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28 iunie 2009

The laws; a brief introduction into Ju$tice machinery

In romaneste aici:
Before I describe a concrete case that shows how Ju$tice works I would make a brief analyze of judicial system regarding the citizens. The legislation is the accurate or even identical copy of global psychic system Conscious- Unconscious relationship. Actually the state could not be something else since it is a product of human psychic system and developed by a perfidious cleverness. Here comes into my mind a case described by Freud of a person that was commanded into the hypnotic state to open his umbrella several minutes after he wakes up. Indeed that is exactly what happened next after his waking up. But when asked about the meaning of his gesture that person answered serenely: “I just felt like”. That is the exact way the sate works except that the network movement of commands is more complex and shapes up not in several minutes of hypnosis but during the whole life. “I just felt like” that everybody does when practice her/his profession it is the illusion of freedom that system offer in exchange for its benefits. Being a legacy of classical slavery state the contemporary neoslavery state spread out through Unconscious its interests into the most hided parts of society.

Every profession is meant to produce objects or satisfactions for masters or to supervise the slaves or bring down their spirit in order to bring down their willing to rise up. “I just felt like” is felt by every slave when does not work, when gets bored and when not feeling well if do not execute the masters command. Such a feeling is critical for the global economy function. This feeling is build up by the state institutions using the spiritual mutilations during many generations. We live in the Matrix meant to satisfy the needs of such cyborgs of traveling on the moon or of having luxury residences and, finally of having a rival or somebody at his/her knees from whom to extract the feeling of power. Such a bizarre need is pointless today but it satisfy the reflexes of community old big robbers called masters that today masters have from. Stealing and enslaving the innocent community is the base of civilization but instead of old sieges today we have the state that manages to robber more efficiently than the power of armies. The rules, the procedures and the legislation are the tools that mainly replaced the killing weapons but, as the cause survives in the effect the classical weapons now technological developed are good supports for such a “democratic institutions” that serve luxury neorobberers.

But inside every legislative there are two unwritten and untold big laws universally applied with the use of the others. The first one is that the master has the right to steal from slave. This kind of robbery was called “divine right” in the past. Today “divine right” turned into artificial, exclusive and luck of concurrence praiseworthiness that masters offer one another. The first one is that the slave is not allowed to steal from master and has no right to take back its damage of being stolen before. These basic unfair laws are the untold latent content of Ju$tice and the manifest ones that that state show to people is actually meant to cover up and mend their image.

The constitution is the base of legislation and the base of state functionality. But there is nowhere to be found in any constitution such two basic laws. On the contrary, at the first sight the constitution convince the reader that such a thing is quite impossible no matter how obvious is in real life. The state builds up a complex system of laws to mask their discriminating and inhuman face and to artificially create a more natural aspect. This cosmetic strategy involves 4 types of laws or human rights.

  1. The most important laws for the master minority are the compelling and abusive laws that basically are used for what the masters did during all the civilization: that is to collect taxis that support their parasite situation in society. Any kind of law settlement and restriction of citizen’s behavior reveal this interest of parasite goal. These laws actually limit the liberty of slaves and help increase the liberty of masters. The social privileged ones overuse the need of human being to accept some restrictions in exchange for living in society. The press or the election campaigns measure this collective acceptance or dissatisfaction about these restrictions in order to prevent the slave’s revolt. The most of the people does not figure up the way that this general civilization robbery goes and everything seems very smooth and clean. I pointed here the need of developed society for half sleepy and not very smart people.
  2. Other laws are artificial rights (of human being) because they show nothing new to the natural life of people. Their first purpose is to cover up the trust of people in the other laws and to give them the impression that the laws are good and very helpful. In law constitution one could find rights like “the right of life, of marriage, of drinking water, of breathing air etc.” with the subliminal induced idea that all these realities of natural life would be actually the benefits offered by state.
  3. Other laws are partially applicable or completely inapplicable because there are no social conditions for applying them. They are putted into law constitutions for propaganda reasons to make people trust in the system but they will never bring to all the people their promises. They promise natural rights to people but these “rights” are the exchange coin that system uses for the labor of slaves. So called “the right of home” or something like it is just on paper. Even in the western countries there are homes that look more like lairs than like houses. If the slave stops being productive any more than this so called right disappears just like that. The banks with their credits system of mortgage works in this way.
  4. Other laws are deceiving and contradictory to their own enounces. They give the false impression that helps people but actually hide the state interest of manipulation and dehumanization. For example “the right of education” is just the obligation of becoming highly efficient, of getting used to the work in factory since early age. “The right of information” works only with manipulation filter information. When it comes for intimate details of institutions activity, of future social projects and laws then that information are discreetly kept away from citizen’s attention or classified as state secrets. If the urban space are suffocated by panels and billboards that obsessively plays political news or commercials that is presented by authorities as the respecting “the right of information” of citizen. It is easy to see that this “right of information” is actually the greedy authorities’ need for manipulation. What is really important for the citizen to know, the dark sides of social system, the making of political decisions, the money functionality or the detailed study of legislation is out of this deceiving “right of information”.

In the next blog entry I will continue this general description of the way that Ju$tice works by bring up to analyze a real case .

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