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22 august 2009

The laws 2. An example among so many others of discriminating application of laws in society

22 august 2009

in romaeste aici

The most perfidious thing in all law codes that history recorded is the fact that they are painted like a free economical exchange. Everything seems to be fair change: one person gives to state some obligation, some duty and the state gives back some human rights. But in reality this so called deal covers a big thievery, a general social swindle. The most of such called liberties of contemporary society are too abstract and more or less inapplicable for the interest of common people. As pointed in previous entry the laws and the human rights are putted there just for propaganda reasons, to make a good impression about the kindness of society but they are not serving all the citizens but only some of them. Let’s just think about the spectacular but still banal “freedom of speech” that is supposed to be a very basic right of western modern civilization. But if we think further on the fact that the depressive disorders rise till 80 % of citizens then they should protest all the time because of this state of mind. Such a scenario with 80% of people complaining about their lives would simply collapse the social system because slaves would protest instead of being productive. The social system must interfere and manipulate the speech in order to prevent that and so the promised freedom won’t be as free as it shows itself. Take a look of how so well-known freedom of speech becomes actually a deception than an authentic liberty. Every law is just a piece of paper that could be always interpreted, manipulated and discriminatory used by those who control it. The liberties given by a certain law can be easily nullified by another law, stipulations or governmental measure so it would become favorable to the privileged ones. The opposite is as true as this: every abuse condemned by basic laws made by authorities against common people could be legalized by such later laws or stipulations. The periodical (so called) democratic election is just a poll with the main reason of measuring the slaves’ reaction concerning such work condition regarding their potential dissatisfaction and revolt against system. If this hostility is bigger than authorities expected then “the opposition parties” would have the task of absorbing it, to relax such social pressures on slaves and to calm down their potential hostility and to offer them illusions that they are not slaves. The fact that the president of USA is now a black man was possible because the system wanted to offer new illusions and new rights when their trust in it is falling down and down after Bush presidency. The system offered through Obama another but still different illusion in exchange for their docility and calming down their hostility. Right now the system works for building up another new illusion of the first woman president of USA: Hilary Clinton. But this is another story that I will cover in on of next entries. Let’s get back to the laws.

The way laws and court justice works is to be seen very clearly in the documentary „The 911 Chronicles Part One Truth Rising” . At the 7-th minute its author is harassed by police officers in order to prevent the public exhibit of his opinion about the 9 11. He believes that 9 11 was an inside job, a bluff made by authorities for gaining the public support for the Iraqi war. Those police officers were simply breaking the US constitution that says very clearly that the freedom of speech is guaranteed. If they would respect the constitution letter than Luke Rudkowski would be protected and served for using this “right”. This man was not doing any crime so the police intervention would not be excused by preventing his possible dangerous facts. The cops might not be very clever but basically they know something about legislation, they know that the community does not appreciate when police officers overreact and shows power just for fun. It is easy to deduce from here that the working field lower position policeman would not afford to question and harass Rudkowski by his own will, so breaking the law and risking of being observed by press. It is very probably that some superior, some boss just order him to “solve the problem”. And probably his boss also had got some orders from someone higher in this hierarchy. It is not hard to imagine were this leads to.

Here is the one example among so many others that “the biggest democracy” discretely and masked uses the dictatorship tools. Of course, this unusual journalist could suite the cop that broke his constitutional right or even the entire police institution for this. And probably after a pretty long trial, after paying a lawyer (or lawyers) he might probably win. At the first view system looks very good and shows that works indeed for citizen benefit. But this masquerade is just a very efficient method of negotiation of slave liberties and „human rights” with nobody figuring it up.

Statistically speaking the common people would not get involved in such a long and expensive journey in fighting with institutions. It is easier for her/him to shout up. So the manipulation “democracy” reaches the same results that dictatorship is getting by using force. On the other hand, if things go wrong in such a negotiation, the system could easily get rid of such a cop after using him as a sacrifice in slaves’ negotiation and perfidy sacrifice him for making a good image in the eyes of citizens. After getting into jail he might get a favorable press campaign and a quick forgiveness and rehabilitation. But for this there is public sympathy needed. If that does not come after a press campaign there is nothing else to do. That is the way things go. This is the policeman job just like the politician: they both receive and temper the slaves’ anger. It is absolutely astonishing how the system manages to turn slaves one against the others, to fight each others and to turn the crowd anger away from those who deserve it.

A typical example for such a situation is the case of former Romanian army general Victor Stănculescu. This general became the scapegoat for the crimes that army did against the people and defending the dictatorship in December 1989. He was convicted in order to wash up the criminal character of army itself because its first goal is to prevent and destroy any kind of slaves’ revolt under the cover of protecting from foreign invasions. But at the moment I was writing this entry Stanculescu had a very favorable image in media. He was shown as an innocent doddered and ill old man “far away from being a social danger”. After several years of prison now is time for some mercy. That kind of situation has a strong reverberation inside the ambivalent soul of slave. Freud pointed that very clearly: after killing the master/king/origin father the slave starts a depressive penitence *. But, for now the public opinion seems to be indifferent to such media attempts and accept the first accept the scapegoat issue to solve the army crimes matter. But there might be other such attempts in the future.

Unfortunately the contemporary developed society could not survive without wars and as classical society makes good image of them. The wars image is very carefully build by state propaganda so that the mentality of war as universal justice (mentality of public and civil society opine) and the war as a personal revenge to somebody no matter who (mentality of soldier) would join together even they are so opposite one another. The main reason for army is the negotiation of slaves’ revolt and the social system is always prepared to strengthen its false pretext of protecting and serving the people and civilization against “primitive abuses” even by artificial creating new conflicts all over the world. It is obvious that in Stanculescu’s case the Romanian authorities try to save the dog watch honor by showing the care for the sacrifice of dying in mission of those who fights in Iraq and/or those who protects the neoaristocrats against slaves’ anger. The system is in a very delicate situation by negotiation the future of some guy like Stanculescu. Basically convicting the crime of shooting one’s own people brings down the every soldier natural born sadism by being convicted for “doing its job” which would balance the recruiting new military mercenaries in the future. Among the risk of being killed in the battlefield such a potential hero would find himself in the position of loosing the military honors too or even worse, of getting to jail for a wile. On the other hand there is the civil voice and public opinion that might change the perception of “military heroes” if the 1989 crimes would be covered muşamalizate and the murderers would get away with that. This would mean that everyone’s equality in front of law is just a piece of paper.

Because of Romanian poverty for now people uses bribe to be recruited and sent to fight in Iraq. But the today’s kids that party in the clubs and shout from all their lungs “Peace&Love” might not be willing to sell their body to the system in the future. They might probably refuse to fight against their brothers the slaves when revolt. That is why the system struggles so hard to build up a good image of army for future plans. That is why the so-called separated powers of state as Ju$tice and Pre$ work together so well to solve this problem as smooth as possible. For now they failed in this case but they will keep trying so to prove they were doing the best they could.

* But this feeling is not human natural as he believed. This kind of penitence is just the consequence of wild education that common people gets from the system from the day she/he is born until becomes adult.

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