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18 august 2016

1.5. The abuse against property through the direct threats

The automatist society manifesto  


1.5. The abuse against property through the direct threats 1

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Both classical slavery system and the contemporary social wage system constantly abuse fundamental and morally nonnegotiable properties that belong to its victims turned into servants. The abused person inconvenience is not itself a purpose but a way meant to persuade it to follow certain orders in exchange for its temporary suspension. These orders were given by those who in the past were called masters and who now call themselves employers, managers or leaders. If the servant follows these orders, then its fundamental and morally non-negotiable property is recognized. But if that person refuses to follow them, then its property is violated, abused. We note here decriminalization terminology of the new slavery: the idea lord almighty, copy (earthly) of God (or other gods) was replaced by the contractor to whom forgive the crimes of slavery in exchange for sharing with others profit off of the exploitation of labor servant.

In the classical slavery there were only two such fundamental and morally non-negotiable properties violated. The first one was the right to life and physical integrity and the other one was the slave right to any private property. The second one was never recognized. The first one was recognized only if the slave followed the orders. In the contemporary waged system these rights are somewhat formal and partially recognized for modern servants. But just like in traditional society, these rights remained totally recognized for those who are entitled to give orders.

Despite the multitude of objects that surround modern human being, there are 3 major fundamental and morally nonnegotiable properties that the social system breaks. The first one is the health itself, the second is the shelter and third one is the food. I will analyze them, one by one. The health is constantly attacked by contemporary pollution, both psychical and chemical. The mental pollution results from the stress negative influence on the human mind. The modern work stress is a camouflage for the classical slavery specific threats into the contemporary apparently free trade relations. The direct threats to life and to physical integrity specific classical slavery were replaced with the modern stress. We see here a classical slavery abuses hiding trick into the modern stress form but not a real ban for them. This concealing role is the protection for these threats origin. And the responsible for these abuses have been in the past and still are today, of course, the masters, the abuse profiteers. They "convince" both the classical slave and the modern order taker to follow orders, which is to obey and serve. The difference between the classical slavery threats and the modern stress consists of secondary factors interposition into the relationship between the one who gives orders and who executes them. These factors act as a shield for a possible rebellion of the abused ones against the profiteers.

As the classical slavery specific threats were involving the death penalty, in the same way the stress leads to death. The difference between the two types of threats lies in the death occurrence time. The classical threat put it into practice immediately while the stress death occurs in long-term. The camouflage worked perfectly: no one knows what stresses had in the past the deceased from a disease or another. Its family could not identify the one who is responsible for bugging the deceased in the past to pull it accountable for their loved one fatal disease. And the master went away with the profit. In contrast, during the classical slavery, the descendants or friends of the punished one (for fleeing from work or not working well enough) can keep in mind this crime and revenge sooner or later. The psychosomatic medicine has started to make the connection between stress and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or heart attack. Unfortunately, in the last 50 years it was strangled from development once of being suspected for getting in the way of the new masters interests. Fortunately, it managed yet to tell about these things through its pioneers. This data could not be removed from science history, but the new masters took care to prevent as many potential servants to get to it, hiding it by the consumerist culture which promotes exactly the opposite values of what it affirms.

Then, the chemical pollution is involuntarily produced on the one hand by the various substances used to make foods more resistant to degradation, more attractive and more desirable. Some of them were banned when their unhealthy effects became so visible that ended up as press subjects. Unfortunately, there are many others with similar long-term effects, which are not perceivable just yet. For this reason they have not been enough studied. Of course they are almost impossible to identify at this time.

But, on the other hand, in countries with high slavery infiltrated free trade relations, the harmful substances are in purpose added in food. This poor people poisoning program is practiced in parallel with the medical system abolishment, as the oligarchs who controlled society in the former Communist bloc countries did after the 1990. Like all slavery practices, even this practice is not made by the diabolical malice, but in the spirit of corporate cynical specific detachment that originates in the well-known "nothing personal, just business" calm indifference attitude. The servant death is actually a loss, of course, that the profiteers know to avoid. Interest is not sick but the death of his addiction medical system. This dependency purpose consists in the later profit. The partial food poisoning practice is meant to addict the modern servant to the medical system. And this addiction involves the global economy gear recruitment.

There are few countries that allow the hospitalization of a person who has no medical insurance. It comes after getting a job in the social system and never with the independence in getting the basic needs. Once entered into this trap, the servant can get out of it only by paying the price of illness and death eventually. As threatened with death by disease, the new servant is actually in the same situation as the classical slave.

It is a fact that the medicine has enormously progressed in the last hundred years. The civilized individual life expectancy increased from the industrial era during the nineteenth century. But it is still low if compared to a traditional lifestyle. The longevity records belong just to those who were lucky enough not to be touched by the "civilization" malefic influence. The medicine was able to add some decades to the contemporary person age but this luxury is paid with servant 'stage' in its youth. I regret to notice that in this of contemporary profiteering dirty plan are involved, unwillingly and without most of them knowledge, those who provide the most moral to the society services, namely the physicians.

The fracking technology that uses water at huge pressure to break the rock and extract gas trapped inside is really fascinating. The same energy could have been more easily achieved through more simple technology, like capturing limitless seas and oceans waves’ energy. However, besides the gas, the hydraulic fracturing brings something more important: the pollution. It compels the natives to leave their traditional lifestyle and turn into city workers. In this way it brings much higher profit than the wave relatively cheap energy: the attack over the free people’s house and forcing to uprooting. Here we see here a new kind of colonialism in the true sense of the word, discreetly veiled by the interest in energy.

So here's how the death threat can be found in the profits made from so-called free trade relations. The abused person environment is initially negatively affected, which involves the inability to negotiate a fair free trade. Like the classical slave, the modern order taker has no choice but to accept those stressful, degrading or humiliating jobs that I discussed above.

Besides violating the health right, the modern slavery infiltrated in free trade relationships violate the right to decent housing and food. Like the classical slavery, there also exist radical differences between people in the case of the false free trade relationships. The bad health may be harder to detect with the naked eye. But the abuse against the right to decent housing and food is perhaps the most significant sign of slavery infiltration in the contractual labor relations. The direct threats with no food or not enough comfortable shelter so to make the modern servant more productive seem totally justified in a classical or primitive society. I will argue in a future entry that such a vision no longer accords with today’s automatic robotized society. This practice is as much odious as it is applied on honest people who diligently do their jobs.

All these are topped by the firing and throwing out in the street threat. Unfortunately, this is a common practice today for corporations in order to squeeze the last drops of profit out of people. Even in the most advanced social services Western countries, there are many cases of prolonged labor relations with various employers that do not provide decent food and shelter. A threatened by the chief worker with throwing out in the street, as not saved enough wealth to afford a longer or shorter temporary rest from this job, or a qualification in another field, is genuine wage slavery. Unfortunately, such a practice is the contemporary economy engine. It forces the individual free will to the servitude and slavery, just as the sequestration slavery death threat did in the classical period that I analyzed above.

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