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20 mai 2009

The masters. The mercenaries. The slaves


In romaneste aici:

In the last blog entry I made a short analysis of particular civilized human being psychic regarding the influences of civilization during the centuries. Haeckel and then Freud showed how the primitive human being survives into the civilized one or how the child survives into the adult person. I am going to cover the part that is missing between the primitive culture and the childhood. I think we can understand better the human being and the society that lives in if make this connection and complete its evolution chain.

This connection between these periods is the classical civilization. That means classical culture and colonialism witch is the relation between slave and the master. Such a relation survives in contemporary society as the primitive survives in contemporaneous. The classical hermetic separation between slave and master is to be found in contemporary society also but this image is very undercovered. The (official) culture made such an artificial and untruthful distinction between the classical slave and the contemporary worker so that these two concepts look like totally different one from another. In fact these are almost identical. The only difference between them relies in the fact that the violent weapons that classical slave was threatened in order to work for master was replaced in modern society by manipulation and big lies. Today the violent weapons are used by masters only these "peacefully" ones fail in convincing the slave to work.

It is true indeed that the classical slave disappeared as classical culture disappeared. Only the mafia or some small work Traficant band sometimes uses classical slavery. But if the contemporary slaves are different from classical ones that does not mean that that slavery just disappeared but it just only transformed. This change is very small in many cases for contemporary people.

Nevertheless the contemporary culture manipulation modified in such a level the common perception of such reality so that if an extraterrestrial creature would read the school books and watch TV for a wile then would be sure that the social hermetic separation between slaves and masters is simply gone just like cholera or plague. The social deep manipulation developed after the early Christianity experience that took position against Greek-roman slavery and also after the more or less hypocrite reactions of western traditional humanism. But the civilization responded to such potential revolt of slaves with a as a huge propaganda system meant to clean up the dirty image of social system. The causes for such a strategy are two:

  1. The development of technology that transformed the classical slaves work into machines work.
  2. The revolt of slaves with the risk of being killed by them. The classical hero might die by the sword as well and French Revolution showed this very clearly.

So the development of technology and the experience of slaves uprising for rights and revenging forced the masters to look for another ways of stealing their goods. The masters decided to offer more personal satisfactions and more freedom to the old slave like the right of getting married, the freedom of speech or the abolishment of classical slavery that authorities enforce their image with. But the contemporary social system developed in parallel huge propaganda machinery which in fact cancels these liberties and just builds into the slaves mind the illusion of being free. But in the end the reality of stealing goods from slaves using all kind of procedures is the same in the contemporary social system as in the old classical one. The state is meant to protect the (neo)aristocracy and to provide it goods from the slaves in exchange for nothing but lies and false ideals. The liberties that some died for are paid recently with the propaganda slave soul mutilation.

But to explain in more details the way the modern social system works I will simply use the structure of old and efficient armies. The modern social system actually developed from old armies and inherited their bad habits as well. The Spartan society exists in different degrees in every developed modern society. There are still slaves that produce goods, there are mercenaries or warriors that threaten them to accept giving up their goods in exchange for life and, last but not least, there the cyborgs, the aristocrat cast that is the "ultimate goal" of the other two. The relation between the slaves and masters ate very much the same with the thief and its victim. Using this kind of relationship betweens citizens and getting used to it for centuries and with little help from school make the social system a mafia at a very high level as pointed here.

People know what slaves and masters are and I kept talking about them on this blog. Further more I would like to analyze the mercenaries. Traditionally they are that kind of people that realized that is much easier to steal fro the others under the weapons threatening than produce goods on their own. In the developed society the mercenaries are that kind of slaves very unhappy with their situation and very close to uprising. Such potential situation is very unconstructive for authorities/masters because slaves population would not be so profitable if fight back. There are two consequences of slaves uprising: they could be decimated by the power of master’s weapons or they could win the battle and free themselves. In both cases there could be big wastage of slaves useful or master’s inestimable lives. So the nowadays social system developed an agile ability of discovering and protecting such potential revolt leaders of slaves. Instead of leading a slave revolt such powerful characters could be isolated in all kinds of state positions and be calmed down. Nowadays slavery is not made with the concrete threatening of killing weapons anymore but with the equivoque threatening so the revolt may stop before actually begin. Instead of classical mercenaries that use that killing weapons there developed new kind of mercenaries, those who handle the weapons of manipulation and persuasion.

Anyway, starting from classical armies and ending at the contemporary state, the mercenaries are half masters and half slave. They are the slaves charged by the masters to control and supervise the productive slaves. Like in the past they are the used for conquest and subdue the unprotected communities so to be systematically stolen. They are slaves regarding the masters that they serve and masters regarding the actual slaves they supervise. Actually supervising the workers is their job.

The contemporary state is huge and diabolic machinery that safely extract and process the work of slaves. There are no state powers separations for so-called democratic equilibrium but just division of tasks and co-laboration for the maxim efficiency of convincing the slave to work and maximum profit. This is the main reason for mercenaries. Those that participate to such a bluff finally loose their soul and shape their beliefs, conceptions and mentalities in the light of the system they serve. Those are mercenaries!

The ju$tice, the police, the army, the school, the government, the parliament and all the institutions are similar to the cavalry, infantry, vanguard and other structures of old armies. The modern armies of mercenaries do not kill with the swords or fire weapons anymore but with the Chinese drop of consciousness dismemberment. Like all the army this huge cultural and legislative mercenary’s army could not survive without robbery the innocent communities as pointed here. Further than nice look that presents itself at a free and democratic debate, as a natural feedback of social forces the open society is just a bunch of mean interests that parasites the work of slaves. "Public debate" is just propaganda. Political struggle is just a pray (slave work) negotiation between predators.

At this particular moment must be made the distinction between the slave-master relationship and the division of tasks in a communitarian activity like hunting where every member of community takes its place. Wild nature looks better than human civilization. Even when alfa individuals of a pack of predators chase away the omega ones there is still a pack. The weaker sometimes steal some bites from the kill. In the civilized society there are the mercenaries only that can get some pieces from the masters’ greed. The developed society is hermetic. The masters live in another social, ethical and existential layer. They are protected by the threatening big fences an guarded by armed stony-faced mercenaries.

The slave of classical and contemporary society is not allowed to take part in this kind of hunt as a hunter because it is the hunted one. Just like a pray chased by predators the contemporary slave is chased since it is born for all its life in order to become a slave. With their pathological appetite the masters helped by the mercenaries systematically shapes the slaves population with statistics, manipulation and "ethical correctness" to become next toilets washers, street cleaners and garbage carriers.

The power to escape this nightmare and to free oneself by this manipulation yoke is the power to forget whatever the system teaches starting form family and continuing with the school and ending with the job. Some manage to escape slavery and become mercenaries. But there are very few that can escape the big mercenaries’ mentality that slave’s one survives in. That is possible. The system can afford such a small risk because most of them will follow the manipulation course.

In the next entry I will show some real facts to sustain such general description made here.

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