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19 decembrie 2009

Education: another basic tool (among legislation) of social discrimination

Following the tendencies of ancient slaves that weaken the roman empire from the inside the late classical slaves of 17,18,19 and even 20 centuries raised up violently and won some battles against the masters. Since then the older theory of “divine right” who said that the slaves and the masters are made by god were not only rejected but really eradicated from the knowledge of common people. The fact of aristocratic stealing from the poor and weaken with the violence threaten that was made in the classical edge was more and more perceived as a bad thing. The fear of a new violent revolt of slaves this theory was hided under the well-known classical slavery abolition. But that does not mean that the slavery in its essence really disappeared but it has only changed a little bit, just like the ancient temples transformed into Christian churches.

The difference between overcalled civilized society and the classical one is the power of contemporary slave to simply quit a job when the productivity pressings becomes unbearable and the so-called jobs made for old aristocrats successors that play working and being productive. But the actual jobs that really create something for community are the hard ones of slaves. These jobs are absolute necessary for the system, are indispensable. Those made for cover up and to save the old aristocracy are dispensable, secondary because the community can survive (happily) without them. They are jobs only by the name but not by the facts. They are special, well paid and very commode as the aristocratic way of life is. This macrosocial strategy consolidates the illusion of equality of chances for everyone and the legislative state that the system creates for preventing raisings up. But beyond these empty words remains the fact that the old aristocracy survives through these so-called jobs that are very well paid and very easy to do. I will describe with more details in one of my next entries these kinds of jobs. For keeping these jobs for some people only there is legislation used with its natural discriminatory application. For early selection of those who (still) have to do some works and for long time convincing them to do it there are used state education.

The system usually says that studding and making efforts of becoming better and better in school would bring good things in adulthood and will live happily ever after. Just like a lottery some of the best will occupy important and well paid functions inside the system but most of them will be prepared for the 8 hours of work in the factory. On the other hand, for those who have remarkable intellectual abilities the system creates the bureaucracy, meaning a part of those dispensable jobs more or less unusable.

But for the most of kids are deceived in order to accept their servants place in the society. Just like the classical slave would not be slave without some death threaten in the some manner the modern slave would not be slave if school would not do something about. The school could not correctly and equally evaluate the kids’ performances even if it wants to because it has to underestimate those of old classical slaves’ successors in order to convince about their disability and their faults. Just like the judges case everyone of professors is more or less subtle threaten with loosing the job in the situation when slaves refuse to work. The social crisis is the system incapacity of collecting the slaves work. The professor has this unconscious impulse of student discrimination beyond the empty words, curriculums, directives and hypocrite statements of modern pedagogy. Even at a certain moment the teacher believes in its children love work something inside of still hold it back and professionally force it to behave despotic towards some of them. There is a macabre joke that says that the difference between a professor and a pedophile is that the pedophile loves the child for real…

That is the way school increases the disadvantages of reduced intellectual possibilities that some people has been born with in order to use the contemporary slave as a simple tool, as an object meant to serve the privileged ones greed. Everywhere in the world the institution that deals with children formation is called “The Ministry of Education” but it should simply and truthfully be called “The Ministry of Early Discrimination”. There are some countries, especially the former communist ones that still have the reflexes of former totalitarian system that teaches inutile and old information. If the main purpose of school would be that of learning then such a system must be fool. But these systems are not fools at all, they know very well what are doing: they pay actually for the humble heads and for the docility of future slaves that teacher ask for in the first moment as enter the class room. Beyond the information that everyone can find on the internet or in the libraries the main purpose of school is not learning but the negative discrimination, convincing the slaves to accept their fate from the very young.

The legislation is basically made for the already shaped adult slave and manipulates him/her to keep on being slave. On the other hand it is the state education that subtle and systematic mutilate the children minds to prepare them to become future slaves. This requires a strategy very carefully built and very well sustained on the long term. The job conditions negotiation between employee and employer starts long time before they actually meet and school helps the one that feeds it. In the old classical society if a young person would make a “mistake” in relation with a senior then the whole family including her/his parents would support punishment for the guilt of not providing “proper education”. So this is the way masters used common education from the very beginning of state as a negotiation factor with slaves. It has been long before modern society and it is a naivety to believe that it is gone today. The wild education of classical state is an active part of contemporary education in a very subtle way of course but with the same principles.

Nowadays the western slaves are trapped into genealogical depression and only the entertainment can rise up their spirit. That makes them difficult to deal for employers. The experience of French revolution that decapitated the aristocracy, the experience of communism that decapitated the bourgeoisie, the experience of isolated attenuates against the social privileged ones or the furious strikes of 60-s putted the masters in difficult positions. The temporary solution was dismissing and giving them a consistent social help as unemployed. The solution was found in replacing these native workers with emigrants or in progressively moving the factories to Eastern Europe or extreme Orient. The totalitarian regimes from these areas still provide wild education to their children and authentic slaves for maintaining or even developing world economy. The oriental slaves are fresh blood, they are pure and they did not passed through the dramatic experiences of building up western civilization like the western one did. What we have left is to hope that technology will catch them up and replace them before they will reinvent the French revolution.

In the next entry I will comparatively describe the east-European and extreme-oriental education systems with some examples.

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