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28 octombrie 2020

5.2. The Psychopathology and etiology of radical feminism

5. The Feminism as a reaction to crimes and emotional abuse against women

This article continues the previous one

5.2. The Psychopathology and etiology of radical feminism

I am convinced that most readers don’t support some of the radical feminism actions previously mentioned in this study. I will describe other cases below. But it is better to etiologically understand these excesses and not rush to a hasty judgment towards the radical feminists. In fact, any form of psychopathology has in its causes certain abuses suffered individually or transgenerationally. The mental disorders generally come from previous traumas. And usually at the other end of this causal chain are the war, the slavery, and other such traumas. The traditional society is based on the war culture, which the feminism generally distorted calls "the rape culture." Neither the modern industrial nor the contemporary digital has completely detached from the threats and implementation of the crimes produced by the weapons superiority.

Once opening up our perception horizons, we will have more empathy towards the excesses of radical feminists or any other psychopathological form. I have shown in the previous article that the moderate feminism is politically justifiable and that the difference between it and radical form relies only in the fact that the solutions proposed by the last one are either too discriminatory against men, sometimes out of ignorance or psychopathological resentment, or too advantageous for women. Even though I am a political opponent of radical feminists, I personally do not consider myself an anti-radical feminist, it is that I see a psychotherapeutic solution and the personal life evolution and focusing on their problems rather than a political issue involving the whole community or society.

So we have to be very careful with the wide antifeminism, which generally carries a warrior and misogynistic mentality. A warrior society automatically becomes anti-pacifist. And, through this, it also becomes anti-feminine and antifeminist. The threats that the warriors points to each other lead to libidinal distortions either as hyperlibido or as the eccentric sexuality predisposition. The hyperactive libido is the softest of these male sexual perversion forms, as I have shown here . It brings a libidinal discrepancy with partners, creating the feeling of being used as inanimate objects. Then, the eccentricity reaches the unhealthy attraction for anal sex rather than for normal sex, especially by those who work in repressive institutions, as I have shown here and about which I made a vlog here:  and then I made a documentary here

And finally, the peak of the male libido psychopathologization is that of morbid satisfaction in producing physical suffering, until the death of the partner. In all these situations the women have to endure too intense or too eccentric sex life, which is unsatisfactory for them.

Karen Straughan claims in one of her videos that the women should endure a more intense sex life of their husbands because they also bring them more material comfort, being creators of civilization. She sees the marriage as a contract between the male's willingness to produce a livelihood for the family and the female's willingness to bear children. Such a contract, however, closely resembles to that of J.J. Rousseau; everyone talks about him but no one has seen or signed. Indeed, there is a marriage agreement in the town hall, as well as an eternal love agreement in the church / mosque or whatever the temple is. But such an economic exchange is nowhere specified, although it is somewhat implied. However, this traditional way of seeing marriage practically turns a woman into a prostitute, if she does not consent to a more intense sex life, in accordance with her husband's hyper libido. And if we accept something like that, then any woman could be raped and then compensated with a sum of money, the equivalent of these services on the free sex market.

And the lack of concordance between the couple members libido intensity is the least disadvantage of such a contract. A psychopathological libido such as the predisposition to eccentric sexuality, like the sadistic one, cannot be satisfied by any contract as we cannot accept the idea of physical abuse compensated by privileges, although it is still practiced. From another point of view, an absent acceptance of such a hyper libido male partner is one of the attraction and love destruction causes within the marriage. Everyone can see its own case the value of such a "contract" when the partner decides to divorce. And no one can stop it, because the contract can be terminated at any time, despite the "agreement" and the initial feeling of fair gain.

Then, according to the same logic of the libidinal concordance or the masculine self-inhibition, in order to adjust to the feminine one, but reversed, the search for a partner according to one's own libido can be justified. The feminism justifiably claims the woman’s right to choose a sex life in accordance with its own libidinal constitution, without suffering any harm from it. Such a requirement is perfectly justifiable not only concerning the sexual interest but also other needs. Because of this, I have been and will always be in favor of sexual partners' testing partnerships before the marriage. The female libido rarely produces sexual crimes such as rape or pedophilia. There is a fundamental human right to choose one's partner and to exclude the community from one's personal life, as long as no crimes are committed*.

The histrionics and the eccentric sexual orientation people have severely suffered in the past centuries and still suffer more or less today from the damnation coming from the society. With a few exceptions, these kinds of women have been constantly persecuted or blamed throughout the history. In the Middle Ages, histrionics were frequently burned under the witchcraft charges. I wrote more about the risks to which the prostitutes expose here  . Much of the widely used curses in the today society tend to demonize the eccentric sexual preferences, especially if they are practiced by the women. As psychic manifestations, the curses are primitive rituals manifested in modern times that glimpse the wild social model of eliminating the marginalized on the grounds of demonizing their eccentric sexuality.

In the twentieth century there were marches of different sexual orientations condemnation, violating this normal democratic society human beings right to choose the suitable person or persons for their own libido in the intimate life. Unfortunately, the LGBT communities are still persecuted even in the long individual freedom experience countries. The lesbians have been and still are persecuted by the society’s majority, as are all the LGBT community members. Such practices are based on a medieval view concerning the psychology and the psychopathology. The majority’s predisposition to social engineering and the marginalized elimination is an incitement to murder. Although they consider themselves "normal", they still claim this title only because they are in the majority.

We can see in the today’s radical feminism excesses a secular reaction to the unmarried women persecution in the past, mainly considered witches. Even the normal women have been killed with such charges. Their back then pain is found today in those vehement militants mind who demand impossible or absurd requests from the today’s society. So there is a whole spectrum of abuses and crimes against women that makes them feminists. Their militancy is not due to a genetic predisposition to wailing, as Karen Straughan thinks at the beginning of this video . That is why I invite the honest anti-feminists to a moment of reflection on this aspect that is found in the behavior of the most vehement and radical feminists. Perhaps those crimes committed in the past in the name of absurd justice will make us think today when the contemporary society uses the same justice to eliminate the economic marginals from the human species patrimony.

"Identification with the aggressor" and the inverse discrimination developed by the radical feminism

The persecution practiced by the cultural normalcy on these eccentric sexual behaviors could not be fully completed. There are many who escaped that persecution but remained traumatized deep in the psychopathological background. These secular persecutors experiences have settled into their own self-accusing consciousness. So these women have developed or culturally received a strong sense of self-blaming, which implies higher or lower discordance between their self-esteem and their libido peculiarities. Any predisposition to eccentricity is confronted by this accusatory superego, just as the viceversa is equally valid.

Therefore, one can deduce from this, on the one hand, a predisposition to conflict with social normalcy, which tends to condemn them under the habit tradition. Like any victim who finds the strength to fight back, the women also can fall into excess. In general, the radical feminism advantages for women are more beneficial to the harsh faction of feminism, which consists in some lesbians, disguised prostitutes and histrionics, than to the normal women. An example here is the consent for greeting theory or that of the exclusive female courtship initiation, which I analyzed in detail under the external, socio-functional frame in the previous chapter.

The vehement militancy to criminalize the courtship initiation by an unknown man and the support for the exclusive feminine courtship initiation is also a counteraction of this feeling of guilt embedded in itself from the traditional social blaming coming from outside. Also, the predisposition to conflict with the majority can be manifested by applying or conceiving the punishments that are too harsh for certain deeds. The result of those abuses is found today in this radical feminism, which relates to the majority in a conflicting way, either passively or actively. But with the freedoms and rights that have come with contemporary society, these people have come to practice the reverse discrimination, as I will show in one of the following articles  . The psychoanalysis described the "identification with the aggressor" as that psychic mechanism by which the previously abused turns into becoming an abusive tyrant on its own with the weaker ones.

Aggression examples started by the radical feminists

Further on I will show few more examples on how the eccentric sexual behavior women tend to become abusive. After being discriminated against in the past, some of these social categories have recently begun to develop attitudes of superiority to heterosexuals and traditionalists. From them it can be deduced how their inferiority complex was converted to a superiority one.

I'm reposting this video that I gave as a previous example.

Whether this video is authentic or not, it describes a worrying thing that often happens in the radical feminists excesses. Whether mimicking radical feminism or even being a genuine radical feminist, the woman in this video herself becomes a street harasser to that man, using typical insulting language and jumping straight into the fray.

The feminists slip towards aggression can be seen in the video below, made in 2017, at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the occasion of International Women's Day.

I do not subscribe to the Church's anti-abortion ideas. The women have indeed been victims of the discriminatory culture practiced for millennia, including by the religions. The anti-abortion activists are usually the first to be violent in this debate, as most of them have a traditional, conservative mentality. But in this video you can see how the feminists themselves were the first to become violent towards the one who had different ideas. Despite his ideas that limit women's rights, such an activist is still peaceful, overwhelmed by hits coming from the radical feminists, and without disapproval from the moderate ones.

The intelligence agents might have previously infiltrated among them and violently behaved deliberately to escalate the situation on the feminism movement behalf. The states authorities with dictatorial tendencies constantly use such a thing in order to justify their own violence against protesters and to suppress the democratic right to protest and assembly, as I showed in this documentary  . But we don't see feminists stopping the aggressive ones from hitting that man. Most feminists are not violent, and LGBT marches are peaceful. But there is a feminist-sexist minority among them that seduces many through combativeness and that sometimes behave with the weakest exactly like that. Of course, these situations are rare, just like the cases of women rape against men. But they still exist, and must be recognized as negative examples of radical distortion inside feminism.

The feminism can become ultra-radical when it proposes measures to drastically punish men because they are totally rapists. I repeat here the ultra-radical feminist Jenny McDermott proposal for women to kill male babies so that the future women can get rid of oppression.

Also, remember the lesbian Julie Bindel's statement that she would put all men in a concentration camp  . Such proposals come from the idea that all men are women rapists or murderers, so meet the radical feminism criteria. But because she further on proposed a repressive measure against all men, she even became ultra-radical. I will continue the description of the psychopathology of radical feminism in the next article  .

* The already famous idea that gay parades would "seduce" children into becoming gay and indoctrinate them with gayness is firstly based on the information role oversizing in determining the sexual orientation. Such an idea is absurd because, if it were true, then everyone would be heterosexual. In the society there is very few information about homosexuality and a lot of information about heterosexuality. The movies, the commercials and the magazines abound in heterosexual sexuality. Then this idea comes from somewhat more advanced predisposition of many of those who support it towards same-sex attraction. Their inner conflict regarding this choice is then outwardly projected and acts through hostility and sickness towards the homosexuals and the whole LGBT movement.

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