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21 ianuarie 2009

The modern political system works in the same way as mafia

In romaneste aici:

In the modern society, as the previous ones, the taxes are not basically meant to serve the community. It is true that a part of such founds goes back for solving the community’s needs. But these things actually happen only after the social privileged ones are paid and after their car drivers and their home servers are paid. These salaries are the most interest of modern political system and they are paid no matter what they do for the community interest. Only if there are other founds left after this “sharing” then some of them may go back to community for creating the illusion that the politicians are some kind of servants, some kind of administrators of community hired by people as an employee is hired by an employer. But if after this originate corruption there is no much left for deceiving sight of people with some good actions for helping the community then the situation would look very much like South America oligarchy. I am very sure that G. Bush, Bill Clinton and other are not better and more honest than Saddam Hussein or Fidel Castro but it is the American people that have more experience in building capitalism than the Cuban and Iraqi people. American people are more productive and send more founds to the main budget so the politicians and their covered up can afford to be more human.

It is very clear that after creating a bureaucracy, after creating a lot of institutions meant to restrict politicians’ power one another the main budget will never go back untouched in community. All the modern taxes are the modern cosmetic shape of dark edge and ancient slavery. Modern slave needs some kind of freedom and a lot of illusion of freedom for being productive. Modern slave is a creative slave. Routine hard working of dark edge and ancient slavery are now made with technology. Of course a slave is still a slave no matter if ancient or modern and that self esteem will bring down the modern slave. But don’t worry! The system imagined a solution for this! The sleepy story of “social contract” signed between the politicians and the citizen who don’t have time for implying in politics is perfect for shaping up the modern slave. Only that I for one don’t remember signing such a contract; I must had been sleeping or had been drunk when signing such a paper because it is not good for me. Let’s just say that I didn’t sign at all such a fraud and now I just complain about it. I am not that stupid to sign a contract that says I agree for paying politicians palaces when I know I could do better than they do. I don’t think so! I wouldn’t sign for such a mess, but who cares… Anyway I still have the power of seeing to politicians lies and show them who they really are: the mafia.

A democratic politics doesn’t mean that the politicians come with their armies to take the skin out of the poor; to parasite those people in order to create big fortunes and then creating for them with culture the illusion that they are free. A real democratic politics means convincing the citizen to donate a part of her/his political and financial power for the wealth of community, for building that particular bridge, for sustaining a certain project. I see in a real democratic politics the citizen power of saying NO as s/he says to some products at the store. If I don’t need a certain product then I just won’t buy. I improvise. When the political system would work in this way then one could say that politics works for the benefit of citizen. No system in the world work entirely like this today but just in a smaller and insignificant part. It is more comfortable to pretend to work and none ask about your work. It is easier working under no pressure behind the closed doors with an ironical and cynical attitude towards the stressed slave from the street that work to death to survive. The social privileged ones are the followers of old robbers of helpless communities. They just brought to perfection the skill of deceiving and robbery. They build their empires doing this.

There is a saying that none can escape from death and taxes. It is not quite a saying but just a political deception meant to connect taxes by something natural as death. This trick is meant to make slave believe that there is nothing better than tipping the politicians in exchange for an expensive pathetic mockery. But it is easy to see that the politicians do not pay any taxes whatsoever even if it looks like. The fact is that the politician does not produce anything real that people can use. The politician helped by media just creates some illusions to people and deceiving after getting the power. In fact the politicians pay taxes from the taxes that the system takes from the poor and transfers to t heir pockets. The trick sounds like “Give me all of you one dollar each and I will return you back one dollar for all”. It looks like a fair exchange but it is a fraud because people actually pay for lies. The political system makes this fraud with a fabulous accuracy. The politicians just parasites honest people. The only job that politicians have is that of making system do the dirty work for them. That job is focused on ling, deceiving, absorbing people’s trust and creating an artificial optimism among slaves.

The modern politician does not even representing the citizen’s political will even so manipulated by media and education. The most important political actions are very slightly influenced by those that people vote for. And if some time to time the voted politician takes some action in the favor of citizen then the system fights back with procedures and other tricks and in short time “the solution” of “people’s hero” would become inefficient any more for the main issue. This “democracy” is just piece of paper. The citizen does not even imagine where real political actions take place. The vote and are just empty facts. Barrack Obama looks very attractive in the eyes of American slaves. It wouldn’t seem real that some parasite another ones in modern society when “the most powerful man on the planet” is a black person. The fact that some centuries ago in America were slavery is almost invisible comparing to such an “historical event”. Well, at least it seems really impossible for slavery to exist any more since one of the former slaves became “the master of masters”. See, there are no more slaves anymore! They run for and win the presidencies, acts in movies, become stars. The American people dramatically lost its trust in political system and such a political offer is meant to rebuilt it ant motivate it for another four more years. Anyway there was a Plan B in case of Obama’s failure; the system hided freemasonry prepared the first woman president in US history. Wow! Wouldn’t you like take part of history?

So the politician is only a spender but not an employee. The politicians produce just illusions in citizen’s mind that something good might happen with a superfaceal change. For the slave that would mean happiness and motivation in being more productive in the factory. But this is still nothing as a fact because the slave always accepts the master will. So this fact seems like a vicious circle. But for the person that doesn’t want to be a slave and doesn’t need optimism and ideals that doesn’t mean anything. I sell very hard my freedom so I don’t need politician’s optimistic speech. I don’t need optimism so I don’t need politicians.

It is not only that the politician does not produce something really useful for community but its presence produces artificial conflicts within it as remarkable Adam Curtis pointed in the best political documentary I ever seen: „The power of nightmairs”. Actions like this of creating nightmares are very specific to mafia. In order to collect its protection tax mafia first arranges a bad situation for you and after this it is the one that “saves” you. After the communism and traditional enemy collapse politicians showed us the new “evil axis”. And for sure there will always be other nightmares for common people as long as there will be politicians and their army that protect them and create an godlike image on the Earth.

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