the statistical data and accept them as such. However, at a deep level of mind their fear is stronger than the cognitive level. These people cannot take into account the statistics or any kind of factual reality in their fears, so they will always see a rapist in an unknown man. The androphobics must also be distinguished from the paranoiac and paranoid women in the following subsection who have explicit persecution idea, interpreting the world as hostile and dangerous. The paranoid elements from the neurotic symptoms are unconscious, unexplained, that the person does not actively believe in. The paranoid and the persecution type paranoiac fears towards the aggressor are doubled by an attacking aggressive behavior, through legal actions or other ways.

The existence of traumatic or neurotic symptoms (androphobia) causes the exposed statistical data to have no effect on the differentiation between the psychological profile of the courtship initiator and that of the sex offenders. The scientific data on the phobic object harmlessness has no effect on the symptom. These people cannot accept the emotional ingestion of scientific data due to the psychopathological reasons. For this reason, they only talk about their phobia with the psychotherapist or with their immediate entourage. They prefer to isolate themselves or get out of town only in the company of other women. Although they rarely become activists, however, the unknown man approach legal prohibition would be a relief for them. For this reason, some of them are involved in soft feminist activism for the legislative regulations implementation that will keep men away. Confronted with the prospect of massively blocking of the social development horizons due to the anxiety towards men, the psychotherapy is also the best suited to improve this condition.

In the following article I will describe another mental disorder category, respectively one that offensively report to men. Unlike those who are trapped in phobic anxiety, some women that belong to this category become vehement feminist activists.

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