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27 noiembrie 2020

5.3. The radical feminism acting

5. The Feminism as a reaction to crimes and emotional abuse against women

5.3. The radical feminism acting

This article continues the previous one  

The judicial-reparative mentality finds the solution for the numerous abuses and crimes in compensating and "rational revenge" on the criminal person. But to believe that these excesses would be an act of justice, as the reparation for a previous injury that makes the criminal commit the crime, is unspecific for a fair society. This justice-revenge mentality is a resentful one, specific to warrior societies, which eventually turns against itself  . Thus, it may fall into the extreme of "instilling fear” that is, threatening the potential criminal through various punishments not to commit the crime. The social system thus becomes an abusive, violent parent who traumatizes its child rather than educating him. The result will be a future adult predisposed to antisocial or paranoid mental disorders. In the same way, the social system retaliation threatening actually is more inciting the potential criminals to commit crimes rather than stoping it. Unfortunately, in the short term there is no other solution to prevent major crimes: you can only prevent their occurrence in the short term by isolating the individual. The real solution can be found in an open education as it has been experienced for decades in the North European countries. Today they have taken most of their prisons out of use, turning them into something else for lack of… criminals.

On the other hand, the sexual eccentrics’ aggressiveness towards the normal ones is not justified according to the principles of this traditional vengeful justice. The cases in which the heterosexuals assaulted them are still rare, even if very monitored by the press. Then the radical feminists’ aggression is not focused on the abusers or the criminals but on the harmless ones. I will return to this idea in a later article. The specific to Inquisition crimes against the LGBT sexual orientation people were not committed by the contemporaries, in order to apply the justice-revenge solutions (anyway, morally unsupported) to the normal ones. There is a principle in law that no one is responsible for the actions committed by another adult person. That is why even the today's normal people are not responsible for their ancestors’ actions or for the persecution to the marginalized people in general and the sexual eccentrics in particular. In the same way, the crimes committed by the old Europeans against the native populations they colonized cannot be blamed on their descendants, ie those who live in those areas today. What would it be like to take revenge on all white Americans now because their ancestors exterminated the natives a few centuries ago? This is no longer justice but psychopathological aggression. Even if someone justifies those crimes, however, that does not mean that that person would have actually committed them oneself in order to justify the unleashing of revenge on, as we saw in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires feminists case, whom I mentioned in the previous article.

The Androphobia and Misandry

The most vehement and aggressive radical feminists are not victims of these sexual crimes, which does not justify their gestures even from the perspective of the justice-revenge mentality. The sexual crimes victims’ relatives can be violent in debates or in actions to repair the damage they have suffered. If the victim lost its life as a result of the crime, then the vehemence with which its relatives demand justice is even bigger. After a period of depressive incubation of trauma, the victims themselves develop paranoid disorders that can turn into radical feminism. But in general the radical feminists have not been real victims and their reactions are unjustified by this psychic mechanism of revenge.

A clear distinction must be made between the androphobia and the misandry. The Androphobia is the psychopathological fear of men, while the misandry is abhorrence and hate to them. The radical feminists have been constantly criticized for hating men, including women themselves. On the contrary, the traumatic androphobia  is a short and medium term reaction to a sexual assault. In the case of neurotic phobias, the phobic object can either not cause a trauma or the patient has not experienced such trauma. Most androphobes are not misanders, just as most misanders are not androphobic. The misanders radical militancy is not caused by a trauma or by a physical abuse, as is the case with the major aggression victims. In fact, any trauma leads either to depressive and distressing-avoidant behavior for emotionally weak victims or to paranoid counterattack behavior for strong victims. That is why the vast majority of radical feminists have not been abused. Many of them describe situations in which "it was about" to happen but still it didn’t happen.

The histrionic psychopathology and its paradoxical protection against the sex crimes

Despite victimization (paradoxically combined with the powerful woman attitude), the hysteric women avoid meeting a dangerous man. Just as the somatic-converting hysterical neurotics mimic very convincingly the great epileptic seizure, fainting in someone's arms to avoid hitting the tough objects around them, so the radical histrionic feminists smartly avoid the rude rapists. Paradoxically, a hysteric woman is rarely raped by those 90% rapists known to the victim  . This is because she does not communicate with familiar people from the same social environment, and does not get out there where she could be raped. In fact, she thinks of herself as part of high entourages which would actually honor her if raped. Unlike the normal women, the hysteric would interpret such rape as a sign of an obvious love affair. Because of this, knowing it or suspecting it as a "broken mouth", the potential rapists in high circles rather avoid her. Moreover, she is avoided by a sadistic killer, just because he avoids any trace left for a possible investigation by the police.

The hysteric woman does not work so hard so to get home late in night, nor she travels to dubious spaces, where she would be assaulted. This is how her psychopathological constitution gets also rid of those 10% unknown rapists, from the rape statistics in the civilized world. The fact that she detests her own social status is a facet of her social hypocrisy and has the same beneficial effect of rape avoiding. By this she avoids the spaces in which she could be raped due to the very nature of their psychopathological configuration.

This is how the hysterical theatrical mind helps the histrionic women in this case, protecting them from rape, unlike their fellow ideologues, disguised prostitutes, who often fall victim to the sadists. Although they represent the most spectacular side of the feminism vehemence (as in any activity they practice), the hysterics look like the hypochondriac obsessive persons who complain all their lives of all kinds of imaginary diseases but live on average much longer than the others and die a natural death.

On the other hand, the hysteric women and the disguised prostitutes generally perceive the sexual intercourse as an abuse, regardless of who their partner is. The prostitutes generally have the experience of sadistic clients who prefer to satisfy their morbid addiction for a fee rather than practice it with their wife or partner. So they are used to trauma like the poor with poverty. When raped without actual physical violence *, such an experience does not affect them as it does for normal women. These women are actually very strong beyond their apparent fragility. Of course, such a routine does not make the rape on these women less of a crime than on normal women. But the hysteric women are less raped and more assaulted because of their ideas and reactions to male abusers.

The hysterical men are the only ones who can stand up to scandal (this text is a testimony ;)) . Sometimes the hysteric women seem fragile and helpless but their physical strength is already a somatic conversion of their predisposition to aggression. It takes a contact sports trained man to be able to fight them. Only if these women meet a Casanova-type abuser, then things can take an unpleasant turn for them. Such a man usually goes to the gym and practices contact sports. If such a hysteric woman verbally assaults him or humiliates him with his lack of (feminist, possibly) culture, like the one in the above video, then he can become violent. But such a situation happens very rarely. The histrionics usually feel distant and avoid each other like rivals, regardless of gender. That is why bringing as high percentage argument in the exclusively female courtship initiation debate is erroneous. The exclusively female courtship initiation theory is meant to give them an advantage over their male counterparts, the Casanova abusers, in the process of such a "galactic encounter."

Oversizing the frustration caused by the male courtship initiation

Initiating courtship in the public space (usually on the street) from the unknown person position creates frustration for a normal woman because she is not given space to decide the courtship. This reminds of how the consent is forcibly taken from citizens in contemporary society. The female frustration exists because such a gesture also brings a bigger or smaller risk that the unknown man will be an abuser. As I have shown here  , there are real reasons for women's fear of any unknown person who tends to violate both the rules and the pre-initiation to courtship stages  .

The radical feminists generally exaggerate the discomfort caused by a street approach, compliment, or greeting from the unknown men in a populated space. The frustration caused by such a man is not so big in itself so to start a fight and shout out loud that a rape is going on. The extent of this frustration is artificially exaggerated by the radical feminists precisely to justify their resentful predisposition against the marginalized. I emphasized in a previous article that this fear of rape is extended either out of ignorance or due to an androphobic psychopathological constitution , far outside the spectrum of criminals or even to all men. In the video below you can see Tyra Martin's denial to the sexual harassment allegation made by some feminists on her behalf against the actor Morgan Freeman.

A wide range of psychopathological factors are involved in this kind of reactions that I have already described so far  and I will continue to describe below. Naturally, if the man does not persist after her refusal, the dissatisfaction inherent in this too explicit approach is still counteracted by the specifically feminine satisfaction of being admired and liked for normal women. But the psychopathological factor is stronger at the radical feminists than this satisfaction. That is why they act differently in these situations, through disproportionate aggression, as we saw in the previous article. The discomfort felt by them is not caused by the too explicit courtship initiation gesture but by the oversized perception of aggressiveness projected by them into the courtship initiator, due to the various psychopathological configurations. And, in this case, we need psychotherapy or social verticality at the work place in clearly dissatisfaction expressing than blaming masculinity for courtship proposing.

In the case of disguised prostitutes, an approach to courtship initiation is perceived as theft or disregard for their "product" put up for sale. If a man does not show signs of willing to offer an amount of money for their service, such as a courtship initiator who thinks of building a love affair, it is an insult to such a woman. The misandrous histrionic women are not far from this profile. Their irascibility outbursts shown in these street courtship initiation moments are not found in other similar situations, for example in the case of bosses who sometimes force such unnatural consents for love affairs. I haven't seen from what I've read so far in the feminist texts too many references to this type of abuse that I wrote about in the above linked article. Instead, there is a lot of exclusively female courtship initiation theory and the militancy for the "sexual harassment" notion extension to simple courtship initiators to whom there are no links to secondary benefits. This is how much bigger frustrations are thus disguised by the need to keep the privileges obtained by a certain job with an abusive boss! In the next article  I will describe other psychopathological interests in the radical feminism militancy to extend the notion of "sexual harassment" or "rape".

* The rape trauma is not solely caused by the actual physical violence such as hitting or cutting. The lack of violence marks on the body does not make the rape less criminal. This is due to the fact that the main trauma is the breaking off the female sexuality selective character. The vast majority of rapists are socially inferior to their victims. The rape means an extirpation of female sexuality and this is equivalent to male castration itself. All the rapes are violent in the sense that they use brute force or threats on victims. However, not all rapes are accompanied by actual violence such as hitting or cutting. However, these can accentuate the main trauma

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