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31 ianuarie 2010

Examples of spiritual mutilation made by education system

Institutions say that the school's main role would be to provide information which the student will use later as adult. But school provide useful information only for some which would receive social privileged functions. The most important thing that contemporary education system makes is the selection and assignment of the bad or good jobs of future masters or slaves.

As long as school is done systematically by the (semitotalitarian) state's interest the education will borrow all its defects. The idea of school who takes the untrained and imperfect man and makes him happy, civilized and perfect is a mess comparable to many other contemporary state garbage. The hypocrisy of the system is fully reflected in the educational system.

Two main things the school aims. The first is the early identification of potential leaders in order to attract them to the slave system side and to avoid types like Spartacus and Jesus who destroyed the Roman Empire culture. Thus the system creates bureaucracy that holds such people from starting major revolts. The bureaucratic jobs are easy jobs for potential leaders to make sure that they will not develop subversive activities against the established order. The system creates some selection mechanisms that will identify the truly charismatic and perseverance ones and put them in comfortable and warm positions that will not cause agitation in the minds of slaves.

The second is to discreetly prevent common people from knowing the laws which often can defend against authorities’ abuse. On paper, on the legislation level, everything seems so ethereal, the people have freedom and human rights that protects and society looks open. Applying this hypocrite legislation for everybody interest is impossible and that is not because authorities are incompetent but because the laws themselves are hypocritical and false. The school does everything within its power to prevent ordinary people come close to laws for not using them in very many situations where the true relationship between them and the authorities show an entirely different nature than the one paper embellish. The artificial use of a hipercomplex language, of unnecessary neologisms and phrases as the Hegel's hermetic philosophy is part of the way legislation exists all over the world. But this is just an obstacle that ordinary people can pass. In order to prevent ordinary people from using the law in relation to masters the school get involved in its specific long time way.

This is because even at the abstract and non applicable level the law gives some rights to modern slave and that will eventually affect the master pockets. If a slave comes to know the laws then it may become harder to be enslaved and justice mercenaries would have to extra work in order to make it denser and more inaccessible. And if the slave does not know to ask for its rights and agree to be servant then the mercenary life is one more pleasant.

Hunting the minds of future slaves and distracting it from the knowledge of laws are two specific macro procedures education in civilized world. Both go hand in hand and using either one implies the other. Negative discrimination of slave in the two civilized world social systems (communist and capitalist) means combinations in different doses of these two procedures. The main use of such a certain procedure among the other makes the differentiation between communist totalitarian systems of education from the western semitotalitarian ones. Communist totalitarian education systems require a lot of information to children so that they intellectually collapse and eventually give up their claims. The semitotalitarian Western civilized countries education systems simply create special schools for those who will occupy these warm and easy positions within the bureaucracy. The common children have no access to such schools. Next I will analyze both one after another.

Free Western education system intentionally kept low quantity and quality of information and has chosen to provide future slaves specialized knowledge instead of thick and very diverse one. The good part of western education is that the knowledge child learns from school will be used later in the everyday life. On the contrary, the information that communist education systems provide is useless, except testing the child’s memorize power for a better job. Still the really important knowledge for common people status and emancipation is inaccessible in western education systems too. Philosophical and scientific data that contradict the semi-slavery interests are either hidden or ignored. On the other hand the information necessary to accede to a higher social range are taught in special schools unaffordable the common people. In this case the tool is discriminatory education is made with paid education.

In countries like England and USA there are schools that accept only students fated to become elite. The costs of such schools can not be supported by common people. Free education student has not the slightest chance of winning the competing with such an elitist school one. And this is how discrimination is achieved under the intentions and interests of the system. Stories about equal opportunities disappear under the greed of deeply discriminatory social system. This type of differentiated schools exist in Western society since the early and basically, the idea of "equal opportunities" that corporate propaganda still sustains today is just an illusion.

The western social system quickly relaxed as Asian slaves were brought to sustain world wide economy. Western education has changed its principles, has become more human and suddenly discovered some capacities of psychotherapeutic and counseling. But, again, all this happened only because there were slaves more profitable found elsewhere or there were immigrants admitted on western territories that ask for very few rights in change for supporting the economy. If the economy has not taking well things go bad with education too.

The totalitarian communist political system uses equality propaganda to define education system. It has become popular with the idea of equality and justice but its application in reality was an imposture. Thus under the mask of social justice communism developed one of the wildest social discrimination ever seen. The most important thing that totalitarian communist school systems present is the scientific, indubitable and unquestionable aspect of social and justice system. The slaves were educated to religious love and stand right in the face of such "perfect constructs" of civilization. The stony face and the arrogance of those who occupy different positions in state institutions were hiding a kind of colonialist intransigence.

Most of the information that communist education system provided was pointless, empty words designed to select between students on the memorizing criteria and then to distribute them to bureaucratic or hard working jobs. Kids had to work harder and learn more things comparing to western because the communist education system raised the study level with diversification, multiplicity and extreme detailed data. In this way communist schools said are "superior" to those of capitalism. But under the shadow of that elitism was hidden a more cruel reality that can be found in a lesser degree in "civilized countries" schools too: every school fill the minds of school children with useless information. Unnecessary garbage served by mandatory "free education" to children is meant to deplete their personal resources and give up the intention of studying some more of highly complex state legislation that could be used later in everyday life. In this way the school empowers the monopoly of justice for those who uses it for their own use only. Society does not need too many philosophers and scholars but simply mechanics as Romanian President Traian Băsescu once said with greedy nonchalance (or common sense - which is actually, paradoxically – the same thing). So the school complies with these trends and thanks to the caste discrimination it ended by getting children tired and sick of learning and manipulated them to love handcrafting. Here the main role of school!

In fact Romanian school was not so much interested of showing superior to those of the Western but it was deeply and meanly interested to stop as acceded to many in the privileged position in state. The communist system promised that everyone will be remunerated based on one’s worth unlike capitalism injustice. Thus communism has gained many supporters from the socially excluded who expected a better life. But with lifting the level of learning from early age the communism only changed the criterion of discrimination and not changed the discrimination itself. The communist education system putted a lot of pressure on young by learning in high school what is teaching in the western college or studying in primary school what is teaching in western high school. Most of students obviously failed to pass the communist education high-difficulty tests and cope up to enter the factory instead of office. But at the end most of young people reached to hate communism and to unconditionally embrace capitalist values and thus anticommunist movements grew.

In addition to raising level of knowledge taught in school the communist education system has allowed system of discrimination developed a strange home teaching paid education. The more detailed school books that could not be covered in class only the more private paid home developed. Without parallel private lessons one could not expect to be admitted to a school of the future. Many parents, credulous to system’s lies, continued pressures on children to “exceptional results in teaching”. Basically the system and continuous diversification of the privet paid lessons were as in an arms race. As more children gave their best endeavors to adapt school the system responded with higher barriers. From here to the institutionalized corruption was no longer than a single step.

In the mid-1990s in Romania low university became very popular among young. Magistrates were envied for their salaries since devitalizing industry. Most high school graduates wanted admission to faculties of law and a bright future in the legal system. To stop access to that information and to the good social positions the admission examinations to such schools were extremely hard. Kids were learning history and grammar as if law schools would not produce lawyers but some kind of doctors in language and history. Competition was so great that to be admitted to such colleges ought to be some sort of specialist in grammar and history. If wouldn’t pay private lessons with who knows what celebrity in the field who would give a sort of theoretical password among her/his caste colleagues then it would be impossible to manage to pass the entrance examination.

We can imagine how dirty the system with these naive people was. Hundreds of private colleges have emerged and tens of thousands of graduates that the Romanian state could not hire them. After years and years in a row of anaesthetizing mind spent learning grammar and history, after having invested huge money in "private lessons" with influential teachers to pass the entrance examination system has invented other barriers to prevent everyone get a job and be paid by the state with good money. So there came out unemployment among law graduates. Getting into meant more "private lessons" and more money spent over and over again. Some parents have sold houses to help their sons and daughters but their teachers on the faculties became local political leaders, business owners and other influence local chefs who placed their people in various positions in the state apparatus. High level corruption was possible with mafia infiltrated into state institutions. While such a minority prospered, most law graduates found themselves unemployed as well as poor. It was the emergence of new disciplines at primary school that washed up a little bit this official megafraud. "Civic education" was not designed to teach legislation for 14 years kids but to give some jobs to these "luxury unemployment".

The way innocent minds are mutilated since early age shows up to a gruesome lust of greed. There is no compassion for future slaves even when they are fragile and innocent beings. The need for wild education is a long term business. "Education is an investment in the future" say the politicians who rub their hands waiting for the human harvest that will enhance their insatiable need for luxury. As hungry and obese in the same time they control the process of transforming human into slave.

As a former teacher I was simply dumbfounded by some pedagogy texts that are actually some kind of neoscholasticism. The difference with medieval scholasticism and these statements is that instead of Aristotle's logic used to get famous and ridiculous statements, the contemporary pedagogy is now using mathematics. But just like the medieval scholastic the official contemporary pedagogy came to some absolutely ridiculous, unnecessary and abstract statements with no interest whatsoever for the child. Anyway as regarding human rights and legislation in general, the contemporary state are in the same position which was the church in the Middle Ages: both work on illusions, lies and frauds. Church applies these in the metaphysical level and contemporary state applies them to legal, procedural level.

Tons and tons of pedagogical scrap written in cyborgish language and with inhuman approach are annually published to spread the false impression that education is made by some professionals who give their best for humanity to progress. Lacking empathy, lacking human warmth and mainly concerned the means of access to higher social positions in the bureaucracy of the education system these pedagogy have a precise goal: to cause confusion and to dial student into slave. It does not matter so much lifting an elitist minority teaching as soon as a majority demoralization that the system spiritually mutilate in order to become a tool to use for the welfare and convenience of this minority.

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