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20 august 2015

The sex education among conservative hypocrisy and corporatist greed

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Everywhere in the civilized world there are two main opinions concerning the sexual education for children. The first one is the conservatives, who go on the old stork myth as birth explanation for children. The other one wants to stay out of misconceptions and insist on directly telling the detailed truth to children. The first one has the disadvantages of causing anxiety and insecurity feelings to children who perceive it like a little strange, in one way or another. The second version has the disadvantages of causing also anxiety and insecurity feelings to children who do not see irregularities in the stork story. So, there are two types of children, some with greater and others with smaller * concerns about sexuality.

The two types of children actually reflected two opposing mentalities of today's society, the conservative and the progressive one. I have been a progressive mentality supporter for a long time, denouncing the conservative negative aspects, such as malnutrition, infant mortality, low life age, population cleansing through wars and, not least, the classical slavery. I think they are even today black spots on the civilization’s face. The sexual abstinence is a feature of this lifestyle. As the cities became too small and the intimate spaces were becoming smaller, the sexual abstinence was a solution to regulate these aspects.

Unfortunately, once with the direct capitalism experience, I saw that the progressive mentality has about the same issues, and sometimes even bigger ones, failing to fully solve those of the conservative. For example, the food problem is not solved at all, once with the abundance, the excess and the waste specific to contemporary life. The genetically modified organisms and a lot of substances added into food threaten the contemporary man’s life just as the malnutrition did in the past. Also, the obesity is a problem as big as the malnutrition. So, just as in the past one could die from malnutrition, today the obesity is as deadly. Also, the food, in which is added all kinds of suspicious substances, can cause cancer. The children death from various diseases in the past is as tragic as that caused by the today’s abortion. The outside wars with other countries, or those made within the state towards certain social classes causes such kind of population’s cleansing. For example, the US police simply hunt "bad copies" of "population", as does the forester with the hunting. If you are homeless and have made some minor irregularity, then you risk to get shot by the police and be removed in a disgraceful manner. A more efficient worker will get US visa to take your place. Likewise, the slavery has changed a little on the surface, but basically it remained the same. The wage slaves were offered paid time off, holidays and possibility to choose their master by resigning. But, through various social engineering, they are still forced to perform some work.

The modern sexuality derives from these benchmarks. It is the main driver of the “American dream” corporatist myth. As shown here , the sexuality is used as emotional bait for advertising. The sexual freedom has almost no restriction, but sex life came as trivial as drinking water, many loosing its full satisfaction and endlessly seeking it. Being nostalgic for the astral experience of past ages sexuality, some refuse it all today, as if boycotting its very freedom. A corporatist lifestyle, driven by the every second manic need to compete with someone and a win, involves such a sexual behavior exacerbation, due to the libidinal overexcitation. The bourgeois mentality abstract Puritanism, which turned into the neuroticist culture, was abandoned for the raw, simple eroticism. The hypersthenia is its main landmark. Absorbing the libidinal energy by the libido peripheral memory networks is minor. The only libidinal overflows besides the rough neutralization, which is the repeatedly sex activities, are the male’s need for more female partners and the female’s hysteriform need for adoration from the accepted partner and / or the rejected partners.  

Whether the sex education is adopted or not in the society highest decision-making bodies, the children still have enough resources to know quite in details the phenomenon. The today’s children have the Web at their fingertips, as the printed sources can be seen at every street corner. The TV stations also provide plenty of information about this through movies or other shows. The sex education is lately done during the ... work, as learning was once done. This civilized world reality quickly spreads in the whole world, creating turmoil in some conservative traditional spaces. Although they are still teenagers, many of today's children have already experienced a lot of sexual options, positions and alternatives. Instead of dreaming for the classical love or for finding the lover secrets, many of today's 18 years old teen women pour out the 35 years old bitterness that already have family and children. At this age nothing seems to motivate them than seeing their children recognized as geniuses. But, luckily, they had fulfilled their mission somehow. The today’s 18 years old divas will probably have children at 50. The career ambitions are more important now for them at this age. They want to unnecessary prove at all costs that have a penis, and many even succeed that. Others surround themselves with effeminate men and still demonstrate something. Slowly but surely losing their femininity, they do not think much of children.

I will not forget here the sexually corporatist man, who creates the illusion that it is the alpha male and has as many real or imaginary mistresses. He is neither satisfied with his nonsexual life, which is directly reflected in the sexual one, meaning that he either wants sex too frequently or wants something else. As he feels threatened by the superiors, this man would make a sexual partner out of anything that moves, as his jealous female partners contemptuously describe him. His sexual hyperactivity is directly influenced by his lifestyle. Feeling threatened, the corporatist man wants to spawn somewhere, guided by the sexuality basic natural principle, but aberrantly mutilated by the corporatist lifestyle. The more his partner is "alien" and able to further carry on his genes, the more corporatist man dies to mate with her. The women from his life can confirm his choice for ... lunatic partners! The inconsistency between his ejaculation centered sexuality and his female partner's, which is centered on prelude, brings to serious couple problems, which often ends up in separation.

The wage slavery system has much to gain after pornographic or hyperlibidinal culture as it gains from any desire that is ready to satisfy or to promise satisfaction in return for a service. The more diverse and unmet are the desires the bigger is the dependence on the capitalist system of gratification. A person with a very high sex appetite is a hyperactive one, wanting high social status from which to choose as many mistresses. For such a social status he that person is able to make compromises and to join the corporatist social hierarchy. The difficult tasks stress and the subordination humiliation find compensation into the alpha male illusion, by owning as many women as possible. The woman has almost the same profile. The difference is that her interest is not to have as many men as possible, but to get engaged with a celebrity or someone famous person. Her hyperlibidinal ambition is focused on various professional relationships and the activities that facilitate them. So, as the exchange relations slavery, the capitalism works and cultivates this hedonism in which the sexuality is its top.

If, in the 19th century, the sex pulsion artificial inhibition caused distress, on the contrary, in the 20th century and beginning of the 21st century, this suffering comes from extorting a as bigger as possible satisfaction from the poor genitals, and they are simply being abused. The classical neurosis is at the opposite point of contemporary hyperlibidinal culture. We got rid of neurosis but we are now stuck in the cyclothymiac or even bipolar temperaments. The libido has lost its natural fluidity and became more and more tortuous. The genetic combinations roulette between the various different types of libidos parents can create predispositions for bizarre sexual behavior, as I have shown here: . Many “sories” about the abstinence virtues are being taught today by a shadowy emotional background. Unfortunately, 70% of such options come as another form of frigidity, vaginismus or atrophied sexual appetite, generally specific to women. Because of these problems some men became effeminate as many women possess a virile sexuality at the mental level, of course with no correspondence in the physical level. The most married women had no compatibility with their husbands from the very relationship beginning concerning the sexual impulses fervency that requires satisfaction through intercourse. This problem is also due to the different nature of female sexuality, but it is also deepened by these disorders listed above. Most women prostitute themselves legally through the marriage, which is accepting a sexual life with the husband, grinning and beating it and closing their eyes, imagining themselves a kind of Virgin Mary that made the marriage compromise only to save the human species from extinction. Some of these women later chose separation or divorce but neither one of those ways are solutions for escaping these intricate traps concerning them or for their children in terms of libido optimizing.

Well, that is what the little children receive from their parents, these pillars of contemporary civilized society. As long as they live disturbed lifestyles, they could not send better life. The mental legacy is not a matter of willingness. The “Christian teachings” about the temperance have no meaning in this temptations nightmare specific to corporatist life. The stork story is also unnecessary for the child “polymorphous perversity” born from a corporatist sex couple. Those children whose parents were able to stay away from civilization corporatist turmoil are very rare. For them, the stork story is perfect. But the others ones need directed sexual education and protection against any sexual abuse that can came after their obvious curiosity for the subject. Moreover, these children need psychotherapy, as well as their parents.

Unfortunately, under the getting out of preconception guise there often lays the filthy interest of establishing a pornographic culture since the early ages. Around this honest island of sex education there is an ocean of mental harassment to children so their libido to be deformed and boosted according to the capitalist objectives for domination through dependence. The pornographic websites, magazines and TV channels easily get in the children hands, amplifying their already distorted libidinal predisposition inherited from their parents previously made compromises. So, a Victorian education turns out to be as harmful to the future adult as it is the hedonistic one. Being frightened by the psychopathological developments prospect of neuroticist type made by the Victorian education, there can be said that the capitalism simply subsidizes the pornographic culture, thus luring the future slaves with the constant and indefinite erotic desires dependence.

* Most psychologists recommended to first try stork version, and then, if the child shows signs of discontenting, to be told the truth following the levels of detail, depending on its response to the information received. Of course, when the child keeps asking for more and more details, it is recommended to be sent in psychotherapy.

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