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22 februarie 2009

The primitivism in contemporary society


The exploitation of the primitivism placed inside the geographic space of developed society

The primitive society is one of conquest of main nature and its resources but still incapable of mastery. It is the classical civilization who manages to master and enslave the primitive one. Starting from here the modern industrial civilization of nowadays developed of “categorical imperative”, of accepting the supreme value of human being.

But the paradox of (post)industrial society remains the impossibility of applying without equivoque such an ideal to the real world. The inestimable value of human life today is impossible to be accepted as fact even in the western person case and the oriental human being is excluded from this statute from the beginning.

The “developed” modern society as classical society also needs a primitive civilization to parasite, to survive on. This primitive civilization could be incorporated into modern one as an enclave or it could be an outside community. But this kind of civilization is indispensable for “developed” modern society life. In Africa lives a very strange creature: mole rat. The colony is lead by a queen which has a special gland that secretes a substance that annihilates every sexual behavior of other females of community. That is the exact way that “developed” modern society deals with its primitive civilization that relies on. The “developed” modern society culture is meant to prevent the primitive people to develop, to escape this prison of exploitation. Everyone that has not affected its judgment by different personal interests could see that “developed” modern society cannot survive without colonialism, without exploitation or even repression of wild or primitive life. The way id does is simple: “give us your gold and your goods you heathens because we are the children of God; if you refuse that then we will come with our army and destroy you”. The painful colonialism that hypocrite contemporary culture keeps blaming is the engine of modern civilization. The difference between classical and modern colonialism relies only in the huge manipulation and propaganda system that the last one uses. The modern colonialism uses it a lot and only when it fails then turn back to classical one forcing the primitives with armies to give up something. If that primitive community is locate outside of geographic position of the modern one then starting a war against in order to enslave it is the procedure. If that primitive community is locate outside of that then that kind of repression are made with the Ju$tice. In the past the main reason for colonialism was godlessness. Nowadays “the axis of evil” and “global therorism” is used. These are the perfect tools of modern colonialism in order to keep the rest of the world in the dark.

A moral society as Kant imagined is not possible until human life is not fully protected against nature or other people. A moral civilization starts from the point of shelter and enough food to avoid starvation. If these conditions are not satisfied then the society cannot be called otherwise than classical society, at least industrial but never a right and moral society as it claims. Dying of starvation or lack of shelter is a primitive and classical reality. In such society there are only some people that claim for inestimable value of life. The others value is object value. Their “goal” is just serving the others. The classical armies or the modern polices ones as they exist in the more or less authoritarian modern state watch for the slaves to do their job.

The big difference between the slaves and slaves's masters/supervisers is that tge first are stressed, responsible and controlled in detail in their jobs and the others works behind closed doors with small responsibility or no responsibility at all just like self proclamed gods. Their lack of eficiency and finality work for the community must be reclaimed by the slaves work. The most parasitical are their activities the hardest is the slaves's work. Many people have hard pushy work but indispensable for the rest of community. The most stressful jobs are that of supervising devices and installations. The hardest work as regarding physical labor is that from agriculture and making buildings. The stress and hyperstheny of making such jobs will turn sooner or later into paranoid tendencies, depressive disorders or other psychical disorders. These will also turn into somatoform disorders or even real diseases. The human being became the most depressive and ill specie among all the creatures on the earth. Actually the slavery is an attack to the live of the slaves and to the Kant’s “categorical imperative” also. Trying to give absolute value to a part of humanity weaken another part. The situation seems to be a vicious circle; in order to make reality of “categorical imperative” and give inestimable value to a part of society anther part must be sacrificed. The life of the slave is not goal in itself anymore but interest for the master. The slave is there for master mood, the slave is an object/useful being with the purpose of others favors.

The exploitation of the primitivism placed outside the geographic space of developed society

At this point somebody might think about the opposite idea of western much easier life than the rest of the world or the former centuries. Emigration to western centuries seems a good reason for this idea. Indeed contemporary western life is full of holydays and parties or pushy jobs are rare now. It is true that some west European countries that have a very advanced protection to homeless people. Nevertheless this communitarian effort is sensed on the back of the others who work to support unemployed besides supporting the huge bureaucracy and politicians. So if one part of community gets this standard of living there is another part needed for support. Unfortunately most of nowadays slaves are originated outside the western geographic space as emigrants and this is the price of “modern freedom”.

The mirage of western life excited the uncivilized world and keeps doing it. Emigration is a consequence of this fact. In the “developed” modern society the harder jobs are made by emigrants. On the other hand the main hard work that western slave used to do is now made by the eastern one in her/his own country. The western slave way to laziness is open due to this crossing work to countries like India and China. The former western slave is a paid unemployed and the eastern one is a much underpaid employer. These people accept working conditions similar to the 17-18 century so the western corporations prefer them instead of western workers.

I pointed in my work “Extirpation of vampires” that when a western corporation gets into a classical and primitive community then a devastator thing happen. The people that this company hires are artificial turned into modern people. They are thrown right in the middle of contemporary life problems without having a natural way of protection and defend against them. From outside this potential corporation seems to be the heaven from the sky to the community bringing prosperity and cleaning poverty for some of the citizens at least. But at a closer look things are much far from this. The primitive people are not poor. The poverty is a reality specific to the “developed” modern society. The subsistence state is natural to primitive life so it has a natural mechanism of defense and integration into the wild environment. The poverty becomes reality to such community when the lies of “developed” modern society get in. The primitive person accepts as an inexperienced child this terrified transmutation into the modernity as the child accepts to jump out of the window in 5 minute in return for a candy. But just like a child the primitive person will pay a hard price for this naivety. The emptiness is one of such terrible choice. Let’s just find some clues for this situation. Let’s imagine that after such a corporatist intrusion some native people will contact a disease. The ones that are hired for that corporation will be treated inside the company or sent for treatment somewhere else. But what would happen to the ones that are not? It is possible that the company will pay for the medication for all the people. But, anyway, this is the start of splitting community. But the clearest sign for this is the tensioned relationship between the employed that adapts to the western modern way of life and unemployed who just would become poor. Their social status would dramatically change from normal people in a primitive society to poor and deceived into a strange combination of primitive and modern society. The envy pointed to the employed made them very hated. They would accept even a smaller payment for the job and even the rights that others had in the first place will eventually diminish. The unemployed envy for the employee and the employee’s contempt for the unemployed are the ingredients for a beautiful splitting community.

The weight of western civilization seems to move slowly but surely on the eastern people thanks to their own envy and desires about western way of life. But the problem is not solved. The garbage is just putted a little bit farther from western world. But the world is getting global, it is transforming slowly but surely into an international village and it won't take long until this garbage will smell to the other parts of world. The “developed” modern society shouldn’t close its eyes about this problem and should find solutions very quickly because the future terrorists might came from India and China one day.

The advanced parasitical tools of primitivism by the “developed” modern society

The “developed” modern society doesn’t have such a visible authoritarian system but, don't worry, a country like China that transformed lately into the place of modern slaves do perfectly this job. Western wealth uses a lot the eastern authoritarian political systems. The classical slavery might be forbidden on western human rights states but is allowed in other places. The torture might be forbidden on western human rights states but it is very useful in other places and planes. Anyway, it is clear that the “developed” modern society could not work without authoritarianism. The western people are not far away from classical slavery. It is just that the modern slavery is much uman than the classical one. But it still exists. Ju$tice is the best example for this statement even if it protects the common people against abuses made by others. But, as every mafia system, the Ju$tice does not protect common people from the system thievery. That shows the real intensions of Ju$tice. Ju$tice mine intentions are not protecting common people from street thieves but rehabilitating them, convincing them to give up thievery and produce something instead. The “rehabilitation” of thieves used by system is meant actually to enlarge the budget for the neofeudals banquets.

The common people are highly and efficiently manipulated to pay the services of politicians or other descendents of old feudalism without even see it. S/He is forced to buy their (un)services without any choice. The ju$tice and the rest of resources of authoritarian state is purely ruthless about not paying the protection taxes by the slaves. It is clear that the ju$tice only occasionally protects somebody by other common persons abuses but always punish that one who does not accept with the smile on the face the authorities rubbery. The skills and the manipulation of making this are just perfect. Few people realize that because few people are actually putted to jail for not paying taxes. But one cannot get a legal job without doing this because the firm that person works for is forced to pay it to neofeudal system. So, the protection taxes are not directly paid by the employee but the employer with the work in exchange for money deal. Only when that firm refuses this payment then the manager, the employer could be sent to jail. But this would be crazy! The manager prefers to send this weight on the employee’s work than getting busted. The taxes that employer has to pay upper on mafia social hierarchy could be recovered with pressure on the employee. The employee’s work is harder this way and this extra work never gets back to common people but is just wasted behind politicians closed portals … pardon, I meant… doors. The mafia social system steals from honest common people with this roguish mechanism so none could actually see. Doing a job harder than civilization and technology allows with its resources means actually keeping in the dark (age).

Somebody could only refuse to work but with the risk of social marginalization. Somebody won’t directly be sent to jail after this but the punishment is prohibition of a very natural and basic right: that of having business relationship with the other members of society. One would not be part of this any more. One could not be accepted in the human family and take advantage of enlightened minds that created technology and made modern life easier. The mafia system of “developed” modern society rules that. One needs its approbation for being a part of civilization in exchange for its job slavery and protection tax payment just like the classical nobles approved or denied their marriage and their life. Now ju$tice takes a very good care of that.

The old conception about justice as a reparation meant to correct an abuse is a very big lie. Hamurabi, the eastern king that remained in history as the first maker and user of a laws code, did it because wanted to be clear understood by his suborders. The justice has not change much since then. The difference between modern and ancient justice is to be found in the invested resources for good looking, for convincing those who are abused by its power that all it does is actually protection. In fact, during the centuries the justice only perfected that basic goal of abusing the slave’s in the master’s favor. So-called (by official culture) sophists saw very clearly that the laws are a kind of spider net that flies get caught in and the biggest get trough it.

I want to be clear understood; I don’t have a problem with accepting that the justice is the engine of social system. It is just that I believe it is also savageness like the low of a jungle. The thief and the modern criminal that justice pretends to punish for its “uncivilized” acts has the same primitive right to act like this as justice does. The difference between that criminality and justice relies in the bigger power that justice has. The common criminal uses small weapons and the justice uses helicopters, big rifles or even tanks. It is just because the “developed” modern society uses so much the primitive resources the reason that it cannot be called “civilized”, “moral” or “right”. We are stack with cars devices, machines and we barely stand them anymore but we are centuries far from being a real human civilization in a sense of good selfesteem that western culture made about it.

The way system works is unbelievable. This entire rubbery can be cleaned up and legitimate if the slaves are kept in primitive mentality just like killing animals for human race surviving. The protection tax can be perceived into payment for the (un)services of turning the primitives slaves into civilized persons. The culture of elegant manners very efficiently knows how to anathematize the primitive roughness. “You are brainless and blind but I will make you smart and agile in exchange for your slavery”: that is the social symbiosis between primitivism and modernity in the “developed” modern society. Is it just me or the Christian Colonialists did the same thing some centuries ago with the pagans?

The cultural and psychopathological consequences of social splitting due to primitive exploitation by the “developed” modern society

It is obvious that if one was born as a slave than the system works to keep her/him that way just like some beggars that physically mutilate their children for their future begging “success”. But if these so called parents are still isolate cases the “developed” modern society does it systematically with their spiritual mutilated slaves. The open education, the equality of chances are very big and deceptive lies meant for keeping up the slaves self esteem and making them more profitable.

The “developed” modern society is too much studded with primitivism and couldn’t be reasonable called civilized, moral or right. We are full of devices and technology that almost got sick of but we are still very far from being a civilization in a way of good auto respect that it culturally developed.

The human being is the most sick and depressive among the other creatures on the earth. The nature has the right answers for the ugly things of wild and primitive life/civilization because the nature feeds back to itself. But the surviving primitivism into “developed” modern society is thousands of times more terrifying and shocking than the ugliest natural fact. The hyenas sometimes eat their pray alive witch is not a very pleasant death. But still in this cases the pray pain is minimized by their anesthetic body secretions. However this nightmare takes from 10-20 minutes till one or maximum two days. Because of their short memory the most part of prays life is harmoniously. Unfortunately the depression that “developed” modern society developed during centuries in the majority of people is a pain that takes dozens and dozens of years. Only the drugs and a huge entertainment system can temperate this terrible cultural sufferance.

That is the big picture of “developed” modern society that uses primitivism for a “better life” for some people when the others fight hard for their life. Their Cartesian elitism is just a cynical way of using such crude reality. The system washes even their guilt feelings. They are the spoiled ones of modern society because their descendents are the old aristocracy and colonialists. Their corporatist mentality that comes from the old war rubbers seems to be out of nature. They became some kind of Cyborgs impossible by any chance to be taken back to the human, nature or life family. Their mess made to human nature is like a cancer to world conscience. This people forgot to be human, they live for self-image only, they live for cleaning their traces only, they live for statistics only and don’t know to live otherwise than lying, manipulating and finally by stealing with advanced tools of modern state.

Untrusting the metanarations is specific for the modern and contemporary culture. Only one thing is unquestionable as a universal truth: the fact that there are slaves and they should stay that way because otherwise the “free people” wouldn‘t be free any more. In deed nobody doubts about it. But if somebody comes and says that the advanced thievery of politicians are basically the same with that made by street thieves that go to jail then the culture does its job of guard dog. The culture than says that there is not a definition of truth so there might be no troth at all so the upper statement cannot be proved. So it won’t make any sense because the fact of truth is no sense. That is what I call advanced culture! Thanks god that nobody study it in primary class! But there is no place for other stuff than universal truths! There an invisible and omnipotent god is needed for people to blindly believe in and to project that image into master person so to accept its thievery as offering. There are religion needed for projection it into supermarket things and divinize them so the primitive person should be a good consumer. Indeed the “developed” modern society needs so mach primitive society for cleaning up! For now that is the picture of so called civilization.

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