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29 august 2017

2.1. The classical slavery ideological fatalism, disappointment and mysticism back-downing that comes after subordination

The automatist society manifesto

In the previous nine entries so far I have detailed the difference and the similarities between the classical slavery and the free trade working subordination relationships of the modern age. During these entries I have shown that there are more similarities than differences between the two types of labor relations. The classical psychoanalysis has shown how the long-term inhibition of sexual instinct evolves into neurotic symptoms. It is time now to show how the inhibition of the human top position in the trophic chain, by slavery subordinating leads to psychopathological degeneration. From now on I will start other entries series in which I am trying to explain the milestones of this evolution, together with their psychopathological implications.

2.1. The classical slavery ideological fatalism, disappointment and mysticism back-downing that comes after subordination

The classical slave was made out from the army conquest or personal bankruptcy. An inferior soldier that has lost a battle or an alcohol addicted person accepts the slavery as a bonus for his finished life or for the joy of continuing practicing the vice. But when you want to turn these people whole descendancy into slaves then things complicate. The slavery condition is not specific to the human nature. Therefore, if the slaves’ descendants will not have a better life than their parents in the future then they will eventually upraise. This is a natural state of human consciousness.

The human being has detached from the other animals as the absolute top of the food chain, as an unbeatable predator species. It is not made to execute orders from a superior authority, except that when it is a child, but, we all know, many times not even at that age. It is true that the subordination state exists in the animal world and has been practiced throughout the entire human species evolution. But it is a condition to which only animals species have adapted, not the human being. Not even animal species predatory individuals will accept subordination on long-term. The dominant males are constantly dethroned from their top position by the others after a certain period of time. Furthermore, this subordinate relation to other members of its own species is very unnatural for the behavior encoded in the human genetic code, formed in the millions of years in the spirit of dominance to other species.

The state of domination over other individuals agrees with human nature only for the commanding master. But it disagrees with the subordinate. The genealogical formation of each human individual is that of a winner in the struggle with rival species. Today we have developed an ecological behavior , to protect endangered species after we have decimated many of them in a few millennia of speeded up technological evolution. But the dominant behavior that has brought us here is still natural to us. The violent response of some certain Arab religious fanatics or other cultures to Western economic domination is not a manifestation of the devil, as (slavery) authorities want us to believe. It is a natural reaction of resistance to the domineering that in modern times has a free-trade allure.

The human being naturally accepts an equality and partnership relationship with others, according to this natural state of evolution of its species. Such of dominant spirit inhibition is possible only by the importance of the subsequent profit that results from the teamwork. The subordinating state is a short-term solution, like the children who learn from the adults how to solve the problems. That is why the exclusive use of weapons to reduce and re-educate human being to become a talking sheep has only functioned in the short term, just as the classic civilization itself.

But the on long-term subordination brings a sinister anguish to the human being. If the humans would not have defeated this fear and would not have eliminated the rival species for food and other resources, then it would never have got out of the wilderness state. The classical civilization has lamentably failed believing that it can hold in chains a free and nature domineer individual and successfully turn it into a kind of robot meant to only execute orders. The human being can be projected millions of years back into the life evolution from the top predator to that of dominated pray only through the spiritual and genetic degeneration. The subordination involves perverting and psychopathologizing of the human species natural condition.

Not only the Arab "terrorists" respond by violence to the Western corporations meanly intention to recruit new slaves from their territories, according to a very dirty plan . This phenomenon also happened with the classical Western slave who rebelled against the masters. Just like those times, the so-called "fighting against terrorism" is just another kind of rebellion suppression, as it always has been in the history of humanity. The media news constantly presents cases of the Western people who go with a gun in the former job place after let go and randomly shoot everyone. So the individual or small group microterrorism is not specific to the Arabs, as shown in the article linked above. It is a natural human reaction to the dehumanization arising from the state of subordination.

The direct threat with death for this purpose has proven to be insufficiently productive in the modern society. The slave also learned how to use weapons and defend itself against the terror of the authorities. Of course, the newest and best performing weapons are kept hidden to the ordinary people. That is why the slave is always surprised by the master's weapons performance in a possible revolt. That is why none of the slaves revolts in the history was successfully in the slave's desirable meaning. But each of them led to new granted rights in addition to those before the revolt, through which some were convinced to quit the struggle. Today, the same principle is used to curb the street protests, by suddenly lowering down the price products, as I directly have seen here.

So, on the long-term the human subordination has led to many social disorders. The slavery system has learned this over time and has tried numerous solutions to resolve the situation. The inherent revolts of the slaves led to losses on both sides, especially felt by the masters. They had to bear the family members loss, killed by slave revenges. Then, by killing their own slaves and making an example to others, they virtually destroyed their own property. Moreover, beyond these losses in their own grave, every brutal intervention of the authorities for demonstrators stopping causes disappointment, disgust and apathy among the subordinates. The loss of their enthusiasm implies a decrease in economic productivity and lowering the profit obtained by the masters.

The mechanistic conception of the world perfection, developed by the ancient slavery mentality in general and Spartan in particular, theoretically confirmed by the Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius, was meant to convince the classical slave to join this false idealistic perfection but with very mercantile implications. The life must have seemed perfect indeed for Marcus Aurelius and other ancient slaves’ owners. In fact, who would not perceive it like this when every need is satisfied by a slave threatened with beating or death if not obeyed?! We imagine that for the slave the life seemed a torment.

That's why the classical slavery cannot normally function for more than 3-4 genealogically related generations. That is about a century long. About that long worked the American slavery, before the escapes or the suicides occurred. About that long worked the Athenian slave democracy. After that, the rebellions appeared, with their bloodshed. Although the slaves were seen as rational animals that could be sacrificed at any time, losing their lives was negatively felt in the ancient Greek society. New conquering wars for requiting other slaves had to be started, that eventually led to the collapse of the classical Athenian civilization and the entire Hellenic World. The Greek fortresses had conquered each other and the old slaves’ masters forced each-others to become slaves in the absence of primitive resources communities for recruiting new slaves, which were already exhausted.

The Romans took the slavery further on They understood that the slaves worn out in several generations and that they should be replaced. Therefore, they introduced of continuous expansion strategy. By conquering new territories and transforming them into provinces, the Romans came to make a slave selection from the very beginning: the most docile ones were sent to Rome to replace the rebels; The most stubborn in resisting the armed assault were convinced to fight for the Romans rather than against them. The promise of receiving a life reward after the end of the military stage has made many to engage in the Roman army. And those placed between these two categories stayed on their land to work, supervised by their former community colleagues, later converted into soldiers. Instead of bringing slaves to work on their own lands, the Romans preferred to take their products directly in the form of a tribute to the Emperor. Here is the origin of the medieval feudalism and even of the very free-trade relationship specific to the state taxes collector of the contemporary period. Instead of losing their armies in confrontations with revolted slaves, as the Greeks did, the Romans created a selection of potential slaves. So the Romans learned from these errors, corrected them, and thus realized a remarkable evolution of slavery. By doing this they created a selection of potential slaves, lifting those at risk of future rebellious one up on the social scale, and giving them superior tasks to complete, thus avoiding possible revolts as much as possible.

The rebellions could not be totally avoided, but they were reduced to the minimum possible and thus the empire survived almost a millennium. The fall of the Roman Empire had the same cause as in all the slave societies: the exhaustion of the resources of new slaves. The empire has expanded until it could not conquer new territories because it faced fierce opposition from its opponents. This means that the Roman Empire also entered the same crisis as that of the Greek cities before. And the cause of this crisis is the slaves very disappointment of, their loss of the appetite for life.

The Roman soldier status has also deteriorated. By the end period before the big empire scission, the living rent was no longer enough for a decent living. The former Legionnaire who wasted his youth in wars was very disappointed as unable to enjoy the promise that persuaded him to join the army. Moreover, it has come to the soldiers’ ears the empire’s marching practice of sending those who are at the end of a military service in the heaviest missions, precisely to increase their risk of losing their lives in order to avoid the obligation of the initial promise of the rented life. So we see that the Roman Empire organization is also the root of the modern capitalism. Step by step the Roman soldier fell into disappointment, finding himself cheated by an inequitable social system, based on threats and fear.

The personal salvation of both the deceived soldier and the exhausted slave came from a religious cult. As if waiting for imminent death as a result of lack of profitability, the followers of this cult retreated to a state of inertial meditation. It is the Christianity. The Christianity came and convinced the slave that somewhere there was perfection in the world to which she or he could aspire. This is the fair life after the death. This promise of reaching perfection and eternal happiness was lacking in Greek-Roman polytheism. The Christianity has introduced it into its religious perceptions in a postmortem reality. Although initially persecuted, the number of Christian followers continued to rise. Eventually it was adopted by the Roman authorities as an official religion, but this could not stop the disintegration of the Roman Empire. However, even after the collapse of the Greek-Roman ancient slave society, the linguistic and social structure state influences were found in the new form of slavery, the feudal one. I will analyze this in detail in the following entry.

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